Unlikeliest Of Megastars Answers Blood Beast’s Challenge, Jester Gets Cheeky With The Krazies At Autumn Annihilation

October 7, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Autumn Annihilation is usually an event that sets the stage for Pittsburgh pro wrestling’s biggest time of the year, and 2012 is no different. In addition, the Blood Beast usually challenges someone to his forte’ the Casket Match. And after last year’s loss to The Latin Assassin, the Camp Blood native was looking to get a definitive win. Autumn Annihilation promised to be colorful.

Diamond Dave v. Joey Quervo

Joey Quervo asks for and receives a shot of libations before the match. Dave asks for one but it denied. They hook up with Joey securing a headlock. Dave side suplexes Joey and gets a two count. Dave whips Joey into the ropes, lands a drop kick to the waist and gets another near pinfall. Then he plants Quervo with a modified face-first slam, gets only a two-count before hitting a suplex. There’s another near pinfall. Dave asks the crowd for approval, stomps on Quervo’s gut and misses with another near fall. Joey gets some momentum, lands a back stabber on Diamond and gets the win. Dave and Joey shake hands before leaving.

J-Ru v. Jay Flash

J-Ru, with neck brace and an aluminum walking stick, comes to the ring and demands that the Krazies give him more respect. The Krazies boo him louder. Jay Flash hits the ring to a decidedly more enthusiastic response. J-Ru gets the microphone and bad-mouths Flash. Flash ends up slapping the taste out of J-Ru’s mouth. Ru bails to the outside and Jay Flash rushes him back in. Flash whips Ru into the corner and boots him to the mush. J-Ru once again falls outside and the Krazies distract him enough for Flash to kick him in the back of the head. There’s a five count before Flash rams J-Ru’s head into the corner post. Back in the ring, J-Ru gets some momentum and a two-count. Ru has Flash in the ropes. J-Ru rolls him back in and gets a two-count. J-Ru lifts Flash up by the hair and posts him in the corner. Ru misses with a shoulder block in the corner. Flash gets him down and gets a near pinfall. He then hits J-Ru with a suplex. Flash to the top rope. He misses with a double stomp attempt. J-Ru gets him down and gets a two-count. Ru bashes Flash’s leg into the corner post on the outside of the ring. J-Ru keeps the pressure on Flash. They are both on the outside, where Ru misses with a chair shot. Flash then whips J-Ru into the wall. Flash gets J-Ru back into the ring and gets a two-count. They trade chops in the center of the ring. J-Ru misses with a clothesline, Jay Flash hits him with a monstrous kick. Flash goes for Cannonball but recovers when he sees J-Ru roll out of the way. Flash snap mares J-Ru, kicks him down and lands a big stomp from the middle rope. Both Megastars are down. Jimmy James counts to nine before the two combatants trade punches in the center of the ring. Flash suplexes J-Ru over the top. J-Ru is in the middle of the ring. Flash goes to the top rope but is met by a recovered J-Ru. Flash gets J-Ru down and Flash goes to the well a third time. He misses again as J-Ru rolls away. Both men are on the outside again. Flash chases J-Ru around to the delight of the Krazies. J-Ru gets into the ring and somehow rolls up Flash. He may have had a handful of tights as J-Ru gets a decidedly unorthodox pin. J-Ru celebrates. Flash grabs the microphone. J-Ru wants Flash to shake the hand of an “injured man.” Flash does, J-Ru boots him in the gut and floors him with a front-face DDT. J-Ru grabs a steel chair and posts Flash’s neck in it. He is about to stomp on the chair when Tony Johnson hits the ring to save the day for his friend. J-Ru bails to the locker room, leaving Jay Flash and Tony Johnson there to celebrate with the Krazies. Flash unfolds the chair and sits on it.

Jester (w/”King” Del Douglas) v. Lord Zoltan (w/Justin Sane)

Pandemonium ensues as Lord Zoltan dances with the Krazies for the entire length of his intro song (“Peekaboo”), and then some. Zoltan matadors The Jester until he falls through the middle ropes, to the outside. For some reason the Jester is wearing pasties over his bosoms to the ring. That’s an easy target for Lord Zoltan, who none-too-subtely rips them off. Lord Zoltan pump handles The Jester’s left arm. Zoltan gives a wedgie to The Jester, who proceeds to run around the ring with this buttocks exposed. Jester whips Zoltan into the ropes and drops him with a knee to the gut. Del Douglas attacks Lord Zoltan in the ropes. Justin Sane gets up on the ropes to inform referee Shawn Patrick but that only allows Douglas to attack more. Jester is all over Zoltan, but the leader of Party Gras Sunset Flips Jester, pulls his trunks up again and the crowd explodes in laughter. Two count. Jester and Lord Zoltan battle to and fro. Zoltan slams Jester’s head into the corner posts a number of times. Del Douglas gets to the ropes. Kids shout “Jester Sucks.” Jester tries to get to Douglas in the corner, Zoltan holds onto his trunks then lets him go. Jester konks heads with Douglas and falls to the mat. Zoltan gets to the middle rope and drops a knee to get the win. “Peekaboo” plays again. This is a match that Krazies will talk about for a long time to come.

