Pittsburgh “Original” George “The Animal” Steele Returns To KSWA August 17, New Ownership Era.

August 9, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

George Steele, who admittedly became “The Animal” in the city, returns to the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena on August 17 for “When Worlds Collide.”

Steele, who energized and entertained the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance faithful at FanFest 2011, will make a special guest appearance to sell copies of his new self-titled autobiography, as well as meet the Krazies. While “The Animal” doesn’t get into the ring any more to bite turnbuckles or an opponent, he does spend a lot of time talking with his fans. Steele’s appearance at Horror Realm’s Spring event was one of the highlights of the always-stellar convention.

Steele’s book is receiving terrific reviews, and it is right up the alley for all KSWA Krazies. He will sign the books at “When Worlds Collide.”

New KSWA Owner Shawn Blanchard has laid down the law on some issues. He has immediately vaulted the newest VIPs—Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross—into a match for the KSWA Tag Team Championship, currently held by “The King” and “The Jester.” The match promises to be unique in that neither team is particularly embraced by the Krazies. Cross and Everhart—by association with Blanchard and Lou Martin—may just get a little push from the audience. But then again, they aren’t usually too pleased with the royal pain that is Del Douglas. The Jester will summersault, preen and annoy in his own right.

Blanchard himself has laid down a hefty challenge to Justin Sane. For the entire time the KSWA has been in existence, Blanchard and Sane have wrestled many times. In their first meeting on February 24, 2001, Blanchard retained the KSWA Heavyweight Championship against the mad man from Haddonfield, Illinois. In 14 singles battles over the years, Blanchard has been victorious nine times. Of Sane’s five wins, one was from disqualification. They have meet in various tag team concoctions dozens of times. In fact, it was the birth of Party Gras when Lord Zoltan and Sane defeated the VIPs for tag team gold. Blanchard won the last one-on-one matchup in September 2011. Blanchard angrily says that “no one likes” Justin, but Sane is laying—perhaps in a plastic packing bin—somewhere.

Blanchard has stacked the deck for 5-Star Champion Kris Kash. The Pittsburgh whirlwind will defend against not only J-Ru but former KSWA Champion Mitch Napier. Kash was recently victorious over both challengers in recent months. Kash defeated J-Ru on January 12 and Napier on May 4. Napier in particular was a tough challenger for the always-ready-to-fight Kash, but Blanchard thinks Kash may not be able to hold onto the charge from two of the toughest customers in the KSWA locker room. The Krazies might also enjoy seeing Mitch Napier and J-Ru go after each other, as that’s yet to happen in the KSWA. Kash, to his credit, is eager to defend against both challengers.

Bulldozer, Nasty Nick, Sniper and Bobby Badfingers finally get a chance to get their hands on Jack Massacre, Jay Flash and Jonny Axx, along with a surprise partner. A match similar to this was to take place at Summertime Bruise but matchmakers were out of the loop. As per usual, the Bloomfield Bookies are hoping to make a killing on roster addition. Most Krazies are excited about seeing Jack Massacre and Jonny Axx on the same team. Both Megastars have long track records and the Krazies have embraced both men.

Many questions about the future of the KSWA have to be answered as some of those queries will be answered at the next event. We will also know if former Owner Bobby O is still allowed in the buidling.

When Worlds Collide is Saturday, August 17 at the Home of Professional Wrestling the KSWA Arena. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. For more information always check out kswa.net. Card is subject to change.