Lawrenceville Street Fight Brings Battle Inside, Legion Dominates, Starr Retains At KSWA Revenge

February 20, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In the annuals of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, there have been dozens of unforgettable matches and moments. In recent years some of the highlights include La Lucha winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Bobby Badfingers turning on Jay Flash, Ric Rumsky's returning to shock Vinnie Stone, Anthony Alexander ending Mike Malachi's career. But last Saturday night's Lawrenceville Street Fight in which the VIPs--Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin--took on The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier, had nearly 300 fans on their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs the entire match. For hours and days afterward, the Pittsburgh wrestling scene was abuzz with what just happened. Few displays of drama and hard-hitting action have ever been witnessed as they were at "Revenge." But before that action took place, the rest of the locker room of Megastars faced their own obstacles, rivalries and feuds.

Nasty Nick Crane v. Diamond Dave Diamond

"Canada's National Treasure" Nasty Crane takes to the ring among a series of boos from the crowd. Diamond Dave Diamond is celebrated by the Krazies, who also chant "USA, USA." Dave tries to win over the angry Canadian, but he has no success. Once the action begins, Nasty Nick hip tosses Dave twice and then bodyslams the 1980's rock star. Crane preens for the crowd, Diamond Dave rises and they lock up again. Nick is whipped into the ropes and he shoulder blocks Diamond Dave. Dave floors Nick, then there's a two-count before Crane grabs the bottom rope. Nick elbows and chops Diamond Dave then whips him into the corner. Dave is down and that's where Nick hits him with a series of punches and kicks. The attack is relentless. There's a pin attempt but Dave is up at two. Diamond Dave somehow gets Nick into a submission move but that is broken. Nick clotheslines Dave and drops a leg. Two count. Crane scratches Dave's back. Dave is draped over the middle rope then pulled out to the middle of the ring. Crane leg drops Dave in the most sensitive of areas. Dave is whipped into the corner. Nick, with a head of steam, charges the corner. Dave avoids the splash. He knees Nick and drops him with the "Bang Your Head" DDT. Dave gets the win. Diamond tries to extend a hand in friendship but Nick meets that with a disgusting gesture. Dave celebrates with the crowd as Nick storms to the locker room.

J.P. Goulet v. Ric Rumsky

Now hailing from Hollywood to the North, Vancouver, "The Flawless One" J.P. Goulet makes his way to the ring before Ohio's Ric Rumsky. Rumsky starts to get the fans into the match. For the second match in a row, the Krazies shout "USA, USA" toward the neighbor to the north. Goulet gets Rumsky in a headlock. Rumsky goes for his famous Superkick but Goulet sees it coming and dashes out of the way, and into the corner. Goulet takes his time getting locked back up with Rumsky. The two clench fists and swing around. Goulet is propelled into the ropes where Rumsky tries to get into "619" position. Goulet stops him just by yelling "You can't do the 619." Nonplussed, Rumsky kicks him nevertheless. They go at it. Goulet is down for a two count, then is Rumsky. Goulet kicks Rumsky in the back while Ric is seated. Another two count follows. There's a side suplex that crashes Rumsky to the mat. Goulet kicks out of the maneuver right onto this feet. Rumsky is down and Goulet taunts the crowd. Rumsky ducks a clothesline but is floored with a kick. He's down for a prolonged two count. Rumsky is whipped into the corner then followed by Goulet. Goulet goes for another high-risk move, but Rumsky charges out and lands both knees into Goulet's gut. The USA chants start again. Rumsky is up and floors Goulet twice. He readies for the Super Kick. Goulet blocks it, hooks a suplex and gains the one, two, three. Goulet kicks a fallen Rumsky over and over until "The Ice Man" Tony Johnson bursts from the locker room and into the ring.