Sniper v. Tony Johnson

Sniper uses his strength and size advantage to toss Tony Johnson out into the crowd. Johnson is engulfed in children at ringside. He uses the “Power of the Children” to energize him. Once back inside, Johnson tosses Sniper to the outside with ease. Sniper slowly crawls back in. Tony rolls Sniper up for a two-count. Sniper complains to referee Jimmy James that Johnson is “cheating.” He gets no support for that claim. Sniper gets Johnson down and puts the boots to the “Ice Man.” Sniper drops a big leg over Johnson, who is draped in the ropes. It’s all Sniper over the next several minutes as he attacks Johnson with no remorse. Sniper pulls Johnson’s arms back as The Ice Man is in a seated position. The Krazies chant for Johnson and that empowers the young man to lift himself up and battle the veteran. Sniper is in the corner as Johnson attacks. Sniper attacks Johnson in the corner and then re-positions himself for a Camel Clutch-type maneuver. Johnson will not give in to the attack. Johnson battles out of the move and whips Sniper across the ring. Sniper reverses the move but Johnson boots Sniper in the face and gets the pin. As Johnson celebrates, J-Ru, with glasses and a neck brace on, attacks Johnson from behind. Johnson reverses a whip and goes for the boot but J-Ru escapes to the outside. J-Ru pretends that he wants The Ice Man, but ultimately rushes to the locker room.

Bobby Badfingers and Jonny Axx v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

Bobby Badfingers and the 5-Star Champion Jonny Axx hit the ring before Kris Kash and the Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr rush it. The Krazies shout “You Tapped Out” towards Badfingers, who did just that to Starr a few events ago. Starr and Badfingers start and the Krazies continue with their chant. Starr gets Badfingers in a wrist lock before shoulder-blocking him to the mat. Badfingers gets control and taps in Axx, who clotheslines Starr. Axx whips Starr again but misses. Starr connects and floors Axx for a two-count. Kash is tagged in and he goes to work on Axx’s left arm. The Krazies shout “Break it Off” as Kash controls the 5-Star champ. Kash battles Axx in his own corner before tossing him across the ring with a big arm drag from the top rope. Starr is tagged in and he muscles Axx over for an impressive suplex. Badfingers is tagged back in and he floors Starr in the center of the ring. Axx is back in and he keeps Starr in the Legion’s corner. Badfingers chokes Starr as Axx distracts Patrick. Badfingers is tagged in and he goes straight for Kash as a way of luring him in. He does enough just to distract the ref. Badfingers goes for the Sunset Flip on Starr but that is blocked. Starr tags in Kash who goes to work on Badfingers before Bobby goes low with a forearm. Badfingers bodyslams Kash and the two Legion members suplex Kash. Axx bodyslams Kash in the center of the ring then boots him. Axx then hits a big splash off the middle rope. Axx has Kash is a stretched-out position. Starr leads a chant for his tag team partner. Axx suplexes Kash, then tags in Badfingers. Bobby boots Kash, then races across the ring to attack Starr. Starr is blocked by referee Shawn Patrick and the Legion double teams Kash. In the ring Badfingers controls Starr as Axx attacks Kash on the outside. Two count on Kash by Badfingers. Bobby lifts Kash up. Jonny Axx, who’s tagged in, clotheslines Kash out of a whip from the corner. Bodyslam and a one-count before Kash lifts a shoulder. Kash Sunset Flips Axx but Axx is in the ropes for the pin attempt. Badfingers is tagged in and he continues to work on Kash. Bobby has him up for a powerslam and a two count. Axx is tagged in again. With Badfingers holding Kash’s feet, Axx drops a leg. It’s a long time between offensive charges by Kash. With that, Kash lands a double clothesline on Axx and both men are down in the center of the ring. Axx stirs first. Kash is whipped into the corner and he flips out onto Axx. Both men are down again. Starr chants for Kash. Kris rolls across the ring. Both Kash and Axx get to their corners at the same time. Badfingers is in for a hip toss. Starr gives them both a snap mare then a double drop kick. Starr has Badfingers in the corner, then seated on the top rope. However, Badfingers lands a move, flooring Starr. Another double clothesline leaves both men on the mat. Badfingers and Starr trade blows and then fall to the mat. Starr slaps his hand on the canvas, readying the crowd. Badfingers gets to Axx, Starr to Kash. Axx floors Starr then tosses Kash to the outside. Axx goes to give the double sledge on Kash but he moves. Axx hits Badfingers. The Legion members argue on the outside, giving Kash time to get to the apron and dive on top of both. Starr and Kash land the Double Drop Kick on Badfingers. Starr gets Badfingers into the Sharpshooter. For the second time, Badfingers taps to Starr in the Sharpshooter. Kash and Starr are your winners. The duo celebrates together in the center of the ring.

