Record Crowd at Fan Fest; George Steele delights; Martin Robs Napier of Belt

December 6, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Never in the history of Pittsburgh professional wrestling has anything like this ever occurred. A record-shattering crowd of 458 Krazies fill the KSWA Arena @ the L V M, as Pittsburgh wrestling original George "The Animal" Steele hit the scene. Krazies stood outside of the KSWA Arena for more than two hours before belltime, just so they could get a seat. Steele, and it turns out a litany of other professional wrestling legends, would make an impact at FanFest.

Legion of the Apocalypse (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Ric Rumsky and a Mystery Partner

Last month, Ric Rumsky challenged the Legion of the Apocalypse (Blood Beast and Jonny Axx) to a tag team match at FanFest. The problem is, his usual tag team compatriot--Alex Arcadian--might still be on the shelf. Another Megastar itching to get his enormous hands on the Legion is Jack Massacre, but the 7-foot giant is also resting comfortably after having his wrist broken. Many wrestlers from the past and outside of the organization were mentioned as a possible replacement. The Legion and Mayor Mystery were very confident in themselves when they hit the ring. Rumsky came to ringside saying that he and Bobby O had a plan to go "International" to find a partner. Rumsky then proceeded to introduce the KSWA's greatest tag team wrestler and global phenomenon: The Mayor of Mexico City himself, La Lucha! The Krazies come alive upon the former multi-time tag team champion and former KSWA Heavyweight Champion's return. After much aplomb, Jonny Axx starts out with Ric Rumsky. There's a test of strength that's originally won by Axx; however, Rumsky is able to leverage his way out of it and modify drop kick Axx in the bread basket. Rumsky gets a degree of success before The Blood Beast breaks it up. Axx battles back as Rumsky tries to get to La Lucha. There's a double clothesline, but Axx is able to get to his corner and the Blood Beast. The Beast is all over Rumsky, and slams him a couple of times in the center of the ring. La Lucha tries to offer some assistance but he's forced to the corner. Beast puts his knee on Rumsky's throat. La Lucha tries to break it up but again is rebuffed. The Legion double teams Rumsky. Rumsky is laid out in the ropes, where Mayor Mystery takes liberating shots with his cane. More punches and kicks from the best until the abdominal stretch is applied on Ric. There's a two count. Beast nearly gets the pinfall but then tags in Axx. He suplexes Rumsky. La Lucha is kicked in the head and the popular Mexican wrestler falls to the cement. Blood Beast is back in and he subjects Rumsky to more punishment. Rumsky can't tag in La Lucha. Axx hits Rumsky with an impressive spinning forearm. There's another near pinfall. Rumsky battles back and for the first time in the match, La Lucha is officially tagged in. The import is a house-a-fire and clears the ring. He side suplexes Axx and gets him in the corner for the three corner splashes. The pin is broken up. Mayor Mystery pokes La Lucha in the eye with his cane. Blood Beast and La Lucha connect on a double clothes line. The referee is distracted and the giant Jack Massacre appears out of nowhere and climbs into the ring. He slams Jonny Axx down and rolls La Lucha onto the opponent. The referee sees the cover and counts the pin. The winners of the match: Ric Rumsky and La Lucha! Rumsky and La Lucha celebrate as the Legion and Mayor Mystery go to the locker room.

Bobby O, Gentleman Joe Perri and A Special Guest

KSWA Owner Bobby O hit ringside along with Gentleman Joe Perri. A few years ago, Bobby O took the occasion to release The Great Toyota from Gentleman Joe's nefarious clutches when Perri helmed the International Thugs. Since that time, Joe has seen a change of heart and became the Interim Kommissioner. This year, in the season of giving, Bobby announced that the term "Interim" has been lifted from Perri's title and he is now the full-fledged "KSWA Kommissioner." Bobby said that Perri earned his stripes and the Krazies seemed to agree. Then, Bobby and Joe welcomed the legendary George "The Animal" Steele to ringside. The standing-room-only throng was captivated by his appearance and Steele did not disappoint. Steele started with his trademark and famous grunting and whooping. Then he simply said, "I'm done being silly now." Steele proceeded to talk straight from the heart about his career, promotions such as the KSWA and college football. The Krazies hung on every word from the college-educated professor. Pictures snapped and fans craned their necks for a better view of wrestling treasure. It was a magical time for many in the crowd.

