KSWA FanFest 2012 Preview: Party Gras’ Title Reign At 75 Weeks And Dancing

December 6, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Statistically—and arguably in every other category imaginable—Party Gras has been the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s most successful tag team in the organization’s history. On December 8, Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane will dance their way to the ring and defend the KSWA’s World Tag Team Championship against one of its most disagreeable foes—the team of “King” Del Douglas and The Jester. FanFest 2012 will mark Party Gras’ 75th week (exactly 525 days) at the top of the KSWA’s tag team division.

Now some critics may complain that they’ve seen this matchup before—and they have—the Millvale duo has unsuccessfully pursued the KSWA tag team gold three times, but May 5 was their last challenge. In fact, Party Gras has vanquished the Mercenaries—“Nasty” Nick Crane and Sniper—three times as well, and all since the last head-to-head between Party Gras and the Millvillains.

In recent months, Party Gras has gone up against Del Douglas and The Jester in Single’s matches, six-man contests and eight-man extravaganzas. Super Ginger, the Mercenaries and even the Hominid Sam Squatch himself have been involved in a variety of extremely entertaining and hard-hitting matchups. Some matches featuring Lord Zoltan versus The Jester have been highlights (or low-lights) of the KSWA calendar, depending on how Krazies feel about the “wedgie.” None of the matches have been boring.

At last year’s FanFest, Party Gras nearly lost the KSWA tag team gold when Canadian Perfection—Drew Belanger and J.P. Goulet—used the ring ropes as leverage to score a victory. However, in one of the KSWA’s most incredible moments, Studio Wrestling legend Tony Marino—The Battman—helped referee Jimmy James see the error and assisted in re-starting the match. Party Gras took advantage of the confusion and made the winning pin.

Party Gras’ FanFest 2011 win was its 8th successful title defense, which broke the KSWA’s previous record of 7 successful title defenses by the International Thugs. Party Gras broke the record in 154 days. IT, comprised primarily of Ali Kaida and “Big” Mike Malachi, has the second-longest tag team title reign in the KSWA’s modern history (early records are sketchy and the burgeoning organization didn’t host many events before 2002), at 442 days.

The only tag team that remotely challenges Party Gras’ tag team dominance is the original VIP’s—“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. That duo has held the straps a KSWA-record three times. Blanchard and Martin lost the tag belts to Party Gras in Arsenal Park on July 2, 2011 after holding the titles for 210 days. In that time, they successfully defended the tag belts once—by defeating The Great Toyota and Mike Buda. In their three terms as KSWA tag team champs, Blanchard and Martin have held onto the belts for 329 days. Their shortest reign lasted only 21 days. That’s when Demolition Ax brought Smash with him to the KSWA on October 10, 2009. In another incarnation, Martin and former VIP member “The Future” Shane Starr held the tag belts for 20 days. They lost their only title defense.

Since last FanFest, Party Gras has been doggedly hounded by Douglas and The Jester. In April, Party Gras enlisted Bushwacker Luke as its first “Honorary Member” of Party Gras for a six-man match that had them facing Douglas, The Jester and Blanchard. Party Gras was victorious.

Party Gras' last successful title defense was their 15th, against the Mercenaries at Millvale Days of all places.

It should also be noted that 2012 may be the most successful in history for Lord Zoltan. The legendary brawler from New Orleans, Louisiana, has participated in 17 wins this year alone. March 20th was designated Ken Jugan Day in the City of Pittsburgh and County of Allegheny. On March 24, as part of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, Lord Zoltan was inducted into the KSWA Hall of Fame. And on May 19, he served as the emcee for the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum’s 2012 Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Amsterdam, New York.

All of that leads up to the Party Gras v. Del Douglas and The Jester showdown next Saturday at FanFest. Del Douglas has been rejuvenated with the growth of his sage, The Jester. While the two have not had the most stellar win-loss record in 2012, they remain one of the KSWA’s most prolific teams. In addition, The Jester has grown by leaps and bounds (and cart-wheels) in the past calendar year. It was largely because of The Jester’s performance this year that the KSWA Championship Committee tapped for this matchup at the KSWA’s biggest stage: FanFest/Toy Drive 2012.

KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive is on Saturday, December 8. This year’s event features appearances from Domenic DeNucci and Bruno Sammartino. The KSWA Arena. All tickets are $5. Fans are encouraged to bring a new toy for donation to needy children in Allegheny County. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Card is subject to change.