Del Douglas (w/the Jester) v. Lord Zoltan

Del Douglas is met with a tremendously loud chorus of boos. Lord Zoltan dances his way to the ring with a variety of Krazies, young and old alike. Referee Justin Smith tries to get The Jester out of the ring. Zoltan tosses out beads of kids. Smith has a difficult time getting The Jester out of the ring. Zoltan leads a chant of "out." Zoltan attacks the Jester in the corner and Del follows in. Lord Zoltan is down and Del starts clobbering him. Zoltan is on the apron as Del argues with the ref. Zoltan is up in the corner and receives some punches. Zoltan is felled with a clothesline and a two count. Del lands an elbow and a two-count. Zoltan tackles Douglas and may-or-may-not bite his forehead. Zoltan may or may not choke Douglas with wrist tape. With Douglas seated, Zoltan gouges at his face. Douglas powers out and suplexes Zoltan. There's a two count. Zoltan is slow getting up. He is pushed head-first hard into the corner post and another two count. Del goes for the Royal Sharpshooter. Zoltan is able to break out of it. Zoltan gets momentum and threatens to kick Del in the privates. With Smith turned away, the sneaky Zoltan may or may not have done just that. Zoltan, at the urging of the crowd, does it again. Then there's over-hand chops to Douglas' head. Zoltan whips him into the corner. Douglas meets him with a boot. With Zoltan down, Douglas goes for the fist "that's banned in 49 out of the 50 states" from the top rope. Zoltan moves and hits a pile driver. One, two, three and Zoltan gets the win. Zoltan gets up to dance and the Krazies follow. Del is out cold in the middle of the ring.

Eight Man Action: Legion of the Apocalypse (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Kash, Johnson, Flash and Massacre

Mayor Mystery leads his Legion to the ring, grabs the microphone and says that all four members of his team can destroy anyone in the KSWA. Referee Jimmy James is able to gain control despite all of the turmoil. Jonny Axx starts out against Jack Massacre. Axx throws everything he can against Massacre with no avail until he latches onto a sleeper. Massacre shrugs that off. Axx can't get anywhere with Massacre and Badfingers is tagged in, so is Jay Flash. The rivals lock up with Jay Flash latching onto a headlock. Badfingers is whipped into the ropes. Jay Flash ultimately hits him with a drop kick and that leads to a two-count. Tony Johnson is then in. Johnson whips Badfingers into the corner and lands a big elbow. Badfingers goes down. Johnson gets Badfingers into his own corner, where he tags in Kris Kash. Kash hits a picture-perfect drop kick on Badfingers. Then there's a front-face-lock. Badfingers gets up and pushes Kash into his corner. While referee Jimmy James is distracted, the Legion attacks Kash. Ali Kaida is in for a text book over head suplex. There's a lazy two-count on Kash. Kash scrambles with enough verve to quickly make to Massacre. The 7-footer is back in and all over Kaida. A former KSWA Heavyweight as well as tag team champion, Ali Kaida is one of the largest and most feared Megastars ever in the organization's history, and he is being flung around the ring by Massacre. Jack hits a tremendous clothesline. Golden Triangle Champion Jay Flash is tagged in. Showing inexperience, Flash rolls Kaida into the Legion's corner because he wants a piece of The Blood Beast. Beast, the Number One Contender for that title as well as one of the strongest wrestlers in the company, rushes in. Flash gets some momentum on the Camp Blood veteran. Blood Beast is floored by the offense, then angered. The Beast overpowers Flash. A spinning clothesline nearly sends the South Beach Soldier through the mat. Beast chokes Flash. Referee Jimmy James breaks that up and Blood Beast pushes Flash into a corner. Jonny Axx is tagged in. The mysterious Axx and Blood Beast double team Flash and flip him onto the mat. Axx uses the sleeper hold but doesn't have it completely latched so he lets go. Axx successfully keeps Flash from his corner. Bobby Badfingers is in. He floors his one-time rival to the mat twice. An impressive suplex lands leads to a near fall. James is distracted again. The entire Legion attacks Flash. In an amazing burst of energy, Flash breaks out and kicks Blood Beast. Both men are down. Flash tags in the popular Kris Kash. A picture perfect drop kick sends Blood Beast down. Badfingers races in and clobbers Kash. Johnson rushes in and drop kicks Badfingers. Ali Kaida power bombs Johnson. Massacre is in as this match has completely gotten out of control. Massacre flips Kaida into the ring. Axx punches Massacre but that has little effect on the giant. Massacre chases Axx. Soon only Blood Beast and Jay Flash are in the ring. Somewhere Flash became the legal man. Blood Beast choke slams Flash in the middle of the ring and gets the one, two, three. The Legion celebrates as Johnson, Flash, Kash and Massacre gain composure and head to their locker room.

