Pittsburgh “Original” George “The Animal” Steele Returns To KSWA August 17, New Ownership Era.

August 19, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When Allegheny County Councilman Jim Burn stepped from his front-row seat and read a proclamation, even an Animal nearly got emotional.

Burn, who has been a frequent patron and fan of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, provided Steele with a proclamation that was also endorsed by former Studio Wrestling icons (and fellow County Councilmen) “Jumpin’” Johnny DeFazio and “The Masked Marvel” Chuck Martoni. The strong crowd of KSWA Krazies were on their feet throughout the entire presentation.

Steele, who made his first appearance in the KSWA at FanFest in 2011, returned to help promote his book, “Animal.” He sold out of the book at the KSWA Arena, and spent many long minutes visiting with fans new and old alike.

In addition to Steele’s appearance, the KSWA provided a stellar card that features two title changes. It was also the first event under the new ownership of VIP Shawn Blanchard, so some changes had to considered.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship Match: Joey Quervo v. “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin (c)

Shawn Blanchard took it upon himself to name Joey Quervo the “Number One Contender” for the most prestigious Singles title in the Commonwealth. Quervo, who some didn’t realize was still on the KSWA roster, stumbled his way to the ring. Perhaps he hadn’t been aware either. Martin makes his way to the ring, black baseball bat in hand. As is usual, Martin did his best to engage the crowd with nothing but the best of intensions. Once inside the ring and everyone is settled, Lou smacks Joey and takes early advantage, all the while angering the crowd. At one point Lou verbally goes after a young girl at ringside. Martin, still in control, suplexes Quervo and knees him in the skull. Martin drops Quervo with a clothesline and leg drop. Martin nearly gets a pinfall victory but Joey is up at two. There’s a couple of forearms to the back and a curb stomp that keeps Quervo down. After that beating, somehow Quervo is up and delivers a big clothesline that electrifies the audience. An elbow then a suplex drops Martin. Shawn Patrick nearly counts to three before Martin kicks up. That angers the KSWA Champion more and Martin hits Quervo with the Death Certificate and registers the win. Martin retains.

Blood Beast v. Kaida

Shawn Blanchard made this match without the assistance of the Championship Committee (something former owner Bobby O was even able to do). The Committee still maintains much of the match-making capabilities. Otherwise, the VIPs would never have to wrestle. Shawn Patrick checks both parties before calling for the bell. Kaida goes for a handshake and Blood Beast answers that with a spit of blood to the face. Blood Beast takes control of the action. Blood Beast chokes Kaida on the mat then keeps the former Afghani sympathizer on the boards. Blood Beast keeps Kaida in the middle rope for chokes and gouges, all against Patrick’s directives. Beast drops an elbow and then keeps a wrist lock on Kaida. For a while, Beast keeps Kaida incapacitated. The two have met a number of times in the past and this is the first in which the Beast has had almost complete control. Beast hits Kaida with a clothesline. That angers Kaida and he gets the first bit of real offense. At that moment, Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross bolt to the ring and attack both wrestlers. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and throws out the entire match. The newest VIPs continue to stomp and kick both wrestlers, all without any apparent provocation.

Shawn Blanchard v. Justin Sane

Blanchard makes his way to the ring and threatens just about everyone in the Arena. It’s all Shawn Blanchard in the opening moments of the match, and then suddenly Justin Sane arm drags Blanchard to the center of the ring. Sane works Blanchard’s arm and then slingshots his arm over the top rope. Sane goes old school and arm drags Blanchard from the top rope. The Krazies applaud that ambitious move. Blanchard answers that with a poke to the eye and kick to Sane’s lower region. Blanchard keeps the pressure on Sane and then follows that up with a spinebuster suplex. Sane is seated on the mat before receiving a back elbow and knee to the skull. Blanchard keeps the offense on Sane by keeping him in the corner. Before you know it, Sane has Blanchard on the top rope for a ride. That kept Blanchard spinning before a clothesline dropped him in the center of the ring. Blanchard recovers and floors Sane. He kicks Sane in the left arm, distracts the referee and kicks Sane in the privates. Blanchard keeps the pressure on as Sane is slow to recover. Sane kicks Blanchard in the gut, then drops him to the mat with a leg drop. Sane goes for the Shock Therapy Frog Splash but is met with Blanchard’s bent knees. Blanchard picks up Sane with George “The Animal” Steele’s finishing move—the Flying Hammerlock and Sane immediately taps out. After winning, Blanchard picks Sane up again, applies the move and then tosses the hurting Sane aside.

George Steele Visits The Krazies, Receives An Honor

George “The Animal” Steele comes to the outside of the ring and talks to the Krazies. They love his stories. Before he is set to leave, Allegheny County Councilman Jim Burn reads a proclamation naming Saturday, August 17, 2013 as George “The Animal” Steele Day in the County. The Krazies approve with vim and vigor.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: The VIPs v. Jester and Douglas (c)

