“King” Douglas Reigns Yet Again, Singles Champs Retain, Millvale Crowd Exceptional

September 17, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA), a great crowd is one that reacts to in-ring action with gusto. When massive crowds organically start their own response, Megastars take notice. Recently a Standing-Room-Only crowd at the KSWA Arena sang along with the National Anthem. In Millvale on Saturday, September 15, 2012, dozens of youngsters—and their families alike—simply starting chanting “Beat him up. Beat him up.” Some of those were directed at “The King” Del Douglas, but that only seemed to empower his highness, as he once again reined supreme the annual Battle Royal.

Blood Beast v. Joey Quervo

Blood Beast, who lost the Golden Triangle Championship on Friday, immediately assaults the Drunken Luchadore with power. Beast shouts that he’s “The Best” despite losing the GT belt the night prior. A stiff right hand levels Quervo. Then Beast powers up Quervo for a suplex. Referee Jimmy James tells the Beast to get off of Quervo’s eyes. Quervo is chokeslammed and powered to the mat. The count is made and the Blood Beast is your winner. After the match the Blood Beast grabs the microphone and challenges “anyone in the back” to a Casket Match on Oct 6. No one immediately took up the offer.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Shane Starr (Champion)

The two Megastars meet in the center of the ring. Blanchard puts Starr on his knees, but Starr powers out and forces Blanchard down with the Test of Strength. Starr stomps on Blanchard’s hands and the Enforcer bails to the outside. Once back inside, Blanchard puts Starr down to the mat with a modified Fireman’s carry. Starr regroups and floors Blanchard. The Krazies at ringside shout “Beat Him Up.” Blanchard gets Starr back up with a wrist lock but The Future reverses it. Starr gets Blanchard down with an arm bar. The fans shout for Blanchard to tap but he won’t. Blanchard reverses the hold and gets Starr momentarily; however, Starr is once again gets the momentum. Blanchard gets to the top rope and Starr shoots him off. Two count is registered by referee Justin Smith. There’s a back body drop on Blanchard. Two count. On the outside, Starr hammers Blanchard’s head into the apron. Once back inside, Blanchard boots Starr and levels him under the bottom rope. Blanchard tells the ref that he “slipped.” Blanchard kicks Starr where it hurts. Referee Justin Smith is oblivious. Blanchard gouges at Starr’s eyes, face and nose. Blanchard chops Starr and knocks him down. Blanchard puts Starr into the middle rope and then the top rope where he rakes his eyes. Blanchard asks the crowd, “Who’s The Man?” They think it isn’t him. Blanchard continues to use the ropes, all the while distracting Justin Smith. Blanchard uses his wrist ropes on Starr’s throat. The sun peaks out on another glorious suburban Pittsburgh afternoon as Blanchard clobbers Starr with chops. Starr reverses Blanchard chops him a plenty. Blanchard is whipped into the corner and over the top rope. Starr clotheslines in on the apron. Starr then ushers Blanchard in the hard way. Blanchard answers that with a poke to the eye. Blanchard then goes to work on Starr’s left leg. Blanchard uses the rope to gain leverage. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four but Starr rolls him up into a small package. He nearly gets the three count. Starr goes for the Starr-Maker Sharpshooter. After a few moments of battling, Blanchard taps and Starr gets the win. After the match, Blanchard is gingerly—hand-in-hand—helped to the ring by the referee.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Ric Rumsky v. Lou Martin (Champion)

Referee Jimmy James holds open the ring ropes for Lou Martin as Ric Rumsky awaits the Champion. Martin preens to the crowd then kisses the 10-lbs of gold. Rumsky gets to the corner and raises the belt. The Krazies applaud that. KSWA Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri takes the omnipresent baseball bat from Martin and admonishes him for threatening to use it in the first place. Rumsky is all over Martin. He whips Martin into the corner and meets him with a flying double knee. Rumsky positions Martin into the middle rope. The “Beat Him Up” chants continue. Rumsky positions Martin in all four sides of the ring for kicks to the back. Rumsky and Martin are on the outside and the Bell Aire, Ohio native rams the Champion into everything he can find, including the ring steps. Martin recovers and floors Rumsky for the first time in the match. Martin asks the crowd if they want a curb stomp. He proceeds to light Rumsky up. Martin posts Rumsky into the ropes and uses them as a weapon. Martin posts Rumsky in the ropes and dives on top. Two count. Martin continues to keep him grounded and goes for pins. Martin sits him and up and gouges away from behind. Martin grinds Rumsky into the mat. Martin goes for a back splash from the top rope but misses. Both Megastars are down. Rumsky is slow in getting up. Martin’s punch attempt is blocked. Rumsky whips him into the ropes. Martin is down. Rumsky tries to get him to his feet. Rumsky instead kicks him in the head. Then he does it a second time. Rumsky drops Martin with the “Front Cracker.” Martin recovers and lands the Death Certificate. Somehow Rumsky kicks out at the last possible half-second. He goes for a second Death Certificate but Rumsky breaks out of it and lands the super kick. He nearly gets the pin fall. Rumsky gears up for the superkick. He misses. Lou grabs him, rolls him up and grabs his tights for the easy win.

