Rumsky’s Fate, Blanchard Grudge With Napier, Badfingers Looks For Revenge, DeNucci & Sammartino Join As FanFest Nears

December 7, 2012
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Just when Ric Rumsky’s rush toward FanFest was starting to gain traction, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion flattened his hopes with a baseball bat and fist full of chains. Now the Bell Aire, Ohio native’s opportunity at the KSWA’s biggest prize, on Pittsburgh professional wrestling’s grandest stage, is at risk.

As of deadline, Rumsky has not yet found a doctor who will clear him for FanFest. At Autumn Annihilation on October 6, Rumsky, the giant Jack Massacre and Mitch Napier defeated Martin, Shawn Blanchard and Ali Kaida. After the match, Martin attacked Rumsky. Soon after that beat-down, Martin announced that he was issued a bounty on Rumsky. The Legion of the Apocalypse’s The Blood Beast took him up on the offer. However, Rumsky beat the Beast in one-on-one completion at the Sharpsburg Fire Department fundraiser on November 3. Rumsky defeated the Camp Blood resident, but was then heinously attacked by Martin. Martin’s assault with a baseball bat and steel chain lasted several minutes. Since that time, Rumsky has been on the shelf, nursing ribs and other damaged body parts. In a video posted online, Rumsky has promised to return to the KSWA ring. However, that has yet to be determined.

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin has been petitioning KSWA Kommissioner Joe Perri and KSWA Owner Bobby O in an attempt to line up a Martin/”Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo rematch from last year’s FanFest. Martin scoffed at Quervo’s participation last year, but has done everything possible to give Joey a title shot on Saturday. Martin has been touting Quervo—and his tag team championship reign in 2007 and 2008—as worthy of Hall of Fame material. Bobby O has not yet ruled what would occur if Rumsky can’t make FanFest.

Martin’s other VIP compadre, “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard is set to take of frequent foe Mitch Napier. At last year’s FanFest, Napier pinned Blanchard in a Fatal Four Way match that lead to Mitch’s World Heavyweight Championship. Moments later, Martin cashed in his Battle Bowl title shot and “stole” the belt. Blanchard has been crowing about the hoodwink ever since. Napier has not been far from the title scene all year. The VIPs took on Napier and The Latin Assassin in a legendary Lawrenceville Street Fight that fans still talk about.

Napier was to enter into a series of matches with The Latin Assassin but the long-time wrestler was shelved by an upper respiratory ailment. Blanchard did his best to help Martin keep a hold of the KSWA’s title (hence, “The Enforcer”) and he’s battled Kris Kash as well. In recent months, Blanchard has stepped up his focus on Napier, believing that the Sioux Falls native would again get a shot at KSWA gold. Instead, the KSWA Championship Committee tapped Rumsky for the shot.

The Golden Triangle Championship is on the line when current Champion Shane Starr defends against Bobby Badfingers of the Legion of the Apocalypse. Out of the four KSWA titles, the Golden Triangle champion’s current reign is the shortest. Shane Starr won the strap on September 14 at Millvale Days from the Blood Beast. Immediately he had to defend against Blanchard. More interestingly, Starr has wins over Badfingers where the Windy City Knuckle-buster tapped in submission. It’s a move that the KSWA Krazies don’t let Badfingers forget. Most recently, Starr made Badfingers submit to the Sharpshooter in November. Regardless of that, Badfingers will get a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship at FanFest.

Jonny Axx defends the 5-Star Championship in the 6-Pack Gauntlet Challenge against a series of opponents. Kris Kash, Super Ginger, The Blood Beast and Jay Flash/Tony Johnson or Sniper and “Nasty” Nick Crane. The Mercenaries will take on Flash and Johnson in a qualifying match. The winners of that early tag match will enter the Gauntlet.

Party Gras puts its record-breaking tag team title reign on the line against “The King” Del Douglas and The Jester. Party Gras has successfully defended the tag titles a remarkable 15 times and they’ve held onto the straps 525 days (as of FanFest).

Ali Kaida won’t be in the Main Event this year; however, his matchup against 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre promises to be a battle for the ages. Ring construction crews have been reinforcing the ring to accommodate more than a quarter of ton in the squared circle for this match.

KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive 2012 is headlined by a special appearance by Domenic DeNucci and Bruno Sammartino. Doors open at 6:15. All tickets are $5. FanFest is at the home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh the KSWA Arena. Card is subject to change.