Lou Martin (w/Frank Durso) v. Joey Quervo

The match was proceeded by the introduction of a Guest Ring Announcer. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman belted out the introductions like a pro and even drew the ire of Lou Martin, who demanded that Norman separate the ropes for him. Martin was beyond incensed when it was announced that he was to wrestle "The Drunken Luchadore" at FanFest. Joey Quervo and his one win versus nine loses in the KSWA in 2011. "Dr. Devastation" was going to take his frustrations out on Quervo. Martin charges Quervo but the Luchadore and his superior speed, ducks. Quervo gets the first offense of the night and a perterbed Martin bails to the outside. Frank Durso ascends to the apron and that draws the attention of the referee. Martin gets back in and puts the stompin' on Quervo. Now Martin is in full command. He asks the crowd if he should "curb stomp" Joey. He does anyway. Quervo is tossed into the corner and Durso's waiting mitts. The more offense. More Martin crowing to the crowd before he, as expected, gets Quervo into the Death Certificate. Martin lands it and gets the win. As Joey Quervo rolls to the corner, he instructs Trapper Tom (in slurred, broken English) that tradition must continue. With that, the "Grinch" theme song hits the PR system and the Krazies laugh. Durso is none-too-pleased.

Dominic DeNucci, "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe, "Irish" Davey O'Hannon and "Battman" Tony Marino

Prior to FanFest and at a Green Tree Hotel, the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, New York hosted a fundraising lunch and "roast" of Dominic DeNucci. While none of the "roasters" felt comfortable jabbing the KSWA Hall of Famer, they did enjoy a story or two. "Irish" Davey O'Hannon, "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe, "Big Bully" Nick Busick, "Lord Zoltan" Ken Jugan, "Jumpin'" Johnny DeFazio, and TNA wrestling star Matt Morgan all gave platitudes to DeNucci. Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto also presented a proclamation naming Saturday, December 3, "Dominic DeNucci Day" in Pittsburgh. DeNucci, Sharpe, O'Hannon, Marino and Lawrenceville's own Cody Michaels all made their way to FanFest and met with fans.

Jr. Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet Match

Former Pittsburgh Pirates announcer Lanny Frattare returned to the Guest Ring Announcer microphone for the second year in a row. Fact is, Frattare had such an enjoyable time last year that he asked to return and the KSWA always welcomes family back to the fold. Despite fighting off a cold, Frattare performed admirably in the Guest Announcing duties. In this Gauntlet Match, the odds are against "Ice Man" Tony Johnson holding onto the strap. Two wrestlers start, then when one combatant falls, another enters. Six athletes in all are involved. Johnson starts off with The Jester. In the early going, the Jester is all over Johnson. There's a quick pin attempt but Johnson bolts out. Jester suplexes Johnson and keeps the offense going. Jester stands on Johnson's throat, as the referee admonishes. Jester has another two count. Jester chops Johnson's chest and then kicks him in the back. Out of nowhere, Johnson rolls him up but the Jester kicks out at two and rolls Johnson over for another pin attempt. Johnson gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes and kicks Jester. That draws a chant that was a little less than family-friendly from the crowd. Jester gets up and Johnson goes for a finishing kick to the jaw but he misses. Jester kicks him instead. The offense is fast and furious for both wrestlers. Johnson's superior height, reach and strength prevail as he rolls The Jester up for the one, two, three. Diamond Dave Diamond is next. Johnson lands a back elbow on Diamond Dave. Then Johnson goes to the top and lands a big knee on Dave's head. Dave gets up and misses a move. Johnson connects with a super kick and gets the quick pin. Johnson moves on to Shane Starr. Starr and Johnson shake hands and the grappling commences. Johnson gets the upper hand in the early going. The two Megastars are comparable in size and strength, with Johnson perhaps having a height advantage while Starr is considered to be the stronger wrestler. There offense is fast and technical, with Starr landing an impressive suplex and clothesline. Moments later, Johnson hit an equally-impressive suplex. But in the end it has to be thought an upset when Shane Starr advances after a pin in which he rolls Johnson up out of the blue. Del Douglas races out immediately. "The King" goes for a quick pin but falls short at two. There's a scoop slam on Starr. It's all Del Douglas at this juncture. Douglas lands his infamous knees to the gut. There's a two count. "The King" goes to the top to land his fist that's "Banned in 49 out of the 50 States" when Starr rushes the corner and moves the move. Douglas is tossed to the mat and receives the one, two, three. Starr moves onto Kris Kash, the final competitor. The two have wrestled together and against each other for years. Kash comes out quickly, as he is interested in the belt. Kash won the most prestigious slot in the Gauntlet by besting all other Gauntlet competitors in a battle royal last month. Kash kicks Starr in the gut and falls him with a flying leg scissors. Starr goes outside onto the concrete where Kash flips onto him. That earned a "That Was Awesome" chant. Once back inside the ring, Starr got momentum and suplexed Kash. Fans are divided amongst the favorites. Kash recovers and gets Starr into the corner. With Starr in the corner, Kash measures his devastating chops. Each of the three is louder than the last. The final, an over-hand club, is usually brought with momentum. Starr feels it in his toes. With Starr down, Kash goes to the top and lands his Swon Ton. Starr kicks out at 2 3/4. Starr gains enough strength to grab Kash and land the Shining Starr. The one, two, three and NEW KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion is Shane Starr!