King Del Douglas (w/The Jester) v. Justin Sane (w/Lord Zoltan)

Lord Zoltan places Douglas’ crown on Justin Sane’s head and that infuriates Douglas. Then Zoltan places Douglas’ robe around Sane’s shoulders. That makes Douglas go nearly insane. When Zoltan uses the robe to wipe Sane’s butt, which makes Douglas go out of his skin. In the early moments of the match it’s all Sane as he grabs Douglas’ arm and tosses him about. Sane has Douglas down and head-butts his right bicep. Zoltan agitates Jester on the outside by chasing him about. Sane continues to uses a torturous arm bar on Douglas. Sane positions Douglas in the corner where Zoltan pump handles his arm. Jester tries to get Jimmy James’ attention. Sane continues to assail Douglas. Zoltan grabs a Monkey Wrench at ringside and uses it to help choke Douglas. Jimmy James asks Zoltan what he’s doing and Zoltan explains “There’s a Screw Loose.” Douglas finally gets some momentum and gets Sane into a Royal Sharpshooter. Sane will not give up. Douglas uses the rope to gain leverage but Jimmy James catches on. Douglas, who continues to nurse the worked-over right shoulder, is well enough to bodyslam Sane. He lands the fist that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Two count. Douglas has Sane by the family jewels and chops him. Sane rebounds by grabbing Douglas’ family jewels and chopping him. Both men are down. Douglas pulls Sane’s pants down to expose a pair of “Animal from the Muppet Show” underpants. King clotheslines him and gets a two count. King continues with the offense and gets another two-count. Sane is tossed outside to a waiting Jester. Jester clobbers Sane a bit before Zoltan can make the save. Sane crawls back in and receives a boot by Douglas. Douglas ties him to the Royal Tree of Woe and lands the drop kick. Two count. Sane gets momentum and lands a leg drop on Douglas. He climbs to the top for his “Shock Therapy” Frog Splash but Jester meets him there for interference. Zoltan chases Jester away. Douglas pushes James into the ropes. Justin falls onto the turnbuckle and Douglas drops him onto his face. Douglas gets the duke. After the match, Douglas argues that he and The Jester want Party Gras for the KSWA Tag Team belts soon.

Gentleman Joe Perri

KSWA Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri hits the ring to thank the Krazies for their support. He also touts December 8th’s FanFest by announcing two matches. He says that Del Douglas and the Jester will challenge Party Gras for the Tag Team Championship. He also notes that Jonny Axx will defend the 5-Star Gauntlet Match. The Gauntlet Match had been a staple for the short-lived Jr. Heavyweight Championship at FanFest. The announcement confirms that the newly-rebranded belt would still maintain the Gauntlet Match tradition. Axx (or whoever holds the 5-Star belt at FanFest) will face five challengers in one-on-one, rapid-fire succession.