The VIPs come out first, then Douglas and Jester. Jester and Cross start out. The Jester preens before being synched in to a headlock then a shoulder block. The two miss with moves before Jester hits Cross with a flying leg scissors that drops Cross into his corner. A standing cannonball keeps Everhart down (who had been tagged in by a falling Cross). The King is in and he drops a fist that’s “banned in 49 out of 50 states). The offense continues on both sides before Jester gets Everhart into a corner. There Jester buries his chest into Everhart. Then there’s a flying knee. He goes to the top to flop onto Everhart but Edric gets up and knocks Jester onto the top rope. Jester is in the Tree of Woe and then gets kicked after Everhart does a little hop scotch jig. Everhart and Cross continue the offense on Jester. Everhart drops an elbow on Jester. Everhart has Jester in a front face lock. Everhart keeps Jester down and for a pin attempt. There’s only a two count. Cross and Everhart work flawlessly together with quick tags and knowing moves. Cross nearly gets a pin on Jester with only one foot. Two and a half count. Cross chops Jester with a strong hand. Jester is assaulted by both members of the VIPs in their corner. Everhart chops Jester again. Jester recovers but is then drilled into the mat by Everhart. Jester is propped up in the corner. He lifts Everhart up and tosses him into the opposite corner. Jester is enthused by the move and crawls to the King. Both men get to their partners. The King is on fire. At one point he gets both VIPs in claw-like grips on the privates. For the first time—perhaps ever—in the KSWA, the Krazies are roundly behind Douglas and Jester. Douglas goes for Drop It Like It’s Hot but Cross blocks it. Jester and Everhart were brawling on the outside. Everhart gets in; the VIPs drop the Doomsday Device on Douglas and score the win. The new KSWA Tag Team Champs are Cross and Everhart.

The 8-Man Tag Team Match w/Surprise Entrant

The Mercenaries—Sniper and “Nasty” Nick Crane—come out first and then are met by Bobby Badfingers and Bulldozer. Jonny Axx, Jay Flash, and Jack Massacre are met by—for the second year in a row—the returning “Ice Man” Tony Johnson. Flash starts out with Badfingers. The two have had a sorted past over the Golden Triangle Championship. Flash gets Badfingers down in a head lock. Johnson (who had been out with a broken bone in his forearm from a match earlier this year) is in and gets some advantage over Badfingers. The offense is fast and furious for a while until Jack Massacre gets in and so does Bulldozer. Bulldozer sneaks out and tags in Sniper, who is left to the wolves. Sniper, a big man in his own right, does nothing to Massacre. Shawn Patrick can only watch as Massacre gets Sniper into a head lock. Johnson is tagged in, as is Bulldozer. Bulldozer immediately tags in Badfingers, who gets his fingers stepped on by Massacre. Badfingers gets no offense on Massacre. Massacre clotheslines Badfingers to the mat. Flash is tagged back in and he drives Badfingers into the corner. Johnson is in and drives his shoulder into Badfingers’ midsection. Johnson is ready as Badfingers rolls across the ring and tags in Bulldozer. Bulldozer knocks Johnson down. Johnson, a powerful wrestler in his own right, can’t stand up to Bulldozer. Johnson, arguably the most acrobatic wrestler in KSWA history, flips out of a move and gets Bulldozer in a headlock. Johnson and Bulldozer exchange moves before Bulldozer just overpowers the St. Louis native. Flash is tagged in and he is immediately sent into enemy territory. Sniper is tagged in and he man handles Flash. Crane is tagged in for the first time and the Mercenaries rein havoc on Flash. Crane levels Flash with blows. There’s a flip and Bulldozer is tagged back in. Bulldozer stops on Flash, who is literally half Bulldozer’s size. Bulldozer gets Flash is a rear chin lock. Flash battles up and levels two boots onto Bulldozer’s head. Flash finds himself on Bulldozer’s back and Bulldozer goes down. That incapacitates Flash. Sniper gets Flash into a front face lock then a suplex into the center of the ring. Sniper props himself up and tags in Crane. Crane continues the offense. Flash tries to get to Johnson but that’s blocked by Crane. Flash continues to battle out and into his own corner. Soon it all breaks down with all four Megastars in the ring at the same time. All four villains are thrown together. They clean everyone out except for Crane who takes a flip from Axx, a Cannonball from Flash. Flash gets the pin and Axx, Flash, Massacre and Johnson record the victory. They all celebrate after the win as Sniper, Crane, Bulldozer and Badfingers make their way back to the locker room.

Triple Threat Match: 5 Star Championship Mitch, J-Ru and Kash (c)

It’s a very quick beginning as Kash is used as a weapon for and against both men. Napier’s outstanding power is on display as he catches Kash in mid-air. The battle goes to the outside where Kash flips out on top of both men. All three Megastars take turns walloping one another. At one point during the match, Kash and J-Ru get caught up in the ring ropes. Napier goes up over top of them and most go crashing onto the concrete floor. The move happened so incredibly quickly, it was hard to keep track of the action. All three competitors matched up extremely well, with Napier obviously possessing the combined power of both opponents. Once back inside after that flip and a few moments of clarity, Kash nearly pins J-Ru. Kash gets J-Ru down and Napier makes the save. Napier gets Kash up for the Sioux Falls Slam but J-Ru nearly rolls him up instead. J-Ru gets Kash into a sleeper. Patrick goes for the count. Napier collides with the others. Patrick crashes into the corner post. J-Ru is down and Napier rolls him up. Patrick is able to count by slamming his foot to the mat three times. The winner and the NEW KSWA 5-Star Champion is Mitch Napier! The crowd, which was caught off guard by all that was going on, realized that Mitch was the winner and then roared in approval.

Thus ended “When Worlds Collide.”