Western PA Hall of Fame Inductions: Nels Cleath, founder of the Western Pennsylvania Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, had his annual inductions. First he inducted long time manager, one-time promoter and current KSWA Kommissioner "Gentleman" Joe Perri into the HOF. Then Cleath introduced KSWA Ring Announcer and Wrestling Journalist Trapper Tom as a Hall of Fame recipient. Finally, he introduced the late Donna Christiantello, the greatest female professional wrestler Western Pennsylvania ever produced. Accepting on behalf of Donna was her niece Marie Minor, who performed as Angie Minelli in the WWF during the 1980's.

Golden Triangle Championship: Flash v. Badfingers (w/Mayor Mystery)

Jay Flash and Bobby Badfingers size each other up. Bobby whips Flash into the corner, Flash comes out and floors Badfingers. Badfingers gets up and blasts Flash to the mat for a two count. Flash floors Badfingers and gets a two and a half count. Badfingers retreats to the corner and Mayor Mystery is on the apron. Flash gets Badfingers down with a headlock. Badfingers powers out and reverses the hold. Badfingers shoulder block on Flash. Badfingers rushes Flash and goes over the top rope onto the floor. Mayor Mystery rushes over. Flash dives on top of Badfingers and floors Mystery. Badfingers goes head first into the announce table. Badfingers levels Flash and rolls him back in. Flash hits Badfingers with a modified 619. Flash goes to the top rope and misses a fist. Mayor Mystery connects with a cane to the ribs. Flash gets back in. Badfingers walks across the ring and bodyslams him. Mystery attacks with the cane. Two and a half count. Badfingers chokes Flash. Mystery again attacks with the cane, this time choking him. Badfingers two count on Flash. Flash punches his way out before being lambasted with a clothesline. Badfingers gets Flash in a sleeper hold. Referee Justin Smith surveys the situation. Smith goes for the count but Flash battles back. Badfingers swats Flash's advances. Badfingers grabs the hair and tosses Flash to the mat. Flash floors Badfingers. Both men are down. Smith counts a double count. Flash is clobbered by Badfingers and the belt. Two and a half count. Flash struggles to get up as Badfingers argues with Smith. Badfingers bum rushes the corner and floors Smith and Flash. Flash goes for the cannon ball but is met by Badfingers. Badfingers gets rope and ties Flash's hands together. He lays heavy hands and boots into Flash. Flash recovers and gets offense on Badfingers. Smith is still down. Now Badfingers is down. Flash goes to the apron but is met by Badfingers and Mystery. The Mayor hits Badfingers with the cane. Jay Flash hits the cannonball. The winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Jay Flash. The refs take Justin Smith to the locker room as Flash celebrates with the Krazies. It's bedlam and raw as Flash gets visibly emotional with the fans.

