Massacre Gets Historic Opportunity At KSWA Title This Saturday

May 4, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance owner Bobby O dropped a bombshell this week when he announced that one of the newest Megastars would get a historic shot at the KSWA World Title this Saturday at Immaculate Conception Church in Bloomfield.

Because of his success in the ring and the love of Krazies out of it, the 7-foot-tall, 365-lb Jack Massacre will get an opportunity to defeat “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin for the belt. The selection of Massacre is brilliant and fascinating. It is believed that Massacre is the largest independent professional wrestler to ever compete for a World Championship in Pittsburgh. The Steel City has featured some larger-than-life independent wrestlers, most notably the well-known T-Rantula. Observers are unanimous in their opinion that Jack Massacre is the larger athlete.

Might this be the time for KSWA Champion “Dr. Devastation” to be knocked down a peg or two? The two-time champion just recently escaped a hard-fought battle against Kris Kash this past Saturday, a matchup that saw Martin receive a series of incredible over-hand chops from the challenger. Will Martin have enough time to recover and face Massacre, who defeated Bobby Badfingers, a member of the Legion of the Apocalypse known for his veteran skills and power. The matchup of Martin and Massacre also leads one to question whether the champion could execute his signature “Death Certificate” on a Megastar the size of Massacre. If not, what might Martin have up his sleeve?

There is also still plenty of bad blood between the Legion of the Apocalypse and Jack Massacre. Could that quartet play a role in the match? Mayor Mystery has been coy when approached about the match. In fact, he has been still celebrating the Blood Beast’s victory over Jay Flash for the Golden Triangle Championship last Saturday at “Unsanctioned.”

Massacre’s fan base helped make this championship opportunity possible. They turn out in grand numbers for the giant and have inundated the KSWA offices with emails, asking for Jack’s chance at the gold. Massacre has responded well to having his wrist broken by the Legion last year and seems to be on a mission to be as successful as possible in the KSWA.

This could be the opportunity to see a historic title change in Pittsburgh. Party Gras will defend the KSWA Tag Team Championship on Saturday against “The King” Del Douglas and The Jester. The King and The Jester have been at odds with Lord Zoltan & Justin Sane for some time now and the Number One Contenders (as a result of winning the Joe Abby tournament in May) will get their shot for the KSWA Tag Team Titles. Douglas is said to be embarrassed and is seething as to what happened to him at KSWA "Unsanctioned" and is looking to take it out on Party Gras. The champions keep dancing their way to victory after victory since capturing the gold so it will be interesting to see if the party comes to an abrupt end or if "Baby Got Back" will be blearing over the speakers in victory once again.

New KSWA Golden Triangle Champion the Blood Beast will team with his Legion of the Apocolype co-hort Ali Kaida to take on "Rock & Roll" Dave Diamond & Jay Flash. The Blood Beast defeated Flash at "Unsanctioned" to become the KSWA Golden Triangle Champion but Jay Flash has promised to win the belt back in the very near future and bring the belt back to all of his "Flash Addicts". Dave Diamond bested Ali Kaida in one of the most brutal matches in KSWA history in April. The Headbangers Brawl Match left both men beaten beyond belief and its a wonder that they will be able to step into the squared circle after the carnage that resulted from their battle. The combination of these four combatants in the same ring could be extremely volitile.

KSWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Shane Starr proved once again that he is willing to take on all challengers as he faces Jonny Axx at ICS. Starr who won a hard fought contest vs. new signed KSWA Megastar Super Ginger has shown a prowess for pulling out victories in tough matches and may be the most improved wrestler on the KSWA roster the past six months. Jonny Axx who was suspiously absent in April no doubt doing the underhanded bidding of the maniacal Mayor Mystery get a huge opportunity to put some more gold around the waist of the LOA. Axx who has been impressive since debuting in the KSWA will stop at nothing to climb up another peg on the KSWA ladder even if it is at the expense of Shane Starr.

Kris Kash takes on Shawn Blanchard. Kash who came inches away from becoming the KSWA Heavyweight Champion in April now takes on another VIP member in Shawn Blanchard. Kash is said to still be buzzing on how close he was to defeating Lou Martin and is looking forward to the opportunity to put away Shawn Blanchard and get another shot at the KSWA gold. Blanchard whose lengthy resume includes many run ins with Kash over the years looks to add other victory to the stat book and keep distance between the VIP's and the rest of the KSWA locker room. The VIP's have proven in the past when one or both have held a title they will do whatever it takes to stay on top of the mountain and a resounding victory over Kash will keep the entire KSWA on notice.

Mitch Napier will face Chicago thug and LOA member Bobby Badfingers in one on one action. Napier who is gearing up for his upcoming best of seven spring/summer series with the injured Latin Assassin is said to have asked for this match as it will get him even more prepared for what the Latin Assassin will throw at him come June. Napier is on top of his game and looks to be sharp heading into his pending battle with Latin. Badfingers who lost a hard fought match to Jack Massacre at "Unsanctioned" proved he can go toe to toe with anybody on the KSWA roster. His brusing style and willingness to go blow for blow in the middle of the ring has been a sucessful receipe for Badfingers. The former Golden Triangle Champion is said to be planning out his next move with Mayor Mystery and feels Napier is just a speed bump to his next title run.

In a special Cinco De Mayo Match Super Ginger teams with the Mayor of Mexico City La Lucha to take on The Great Toyota and the Drunken Luchadore Joey Quervo. Since his arrival in the KSWA the fans have taken to Super Ginger similar to the way they have for La Lucha so with it being Cinco De Mayo KSWA owner Bobby O made a call to Mexico City and La Lucha will be on a plane heading to Pittsburgh. Quervo, Toyota and La Lucha are best of friends and this match should be a crowd pleaser.

The KSWA Krazy Tour returns Immaculate Conception School in Bloomfield 321 Edmond Street, PGH, PA 15224, this Saturday, May 5, bell time is 7:00 p.m. All tickets are $10 for this fundraiser. Card is subject to change.