Kash & Starr Get Upper Hand On VIPs, Axx Retains, Sane Wins Dance-Off PA Connecting Communities Fundraiser

November 18, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

With growing regularity, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) partners with some of Pittsburgh’s best charities. Saturday night the KSWA teamed with PA Connecting Communities to help their cause in Western Pennsylvania. An enthusiastic crowd watched Kris Kash and Shane Starr take on the VIPs in tag team competition, while many also danced as an unlikely member of Party Gras took home a dancing crown.

J-Ru v. Tony Johnson

J-Ru attacks Tony Johnson as soon as the Ice Man gets into the ring. J-Ru crows to the crowd, and that enables Johnson to gain momentum. Soon, J-Ru is on the floor outside the ring. J-Ru makes his way around the ring, bad-mouthing the crowd. Johnson calls him a “Keebler Elf” and enrages the Instigator. He rushes in, is felled by a drop toe hold and again falls to the outside. A count-out is triggered as J-Ru sits on a ringside seat. Referee Justin Smith goes out to confront J-Ru and Johnson follows with a few punches. J-Ru is back in and he drop kicks Johnson as he tries to get back in the ring. J-Ru follows with a modified DDT and gets a two-count on Johnson. The Ice Man is forced in the corner for shoulder blocks. Johnson is whipped across the ring and gets turned upside down. Johnson follows with a drop kick and a pin attempt. There’s a two count as J-Ru tries to get back up. He begs for a break but ends up just luring Johnson into the corner for a sneak attack. J-Ru gets Johnson in a side headlock, and then rakes his forehead across the top rope. The two battle more as J-Ru gets Johnson down. Johnson rolls him up for a two-count. Then he does it one more time. A “Get em’ Ice Man” chant is heard as J-Ru gets Johnson into a submission hold. Johnson breaks out of the hold and lands a drop kick out of nowhere. There’s a pin and your winner is Tony Johnson!

Five Star Championship: Jay Flash v. Jonny Axx

The always exuberant Jay Flash grabs Jonny Axx’s belt and that enrages the 5-Star Champion. He beats down on Flash but the South Beach Soldier rallies and attacks Axx in a corner. Axx bails to the outside and takes his time regrouping. Axx gets into the ring but goes directly into a corner. Flash lures him out then kicks him about. There’s a massive two-boot pounce onto the sternum from the ropes and that reels Axx. They battle outside with Flash having all of the momentum. A well-placed boot to the skull staggers Axx even more. Axx is rolled back into the ring and Flash propels himself onto the 5-Star Champion. Flash is perhaps better than anyone in the KSWA when it comes to using his entire body as a weapon. A modified cannonball meets Axx, but the veteran regroups when Flash goes to the top for his patented Cannonball. Axx pulls him down and keeps him on the mat. Flash tries to battle out of a submission move but Axx pulls his hair and drops him hard to the canvas. Axx suplexes Flash as referee Justin Smith looks on. Axx goes to the top and Flash meets him there. Axx expertly places one fist into Flash’s forehead and drops him in a heap. Axx flies from the top and lands his version of a cannonball. Flash, incredibly, kicks out. Flash misses a back elbow and drops Axx with a kick. Flash lands a Cannonball. Axx gets into the ropes and that breaks the count. Axx drives Flash into referee Justin Smith and grabs his title. Smith’s arm is injured in the collision. Axx attempts to hit Flash but Flash breaks it up. The belt falls. Flash retrieves it and goes to hit Axx. The ref gets to his feet and interferes enough to allow Axx to hit Flash, knock him down and record the victory.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Mercenaries, Jester & King v. Party Gras, Super Ginger & Sam Squatch

There’s an extended entrance for Party Gras, Super Ginger and their tag team partner Sam Squatch, then a hilarious “Dance Off” (challenged by “King” Del Douglas) between The Jester and Justin Sane. By applause and fan response, Justin Sane won the dance off, but by pure physicality and exhibitionism, it was the Jester. Lord Zoltan matadors The Jester to the outside, but Justin Sane and Del Douglas star off the match. Party Gras wrist locks Douglas and takes turns vaulting over Lord Zoltan onto The King’s arm. They allow Douglas to tag in The Jester to go against frequent foe, Lord Zoltan. Zoltan latches onto Jester’s ample bosom and then gives him a wedgie. Jester runs around the ring and Sam Squatch is tagged in. Sam bites The Jester in the chest before tagging in Super Ginger. Ginger attacks Jester before tagging in Justin Sane who drop kicks Jester in the privates. The Jester breaks a pin attempt and takes his own cheap shot on Sane. That allows Jester to tag in Sniper. Sniper attacks Sane and distracts referee Jimmy James enough to allow his teammates to beat on Justin Sane. Sniper suplexes Justin Sane and tags in “Nasty” Nick Crane for his own offense on Justin Sane. Nasty Nick pushes Sane into his own corner for a four-way beat down. That leaves Jimmy James alone to take on Zoltan, Super Ginger and Sam Squatch, who all want to save their partner. Douglas is tagged in and he goes to work on Sane. There’s another cheap shot on Sane by Sniper. Jester is tagged in and he levels some knees into Justin Sanes’ back. There’s a two-count on Sane. Sane tries to get some momentum but is met with Jester’s knee. Jester gets Sane into a neutral corner. Jester sets Sane up for a suplex but Sane somehow breaks it and lands a power bomb from the corner. Justin gets to Zoltan and soon all eight wrestlers are in the ring. Party Gras, Ginger and Sam Squatch get their opponents in varying corners. They beat everyone out, except for Douglas who catches Sane’s “Shock Therapy” frogsplash from the corner. The winners: Sam Squatch, Super Ginger and Party Gras. The winners dance their way to the locker room.

