Kash & Starr Hope To Even Odds With VIPs, Axx To Defend Against Flash, Party Gras Leads 8-Man Match

November 12, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In recent weeks leading up to this fundraiser for PA Connecting Communities, Kris Kash and Shane Starr have had two different run-ins with the VIPs. This Saturday, the former Lost Boys will team up to face “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance World Champion, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin in the Main Event at the Teamster’s Temple in Lawrenceville.

In two separate promotional appearances leading up to this week’s event, Kash and Starr have been attacked by the VIPs. In October, Kash and Starr were victorious. This past Sunday Kash and the Golden Triangle Champion were left sprawled out by Blanchard and the KSWA Champion. Afterwards, Blanchard had to be held back from more physicality when Kash and Starr were consoled by a gathering of young girls.

It remains unclear as to why the VIPs have targeted Kash and Starr. It could be that Martin believes that he has already damaged Ric Rumsky enough that he won’t be a threat come FanFest. In fact, Martin’s fiendish attack on Rumsky following the Number One Challenger’s match with The Blood Beast was so brutal that Rumsky won’t be in attendance this weekend. It’s also believed by some observers that the VIPs can take out Kash and Starr once and for all at this weekend’s fundraiser. Meanwhile, Kash and Starr promise the Krazies that they will be in full force come Saturday.

Five-Star Champion Jonny Axx puts his championship on the line this Saturday against Jay Flash. Flash gave Axx a run for his money in July and actually injured the 5-Star champ’s ribs after a controversial stomp to the ribs from the top rope. The risky move didn’t quite do the trick, as Axx was able to hold onto the strap. Might this weekend provide a similar outcome, or will Flash gain the momentum necessary to upset the 5-Star Champ?

In one of the biggest and usual 8-Man matches of all time, Party Gras (Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane) will team with Super Ginger and the humanoid Sam Squatch to take on “The King” Del Douglas, The Jester and the Mercenaries—“Nasty” Nick Crane and Sniper. Very few people have been able to tame Super Ginger, let alone with Free Wheeling Fighter From The Forest, Sam Squatch. His unnatural strength and Big Foot have made Squatch a fan favorite, and Super Ginger’s exploits have been crowd-pleasing. That doesn’t even begin to describe the impact Party Gras has made over their 1 ½ year reign as KSWA Tag Team Champions. The Mercenaries, as well as Douglas and Jester, have tried several times to rest the tag belts from Party Gras, only to be thwarted. This promises to be a less-than-typical match, but yet one that can’t be missed.

Mitch Napier will take on Ali Kaida in single’s competition this Saturday. Kaida has been in a year-long feud with Jack Massacre, while Napier has battled his friend the now-injured The Latin Assassin, as well as foes Shawn Blanchard and The Blood Beast. Kaida takes credit for Massacre not being ready for the show this Saturday. Kaida and Napier have met one-on-one before, and they have matched strength pretty well, despite the Afghani Assault Weapon’s size advantage. Ali Kaida plans to wave the Afghanistan Flag to the ring on Saturday, while Mitch will represent the Red, White and Blue of America.

In a match of talented, physical, young Megastars, “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson will face off against “The Instigator” J-Ru in a hard-hitting battle. J-Ru has done nothing but run down the KSWA Krazies as well as fellow wrestlers in the locker room. Johnson has stepped forward as a defender of the Krazies and a champion of their interests. Both wrestlers have compiled impressive careers up to this point and theirs should be a match interested in techniques as well as physicality.

The Legion of the Apocalypse’s Blood Beast takes on newcomer Tommy Horror. Horror has for a while now been a bruiser from the streets and a self-professed “misfit” who has found himself called up to the KSWA. At 330-lbs, the Hollywood, Babylon native should match up nicely against The 293-lb Camp Blood resident The Blood Beast. This “Battle of the Big Men” will rattle the foundation of the Teamster’s Temple.

Also in Single’s Competition, Bobby Badfingers will take on Joey Quervo. Quervo has had his usual up-and-down year, while Badfingers has been involved in some of the most powerful feuds on the calendar. Despite the fact Badfingers has tapped out against Shane Starr, he has remained one of the most powerful and respected members of the Legion of the Apocalypse.

The KSWA fundraiser for PA Connecting Communities ("Connecting Individuals, Disabilities & Communities") is this Saturday, November 17 at the Teamster’s Temple, 4701 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 5:00 p.m. For ticket information, call 412-726-1762.