Starr Upsets Beast To Become Golden Triangle Champion As KSWA Hits Millvale (Day One)

September 14, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Shane Starr has really grown into a force in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. Although the Megastar is still quite young, he has been a staple in the promotion for about seven years. In fact, he has come a long way since he, Kris Kash and La Lucha were defeated by Ali Kaida, Biker Al and “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo in his first significant Millvale Days match on September 17, 2005. Primarily a tag team wrestler throughout his career, Starr has recently branched out in the single’s ranks. In fact, his Junior Heavyweight Championship win at last year’s FanFest was his first single’s title. He lost that belt and it was re-branded the 5-Star Championship. But now, he has garnered the KSWA’s “Number Two” most significant single’s championship in a stunning match over the Blood Beast.

In addition to that, Jay Flash gave KSWA Heavyweight Champion Lou Martin a run for his money, and the Mercenaries once again took on Party Gras.

Super Ginger v. Bobby Badfingers

Ginger and Badfingers hook up and the Windy City Bruiser hip tosses the Ginger-haired hero. Badfingers preens to the crowd. They hook up again and Ginger gets the upper hand with hip tosses. Badfingers bails to the outside and Ginger celebrates, as referee Jimmy James starts the count. Ginger goes after Badfingers, but the Legion member scoots to the other side of the ring. Ginger then chases after Badfingers, but Bobby catches him instead and drives his throat into the middle rope. James calls for the count. James reprimands Badfingers as Ginger is down in the corner. There’s a two count as Badfingers has Ginger down on the mat. Badfingers goes low on Ginger and James admonishes the wrestler. Badfingers buries his shoulder in Ginger while he’s in the corner. Ginger surprises Badfingers and rolls him up for the one-two-three and the win. Badfingers chases Ginger through the crowd.

Number One Contender’s Match for the Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Del Douglas

The pomp and circumstance of The King is reduced just a shade by the slight rain. Blanchard has Douglas down in the center of the ring but The King gets the upper hand and floors Blanchard. There’s a pin attempt but Blanchard kicks up. Douglas whips Blanchard into the corner and buries his shoulder into Blanchard’s midsection. Douglas follows through with punches to the head and near pinfall. Referee Shawn Patrick watches as a back elbow from Blanchard falls Douglas. Blanchard tells Patrick that there’s something amiss at ringside so he misses some infractions on The King. Blanchard uses wrist tape on his often-times friend’s throat. Blanchard bodyslams The King. He misses with an elbow attempt. King gets up and gets some offense. Douglas bodyslams Blanchard in the center of the ring. Douglas goes to the top for this fist. He lands it but only a two-count. Douglas gets Blanchard into a submission hold but the VIP won’t give up. Blanchard gets up and reverses the hold. Douglas won’t submit either. Blanchard continues to claw and dig at Douglas. Blanchard suplexes Douglas with conviction. Blanchard starts to wrench Douglas’ right knee. He continues to torque the knee, albeit legally. Minute after minute Blanchard works on the appendage. Somehow, Douglas tries to work his way up, but he walks right into a Blanchard scoop slam. Blanchard whips Douglas and The King reverses it. King goes into the corner and misses the splash. Blanchard goes to work on Douglas’ other leg. Blanchard is softening him up for a Figure Four leglock. Douglas screams in pain. Blanchard uses the rope, and Douglas submits to the Figure Four. Afterwards, Blanchard won’t give up the hold, even for a friend. Shawn Blanchard is the new Number One Contender for the Golden Triangle Championship. Patrick helps Douglas to the locker room.