During Intermission, KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner Joe Perri announce to the fans that they should check out for information concerning a special match in the future. They are also informed that March 24th's Joe Abby Memorial Tournament has a new wrinkle: a Tag Team Tournament. In the past the evening has showcased singles competitors, but this year will feature brackets of tag teams. It is also announced that this year's Hall of Fame Class will include two yet-to-be-announced inductees.

Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Belanger v. Starr

The two lock up after Belanger first balks. Starr and Belanger lock arms. Belanger gets the upper hand momentarily but then Starr showcases more power and hip tosses the Canadian. Starr splashes Belanger in corner but misses when Belanger lands another. Starr falls to the mat and is kicked in the back. Belanger grabs Starr's left arm and goes to work. Starr's left arm is twisted in the ropes. He is forced to break the hold and Belanger continues to go to work on a prone Starr. Referee Justin Smith looks over the situation. He asks if Starr gives up and he doesn't. Starr gets to his feet and punches Belanger and knocks him down. Starr lands an impressive standing suplex. There's a two-and-a-half count. Belanger lands a fist to stop Starr's momentum. There's a two count. Belanger lands fists on Starr's head, then kicks him to the mat. There's a two count and Starr rolls out. Belanger goes back to work on the arm. Starr somehow musters the strength to scoop slam Belanger. Belanger recovers and gets Starr down for a two count. Belanger chokes Starr until Smith breaks it up. Belanger goes back to work with punches and stomps. Belanger scoops Starr. There's a lazy count on Starr and it only goes to two. Belanger whips Starr into the ropes and Starr ducks advances until he lands a drop kick. Both men are slow getting up. Starr chops Goulet in the corner. Starr lowers Belanger's straps for a smashing chop. Then another. Starr gets Belanger down then Belanger gets Starr down. Starr lands a snap suplex but both men are down and slow getting up. Starr is up first. Starr gets Belanger into a corner for a superplex. Belanger tries to battle out. Starr goes for the Shining Starr but Belanger blocks it and goes for an arm bar submission. Starr gets his foot onto the bottom rope. The hold is broken. Belanger lowers a knee pad for an illegal kick but Starr ducks it and rolls Belanger up for an old-fashioned School Boy. Starr retains the belt.

Jester v. Justin Sane

The Jester's entrance is creepier than anyone can imagine as he crawls across the darkened hall, sinister music blares through the sound system. Justin Sane comes out to the frenzy of Party Gras fans. Justin Sane doesn't go for a traditional lock up. He grabs The Jester by the ample chest region. They fall to the center of the ring with a thumb war. That pin attempt is broken up at two. Justin gets Jester in a wrist lock. Justin may or may not bite The Jester's arm with referee Jimmy James' back turned. Justin keeps Jester grounded. Jester does climb up and knocks Sane down. Sane is down on his knees and Jester kicks him in the back. He goes for the pin but Justin kicks up. Jester chokes Justin Sane. Jester puts his knee on Justin's throat. Jester keeps Justin down for another two count. One would expect this to be a fast-paced match but it is anything but. Jester pulls Sane out into the center of the ring for a two count. Jester gets Sane into an abdominal stretch. Jester gets Sane down. The fans chant for Justin. Jester gets Justin up for a superplex but Justin gets out of the move and lands a powerbomb from the corner. The fans chant "That was awesome!" Justin lands a leg and goes for Shock Therapy. Del Douglas comes from nowhere and pushes Justin from the top rope. Del and The Jester attack Justin, and Jester kicks Justin. Out comes Lord Zoltan to save his partner. Party Gras' music hits and the duo dance their way back to the locker room.

