Martin and Axx Hold On, Napier Rages, Bobby O Announces That “The Living Legend Comes Home” When Worlds Collide

August 18, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Earlier this year, members of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance were the state’s only wrestling family to travel to Amsterdam, New York to witness Dominic DeNucci be inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. The trip was also special because “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino made the trip to induct his longtime friend and country mate. In addition, KSWA Tag Team Champion Lord Zoltan emceed this year’s Hall of Fame festivities. Now, DeNucci and Sammartino have confirmed their appearance at the KSWA FanFest, scheduled for Saturday, December 8. The announcement highlighted another gigantic card which featured KSWA World Champion “Dr. Devastation” hold onto his title after a tough challenge.

Joey Quervo v. “Rock n’ Roll” Dave Diamond

Joey Quervo looked more inebriated than usual as he stumbled to the ring, beer bottle in hand. Rock n’ Roll Dave Diamond hit the ring to applause from the Krazies. Dave allows Quervo to get acclimated in the ring. They shake hands and it’s on for the duo. Dave gets the crowd pumped up before hooking on a headlock. Diamond goes behind and forces Joey to the mat. Quervo gets to the ropes. Quervo gets up in the corner and Dave gives him time before they lock up again. A series of chain moves gets Quervo in command. He gets Dave to the mat before breaking the hold. Dave marvels at the Masked Marvel’s speed. Quervo falls “Nestea Plunge” style onto the mat. Dave goes down and Quervo gets him up for a two count. Diamond revs up and gets Quervo down for a one count. Diamond gets him into a submission hold but Quervo gets to the ropes. Quervo rallies and superplexes the Rock n’ Roll star. Two count on Diamond. They are slow getting up. Quervo explodes and lands a back breaker. Two count on Diamond. The two battle out before Dave gets the suplex and two count. Dave backs Quervo into the corner. Quervo is rushed out, Dave hits the Atomic Drop and rolls up Quervo for the pin. Afterwards, Dave gets a brew and the two Megastars celebrate together.

Bobby Badfingers and Blood Beast v. Shane Starr and Jay Flash

The Legion of the Apocalypse members make their way to the ring. Shane Starr comes out and goads Badfingers for tapping out a few matches ago. The Krazies are well behind Starr. The action starts with Blood Beast clobbering Flash. Beast gets behind Flash and bodyslams him. Beast, who doesn’t talk much inside the ring, announces something to the effect that he doesn’t like smaller wrestlers like Flash. The offense continues with a two-count. Beast chokes and then punches Flash while he’s in the corner. There’s a big knee lift and Flash tries to crawl toward Starr. Beast hits a clothesline on a seated Flash. Starr tries to break it up and referee Shawn Patrick tries to keep him in check. Meanwhile, the Legion attacks Flash without remorse. Badfingers is in and Flash is able to regroup enough to floor the Windy City brawler. Flash chops Badfingers relentlessly and dives off the ropes onto Badfingers. Both Megastars are down. Flash finally gets to Starr, Badfingers gets to Beast. Starr is almost immediately planted by Beast. Two count. Beast overhand chops Starr in the chest. Beast has Starr down for several minutes, administering a submission move. Patrick looks to see if Starr drops his hand three times but the Megastar battles out. Starr is able to get away from Beast, but only momentarily. Patrick is distracted by Flash as the Legion double teams Starr. Starr is planted again by the Blood Beast. Beast gets Starr in the ropes and buries two knees. Then there’s a side suplex and a near pinfall. Flash gets in to break it up. They force Starr into the Legion’s corner. Badfingers assails Starr as Patrick is distracted by the Beast. Beast bodyslams Starr with ease. Beast gets lazy and attempts a pin with only his foot. Two count. Badfingers is back in for offense. Badfingers drops a leg on Starr’s midsection and the Beast is tagged in. Two count. Beast gets Starr up and drills him in the chest with a boot. Beast goes for another rear chin lock. Starr tries to battle out. Beast won’t allow Starr to get to his corner. Badfingers is tagged in and he goes to work on Starr. He goes for a pin but only gets two. The Krazies chant for Starr. There’s a series of over hand chops on Starr by Blood Beast in the Legion’s corner. Badfingers tags Beast. Beast whips Starr into the ropes and buries him in the center of the ring. Beast measures for a forearm but Starr rallies with a drop kick that barely fazes the big man. There’s another one. Starr tags in Flash and they both drop kick Beast in the knees. They floor the Beast. Starr rolls out. Flash to the top for a cannon ball. He lands it. Badfingers tosses Flash out. Starr climbs in and rolls up Badfingers for the win. Before Starr can get up, Badfingers races in and post-match grips Starr in the Figure Four leglock. Badfingers leaves and a hobbled Starr rolls out of the ring and barely makes it back to the locker room.

