Starr Defends Against Two, Martin Sets Sights On Rumsky, Zoltan Flies In Sharpsburg

November 3, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin had a firm warming and stiff financial bet on Ric Rumsky leading up to FanFest in December. The Champ actually placed a bounty on Rumsky’s head, and a familiar brute came forward in an attempt to collect. Meanwhile, Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr defended his title against two foes who have tasted GT gold before. In addition to all of that, Lord Zoltan took flight.

Mercenaries & Kaida v. Flash, Johnson and Massacre

The Mercenaries and Ali Kaida hit the ring before Jay Flash, Tony Johnson and Jack Massacre energized the masses. The bell rings and Tony Johnson starts out with Sniper. The South African pushes Tony Johnson into the corner and then the St. Louis, Missouri native rolls him up for a near pinfall. Johnson tags in Flash as Sniper tags his partner “Nasty” Nick Crane. Crane is leveled, and then thrown into Jack Massacre. Massacre scoop slams Crane and plants him in the center of the ring. Massacre spins Crane around and Jay Flash comes in with a drop kick to the spinning Crane. Flash is tagged in legally and corners Crane once again. Sniper may have blasted Johnson as he ricocheted off the ropes, enough to floor Tony. Now it’s all Mercenaries and Kaida. They choke Johnson in the corner and keep him there. Kaida is tagged in for a big double sledge on Johnson. Then there’s a rear chin hold on a seated Johnson. Johnson battles out of it, and then delivers forearms. An attempted whip into the corner ends with a Kaida clothesline. Johnson is in the enemy’s corner again as Sniper is tagged back in. Crane is tagged in again and the Mercenaries double clothesline Johnson. Sniper illegally attacks Johnson before Crane takes control. Kaida is in again and he T-bone suplexes Johnson. A near pinfall gets Flash into the ring. Soon referee Justin Smith is trying to keep Flash out of the ring. Suddenly, Johnson springs to his feet and tags in Massacre. Sniper wants nothing to do with the Giant. Big forearms keep Sniper down. Sniper is whipped into the corner and hit with a huge splash. Sniper rallies with chops to Massacre. He isn’t impressed. A giant head butt floors Sniper and draws laughs from the crowd. Flash is tagged back in and Sniper perhaps hits a low blow on his opponent. Crane is tagged back in and he goes after Flash. A back elbow floors Flash. A double clothesline floors both Crane and Flash. Flash tags in Massacre and Crane gets to Kaida. A Battle of the Giants is set to ensue. They trade blows in the center of the ring, then all six Megastars are in the ring. Johnson and Sniper go out. Then Flash and Crane. That leaves Massacre and Kaida. Kaida is posted on the top corner post and driven off the top by Massacre. Jack pins Ali and the team of Flash, Johnson and Massacre celebrate. The Mercenaries and Ali Kaida make their way back to the locker room, dejected, irritated and exhausted.

Five Star Championship: Axx (champion) v. Super Ginger

The two lock up, then Axx applies a wrist lock. Super Ginger doesn’t know whether to battle out or simply reach for the ropes. Ginger then gets Axx in a headlock. Ginger keeps Axx at bay before Axx tosses him into the ropes and levels him with a shoulder block. Axx attempts to slow the quickening pace down by staying away from the challenger. Ginger goes for a test of strength position, but Axx hip tosses him down to the mat. A clothesline follows then a rear chin lock. Ginger battles out with elbows before tossing Axx outside. Axx saunters around the ring, then crawls back in. Ginger knocks him down again. Shoulder blocks to the belly stun Axx, but Ginger goes to a splash. Axx moves. Axx is in control. Ginger crawls to and up a corner. Axx whips him into a corner but he goes for another and Ginger reverses it. Soon they collide and both men are down in the center of the ring. Referee Shawn Patrick administers a count. Axx tries to roll Ginger up, then Ginger tries to roll Axx up. They continue with the mat work for several minutes. Ginger gets Axx into an arm submission but the Cleveland native won’t submit. Ginger rallies the faithful as he gets to the ropes. Axx meets him with some forearms and that weakens the Ginger Hill, PA native enough for a DDT from the middle rope. The winner and still the 5-Star Champion: Jonny Axx.

