Party Gras To Face Toughest Challenge Yet, Starr Gets Shot At 5-Star, Massacre Finds Ally Against Legion

May 29, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

This Saturday, when the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns to action at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena, the reigning Tag Team Champions will face the most challenging opposition of their run. Party Gras—Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane—will face The Mercenaries—“Nasty” Nick Crane and the newest Megastar: Sniper.

Crane, “Canada’s National Treasure,” has recruited his former tag team partner, the South African Sniper, with every intention of dethroning Party Gras of their titles. Zoltan and Sane; however, see their successful tag team title run possibly making it to a full year in July. Crane and Sniper recently took a shot at the tag belts in Sharpsburg, but now that they have been training and preparing together, they believe it’s time to rest the belts away from the dancing Party Gras team. Party Gras has defended against some top-notch opposition but the Mercenaries have a distinct advantage when it comes to experience and team work.

Ever since Jonny Axx won a title and successfully had it rebranded to the “Five-Star” Championship, he has been gloating about being the best in the state…and beyond. Shane Starr has his own opinion of Axx’s title and how he defends it. The two will lock up once again this Saturday as “The Future” hopes to once again rebrand the title, albeit with just one more “R” on the end. The two Megastars match up well and have enough determination to make this a stellar matchup.

The Golden Triangle Championship is on the line when The Blood Beast defends his new title against Super Ginger. The Blood Beast has been on a roll since defeating Jay Flash for the belt and Super Ginger has been building a solid reputation within the KSWA. Beast is certainly larger and stronger than Super Ginger, but the Camp Blood denizen has that distinction over most Megastars. Ginger is still very new on the Pittsburgh stage but his in-ring skills make him a certifiable threat to the Beast’s championship. It remains to be seen what role Mayor Mystery will play in this title defense, as well as Jonny Axx’s.

The VIP’s—“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and the KSWA Heavyweight Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin will face a daunting match when they team against Kris Kash and Mitch Napier. Kash remains one of the KSWA’s premier fliers, while Napier proves often that he has incredible strength and mat skills. For 13 years the VIPs have been kicking fannies and taking names. Their experience will be tantamount for the duo, but Kash and Napier will bring their A-game to the ring. This could have the makings of a Match of the Year candidate. It wasn’t that long ago that the VIPs took Napier and The Latin Assassin to the limits of endurance.

In more tag-team action, Jack Massacre and “Rock n’ Roll” Dave Diamond will take on Bobby Badfingers and Ali Kaida. Kaida and Diamond had a very successful Headbanger’s Brawl match a few months ago and Massacre has unfinished business with the Legion of the Apocalypse. It’s time for Diamond Dave to step up his in-ring capabilities up to the level of movers and shakers like Massacre and the Legion members. In addition, few Megastars have the momentum that Jack Massacre has achieved in recent months. This matchup will be hard-hitting and exciting.

“The King” Del Douglas will face tough competition with Jay Flash. Flash is trying to get back to the top of the KSWA ladder after losing the Golden Triangle Championship to the Blood Beast. Meanwhile, The King continues to run roughshod all over the KSWA. This one-on-one matchup has the potential to be very, very competitive. Few Megastars remain unscathed when they tussle with Douglas.

Ric Rumsky will face off against The Jester in a match that showcases two of the KSWA’s youngest talent. Rumsky has had relatively good success in the KSWA tag team division and The Jester has primarily supported The King but in this instance he will face Rumsky alone.

KSWA’s Heavwave Havoc is this Saturday, June 2 at the KSWA Arena, just off of 51st and Butler Streets in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Card is subject to change.