Ice Man Tony Johnson v. J-Ru

J-Ru, the Instigator, gets the Krazies riled up before getting Johnson in waist hold. Johnson reverses the move, there’s a series of chain moves before Johnson “gets J-Ru’s nose.” Johnson unselfishly gives it back before the action gets started again. J-Ru gets Johnson in an arm bar, then a headlock. Johnson nearly gets J-Ru to the mat before he breaks out of it. J-Ru tosses Johnson aside, but The Ice Man gets him in a drop toe hold. J-Ru falls to the outside. Referee Jimmy James tries to gain composure of the match. J-Ru is back in and the chain moves continue. A series of hip tosses by Ice Man makes J-Ru bail out again. Johnson follows J-Ru out and he lands some strong chops before Johnson’s leg falls on the bottom rope. J-Ru stays in a commanding position, but James makes him break the hold. Johnson battles up and out but J-Ru gets a near pinfall. J-Ru tosses Johnson into a corner but misses the splash. Johnson drop kicks J-Ru in the corner and gets another near pinfall. J-Ru goes low and hits Johnson south of the border. J-Ru administers two big chops but Johnson blocks the third. Johnson hits two and J-Ru blocks the third, just as Johnson did. J-Ru chops Johnson in the thigh and that’s enough to fall the Megastar. J-Ru misses another splash but hits Johnson with a clothesline. Two count by James. Johnson gets J-Ru down and the Ice Man chants start. Johnson misses a big boot, gets tied up in the ropes and J-Ru scoops from behind and pulls Johnson down for a three count. J-Ru may or may not have had a handful of tights. J-Ru calls Johnson and “loser” and J-Ru chases him to the locker room.

Blanchard v. Napier

Shawn Blanchard hits the ring and then Napier storms the ring, his eye still bandaged from The Blood Beast’s alien mist attack in the face. The two quickly find themselves out among the Krazies, battling out by the bar. They get back in and Blanchard chops Napier. Napier rallies with chops of his own. Blanchard hits Napier with a series of German Suplexes and an impressive suplex. Napier tries to rally but Blanchard hits him with a poke to the injured eye. Napier is down. Blanchard administers the Heart Punch. Napier is situated in the ropes and Blanchard kicks him. Napier is down in the corner as Blanchard goes for the pin. Blanchard gets his feet in the ropes and referee Shawn Patrick catches the infraction. Napier is in a seated position as Blanchard goes for a pinch hold. Blanchard hits a bodyslam and two count. Blanchard goes for the eyes again. Napier scrambles to the corner before Blanchard tosses him outside. They are both on the outside again as Blanchard hits Mitch with a cup of beer. Shawn Patrick allows the Grudge Match to go on. Blanchard tosses Mitch back in. Napier scurries to his feet. He pounds Blanchard in the corner. Ten punches to the head and Blanchard falls to the mat. Mitch continues with forearm after forearm. Blanchard falls to the outside and Napier delivers blows. Blanchard sets him up for a sunset flip, but Napier reverses it on the outside. Napier rolls Blanchard back into the ring and almost immediately into the Sioux Falls Slam. Napier gets the one, two and three for the win!

Douglas, Jester and Nasty Nick Crane v. Party Gras and Super Ginger

Montreal and Millvale’s trio hit the ring and Party Gras dance their way to the ring. Momentarily the Party Gras music cut out and Del Douglas cheered wildly. All six Megastars are in the ring, as well as referee Shawn Patrick. Zoltan whips his opponents in the face with his ring robe. Zoltan plays Matador with the Jester about three times and we are still not underway. Patrick finds some material poking out of Justin’s trunks and at the end, were Justin’s leopard-print underpants. Zoltan is in after Nick Crane but Crane tags in Jester, who does a cart wheel. Zoltan grabs Jester by the chest and then so does Justin Sane. Jester shouts in pain as he tags in Douglas. Zoltan gets Douglas in an arm bar and tags in Justin who leaps over Zoltan and onto Douglas’ arm. Zoltan does the same thing with Super Ginger. Justin pump handles Douglas on the top rope and Sane takes him to Zoltan. Zoltan, then Super Ginger do the same thing. Zoltan is back in and floors Douglas. Super Ginger is in and he works on Douglas’ arm. Sane does the same thing and bites Douglas’ fist. Douglas screams in pain. Super Ginger is in and he nibbles on Douglas’ digits as well. Douglas is able to break free enough to tag Jester, against Zoltan’s pleas. Nasty Nick Crane is and he pounds on Super Ginger. Patrick is distracted by Crane as Douglas and Jester team up on Ginger. Crane pounds Ginger in the head. Douglas is in and he floors Ginger. Douglas tags in Jester who goes to work on Super Ginger. Ginger and Jester trade chops and punches. Jester really smashes Ginger in the corner. Douglas is all over Ginger. Ginger clotheslines Douglas and both men are down and spent. Justin is tagged in and he goes to work on Jester, who immediately responds with a big forearm that floors Sane. Jester gets Sane into the corner for some offense. Sane is positioned on the top for a superplex. Justin battles out and lands a power bomb on The Jester from the top rope. Both wrestlers are down. Sane crawls to his corner and tags in Zoltan. Zoltan clears house. Party Gras and Ginger have their men in the corner. All three are noggin knocked in the center. Justin hits Jester in the ring with a frog splash and the win. At the conclusion of the match, the opponents attack the winners. After a few seconds, Sam Squatch hits the ring and clears house, punctuating the action with a trio of big foots to his opponents. After Nick, Del and Jester rush from the ring, Party Gras, Super Ginger and Sam Squatch dance in the center of the ring, all to wild enthusiasm from the Krazies.

