Joe Abby 1931-1996

In the ring he was known as "The Red Demon" or "Killer" Joe Abby, a man who knew how to make audiences boo him. Outside the ring Joe Abby was a good man with a big heart.

Joe Abby's love for the sport of professional wrestling showed whether he was in or out of the ring. Joe wrestled some of the biggest names in the history of Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling like Larry Zbyszko, Ace Freeman, Chuck Martoni and Johnny DeFazio. Abby was also part of a tag team with the one and only Frank Durso, as the two raised hell wherever they went.

Away from the ring Joe Abby ran his own repossession business as well as working for Kraft Foods. Joe was a hustler as he was a Salesman, Wrestler and Repo Man all at once.

Joe Abby went on to have a twenty year career in pro wrestling.

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance is pleased to honor "Killer" Joe Abby, a 1949 graduate of Allderdice High School, Korean War Veteran, Salesman, Repo Man, Wrestler, Family Man and Friend. Your memory will always live on.

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