“Legion” To Face One Another In Abby Qualifiers, Mysterious “Masked Men” To Make In-Ring Debut At “Revenge”

February 5, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

At FanFest last December, two mysterious, orange-masked men attacked Ric Rumsky at the end of his match against “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. Their underhanded exploits caused Rumsky to lose the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance title match. Then at January’s “New Year’s Knockout,” two orange-masked men (presumably the same attackers) leveled Mitch Napier with a 3-D, giving the orange-shirt-wearing VIPs a slot in the upcoming Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

After the recent KSWA’s “Battle Bowl” press conference, Owner Bobby O announced that an extensive and exhausting search has not yet produced definitive proof as to the identity of the assailants. However, Bobby remains extremely certain that the men are somehow in cahoots with the VIPs, and as a result, the VIPs have been yanked from March’s Joe Abby Memorial tournament. Instead, Rumsky and Napier will be allowed a “Revenge” tag team match against the two masked hooligans. Bobby O has assured the Krazies that the masked men are NOT former KSWA tag team champions Demolition, nor are they “Vicious” Vinnie Stone and Alex Arcadian.

As for the Joe Abby Tournament, the Legion of the Apocalypse has been split and will compete against each other in a qualifying match. The Blood Beast and Ali Kaida will face off against Bobby Badfingers and KSWA’s Megastar of the Month of February (and 2012 fan-voted) Wrestler of the Year, Jonny Axx. This match is somewhat of a unique proposition for the Legion, as they have tagged with each other and as a foursome, but their facing each other in a tournament setting promises to be a highlight of the night.

In the other qualifying match, Jack Massacre and Super Ginger will lock horns with the Mercenaries—“Nasty” Nick Crane and Sniper. Any size advantage will most assuredly go to Massacre’s team, while the Mercenaries are still gloating over “welcoming Lord Zoltan into retirement.” The Mercenaries say their next goal is to become KSWA Tag Team champions and break every record Party Gras ever set.

Meanwhile, the KSWA’s tag team division and this night of tags continues as the new KSWA Tag Team Champions, “The King” Del Douglas and The Jester defend against the first team to qualify for the Joe Abby tournament—“Ice Man” Tony Johnson and Jay Flash. Ever since Johnson and Flash decided to make their tag team a priority, they have been met with success. Might they win Tag Team gold on Saturday, then win the Joe Abby tournament, thus locking up the division for the foreseeable future? Not if Douglas and The Jester have anything to say about it. The Royal Connection have quickly settled into a dominate tag team in their own right. Beating the Millvale duo will be a tough order for any team in the KSWA.

The 5-Star Championship is on the line as Kris Kash defends against a ticked-off “Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard won Battle Bowl but was relegated to the second championship title choice after the “weighted lottery system.” Blanchard, who received the second pick of the night, quickly decided on the Golden Triangle Championship, currently held by Shane Starr; however, Blanchard could easily take the 5-Star belt into a match against one-time VIP Starr. Kash finds himself as a wanted Megastar like never before. This match promises to be one that may qualify as a Match of the Year in 2013.

The Golden Triangle Championship, currently held by Shane Starr, is in the sights of “The Instigator” J-Ru. J-Ru has made a mighty impression over the Krazies in recent months and is a wrestler who needs to be taken seriously. If everything works to his plan, J-Ru could find himself as the Golden Triangle Champion, and thus the true Number One contender for the KSWA Heavyweight title. Starr and J-Ru match up well in height, weight and strength, with J-Ru having a slight edge when it comes to experience. Starr has really come unto his own, and he won’t make the mistake of overlooking his current title for the KSWA Championship he earned a shot for at the Battle Bowl lottery drawing.

In addition to all of that incredible action, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin will take on Justin Sane for the KSWA Championship. That match has already been analyzed as one in which Sane could set the KSWA on its ear by winning. There isn’t a match on this entire card that should be missed.

KSWA’s “Revenge” is this coming Saturday, February 9 the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena, located at Butler and 51st Streets in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30, tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Card is subject to change.