5-Star Championship Jonny Axx v. Kris Kash

Jonny immediately goes after Kash with a series of forearm smashes and a suplex. Axx gets Kash in a reverse chin hold and then ties him to the tree of woe, where he delivers a leg drop. Kash recovers and hits a series of chops. Axx rallies and does some of the same. A big boot to Kash’s throat gets admonishment from referee Jimmy James. Kash recovers, drives Axx to the corner and Kash delivers his tilt-a-whirl drop kick. Axx gets Kash and tosses him to the outside. Axx is on the apron, where Kash pulls him down. Axx gets Kash back in the ring and delivers an elbow onto Kash’s thigh. Axx wrenches the leg and asks Kash to submit. He won’t. Kash makes his way to the bottom rope where the move is broken. Axx whips Kash into the corner, where he springs out onto Axx. Kash hits a big drop kick and registers a two count. Kash hits another modified drop kick and that sends Axx to the outside. That’s never a good move with a high flyer like Kash. He dives over the top rope onto the 5-Star champion. Kash climbs to the top for a modified double leg drop. He misses. Axx grabs him and drives him into the mat face first and records a clean win over Kash. On his way back to the locker room, Axx kicks Kash in the back. Jimmy James helps Kash to the locker room.

Fatal Four-Way: Kaida, Rumsky, Massacre v. Martin for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship

Martin and Kaida have a meeting of the minds. Martin gets on Kaida’s shoulders for a test of strength with Massacre. That doesn’t go well for Martin as Jack Massacre tosses him from Kaida’s shoulders. Martin hits with a tremendous thud. He soon finds himself on the mat, then on the outside. Kaida drives Rumsky to the mat with two over the top suplexes. Then Kaida muscles the Everyman up for a third gigantic move. Rumsky is out, rolling on the mat. Martin is on the outside, dazed after Massacre’s pounding. Massacre gives Kaida an Atomic Drop and Rumsky superkicks him. Rumsky goes for the pin but Jack breaks it up. Massacre says it’s his pin and goes for it. Rumsky kicks him in the ribs. Massacre gets up and tells Rumsky to go after Martin. He does. That allows Massacre to keep Kaida on the mat. Rumsky pounds Martin on the outside. Rumsky rolls Martin back in as Massacre flips Kaida to the outside. Rumsky goes after Kaida. Massacre whips Martin into the corner and for a butt-splash. Massacre floors Martin and goes for a pin. Two count. Remarkably, Rumsky and Kaida continue to battle on the outside while the true battle, for the KSWA Championship, rages unfettered. Massacre drives Martin to the mat. He goes for a lazy pin and Martin kicks out at two. Perhaps Jack should have hooked the leg. Massacre bodyslams Martin. Kaida and Rumsky return to the ring as Kaida chokes Rumsky in the corner, again oblivious to the action that matters. Massacre gets Kaida in a sleeper hold while Martin drives a boot into Rumsky. Jimmy James counts Kaida’s hands for a submission but he kicks out. Martin pounds on Massacre but the giant swats the two-time Champion away. Massacre sits on Martin, and uses the ropes for leverage. James counts away. James is distracted Massacre does it again. Rumsky attacks Kaida with forearms to the back. Massacre has Martin in the corner and Rumsky has success with kicks to Kaida’s sternum. Massacre continues with the heavy blows on Martin. Massacre registers a two count on Martin. Massacre goes for the pin, then so does Kaida. Massacre pushes the other opponents off of Martin. Massacre and Martin whip Kaida and Rumsky respectively into the center of the ring. Martin calls for a Curb Stomp on Rumsky. He does it. Massacre does the same to Kaida. It becomes a battle of Curb Stomps. Massacre gets tired of the competition and clotheslines Martin to the outside. Kaida and Rumsky are slow to get up. Rumsky readies for a superkick. Kaida blocks it and gets Rumsky into a Torture Rack. Kaida pushes Rumsky out of the rack and kicks him in the ribs. Kaida goes to the outside and after Massacre. Martin recovers, climbs into the ring and pins the fallen Rumsky. The winner and still the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Lou Martin.

Thusly ends When Worlds Collide, 2012.