Blanchard Seems To Form Uneasy Partnership Blood Beast, Party Rolls On As Rain Shortens Plum Community Days

July 31, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For perhaps the first time in Keystone State Wrestling Alliance history, an outdoor event was cut short because of Mother Nature’s pesky interference. A few years ago, a persistent downpour stomped out a Millvale Days appearance and bitter cold made an Obey House visit interesting, but rain put the damper on an in-progress event. Nevertheless, Megastars continued to make headlines regardless of the situation.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Party Gras v. J-Ru and TJ Phillips

J-Ru and TJ Phillips make their way to the ring to challenge Party Gras for the KSWA Tag Team Championship. The Tag Champs chase the challengers from the ring. The challengers say they will leave Pennsylvania if the Krazies continue to chant “Zoltan.” Referee Justin Smith counts to 9 before the challengers get into the ring. J-Ru says he wants to face “the strong one” so he officially starts out with Justin Sane. Party Gras decide they don’t like the corner post they have been assigned, so they make their way to the other corners. The first wrestling move took place 4 four minutes into the official start of the match. Party Gras take advantage of J-Ru by keeping him down on the mat. Justin Sane is in and has J-Ru down. TJ Phillips is in the ring and distracts referee Justin Smith. Sane and Zoltan take turns keeping J-Ru down and then in their corner. After several minutes, J-Ru gets to the corner and tags in Phillips. J-Ru and TJ continue to take turns twisting Justin into different shapes. J-Ru and TJ double team Justin. J-Ru drops a leg. TJ has Justin down for a pin. There’s a one-count as Zoltan makes the save. TJ misses the clothesline. Justin gets him in the backslide. Two count. TJ has Justin down and he says that’s it. He flips and misses from the top rope. Both wrestlers are down. Both get to their corners. Zoltan gets his opponents in for a double noggin’ knocker. Justin gets TJ in his corner for a 10-punch. Zoltan already had J-Ru in a different corner. Frog splash from Justin Sane from the top rope gets the win for Party Gras. Party Gras dances with the Kommunity Day Krazies, and Phillips staggers his way to the locker room.

Shawn Blanchard v. Shane Starr

Shane Starr takes early advantage of The Enforcer and tosses him to the outside. Blanchard takes his time getting back into the ring. Referee Justin Smith counts to seven before Blanchard gets back in. Starr sends him in the hard way. Starr punches him in the corner. There’s a pinfall attempt. Two count. Blanchard gets up and is back in it. A high knee lift falls Starr. Blanchard goes to work with illegal tactics on Starr. Blanchard uses wrist tape to Starr’s throat. Young Krazies at ringside go berserk. Then he gets him with a nerve pinch but Starr breaks out of Blanchard’s clutches just enough to be planted with a scoop power slam. With the referee distracted, Blanchard uses the wrist tape again. Blanchard goes to club Starr in the corner but Starr blocks it. He drives Blanchard into the corners himself. Starr pounds Blanchard’s head into the corner post ten times. Blanchard recovers and gets Starr down. He starts to work on Starr’s leg in the corner. Several times, Blanchard rams his leg into the post. Blanchard lifts him up then drops him down. With Starr’s leg draped on the bottom rope, Blanchard drops a knee. Blanchard contorts Starr’s knee. Blanchard uses the ropes as leverage as he bends Starr’s leg. Now he sets Starr up for the Figure Four but Starr rolls him up and gets the win! Post-match, Blanchard attacks Starr, and then Mitch Napier comes out to make the save.

Del Douglas v. Joey Quervo

It’s all Del Douglas as he chops and downs Quervo. Douglas grabs Quervo by the crotch and chops him in the chest. Douglas has him tied to the Royal Oak of Woe for the drop kick. Quervo gets some momentum and falls Douglas. Quervo goes for a dive and misses. Douglas hits him with “Drop It Like It’s Hot” for the quick win. After the match, Douglas grabs the match, complaining that if that’s the best the KSWA has to offer, he’s not happy. With that, Sam Squatch explodes from the nearby brush. Sam comes in, boots Douglas, drops the leg and registers a win.

Mitch Napier v. The Blood Beast

Blood Beast comes and takes control of the situation. Beast goes for a pin but only gets one. Beast goes for a splash on Napier and misses. There are several minutes of offense from both wrestlers. Shawn Blanchard hits the ring and distracts referee Justin Smith. With Napier distracted as well, the Blood Beast powders to the outside. When he re-enters the ring, he blasts Napier in the face with a mist of blood. Mitch goes down and Beast pins him for the win. Post-match, Blanchard shakes the sinister Blood Beast’s hand. Emergency personnel on hand check Napier afterwards and as of this writing, his condition is unknown.

During the Napier/Blood Beast match, referee Justin Smith, who is also a certified Emergency Services technician, kept KSWA officials apprised of an impending storm. KSWA Owner Bobby O hoped that his weather radar screen was incorrect, but it wasn’t meant to be. Storms rolled in and forced the end of the KSWA event in Plum. However, the KSWA Championship Committee has learned that organizers have already booked the organization to return in 2013.

After the remaining event was cancelled, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin said that he was ready to dispatch Kris Kash in their match and that he will simply take his anger elsewhere.

The KSWA returns to action at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena, on Saturday, August 18 at 7:30. A “Return Grudge Match” between “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and Mitch Napier has already been Kommissioned by KSWA Owner Bobby O. Tickets for adults are $10, $8 for kids. More details will follow in the days and weeks to come.