Ric Rumsky v. The Blood Beast

Following October’s “Autumn Annihilation,” KSWA Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin offered a $1,000 bounty to anyone who takes out Ric Rumsky before FanFest. The Blood Beast accepted the challenge. The lock up with the impressive Blood Beast leads to tossing Rumsky about the ring. The Beast lands a powerful powerbomb, then follows that up with a big chop. Several power moves later, the Bell Aire, Ohio, native is prone on the mat. A bodyslam follows. Blood Beast uses his shin to inflect pain on Rumsky’s neck. Blood Beast whips Rumsky into the ropes, then misses a clothesline. Rumsky goes for Beasts’ knee and that slows the big man down. There’s a two count as Beast recovers enough to level The Beast. Beast has Rumsky in the ropes and referee Jimmy James administers a count. A seated Rumsky is hit with a flying clothesline. Two count. A head butt falls Rumsky again. A big kick falls him again. Rumsky is simply at the Mercy of the much-more-powerful Beast. Rumsky recovers enough to get Beast into the ropes for a series of shoulder blocks. Beast falls out of the ropes and clobbers Rumsky. Both Megastars are down in the center of the ring. Beast gets up and immediately is blasted with Rumsky’s superkick. There’s a one, two, three and the winner is Ric Rumsky! Before anything else could happen, Martin charges the ring with his baseball bat and a chain around his fist. For several moments, Martin blasts Rumsky with both. The Blood Beast saunters away as all three referees hit the ring. Their presence is useless and the assault continues. All three referees are then attacked and the assault on Rumsky continues. After tiring, Martin lets up and leaves Rumsky in a heap. The audience is beside itself as Martin crows.

Jester v. Lord Zoltan

The Jester is accompanied to the ring by “King Del Douglas. Lord Zoltan, one-half of the KSWA World Tag Team Champions, is alone as Justin Sane is not in attendance. That doesn’t stop the KSWA Hall of Famer from dancing with everyone in the standing-room-only crowd. The Jester is ready to jump out of his skin as Zoltan dances at will. Zoltan places a fireman’s helmet on his head and Del Douglas potests loudly. Zoltan enters the ring and The Jester shouts “Finally!” The mental games are on. The King shouts encouragement to The Jester as Zoltan starts his familiar “Matador” routine. The Jester fails to catch Zoltan’s robe twice. He shouts “I’m gonna get that” before missing and falling to the outside. A “test of strength” goes awry for the Jester as Zoltan simply grabs his expansive bosoms. The Jester is tossed around. Then Zoltan gets his opponent in a wrist lock. Before he knows it, The Jester is given a wedgie, spanked and tossed, bare-bottomed, to the outside. With more encouragement from Douglas, The Jester is back in the ring and he gets some offense on Zoltan. A knee to the gut falls the tag team champion. Douglas attacks him as Zoltan is in the ropes. Douglas shouts “yea” as The Jester has Zoltan down. A sunset flip keeps Zoltan down. There’s a two-count. Zoltan is staggered as Jester whips him into the ropes. A sunset flip follows, but Zoltan holds on and applies another wedgie. This bares his buttocks even more. The crowd is beside itself as The Jester goes on the offensive with extra skin showing. (It is referee Shawn Patrick who fixes The Jester’s bare buttock problem.) Two different sledges from the middle rope keep Zoltan down. The third is ready when Zoltan gets up and delivers a left fist into The Jester’s gut. Zoltan plows The Jester’s skull into each corner post. Zoltan hits his head into the turnbuckle 10 times, then clobbers him ten more. Douglas gets to the apron, Zoltan tosses Jester into The King and knocks him down. Lord Zoltan quickly climbs to the top rope and lands a knee for the win.