VIPs v. Latin and Napier in a Lawrenceville Street Fight

Introductions cannot be made fully for minutes because the Krazies are so vocal against the VIPs (and Advisor Frank Durso). Napier and Latin argue at the beginning of the match (as they have for months) and the VIPs take full control of the situation. Napier is on the outside and Martin hits him with a chair. Blanchard lands Latin with a back elbow and then digs his thumps into the Assassin's eyes. Mitch gains momentum on Martin on the outside. Latin charges at Blanchard. Martin falls Mitch on the outside. That's Frank Durso territory. Martin attacks Latin, who had momentum on Latin. All four Megastars are in the ring as Lou Martin uses a bat on Napier. Martin and Blanchard clothesline Martin with the bat. Durso is all over Latin. The first pin attempt is Blanchard on Mitch in the center of the ring. Martin finds some rope to attack Latin while Blanchard suplexes Napier in the ring. Blanchard goes for a chair. Blanchard plants the chair in the middle of Napier's back. Martin continues to blast Latin, first with the rope, then with a chair. Blanchard has Napier in the corner. Blanchard posted a chair in the corner but Mitch reverses the whip and Blanchard goes into the chair. Hard. The Krazies go Krazy. Martin slides in and attacks Napier. Blanchard staggers at ringside. Durso goes after Latin. It's really a two-on-three match, but it's all legal in Lawrenceville. Latin battles back. First at Durso then at Blanchard. Latin chokes Durso with the rope. Blanchard is busted open. Napier gets a two count on Martin in the ring. Martin gets Napier down on the far end of the ring. The Krazies are louder than every before at this point. Latin flips Blanchard in the hard way from the apron. Two count. Blanchard is whipped into the corner. He goes over the top and is met with a Latin clothesline on the apron. All four men are out in the massive crowd. Napier is on the bar. In the sea of humanity it's difficult to detail all of the hard-hitting action. Latin goes after Blanchard's forehead with a taped fist. All of it is legal. Latin chokes Frank Durso on the outside. Napier has Martin in the corner of the room. Latin and Blanchard trade blows. Blanchard pokes Latin in the eye. Napier moves the ring steps and bulldogs Martin into it. Napier looks for a weapon. He lands a massive shot to Martin's head with a fist. Napier uses the aforementioned rope around his fist. He pounds Martin. Blanchard gets a chair and blasts Napier. Latin is down in the middle of the ring. Durso chokes Napier. Martin tosses a chair to Blanchard. Blanchard suplexes Latin onto the chair. Martin and Napier trade blows on the outside. Napier hits Martin with the time bell. Both Napier and Latin are in the ring and they go to work on Blanchard's legs. Napier pounces on Martin on the outside. Napier grabs the chair again and plants it into Martin with terrifying force. It's beyond amazing that it wasn't "lights out" for Martin. Latin goes for the Figure Four on Blanchard. Napier gets revenge on Durso on the outside. Durso goes head first into the table. Martin hits Napier in the back with a chair. Martin and Napier are back in the ring. Martin kicks Latin and forces the Figure Four to be broken. Napier bulldogs Martin in the ring. The Krazies chant for a table. Blanchard goes after Napier in the ropes. Latin hits Blanchard with a chair to the back. Blanchard recovers and hits Latin with a chair. Martin and Napier are once again on the outside. Blanchard kicks Assassin in the knee. Blanchard goes for an ankle lock. The Krazies chant for Mitch on the outside. Latin will not tap out in the center of the ring. Napier and Martin are lost in the crowd as Blanchard continues to work on Latin's knee. Martin hits Napier with a Heinz ketchup bottle. Blanchard gets Latin in a sharpshooter but he doesn't have it locked in, so he lets it go. There's hard-hitting action on the outside. Blanchard goes to check it out. Latin is prone in the ring as Martin leads a battered Napier back in. Blanchard hits Mitch with a closed left fist. The VIPs whip Mitch into the ropes but that backfires as Mitch hits a double clothesline. Napier has Blanchard posted in the corner. The Krazies chant for Latin to rally. He is slow in getting up, as is Martin. Latin boots Martin. Napier and Latin attack Martin in a corner. Durso is on the apron and he is met by Napier. Durso trades blows with Napier. Blanchard tosses a handful of powder into Mitch's face. Blinded, the Sioux Falls native staggers back and into Latin. Napier scoops up Latin into the Sioux Falls Slam and lands it perfectly. Martin pushes Mitch out of the way and scores the pin, one, two, three. The VIPs are your winners. An incensed Latin hooks Napier's arms behind him and delivers a awe-inspiring inverted piledriver onto his tag team partner. Latin gets out of the ring and celebrates with he Krazies. Mitch is out in the center of the ring.

That's the way KSWA "Revenge" ends.