Ali Kaida v. Jay Flash

Ali Kaida makes his way to the ring and the incredible fans greet Flash with much aplomb. It’s all Flash from the outset and Kaida goes outside. That’s where Flash meets him. Flash tosses the much larger Kaida into the ring and meets him with boots. Flash then jumps off the middle rope, and plants both boots into Kaida’s sternum. Two count. Flash snap mares Kaida then lays in another boot. Kaida is in the corner and Flash boots him there. Then he lands a drop kick to the mush. Kaida is in the corner and Flash beats him with fists. Flash misses with a boot and Kaida ducks. Then the clubbing begins. Kaida steps on Flash’s chest. Kaida bodyslams Flash then gouges his eyes. Flash crawls to the bottom rope. Flash fights way up but Kaida meets him with an over-the-top, T-bone suplex. Flash is powered over a second time. Kaida goes for a lazy cover but Flash kicks out. Flash lands a cross body block from the top rope but only registers a two-count. Flash punches away at the Afghani Assault Weapon. Flash whipe him into another corner. Flash is tossed over the top but he lands on the apron. He rakes Kaida’s eyes on the top rope. Then Flash drop kicks Kaida from the top rope. He lands a running cannonball but doesn’t record a pin. Flash works on Kaida’s arm, but Kaida pushes him away. Flash kicks Kaida down. He points to the corner for the Cannonball. Kaida meets him there. Kaida gets him into the Camel Clutch. After several minutes in the hold, Jay Flash cannot answer referee Jimmy James’ count. The winner via submission is Ali Kaida. The Ice Man Tony Johnson comes to the ring to assist Jay Flash to the back.

5-Starr Championship: Tony Johnson v. Jonny Axx (Champion)

Referee Jimmy James signals for the bell and the action begins. Axx shouts at ringside fans as Johnson plays it cool. Johnson forces Axx to the corner. Johnson breaks the hold and Axx sort of prowls around the ring. They hook up and Axx powers Johnson down, then kicks him in the gut. Axx shouts more at the crowd before Johnson grabs him from behind. Johnson grabs Axx’s wrist and forces him to the mat. Axx grabs Johnson by the arm and kicks him in the gut. Johnson is down and Axx grinds at him. There’s a pin attempt but he only gets one. The action goes to and fro as both men get advantage. Axx suplexes Johnson with great force then grounds him. There’s another suplex but Axx holds on. Two count. Johnson crawls to the corner. Axx knocks him to the match with a heavy punch. Axx rolls Johnson up and gets the two count. Johnson gets up and lands a back elbow on Axx. Two count on Axx. The fans start chanting “Ice Man.” Ice Man goes to the top rope. He misses the back flip but lands on his feet. Johnson kicks Axx and registers only a two count. Johnson buries his shoulder into Axx’s abdominal region. Axx comes out. Johnson misses his big kick. Axx floors Johnson with a double arm DDT and records the win. (Note: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Bill Wade was in attendance for several matches and posted several Johnson v. Axx photos –and others from Millvale—on the Post Gazette’s “Photos of the Day” section of the website.)

King of Millvale Battle Royal: The Winner is Del Douglas

Megastars battled their way through this match: Jay Flash, Shane Starr, Ric Rumsky, Justin Sane, Del Douglas, Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin, Sniper, and Blood Beast. It was down to two men—Shane Starr and Del Douglas—before “The King” spilled Starr to the outside and won the Battle Royal, as well as $1,000 of Bobby O’s “secret stash” prize money. Upon conclusion of the match, Douglas grabbed the microphone and demanded that the Main Event get started.

Six Man Tag Team: Del Douglas, The Jester and Sniper v. Party Gras and Sam Squatch

Party Gras and Sam Squatch can’t pick a corner to start. Sam Squatch leads the way in not determining a corner to start. They make their way around all four corners before settling on one. Justin Sane starts off with Sniper, then tags in Lord Zoltan. Zoltan tags an over the top chop from Sniper before grabbing his wrist. Justin Sane is tagged in and leap frogs over Zoltan onto Sniper’s wrist. Then Sam Squatch is in to pump handle Sniper’s arm. He goes for a pin but Sniper kicks out at two. Jester is tagged in, and goes for the test of strength. Zoltan grabs his ample bosoms. Then, in a crazy twist, Sam Squatch bites on Jester’s bosom. Jester is Monkey Flipped by his pectoral muscles. The offense continues. Zoltan bares one of Jester’s buttocks and slaps it. Del Douglas is somehow tagged in and he grabs Justin with the testicular claw. All four Megastars are in the ring. Jester punches away at Sane. Jester boots Justin in the back. There’s a two count on Sane by Jester. Sniper is in and continues the offense on Justin. Zoltan gets the USA chant started. Jester is back in and he continues the assault on Justin. Sane gets to his feet and goes for offense on Jester. Jester knees Justin in the gut. Jester positions him into the corner for chops and readies Justin for a superplex. Justin reverses the superplex with a massive powerbomb from the top ropes. All six men are in the ring. Party Gras and Sam mount their opponents for punches. All of the opposition is down. Douglas and Sniper are tossed outside the ring. Justin Sane climbs the perch and lands Shock Therapy from the corner post. Party Gras and Sam Squatch get the win. Party Gras and Sam invited dozens of Millvale-area youngsters into the ring for a dance party.

Thus concludes another fantastic Millvale Days experience for the KSWA.