J-Ru v. Tony Johnson

Once the bell is rung, J-Ru gets out of the ring and demands that the fans cheer him more enthusiastically. Referee Justin Smith starts the count. He gets to about seven before J-Ru re-enters the ring. They lock up. Johnson, the more powerful grappler, tosses The Instigator aside. They hook up again and Johnson tosses him away again. J-Ru goes to the outside and Smith starts to count him out again. At six, J-Ru re-enters the ring again. Johnson grabs J-Ru’s leg and forces him down. It’s all Johnson as he hip tosses J-Ru in the ring. Johnson gets J-Run in the corner and punctuates with some punches. Johnson picks Ru up and twists his wrist. J-Ru gets out of the move and buries his shoulder into Johnson’s midsection. Johnson regroups. J-Ru goes for a spear but Johnson meets him with a clothesline. Johnson lands an elbow from the top rope and gets a near pinfall. Johnson tries a backflip from the top rope but misses. J-Ru gets an illegal object and peppers Johnson with it. Smith is oblivious. J-Ru bites Johnson’s finger while the rest of the arm is in a lock. Ru pulls off his own boot and tries to sock Johnson with it. He misses. Johnson clobbers him and gets the win. Post-match, Johnson celebrates.

The Jester v. Ric Rumsky

He bell is rung and Rumsky tries to get the crowd to clap along with him. The SRO gathering obliges. Jester backs Rumsky into the corner where he is slapped in the mush. They hook up in the center of the ring and The Jester pushes him back again. He slaps Rumsky again. Rumsky retaliates by grabbling The Jester’s ample bosom. Jester is downed, then up for a quick kick to the face. Rumsky pushes The Jester into the ropes Jester grabs Rumsky and downs him into the ropes. Jester buries knees into Rusky’s gut. Jester keeps Rumsky grounded. Rumsky gets up and is immediately kneed by the Jester. Both men are down a few moves later and Smith starts the count. He gets to eight before they both get to their feet. Rumsky clotheslines Jester. Rumsky goes for the superkick but Jester got out of it. Jester gets Rumsky down and bites his forehead. Rumsky gets Jester down and scores the win.

Golden Triangle Championship Shane Starr v. The Blood Beast (w/Bobby Badfingers)

It takes forever to get the match started because Bobby Badfingers accompanied Blood Beast to the ring and wouldn’t leave. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the two lock up. Blood Beast, who has for long been one of the KSWA’s strongest competitors, pushes Starr, long one of the group’s most talented, into the corner. Starr goes for a move but Blood Beast elbows him off. Blood Beast has Starr down and his knee on “The Future’s” throat. Blood Beast gets Starr up and bodyslams him down. There’s a two-count. Beast stands him up and tosses him into the corner, largely by grabbing Starr’s hair. Blood Beast clotheslines Starr down. A hip toss and clothesline keeps Starr down. Beast gets Starr into an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Beast tosses Starr into the ropes and meets him with another powerful clothesline. Beast suplexes Starr. Still no offense from The Future. Blood stands over Starr. Beast tosses him into the ropes. With the referee distracted, Badfingers goes to work on Starr in the ropes. Another bodyslam keeps Starr grounded. Beast scowls at the crowd. Beast goes for an illegal move and James makes him break it up. That’s the opening Starr needed to floor Beast and put the boots to him. Starr lands some fists and goes for the bodyslam. Beast blocks it and knocks him down. Beast hits an elbow. Starr regroups and hits some moves to keep Blood Beast down. Starr gets Beast’s massive legs up for a Figure Four, but Beast just tosses him aside. Beast catches a flying bodypress and impressively tosses Starr over his head. Starr gets momentum and gets Beast ready for the Shining Wizard. In his attempt he knocks over the ref. Bobby Badfingers enters and goes to clobber Starr with the Golden Triangle belt. He misses and blasts The Beast. Referee Shawn Patrick races in and makes the count. The winner and the NEW KSWA Golden Triangle Champion, Shane Starr.

