New Tag Team Format, Martin Faces A Triple Threat, Hall Of Fame At Joe Abby Memorial Tournament

March 17, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has always stood for opportunity. For each Megastar the sky has been the limit, and the annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament has been a testament to that ambition. This year's event is on Saturday, March 24 at the KSWA Arena. "Killer" Joe Abby might not have had a spotless win-lock record within the squared circle, but during his 20-year career, he earned respect. Whether he was "Killer" or the masked "Red Demon," Abby worked hard to engross his fans. His long-time tag team partner was VIP Advisor Frank Durso. Both men were inducted into the very first class of the KSWA Hall of Fame. Abby was the first true-life "Repo Man" who was even shot at as he repossessed automobiles in the middle of the night. It was through this hard work and determination that Abby's legacy lives on, nowhere more prominently than the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. In past years the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament has been a single's competition, often with the winner vaulting to the post as #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. This year the tournament is different. In 2012 the tournament will feature tag teams in the most important tournament in Pittsburgh professional wrestling. The winning team will receive an opportunity for the KSWA Tag Team belts, (as of this writing) currently held by Party Gras--Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane.

But before the tag team tournament is underway it should be noted that KSWA Heavyweight Champion "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin, or "Garbage Pants" as he's known to a vast majority of KSWA Krazies, will defend his championship against two Megastars--Mitch Napier and The Latin Assassin--in a Triple Threat Match. Martin had vowed to defend against only "top notch international wrestlers like Joey Quervo and The Great Toyota," but KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner Joe Perri had other ideas. Instead, Martin will face a significantly-tougher match with Mitch and Latin. That being noted, Mitch and Latin have not gotten along since Napier literally threw in the towel, costing The Assassin the KSWA title to Ali Kaida last year. Since that time the one-time good friends have not seen eye-to-eye. In fact, Latin dropped Mitch with a front-faced piledriver after last month's Lawrenceville Street Fight against the VIPs.

There is also a special six-man tag team match Saturday. Joey Quervo teams with the KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Shane Starr and Golden Triangle Champion Jay Flash to take on The Blood Beast, along with Canadian Perfection--Drew Belanger and J.P. Goulet. Shane Starr has had problems with both "The Cold Blooded Canadian" Belanger and the "Flawless One" Goulet; however, neither have been able to supplant Starr from his championship. Flash will one day face The Blood Beast for the Golden Triangle Championship, as the Camp Blood behemoth won the opportunity at Battle Bowl in January. In addition, the Beast choke slammed Flash like never before last month. Flash, forever confident, does seem to respect the overwhelming power of The Blood Beast. Quervo doesn't have much animosity with anyone in the match, but the Mexican suplexing bean does enjoy a good time anytime he's wrestling.

The KSWA Tag Team Championship is on the line when Party Gras defends against the unorthodox team of "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard and "Nasty" Nick Crane. It's believed that these two tag team specialists have never joined forces before, but Blanchard reached out to Crane when Martin was put into the Triple Threat Match. "Canada's National Treasure" is looking to make a major impact in the KSWA and he feels that clipping the uber-popular Party Gras at the knees might be the way to make the best of his opportunity. Blanchard is adamant that Crane is not auditioning for the VIPs, however, his view about Crane might be forced to change if they upset the surging Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane.

The Joe Abby Memorial tag team Tournament might just be The Legion of the Apocalypse's to lose because of one man: Mayor Mystery. At last month's "Revenge," the Mayor of Parts Unknown showcased what may be deemed the most dominate foursome in the history of the KSWA--Ali Kaida, Jonny Axx, Bobby Badfingers, and The Blood Beast. The Mayor has assembled a diverse and dangerous quartet and made it work. Not much is known about the enigmatic hit man Jonny Axx, but he will team with former Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfingers to form what has to be the odds-on-favorite to capture the tournament trophy. Vegas and Bloomfield bookies agree that Bad/Axx's experience and Mayor Mystery's influence will catapult the team to victory. Standing in their way in the first round is the interesting team of Kris Kash and the 7-foot-tall, 385-lb Jack Massacre. Kash's speed and resilience teamed with Massacre's unbelievable power makes them a tall order for the Legion; however, the duo hasn't teamed together.

Also in the first round, another new team of "Ice Man" Tony Johnson and Ric Rumsky converges to take on "The King" Del Douglas and The Jester. Johnson is arguably the best all-around athlete in the KSWA and Rumsky in contrast is a hardy Everyman, an underdog who keeps finding ways to win. They take on the most experienced team in the tournament--Douglas and The Jester. Compared to the other match with features some of the largest Megastars in the locker room, this match features more technical competitors. Johnson and Douglas were the first two men to ever hold the Jr. Heavyweight Championship and they are well-versed with one another. The matchup between Rumsky and The Jester showcases two young Megastars with similar degrees of energy and charisma.

It will either be Bad/Axx or Kash and Massacre against Douglas and The Jester or Johnson and Rumsky in the finals for the Joe Abby Memorial tournament. Any way you look at it, the finals will be explosive.

In addition, the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament is also the KSWA's annual night to recognize those who paved the way in the professional wrestling industry. The KSWA has been the heir apparent to Pittsburgh's glorious Studio Wrestling past with the like of Abby, Durso, Bill Eadie, "Hurricane" Bobby Hunt, Ron Romano and Donna Christiantello being enshrined. This year, KSWA Owner Bobby O has only announced that this year's pair of inductees will share a more immediate relationship with the organization. There's been no official comment on the rumor that a direct flight from Mexico City, Mexico has been booked.

The Joe Abby Memorial Tournament is Saturday, March 24 at the Home of Professional Wrestling the KSWA Arena, just off of 51st and Butler Streets in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30.

All tickets are just $5 for this special event.

Card is subject to change.