KSWA FanFest Battle of the Behemoths: Ali Kaida v Jack Massacre

December 6, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

What would be better than to have two of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s biggest Megastars collide on Pittsburgh Professional Wrestling’s grandest stage? Former KSWA World Champion Ali Kaida will take on the 7-foot-tall, 385 lb. Jack Massacre in one-on-one competition.

The KSWA ring construction crew has been working all week to re-enforce the ring, in anticipation of this colossal collision.

At 6’4 and 278 lbs., Ali Kaida was one of the largest KSWA Champions and perhaps its most ruthless. As the anchor of the International Thugs, Kaida was a record-setting tag team champion. He and either Baracus, Zero or “Big” Mike Malachi used International tag team rules to switch up who defended the KSWA straps. The International Thugs, under the tutelage of “Gentleman” Joe Perri, held on the KSWA tag belts for a then-record-setting 442 days.

Not so quietly, the Afghani Assault Weapon has been one of the KSWA’s most integral and consistent threats. Since its inception in 2005, no one has headlined more FanFest matches than Ali Kaida. Last year, he lost the KSWA World Title without ever being pinned in a Fatal Four Way. Mitch Napier pinned Shawn Blanchard for the momentary win. With Ali Kaida on the outside, Napier won and almost immediately lost when “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin cashed in his Battle Bowl contract. The year before, he lost a hard-fought battle against The Latin Assassin. In 2008, Kaida lost his charge against “Double A” Anthony Alexander.

When Mayor Mystery and The Blood Beast assembled the renegade Legion of the Apocalypse, their first stop was to visit Ali Kaida. They also added the Windy City Knuckle-Buster Bobby Badfingers to the fold. When the enigmatic Jonny Axx was added, the Legion quickly became a stable in which legends may be born. At first glance, the group looked as if it could eclipse the International Thugs in pure power and dominance. Other Megastars in the KSWA wondered aloud as to what was happening.

Enter the titanic Jack Massacre. On August 13, 2011, Jack Massacre met Jonny Axx in the center of the KSWA Arena. Massacre won that match, but the defeat opened an old wound between the two foes. Just over a month later, Axx, Kaida (who was then KSWA World Champion) and Blood Beast defeated Massacre, The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier in a six-man tag at Millvale Days. About a month later, the Legion lost another six-man match featuring Massacre. After the match, the Legion attacked Massacre and broke his wrist.

In a dramatic return to action at last FanFest, Massacre returned and planted Axx in his tag match (with the Blood Beast) against Ric Rumsky and an out-of-retirement La Lucha. With that emphatic slam, Massacre ended his feud with Axx.

Since that time, two of the organization’s biggest and strongest have battered each other pillar to post. In the first-ever assemblage of the Legion of the Apocalypse, Ali Kaida, Jonny Axx, Bobby Badfingers, and Blood Beast (with Mayor Mystery) defeated Kris Kash, Jay Flash, Tony Johnson and Jack Massacre. The teams—helmed by Ali Kaida and Jack Massacre—set KSWA standards for pure size in the ring simultaneously.

Kaida has had other foes in 2012, including Diamond Dave Diamond. The two embarked in an anything goes match called the “Headbanger’s Brawl” that saw Dave upset a highly-favored Kaida. At the same time, Massacre and Kash were efforting the Joe Abby Memorial tournament. This year’s event was a tag team spectacular. “The King” Del Douglas and “The Jester” beat Kash and Massacre in the finals.

Massacre continued to have one eye on the Legion, and Kaida in particular. However, the KSWA Championship Committee saw great potential in a Jack Massacre/Lou Martin showdown. Surprising to some, Martin did not back down to a Jack Massacre charge. Massacre won by disqualification and double count out in their two meetings.

Ali Kaida and Massacre would then meet in tag matches, often with Kaida overwhelmed by Massacre’s pure size and strength. That kind of dominance had never occurred to Kaida before. It was always he who T-bone suplexed his opponents across the ring.

In a classic Arsenal Park showdown on June 30, Massacre defeated Ali Kaida in front of crowd celebrating All-American independence.

The Massacre-Kaida feud boiled over into a Legion of the Apocalypse v. Team Massacre Ultimate Survivor Match. Massacre’s team was victorious.

On August 18, Ali Kaida and Massacre were featured in a Fatal Four Way that also included Ric Rumsky against KSWA World Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. Kaida and Massacre focused primarily on one another—instead of KSWA gold—and Martin’s plan worked. He was able to retain the championship in a hard-fought battle.

Extensive touring on behalf of the KSWA has kept Massacre away from several events in 2012 and that has only angered Kaida more. A sought-after idol in his homeland, Kaida has taken great umbrage in Massacre’s popularity here.

In recent months, the two have battled on opposing teams in six-man contests, with Massacre’s crew winning both matches.

All of this leads to Jack Massacre v. Ali Kaida—more than a quarter of a ton in the ring together—at FanFest/Toy Drive 2012 this Saturday night. FanFest features a guest appearance from Bruno Sammartino and Domenic DeNucci. Bell time is 7:30. All tickets are $5 each. Fans are encouraged to bring a new toy for needy children in Allegheny County. Card is subject to change.