Justin Sane Breaks Loose, Ready To Galvanize Singles’ Legacy At “Revenge”

January 30, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Ever since donning the tights for the first time in a KSWA ring back in 2000, Justin Sane has won many matches, lost many matches, and has been clubbed in the head with a chair more times than any Megastar in history. Yet, the insane asylum escapee continues to charge forward with the resilience of countless athletes.

In August, 2000 Justin was technically the first-ever Golden Triangle Champion, but he immediately lost to Big Mike Malachi on the same day, the 26th. Nevertheless, Sane went on to win the KSWA’s second-most-prestigious Single’s title three more times (including a second stint a mere three weeks after losing it).

Sane also held the Tri-State Championship in 2004 and 2005. That title was retired, only to be re-born as the Junior Heavyweight strap, and now the 5-Star belt.

One thing has eluded Justin. Sane has never won the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s top prize. His most recent Singles’ title reign ended in 2010. Justin’s recent acclaim has been in the Tag Team division. Sane first grabbed the KSWA’s tag team championship along with La Lucha back in 2005. Remarkably, the popular duo successfully defended the tag team belts only once in 286 days before losing the titles. They beat, than lost to the International Thugs. That success pales in comparison to the KSWA’s most dominant tag team: Party Gras. In 2011, a guideless Justin Sane was a runner-up in Battle Bowl who, by the luck-of-the-draw, came away with the First Choice of championship contracts. He was long ridiculed for picking the “tag team” entry. Most thought he would automatically choose the KSWA Championship option (like almost every other Megastar would). In the weeks and months that followed, Justin looked high-and-low for a partner. He asked each of the defending tag team champions, the VIP’s, if they’d help. They laughingly refused. Justin asked inanimate objects—most notably a table lamp—to no avail.

Then the always-mysterious Lord Zoltan surprisingly returned to an Ultimate Survivor match. Instead of helping the previously-accommodating VIPs, Zoltan assisted Justin Sane’s team and the Bourbon Street Brawler won the event. Immediately, Sane reached out to Zoltan and a partnership was born.

On July 2, 2011, Zoltan and Sane’s party started when they beat the VIPs for the tag team gold. They held onto the belts for 525 days before losing last FanFest. Lord Zoltan has talked about retirement and frequent foes—the Mercenaries—have been pleased to take responsibility for sudden and glaring Zoltan’s exit.

With Lord Zoltan in flux, Justin Sane is at a Single’s crossroads. On Saturday, February 9th, Justin Sane will have an opportunity to galvanize his legacy by challenging KSWA Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin for World gold. While Martin and Sane have met many times over the 12-plus year history of the KSWA, the Megastars have not met during Martin’s current, second championship reign. That’s largely because Martin’s rule and Party Gras’ rolls were parallel. KSWA Owner Bobby O said that Justin Sane has been a valuable member of the KSWA locker room for many years and that it’s time for him to reach the very top of the industry.

Sane, who routinely changed from “Hello” greeting odd-ball to somber wing man for dancing machine Zoltan, has easily earned his moniker as the zaniest, most unpredictable Megastar of all-time. Could he use that unpredictability to finally upset an uber-confident Martin?

Lou Martin has wrapped many a steel chair around Justin Sane’s head and the tough-as-nails wrestler keeps coming. Although February 9th’s “Revenge” is not a no-disqualification match, look for Martin to use anything he can get his hands on as a resource.

Again rudderless, Sane could be as uncontrollable as ever and that might mean danger for “Dr. Devastation.”

Justin Sane takes his shot at KSWA immortality on Saturday, February 9, at the home of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena. Bell time is at 7:30 p.m., tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. For more information, go to www.kswa.net. Card is subject to change.