The Most Important Independent Pro Wrestler Ever In PA Gets Shot At Its Most Prestigious Belt

August 21, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Although Shawn Blanchard is the new Owner of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, it has become abundantly clear that the KSWA’s hereto-unseen Championship Committee is going to step up its presence. That being noted, the Championship Committee has enforced a contract that will see KSWA Hall of Famer, the Legendary Lord Zoltan finally get a one-on-one shot at the Commonwealth’s Most Coveted Single’s Title this Saturday at the Teamster’s Temple in Lawrenceville.

Current title holder, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin is livid. He had unsuccessfully filed an injunction to block Zoltan’s chance and replace him with The Great Toyota. Toyota fled the Country last year instead of taking his shot at the belt. Nevertheless, Blanchard named Toyota the official Number One Contender, after “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo lost last Saturday at “When Worlds Collide.”

But recon missions were unable to find Toyota, who is believed to be a Pan Asian Chef of some regard. Irritated by Blanchard’s flimflammery, the Championship Committee has re-instated a contract that enforces Zoltan’s prospect at the PA Connecting Communities fundraiser.

Martin, who has believed that he would never have to face Lord Zoltan for the championship, continues—assuredly in vain—to stop this match. Meanwhile, Lord Zoltan is back from New Orleans and ready to go.

Ever since his first appearance in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance at Arsenal Park’s Fireworks Celebration in 2009, Lord Zoltan has made an impact. Even though Zoltan and Blanchard were defeated by Anthony Alexander and La Lucha in that first match, the Brawler from Bourbon Street has been involved in many a successful venture.

Lord Zoltan’s tag team prowess is above reproach, particularly with Justin Sane. The duo’s “Party Gras” was for a time the most popular tag team, and its success was mythical. Over 75 weeks and 15 successful title defenses, the team re-defined tag team wrestling in the KSWA. When Party Gras lost the belts to “The King” Del Douglas and The Jester at last year’s FanFest, Lord Zoltan gave a post-match speech that rung of retirement. Then he disappeared for a bit. It wasn’t his first time away.

For more than 38 years, Lord Zoltan has been terrorizing and then entertaining generations in the wrestling world. As a lawless rule-breaker, Zoltan was without par. No independent wrestler in this region has wrestled for more promoters, in front of more people, and in front of less people, for a longer period of time. He’s wrestled in every conceivable venue and collected a number of regional titles. But it was the KSWA that welcomed western Pennsylvania’s most important Independent Wrestler back home to Pittsburgh.

Lord Zoltan’s fundraising with the Western Pennsylvania School For the Deaf is of legend. He has been involved in countless causes, and remains one of the most recognizable wrestlers to ever don boots in Pennsylvania and beyond. He has been inducted in several Halls of Fame, including the KSWA’s. This past year he was also honored at the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas for his Humanitarian efforts. His chance to etch his name in Single’s title history is long overdue and the Championship Committee agrees.

Lord Zoltan has been one of the most successful tag team wrestlers in Pittsburgh professional wrestling history; he has never won the top Single’s Gold. Remarkably, Lord Zoltan’s Single’s Record in the KSWA is 12-1. On August 29, 2009—nearly four years ago—Lord Zoltan lost his only Single’s match in KSWA history to Justin Sane and that was by disqualification. On October 17, 2009 Zoltan’s first Single’s win was against La Lucha at the same Teamster’s Temple in which the KSWA hosts a fundraiser this weekend. At FanFest on December 9, 2009, Lord Zoltan defeated Justin Sane in a “Loser Wears A Dress For A Year” match. Zoltan has later acknowledged that Justin was a terrific opponent and this feud really helped create Party Gras about 18 months later.

Throughout 2010, Zoltan would mostly wrestle in various tag team matches. He would win a $1,000 Battle Royal at the St. John Neumann School Fundraiser on May 15 and he refused to give the school a cut of his winnings. At the same event he would defeat Alex Arcadian.

On August 21, 2010 Lord Zoltan would have his first and only shot at the KSWA’s top gold. In a Triple Threat Match he would face much larger competitors in Ali Kaida and the then-KSWA World Champion, The Latin Assassin. Latin would be victorious. Zoltan would not have another break until now.

Zoltan would also face and defeat J-Ru and Bobby Badfingers in 2010.

Lord Zoltan would take a respite in 2011 that would see him miss nearly half of the calendar year. He would surprise the KSWA Krazies on June 11 when he returned as a “Secret Partner” in an eight-man match. He would shock the VIPs when he conked Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin’s heads together and “turn” on his friends. Zoltan would propel Justin Sane’s team to victory and form Party Gras in the process.

Lord Zoltan would face Lou Martin twice in one-on-one competition in 2011 and win both contests. One was by disqualification but the other was a clean victory. They last faced one another on September 17, 2011 at Millvale Days. On Saturday it will be 101 weeks since they last met mano-a-mano.

Since July 14, 2012 Lord Zoltan has only faced two opponents in Single’s competition, old foe and former friend “Nasty” Nick Crane, as well as The Jester. Crane and Jester have both wrestled—and lost—to Zoltan twice. In two incredibly entertaining matches, Lord Zoltan and The Jester wowed crowds at the KSWA Arena and Sharpsburg Fire Department for a fundraiser. Zoltan’s last Single’s match was against Crane at Summertime Bruise on July 20.

Lord Zoltan is one of the last remaining active wrestlers to say he was in the ring with Andre The Giant. He has wrestled just about all of the biggest names the sport has to offer and stepped into the KSWA ring with Larry Zbyszko, Doink the Clown, Frank Durso, Domenic DeNucci and Bushwacker Luke. This Saturday he has the opportunity to add Pennsylvania’s top wrestling belt around his waist.

K.S.W.A. Wrestling: Fundraiser for PA Connecting Communities is this Saturday, August 24 at the Teamster’s Temple in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. The Temple is located at 4701 Butler Street. There’s a special bell time of 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 & Card is subject to change.