Massacre Gets KSWA Title Shot, Mercenaries Crow About Cancelling "Party," Legion To Battle It Out

April 29, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance there have always been athletes who have wanted to make their mark and attempt to show dominance in Pittsburgh’s squared circle. That has never been more evident than now leading up on May 4thnext big live event at the KSWA Arena.

KSWA Owner Bobby O, fed up with the VIPs and their constant interference, is putting forward the biggest obstacle he has at his disposal: the 7 foot, 365 Jack Massacre will once again get a shot at the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship.

Massacre had his last opportunity for the KSWA’s top gold last August as part of a Fatal Four Way match in which Ali Kaida and Ric Rumsky also challenged “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. Martin was able to hold onto the Keystone State’s most important belt, despite the daunting task. In fact, Massacre has had a couple of other chances at the belt but has not been victorious. One match saw Massacre win by disqualification, while the other ended in a double count out. The Waco, Texas native has been adamant about getting another opening, seeing that his other matches have been decided by less than distinctive means.

Meanwhile, Martin, along with “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard, have been involving themselves into Bobby O’s corporate business, and ushering in a potential new VIP era by adding Tyler Cross and Edric Everhart to the stable of distinction. At the last KSWA event, all the way back on March 23, the “new” VIPs defeated Justin Sane, Kris Kash, Shane Starr and “mystery partner” Bobby O himself. The troublesome troupe did some damage to the KSWA Owner, along with getting the win. Bobby O decided that he wanted to put an early end to this intrusion, so he has given Massacre his long-awaited rematch.

In other KSWA developments, the new Number One contenders for Tag Team Gold—“Ice Man” Tony Johnson and Jay Flash—find themselves tested early by Everhart and Cross. They will meet in tag team competition. Johnson and Flash were victorious in March’s Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and were dubbed the new Number One contenders. Cross and Everhart, who have always felt overshadowed by the twosome, plan to make an impact of their own Saturday Night. They feel that they are the future of the tag team division and want to knock Johnson and Flash off of their perch.

No tag team division within the KSWA can be mentioned without including the Mercenaries. The veteran group continues to crow loudly over the demise of Party Gras. The team of Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane were KSWA Tag Team champions for 75 weeks and had more successful defenses than any team in Pittsburgh wrestling history. They were defeated by dubious means by “The King” Del Douglas and “The Jester” at Fan Fest and Lord Zoltan seemingly made a post-match retirement speech. Since then, Zoltan has made the celebrity circuit most recently was honored at the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas for his contributions to the sport outside of the ring.

The still-bead-tossing Sane has been bested by Martin in an attempt at the KSWA Championship and was involved in the big eight-man tag team bout in March. The Mercenaries—Sniper and “Nasty” Nick Crane—attacked Sane after that last match, dumping the Crazy Man on his head. Oddly enough, Sane has unraveled even more since Zoltan’s departure. The wrestler who once asked a desk lamp to be his tag team partner, recently tossed beads to an empty chair and admonished it when the beads slid to the floor. There’s no telling how long he will be out of action, and what Sane’s future in the KSWA holds.

Crane—who as “Canada’s National Treasure,” last month sat for an oil painting that will be used as a commemorative postage stamp—and Sniper will officially celebrate turning the lights out on Party Gras Saturday night. They have invoiced the corporate offices for expenses to fly in famous singers from their homelands—Canada and Johannesburg, South Africa, to perform their respective anthems. Bobby O turned down the requests flatly.

The KSWA’s Golden Triangle Championship will not be on the line when current champion Shane Starr faces VIP kingpin “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard. It’s interesting to note that Blanchard, who is a 5-time former KSWA Champion and multi-time tag team champion, has never once held the Golden Triangle belt. Since the Tri-State Championship was merged with Golden Triangle, the “GT” title has been long-recognized as the premier trophy in Western Pennsylvania. Only the KSWA Heavyweight belt maintains more relevance. Blanchard has perpetually kept his interest in the top prizes. He held the Tri-State belt on two different occasions in 2004, but has belt-free for more than 20 months. All the while, Shane Starr has been gaining steam. Since winning the coveted belt in September, 2012, Starr has been getting stronger. His title defense against J-Ru in February is an early contender for Match of the Year. Both young athletes put on clinics for technique and versatility. Starr’s impressive strength ruled the day and his trajectory continues to climb. Blanchard won a shot at the Golden Triangle belt in January's Battle Bowl, but he wants to keep a hold of that challenge a little while longer.

The KSWA’s 5-Star” Championship is on the line when Kris Kash defends against friend Mitch Napier. Both Megastars remain among the most popular in the organization’s history, but that doesn’t mean they are insulated from climbing the athletic ladder. Napier, who briefly held the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, is looking to cement his legacy as one of the promotion’s top tacticians. Kash, who has had phenomenal success at still a young age, is eager to face the best competition. That’s been the calling card for the 5-Star belt. It’s supposed to be about the best going after the best, no matter the friendship. Both wrestlers will put everything they have into this defense.

J-Ru, who for months have been criticizing and insulting The Latin Assassin, won’t have anywhere to run on Saturday. The Assassin, who has missed another huge chunk of time in his career due to injury, has re-entered the KSWA with something to prove. The former KSWA, Tag, Golden Triangle and Tri-State Champion was at the height of his career when an upper respiratory condition put him on the shelf for about a year. In that time, the KSWA roster has changed dramatically, and has given outstanding athletes like J-Ru a place to excel. However, the “Instigator” seemingly picked on the wrong guy with Latin, who still has some gas in the tank. J-Ru has also hid behind roadblocks such as Bulldozer. Saturday, J-Ru gets into the ring with his nemesis and The Latin Assassin cannot wait.

And witha card this stacked, almost any could be considered the Main Event and this one is no exception. In Fatal Four Way rules, the Legion of the Apocalypse will goat it for superiority. Ever since Mayor Mystery was fired by KSWA Owner Bobby O, all four wrestlers have splintered. That was never more evident than in March with Ali Kaida took on the Blood Beast. The two powerhouses have been friends and partners for a long time; however, they went toe-to-toe and the Blood Beast was victorious. Ali Kaida, who is simply the most unpredictable Megastar ever in the organization’s history, dumped the Beast on his head. Bobby Badfingers and Jonny Axx attempted to gain victory from the Joe Abby tournament, but fell short. That has led to some animosity between those two. This Fatal Four Way may or may not clear the waters of what has destined to be the KSWA’s most physically dominant quartet ever.

The KSWA returns to action this Saturday, May 4 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena. Bell time is 7:30 tickets are $10 for adults and$8 for kids. Card is subject to change.