Blood Beast Gets Shot At Gold; Tag Teams Shine

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
July 23, 2009

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns to the Obey House this Saturday night and there is a full compliment of exciting matches to be witnessed. Backyard Brawl II is this Saturday, July 25, 2009. Bell time is 7pm.

Will new, two-time Golden Triangle Champion Kris Kash be able to survive the challenge of Dr. Devastation Lou Martin? Martin, one of the lynch pins of the VIPs, last held the Golden Triangle Championship in 2001. He promises to walk away from the Obey House with the strap. Kash, who has been in a scrap-of-sorts with “King” Del Douglas, tells the Krazies that he's ready for Martin and his wooden baseball bat.

In one of the great tag team matches scheduled for Saturday, the new team of Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone will lace their boots up and face Bulldozer and Great Toyota (with Gentleman Joe Perri). Rumsky, the hyper-kinetic-motion-machine and the brutish, brawling Stone have been making inroads in the KSWA. Bulldozer has been making noise in the single's division, but Gentleman Joe wants him to keep Great Toyota in line. Toyota has been working for Perri against his will and is forced to do Perri's bidding.

In another fantastic tag team matchup, the Mexican Connection—La Lucha and “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo—unite to take on Biker Al and Chicago's tough-guy Bobby Badfingers (with Perri). The longtime friends—La Lucha and Quervo—have their work cut out for them against the despicable duo of Al and Badfingers.

One-half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions, The Latin Assassin, will take on his friend Justin Sane. Latin has been on a role in recent months while Justin has not enjoyed a huge winning streak as of late. Nevertheless the veterans do have respect for one-another and know each other well. This match has a chance to be one of the better matches of the night.

Former KSWA World Champion Anthony Alexander will face “King” Del Douglas inside the squared circle. Douglas, who recently enjoyed a week as the Golden Triangle Champion, says he is the future of the KSWA and that Alexander is the past. Alexander says he remains the Prime Time Player and Shawn Blanchard is next after Douglas' shoulders are pinned on the mat.

And in the Main Event, the Blood Beast gets a much-deserved shot at the World Title currently held by five-time champ Shawn Blanchard. Blood Beast is arguably the strongest member of the KSWA Megastar locker room, while Blanchard is arguably the craftiest. Will Blood Beast upset the champ and walk away from the Obey House as the new champion, or will Blanchard hold onto the belt.

The Obey House Tavern is located at 1337 Steuben Street in the Crafton Heights neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Tickets are $5 each. Card subject to change. For more information,