VIPs v. Mitch Napier

The VIPs make their way to the ring. Dr. Devastation Lou Martin, who attacked Ric Rumsky earlier, said he did the same to his original, scheduled opponent, “Rock n’ Roll” Dave Diamond. He said without Bobby O or Kommissioner Joe Perri, he set up a handicapped match with the VIPs versus Mitch Napier. Napier makes his way to the ring, confidently. He says he actually found a tag team partner in the back: Sam Squatch. Sam Squatch’s music hits and the humanoid makes his way to the ring. He attacks the VIPs and bites Shawn Blanchard. Once the match begins, it’s Mitch Napier against Shawn Blanchard. Then it’s Napier vs. Martin as the Champ is tagged in. Martin does gain offense and bodyslams Napier. There was a moment in which Sam Squatch even groomed Lou Martin as he got too close to Sam’s corner. It’s all Blanchard as he gets Napier into an abdominal stretch and Martin anchors his hand for more leverage. They do it again and that draws Squatch from his corner. He attacks Martin on the apron, then slaps hands on his way back to his corner. Inside, Blanchard still has control over Napier. Martin is tagged back in. He whips Napier in the corner, falls him, and then lands a leg drop. Martin peppers Napier in the VIP corner with rights. Blanchard digs away at Napier as referee Justin Smith is distracted by Martin. Martin uses the ropes as a weapon on Napier’s neck. Martin pushes Smith toward Sam Squatch and that brings the hairiest Megastar into the ring. The VIPs take the opportunity to double-team Napier. There’s a two count as Napier gets his shoulder up. The VIPs continue to reign supreme over Napier as Blanchard guides his head into Martin’s boot. Martin is in for a series of clubbing blows. Napier gets enough momentum to level Martin. He then tags in Sam Squatch who lands a series of atomic drops. He then punishes Martin with a tremendous bodyslam. There’s only a two count as Martin gets a shoulder up. Napier is tagged back in and is leveled by Martin. Blanchard is tagged back in and he plants some rights and chops on Napier. Napier, exhausted, lies in on the mat. Blanchard picks him up and plants him on the top rope. There’s a thunderous superplex and pin attempt. Napier somehow gets his shoulder up. Blanchard applies a sleeper hold. Referee Justin Smith checks Napier’s arm. On the third attempt, Napier battles out. Some elbows rock the Enforcer, who immediately lands a mat-rattling spine buster. Both Megastars are down. There’s an eight-count before Napier tags in Sam Squatch. Blanchard tries to ram Squatch’s head into the turnbuckle but the behemoth blocks it. Squatch rams Blanchard’s head into it 11 times. Blanchard falls to the mat. Squatch hits the big boot. Then a leg drop is smashed. He winners of the match are Mitch Napier and Sam Squatch.

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship Triple Threat Match: Douglas & Badfingers v. Starr

Del Douglas makes his way before Bobby Badfingers. Both men are set to take on the current Golden Triangle Champion: Shane Starr. The house explodes as Starr is introduced and the young Megastar makes his way to the canvas. Starr is a house afire with bodyslams on both opponents. However, the number’s game catches up with Starr as both men rally and keep him on the mat. A pin attempt is registered by Douglas but Badfingers breaks it up. Both opponents are former Golden Triangle champs who want it back. They team up to suplex Starr then turn their attention on each other. Starr soon gets into the action. Badfingers and Douglas trade punches on Starr’s forehead. They each go for a clothesline but Starr ducks and they level each other. Not long after, all three are down on the mat. Starr attempts to pin Douglas but the King kicks up. Douglas tries to pin Starr, but he kicks up. Badfingers tries to pin him but the champ kicks up. Badfingers, in an attempt to get Douglas off of Starr, pokes The King in the eye. There’s another two count on Starr by Douglas. Douglas lands the fist that’s “banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Badfingers gains control of the offense and twice tosses Douglas into Starr, who’s posted in the corner. Badfingers bodyslams Starr in the center of the ring. Badfingers whips Starr into Douglas’ closed fist. Starr falls to the mat. Badfingers tries to pin Starr but Douglas breaks it up. Starr battles up and levels Douglas. Then Badfingers. Starr tries to get Douglas into his Sharpshooter but Badfingers breaks it up. Starr lands an impressive Shining Wizard on Badfingers. Douglas lands a “Drop It Like It's Hot” on Starr. Badfingers gets up and lands the Debt Collector on Douglas. All three Megastars are slow to get up. Douglas goes for Starr but the GT champ lowers the ropes and Douglas goes over. Badfingers is placed in the Sharpshooter but he refuses to give up. Douglas crawls back in and before he can attack Starr, he drops the hold from Badfingers and gets Douglas in the same hold. Douglas submits and Starr holds onto the Golden Triangle Championship. After the match, both opponents attack Starr but he ducks a double clothesline before landing one of his own. The crowd explodes and Shane Starr holds the Golden Triangle Championship high in his hometown.

Thus sends the KSWA fundraiser for the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Departments.