Tommy Horror v. The Blood Beast

In a true battle of the behemoths, Tommy Horror, from Hollywood, Babylon, takes on the Legion of the Apocalypse’s The Blood Beast. Horror checked in at 330 pounds, while The Blood Beast tipped the scales at 293 lbs. After referee Jimmy James checks both competitors, they hook up in the center of the ring. The Blood Beast battles Horror into a corner before Horror turns the tables. Horror whips The Beast across the ring but hesitates in following him in. That enables Beast to get in a couple of heavy shots. The two trade big blows before The Blood Beast floors Horror with a clothesline. Beast then drops elbows on Horror and then a boot. Beast grabs Horror in a reverse chin lock and applies pressure, then big chops. Beast has Horror in his sights before James distracts him. Horror comes and goes after Beast but Beast swats him away. Beast side slams Horror and gets a decisive win in this battle of the behemoths.

Ali Kaida v. Mitch Napier

In a battle of former KSWA Heavyweight Champions, Ali Kaida takes on Mitch Napier. The two lock up in the center of the ring and take turns in tests of strengths. There is no definitive answer as Mitch breaks away from Kaida. They trade hammer locks in the center of the canvas before Mitch gets Kaida in a headlock. Kaida knocks Mitch to the mat but the Sioux Falls, Iowa native is ready. Mitch gets Kaida in a wrist lock, then a hammer lock. Kaida is in the corner for Mitch’s splash. Each Megastar tries to suplex the other but they each fight it. Referee Justin Smith remains near incapacitated due to the Flash/Axx match earlier in the evening. Mitch gets Kaida down for a pin but the Afghani Assault Weapon is able to grab a rope, thus breaking the hold. Mitch gets Kaida down for a submission move but Kaida’s mass make keeping the hold on difficult. Mitch powers Kaida around the ring, ultimately for a superplex attempt. Kaida pushes him down and drops an elbow from the corner. Two count. Kaida gets Mitch into the corner for a chop. Kaida then hits Mitch with his most impressive T-Bone suplex ever. Kaida gets a two count. The fans chant “USA” as Mitch attempts to rally. Kaida has Mitch on his shoulders. Kaida loads his boot and flings Napier into the loaded boot. There’s a pin attempt by Mitch is in the ropes. Kaida bodyslams Napier then climbs the corner post. Mitch rallies and meets him. Napier incredibly gets Kaida on his shoulders for the Sioux Falls slam from the middle rope. Ali Kaida’s impact on the ring shakes the entire structure. Mitch makes the cover and registers the win. The winner, Mitch Napier!

Main Event: VIPs v. Kash and Starr

Referee Justin Smith, who was involved in the collision with Jonny Axx and Jay Flash, continued on throughout the evening. However, by the time the Main Event rolled around, he was completely and utterly out-of-it. Feeling the magnitude of this match, KSWA Owner Bobby O donned a referee’s shirt and made himself the special guest referee for this contest. The combatants make their way to the ring. It’s Shawn Blanchard who tosses Kris Kash across the ring. They lock up again and Blanchard forces Kash into a corner. They trade chops before Kash takes command with some heavy blows. The VIPs are on the outside, where Kash dives on top of both Megastars. Kash brings Blanchard in the hard way before tagging in Starr. Starr sunset flips Blanchard but the Enforcer pokes Starr in the eye. Then it appears that he has a foreign object but that cannot be verified. There are several moments in which special guest referee Bobby O tries to find the foreign object but can’t. Lou Martin is tagged in and both Megastars are battling in the center of the ring. Starr suplexes Martin and gets a two count. Kash is tagged in. Kash goes to work on Martin’s arm with pump handle action. It’s all Kash as he drop kicks Martin. There’s a two count as Blanchard breaks up the pin attempt. Martin now lays heavy sledge-like blows on Kash. Now Martin wrenches Kash’s arms behind him in a submission move. Kash refuses to submit. Martin attacks Starr on the outside. Bobby O keeps Starr from racing in but that’s also enough to allow the VIPs to work over Kash. Martin drops fists onto the back on Kash’s neck. They whip Kash into the ropes and both VIPs drop him in the center of the ring. Blanchard is in and he keeps the pressure on Kash. Blanchard digs and claws at Kash’s face. Martin is in and whips Kash into the ropes but the youngster falls. Martin drops a leg on Kash and registers a two-and-a-half count before Kash gets a shoulder up. Martin drops Kash in the center of the ring with a side slam. Martin muscles Kash up and into his own corner. Blanchard is tagged in and he buries a boot into Kash’s thigh. Blanchard has Kash down for a pin attempt but also has his feet on the ropes. Bobby O catches him. There’s a brief argument before O pushes Blanchard down. Kash gets enough momentum to drop Blanchard. Kash tries to get to his corner for the tag but Blanchard stops him. Blanchard whips Kash into the ropes and then lays in a sleeper hold. Bobby O checks to see if Kash will submit. He won’t. Blanchard hits a tremendous spinebuster suplex on Kash then tags in Martin. Martin whips Kash into the ropes. Kash is able to miss a clothesline and land one of his own. Kash is whipped into the corner and he flips out onto Martin. Starr is tagged in. He explosively goes after Blanchard. There’s a two count. Martin is in and he goes after Starr. The legal men are still Starr and Blanchard. Starr gets Blanchard down and slaps on the Sharpshooter. After a few moments, Blanchard submits to Starr’s Sharpshooter. The winners: Kris Kash and Shane Starr.