Tag Team Championship: Party Gras v. Canadian Perfection

Canadian Perfection is out first, then Party Gras. Party Gras can't chose a corner to accept as home base. This drives the Canadians nuts. They go to all four. Justin is to start with J.P. Goulet. Justin Sane goes after Goulet's left arm and perhaps bites it. Zoltan is tagged in and he does the same. Zoltan brings Goulet down in the center of the ring. Zoltan picks him up and wrenches the arm again. Zoltan continues to attack Goulet and tags in Justin. Zoltan is tagged in. He may or may not have a beer bottle left behind by Joey Quervo. He goes to work on Goulet with the bottle. Zoltan may or may not have shown Belanger his backside and Belanger dives from the apron. It's still all Sane as Jimmy James wonders if Zoltan is hiding anything in his trunks. Zoltan rushes in and helps Justin attack Goulet. James is none the wiser. It's all bedlam as Zoltan now grabs the timekeeper's hammer. All this time, Belanger has not been in. At the 11 minute mark, Belanger is tagged in. Belanger goes to work on Sane. He is very lazy in his attempt to keep Justin grounded. The Canadians whip each other into Sane, while he's in the corner. It seems that James never saw Belanger get tagged in so he forces the Cold Blooded Canadian outside the ring. Justin tries to battle back but Goulet is too strong. Belanger is back in. He hits a nice drop kick on Sane. Zoltan breaks up the pin. Belanger goes to work on Justin's forehead. Belanger gets Justin up. Double clothesline. Goulet and Sane are down. Zoltan throws water on Justin from the outside. Tags are made to their corners. Belanger is tossed out. Zoltan hits Goulet in the bean. Justin's on the apron. Zoltan is hit with the belt. Goulet makes the pin, with his feet on the bottom rope. One, two and three. The winners of the match and the NEW KSWA tag team champions, Canadian Perfection. But wait, Battman Tony Marino rushes to the ring and tells James that Goulet used the ropes. With no less of an authority than Battman himself pointing out the injustice, James restarts the match and Party Gras attacks the Canadians and win!

Main Event: KSWA Heavyweight Championship

All four competitors enter the ring. Shawn Blanchard, then Mitch Napier, then The Latin Assassin, then KSWA Champ Ali Kaida. All four men face off in the Fatal Four Way. Shawn Blanchard slaps all of the opponents, then they punch him. Latin chops Blanchard down. Mitch double noggin knockers them all. Kaida is in the corner. He tries to suplex Kaida but he stops it. Blanchard attacks Latin while Kaida attacks Mitch. Blanchard double ax handles Kaida. Latin tries to roll up Kaida. Blanchard breaks it up. Mitch tries to pin Blanchard. Napier hip tosses Blanchard and Blanchard recovers with a poke to the eye. Blanchard near falls Napier. Then Kaida breaks that up and tries the pin himself. Latin breaks that up. Kaida falls Napier and gets a near fall. Blanchard and Latin are on the outside. Kaida gets Mitch into the Camel Clutch. Mitch won't submit. Blanchard runs the ropes and kicks Kaida in the head. Blanchard kicks Napier. Mitch slams Blanchard into the turnbuckle 10 times then takes him around the ring for the others. Kaida and Latin continue to battle on the outside. Napier gets Blanchard into a submission move but Kaida breaks that up. Kaida attacks Mitch from the outside apron. Latin crawls back into the ring. Kaida hits Mitch with a steel chair. Mayor follows that up with a flag pole to the gut. Frank Durso is on the apron. Latin hits Blanchard with the Flying Lariat but before he can cover, Kaida does. Latin has to break that up. Mitch tries to get Latin up in the Sioux Fall slam but can't. He drops him with a DDT. Napier splashes Blanchard in the corner. Kaida gets a two count on Latin. Blanchard and Kaida are spilled outside. Napier goes to work on the Assassin. Blanchard gets back in and hammers Mitch. Latin lands a flying elbow. Kaida goes for the pin. Latin interferes and goes for his own pin. Blanchard hits Napier with a knee drop. Kaida attacks Blanchard as Mitch is on the mat and Latin is felled in along the apron. Durso attacks Kaida, showing that no Megastar is safe. Blanchard surveys the scene before trying to slap the figure four on Kaida. Kaida kicks him instead. Latin hits Mitch with the bottom turnbuckle. Blanchard gets Kaida down. Blanchard hits Latin with a clothesline. Two count by Blanchard on Latin. Blanchard and Kaida twists Latin's legs in opposite directions. Kaida goes to pin Latin but Blanchard breaks it up. Blanchard front-face-drops Mitch into the mat. Latin recovers and dumps Blanchard and Kaida outside. The Krazies are behind Latin. He Piledrives Mitch. Blanchard is in and he drops Latin. Kaida is in as Blanchard crows to the Krazies. Sit down power bomb. Blanchard kicks up. Latin is next on Kaida's agenda but the Assassin gets his foot on the bottom rope. Blanchard is in with Napier. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four. Mitch rolls him up for the win! The place goes crazy as the announcement is broken up. Durso grabs the microphone and tosses it to Blanchard. Blanchard tells Mitch that the VIP's always have a plan. With that, "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin comes out with referee Jimmy James in toe. Martin has waited all year to cash in his shot at the KSWA World Championship and he is using it now. He waits behind Mitch, who turns around right into the Death Certificate. After a 10-second reign, Napier has lost. The new KSWA Heavyweight Championship is "Dr. Devastation Lou Martin!"