KSWA Tag Team Championship The Mercenaries v. Party Gras

The Party Gras is on as Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane dance their way to the ring. Nasty Nick Crane and Sniper are defiant in the ring. The Mercenaries hold the KSWA Tag Team Championship belts aloft. Zoltan is in the ring and kicking the mat. Justin tries to get the crowd into the festive spirit. Shawn Patrick has his hands full with this one. It’s five minutes into Party Gras’ introduction and they are still prancing. The USA chant rings throughout Millvale. It’s nearly 10 minutes before the bell is rung for the match to begin. Justin Sane gets on Lord Zoltan’s back (the KSWA Hall of Famer is on all fours) for the test of strength on the taller Sniper. Sniper gets on Nasty Nick’s back and Justin simply shoves him off. Zoltan gets Nick into the wrist lock and cranks. He tags in Justin who leap frogs off of Zoltan onto Nick’s arm. The two Party Gras members tag out again and Zoltan continues to hold onto Nick’s wrist. His Lordship keeps Nick down. Zoltan puts a nerve hold onto Crane. Zoltan buries an elbow into Crane’s arm. Justin Sane is tagged in and he continues to work on Crane’s left arm. Crane somehow gets Sane into his corner and Sniper goes to work. The South African is tagged in and he gets Justin into a front face lock and gets him into the ropes. Zoltan tries to get in for the save but that’s broken up by Patrick. Sniper gets Justin down in the center of the ring. Crane is tagged back in. They whip Sane into the ropes and give him a double clothesline. Crane continues to keep him down. Zoltan tries to rile the troops. Crane keeps Sane on the mat. Sniper is tagged back in. He gets Justin down for a pin attempt. Two count. He maintains Justin back into his corner where Crane is tagged back in. Crane gets Justin into the Maple Leaf Clutch. He mocks Zoltan to draw him back in. A shadow tag is recorded as Sniper gets back in. Zoltan is still on the outside looking in. Zoltan gets the USA chants going again. Zoltan tries to get in but Patrick again puts a stop to that. The Mercenaries get another near pin. Zoltan tries to get in again but is foiled. Patrick slaps his hand down again on the mat, but not enough to change title holders. Justin rallies enough to floor Sniper. Justin gets to Zoltan after Sniper gets to Crane. There’s a double noggin’ knocker on both Mercenaries. The Gras has their opponents in the corner for punches. It’s frog splash time for Justin, who lands it on Crane, the legal man. The winners and still KSWA Tag Team Champs, Party Gras!

KSWA Heavyweight Title: Jay Flash v. Lou Martin (w/Shawn Blanchard)

Blanchard and Martin rule the roost as Jimmy James hoists the KSWA championship high into the Millvale sky. Fans are still riveted. The bell is signaled Martin confronts Flash in the center of the ring. Flash blasts Martin in the face with bottled water. Flash goes to work immediately on Martin, leveling him with rights. Martin retreats to the outside. James, still foggy because of the early knock to the head, is slow in forcing Martin back inside. Once inside the veteran, two-time KSWA Champ takes advantage of the situation. With the ref distracted, Blanchard—still outside—chokes Flash in the corner. The crowd protests, to no avail from the ref. Martin grasps Flash from behind and torques. Blanchard roots on his partner from the outside. Flash gets out of it, corners Martin then boots him in the grill. Martin is down in the corner and Flash drop kicks him while in the bottom rope. Flash drops him further down the rope and he drop kicks him again. Martin dusts off to the outside and into Blanchard’s arms. James counts to six before Martin crawls back in. Martin gets some offense and gets Flash down. Martin may or may not use something illegal. Martin has Flash into the corner for some overhand slaps. Martin then gets him down for a curb stomp, then a suplex. There’s a two-count before Flash kicks up. Flash is whipped into the corner but he regroups enough for a kick to the head. There’s a two-and-a-half count. Then another close call after a devastating piledriver. Three German Suplexes keep Martin reeling. There’s a two-and-a-half count. The referee is distracted by Blanchard, enabling Martin to underhand his way to momentum. Martin, in a rare move, goes to the top rope. Flash meets him for a fine superplex. There’s another near pinfall. Flash paintbrushes Lou and then sidewalk slams him. He goes for a Cannonball from the top rope but Blanchard pushes him off in a heap. Martin collects the fallen Flash and connects with the Death Certificate. The winner and still KSWA Champion: Dr. Devastation Lou Martin