Anything Goes In Street Fight, Legion Gathers Like Never Before As KSWA "Revenge" Nears

February 12, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

At last month's "New Year's Knockout," the VIP's--Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin--broke up what was a classic match between The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier. Now, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, through Owner Bobby O, has received special disposition from the city of Pittsburgh to allow a Lawrenceville Street Fight within the confines of the KSWA Arena @ the L V M for two teams: The VIPs v. The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier. The Lawrenceville Street Fight has usually been banned in the area, some feuds had to be settled outside of the city limits--namely Millvale during Community Days--in past years. However, KSWA Owner Bobby O announced recently successfully petitioned City Council for the exemption. "Some feuds," the edict reads, "are best settled in the streets." Blanchard and Martin--the current KSWA Heavyweight Champion--has already claimed that they will do untold damage to both of their opponents. Conversely, both The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier have been relatively quiet as they approach the match. Both men realize that injuries can be sustained and they are going into the match as individuals and not a solid team, whereas the VIPs are the most experienced tag team in the history of the KSWA.

The Legion of the Apocalypse--Ali Kaida, The Blood Beast, Bobby Badfingers and Jonny Axx--will enter the ring together for the very first time as they take on the team of The Golden Triangle Champion Jay Flash, Tony Johnson, 2012 Battle Bowl Champion Kris Kash and 7-foot, 385-lb Jack Massacre in an 8-Man Tag Team match. The Legion's manager Mayor Mystery, has targeted Jay Flash for destruction. The Blood Beast has earned a Battle Bowl chance at the Golden Triangle Championship and Mayor Mystery calls his man's taking of the belt "a synch." All the while, Jack Massacre has set his sights on the Legion because of the way they injured him toward the end of 2011. Massacre's startling return at FanFest and re-emergence to the ring in January after having his wrist broken just shows how tough this big man really is. Massacre lasted a record 34-minutes during Battle Bowl, and was an odds-on favorite before eliminating himself in pursuit of the Legion, and Axx in particular. All of the other competitors in this match have fires in their stomach as 2012 soldiers on. The influence of Mayor Mystery cannot be ignored. The enigma from Parts Unknown has been able to gather four volatile, vastly-different personalities together for one goal: to dominate the KSWA.

The Jr. Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Shane Starr defends against Drew Belanger. The "Cold Blooded Canadian" hopes to rest the Jr. Heavyweight strap off of Starr, especially after his "Canadian Perfection" counterpart, J.P. Goulet, couldn't do it in January. The match between Goulet and Starr was above-and-beyond the best showing Goulet has ever had in the KSWA and "The Flawless One" nearly grabbed the strap from Starr. Goulet has really excelled over the past few months, thanks to a rigorous workout regime. Goulet decided that if he was going to advance within professional wrestling, he would have to dedicate himself further and he has. Starr, meanwhile realizes that he is fending off a determined Canadian team. Plus, if he can somehow get past the Canadians, longtime friend and tag team partner Kris Kash is out there with a shot at the Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Lord Zoltan has his hands full with "The King" Del Douglas in one-on-one competition. Since winning the KSWA Tag Team championship with Justin Sane last July, Lord Zoltan has wrestled primarily in tag matches. However, the veteran is still able to go toe-to-toe with another veteran, namely Douglas. The King doesn't understand why the KSWA tag team championships are not already around his and The Jester's waists. The leader of Party Gras has never been more energized, and he isn't about to let Douglas' ego get in his way. The other half of Party Gras, Justin Sane, will take on The Jester in one-on-one competition. Justin Sane has arguably never been better than he is now, but The Jester has become one of the most improved young Megastars in the KSWA. This has the possibility of being a great match. Both wrestlers are physical and hard-hitting. Some have underestimated The Jester in the past, but even though he doesn't always win, the Jester makes an impression.

The "Flawless One" J.P. Goulet hopes to stomp a mud hole in Ric Rumsky as the new year revs up. Both of these youngsters have had roller-coaster rides in 2011, and both are looking to make impressions on the KSWA Championship Committee. Rumsky is a former tag team champion who has lost both of his trusted compadres. Goulet has come close to winning KSWA gold but may be best wrestler in the promotion who has never tasted a championship. The previous wrestler to hold that distinction was Mitch Napier, who won both the Joe Abby Tournament in 2011 and briefly held the KSWA's top prize.

And as previously showcased, "Nasty Nick" Crane makes his way back to the KSWA in a more prominent role and he takes on Diamond Dave Diamond. The Rock Star Diamond Dave Diamond is always looking for a good time and will certainly have his hands full with Nasty Nick. The Canadian will look to make a Maple imprint on Diamond Dave.

KSWA "Revenge" is Saturday, February 18, at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena @ the L V M, 51st St. (Off of Butler St.) in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Card is subject to change. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids.