More Than A Ton Of Megastars Highlight Saturday’s “Ultimate Survivor” Showdown

July 17, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In each of the past few years, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s “Ultimate Survivor” summertime main event has featured a surprise entrant. This year’s entrant is a little different, and he has an agenda.

During last year’s “Summertime Bruise,” a returning “Ice Man” Tony Johnson arrived as the last man in the “Team Massacre” quartet. Johnson, who had briefly left the KSWA, suddenly returned to the delight of many Krazies. Team Massacre was successful in downing the Legion of the Apocalypse. [Spoiler alert: it won’t be Johnson this year, as the former Jr. Heavyweight Champion is still nursing a broken forearm he received earlier this year in a match.]

The year before—this time at “Heatwave Havoc”—the KSWA Universe was wondering who was going to be the final participant in the Ultimate Survivor match. It turned out that another absent Megastar—Lord Zoltan—made a return that sent his teammates—the VIPs—spinning. Zoltan turned on his sometimes colleagues and won the contest for Justin Sane’s crew. “Party Gras” was born that night and they beat Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin for the tag team championships exactly one week later.

The “Ultimate Survivor” match—where four Megastars wrestle for the betterment of their “team” battle it out until one wrestler remains in the center of the ring. Another “Team Massacre” hits the KSWA Arena this Saturday. The 7-foot-tall Massacre teams with two former members of the Legion of the Apocalypse—The Blood Beast and Jonny Axx—in addition to Mitch Napier, who tirelessly petitioned the KSWA Championship Committee to let him into this match. Napier campaigned hard to be in the contest as a way to honor his friend—The Latin Assassin—who was taken out—perhaps permanently—by J-Ru and Bulldozer. An impassioned and empowered—not to mention angry—Mitch Napier has been added to the fight.

It should also be noted that in addition to having The Blood Beast in Massacre’s corner, longtime foe Jonny Axx will be on the apron with the Waco, Texas native. When Massacre and Axx entered the KSWA two years ago, their first match was against one another. Massacre was victorious. They’ve battled together in tag team and other scenarios ever since; however, this Saturday the two enter the ring together as partners for the very first time. It’s clear that the two Megastars have had a long relationship, well before they arrived in Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization. Some observers have wondered aloud if and when this partnership was going to take place.

Team Massacre is made up of from a rich story, but Team Bulldozer has to be considered the favorite. Bulldozer and J-Ru have worked together before and have a terrific camaraderie. They are joined by another former Legion member Bobby Badfingers and Sniper. All of these wrestlers excel in tag team competition, and would immediately be considered top contenders for KSWA tag gold the moment they decided to go for it. While all eight men are ring veterans, Team Bulldozer has experience on their side. This match will not be for the weak-willed. More than 1,100 per team will be on display in this matchup. That’s well-over a ton of the heaviest-hitters the state has ever featured.

In six-man action, the VIPs—KSWA Champion Lou Martin, Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross—will take on Jay Flash, the Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr, and Kaida. With the exception of Starr, all of the Megastars in this match were involved in the situation that created this Saturday’s Main Event between Shawn Blanchard and KSWA Owner Bobby O. Starr was a last-minute replacement for Napier, who is now in the Ultimate Survivor match. Martin and the next-generation VIPs want to stomp out Flash and position Starr for a hostile takeover of the Golden Triangle Championship. They, as well as the rest of the KSWA, are still unsure of what to make with Kaida’s recent change of attitude.

Once a ruthless powerhouse with little but domination on his mind, Kaida shocked Pittsburgh’s sporting world by abruptly making the save when Bobby O was getting pummeled by all four VIPs at Heatwave Havoc. Kaida lost to Blanchard in one-on-one competition on July 6 at Arsenal Park, largely because he got blasted in the skull with an illegal object.

The only championship to be defended this Saturday is the 5-Star Championship currently held by Kris Kash. Kash will take on a frequent foe in “The King” Del Douglas. In the summer of 2009, these two Megastars clashed over the Golden Triangle Championship and each won it twice. They’ve battled many times over the years, but this is the first time they’ve competed for the 5-Star belt.

And in a rematch from last year’s “Summertime Bruise,” Lord Zoltan takes on “Nasty” Nick Crane in one-on-one competition. Zoltan won the battle last year. The two long-time foes have also been friends and tag team partners. Like Massacre and Axx, Crane and Zoltan have faced off countless times in regional matches. They have battled constantly since the Mercenaries (with Sniper) entered the KSWA more than a year ago. For true fans of independent professional wrestling, this intense match-up is as old-school as it gets. Observers say if you don’t enjoy this showdown, you shouldn’t be watching wrestling.

“Summertime Bruise” is this Saturday, July 20 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena. Bell time is 7:30, tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for kids. For more information go to or dial 412-726-1762. Card is subject to change.