6-Man Tag Team Action

Jack Massacre meets up with Shawn Blanchard in the center of the ring. Massacre gets him into a claw. Then Martin climbs in and he gets both into a claw hold. He pushes both VIPs into Ali Kaida (who enters the ring) and shoulders all three in the corner. Massacre picks up Blanchard and chops him in the corner. Blanchard is tossed into another corner and blasts him with a splash. Rumsky is tagged in and he goes to work on Blanchard. There’s a splash in the corner and a pin attempt. Two count. Martin is tagged in and he goes to work on Rumsky. Martin seats Rumsky on the mat and pulls his arms back. Martin tosses Rumsky down and stomps. Ali Kaida also stomps him down. Kaida then chokes Rumsky on the bottom rope. Martin drops the elbow on the prone Rumsky. Ric battles back and whips Martin into the ropes. He lands a clothesline that falls the 2-time KSWA Champ. Mitch Napier is tagged in and he floors Martin then follows with a drop kick. Mitch clamps Martin into a submission hold that even has Blanchard perplexed. Ali Kaida has seen enough when he kicks Napier. That breaks the hold enough for Martin to land a suplex. Kaida then enters and T-bone suplexes Napier twice. Patrick slaps the mat twice. Kaida tosses Mitch a third-time and before a pin could be counted, Rumsky breaks it up. Ali Kaida distracts Rumsky, Patrick and Massacre as the VIPs clobber Napier with a series of sledge attacks. Blanchard drops a knee on Napier, then flips him over with a snap mare. Blanchard goes to work with an inverted sleeper hold. Blanchard, in control, taunts Rumsky. That’s enough to get Rumsky ready to charge the ring. He phantom tags Martin and the Champ goes after Mitch. Martin paint brushes Napier. Kaida is in for more punishment on Napier. The VIPs double team Napier as Kaida distracts the ref. Kaida buries a knee below the abdomen. Kaida goes for a lazy count on Napier. Two count. Kaida teases a saving tag to both Massacre and Rumsky. Napier is soon back in the VIP’s corner where they double team the former KSWA Champ. Blanchard is in and he applies a Sleeper hold on Napier. Napier is soon to one knee, then a second. He’s in a seated position. Napier, on the strength of the Krazies, muscles out of the move and floors Blanchard. Both men crawl around. Blanchard lays his arm on Napier. Two count and Napier gets a shoulder up. Napier gets to Rumsky and makes the tag. Rumsky suplex Blanchard and gets a one-count before Blanchard rakes his eyes. Martin is in and he and Rumsky trade blows. Rumsky floors Martin then lands a superkick. Two count on Martin. Martin is allowed to his corner and he tags in Kaida. Rumsky tags in Massacre. Massacre tosses Kaida to the corner. Kaida gets up and they get into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Massacre forces Kaida down, then Kaida gets up and behind Massacre with an arm bar. Massacre reverses the hold. Massacre tosses Kaida down. There’s a submission move. Massacre doesn’t have it in well so he lets it go. Massacre Curb Stomps Kaida in front of Martin—who is fond of using the move himself. Massacre lands a huge right hand—and another—on Kaida. That makes Kaida fall into his corner and he tags in Martin. Martin points to Rumsky and Massacre tags him in. Martin goes for the Death Certificate. Rumsky successfully blocks it and hits a superkick. Rumsky gets the pin over Martin. After the match, Martin pushes Ring Announcer Trapper Tom to the floor and pulls off his leather belt. Martin uses the belt to whip Rumsky several times.

Casket Match: Super Ginger v. The Blood Beast

At Millvale days, The Blood Beast made an open challenge to anyone in the locker room for Autumn Annihilation and a Casket Match. Super Ginger immediately accepted the match. Ginger begins the match by dancing and clapping his hands. The Blood Beast doesn’t like it. He tries to grab his opponent but misses. They do lock up and Blood Beast uses his height, weight and strength advantage to clobber Ginger. Beast uses his boot to push Ginger to the outside, near the Casket. Beast rams Ginger’s head into the Casket. Ginger somehow battles out of it. Beast chops Ginger twice before missing a big clothesline. Ginger slams Beast’s now-injured left arm into the Casket. Ginger tries to get Blood Beast into the Casket but that doesn’t work. Beast isn’t pleased. He tosses Ginger back into the ring and goes on the offense. Ginger; however, goes to work on Beast. The Krazies chant for Super Ginger. The Blood Beast’s back is all marked up by the ropes. Ginger goes for a chair shot but Beast gets out of the way. Beast hits Ginger on the outside. The battle rages into the seats. Blood Beast then tosses Ginger back in. Beast grabs a chair. He goes to hit Ginger, Ginger moves and the chair ricochets off the ropes and onto the Beast’s own skull. Ginger then hits Blood Beast with the chair. Beast is out on the floor again. Jimmy James opens the Casket. Beast goes for the chokeslam into the Casket but Ginger is strong enough to block it. Beast tries to suplex Ginger but that doesn’t work. Blood Beast is nearly in the Casket but he battles out. Beast suplexes Ginger on the cement floor and rattles the Arena to its core. Blood Beast grabs a goblet of blood, drinks from it and sprays its contents into Ginger’s face. That staggers Super Ginger enough for the chokeslam into the Casket. The winner is the Blood Beast. The Legion of the Apocalypse makes their way ringside, grab the closed Casket and haul it away.

That is how Autumn Annihilation 2012 comes to a close.