VIPs Add Tag Gold To Their Trophy Case, The Shocking Return Of Arcadian And Kaida

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
September 1, 2009

Members of the VIPs—”Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and “The Future” Shane Starr—took the KSWA Tag Team Championships from the Blood Beast and the Latin Assassin and the the event was not without a virtual boat load of controversy.

The evening started with a backstage video with the Latin Assassin talking on his cell phone. He hangs up when Blood Beast arrives. The two greet before Latin is called away. He asks Beast to grab something out of his travel bag and Beast finds underneath the tag belt a VIP T-Shirt and two pictures from when Latin partied with the VIPs a few years ago. Beast wondered allowed, “What is THIS” before leaving.

Action started in the ring with former KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander in the ring. He said he wanted his mandatory rematch with Shawn Blanchard at the outset of the event. That brought out Blanchard, along with the Advisor of the KSWA, Frank Durso. The bell rings...

Double-A Anthony Alexander v. KSWA Champion Shawn Blanchard

Alexander runs Blanchard pillar-to-post as the larger Prime Time Player quickly has momentum on his side. Alexander hits every high-impact move in his arsenal as Blanchard cannot get any momentum going. Alexander goes for the pin, but Blanchard is up at two. Alexander follows that with a sharp back elbow that keeps the 5-time champ reeling. The fans are at a fever pitch with the early action! Blanchard is up at 2 ˝. Frank Durso makes his way to the apron to distract the referee, Justin Smith. Alexander clotheslines Blanchard and readies for his finishing move: the Prime Time Cancellation.

Just then, “The King” Del Douglas rushes the ring and attacks Alexander. Douglas and now Blanchard double-team Alexander. After a few moments of that, rookie Mitch Napier dashes in and goes after Douglas. Now it's a donnybrook.

Senior referee Jimmy James runs to the ring and breaks up the meele Jimmy asks for the microphone and says that since there is no Kommissioner and KSWA Owner Bobby O was working on other business, he has the authority to make a match. He says the four men in the ring—Alexander and Napier, Blanchard and Douglas will have an impromptu wrestling match...NOW.

Tag Match: Anthony Alexander and Mitch Napier v. Shawn Blanchard and Del Douglas

Mitch almost immediately gets sucked into the Douglas/Blanchard corner. It's clear that Blanchard and Douglas still have the chemistry they shared when both were members of the original VIP group. They work Mitch over before he's able to get out and gain some momentum over Blanchard. The two go at it with the rookie getting the upper hand. Blanchard powders to the outside of the ring. Frank Durso confabs with his team at ringside.

Blanchard gets back in and promptly pokes Mitch in the eye. That stops any momentum the youngster had. Now Blanchard is in control. He bodyslams Napier, then follows that up with a snap mare and huge reverse knife-edge chop to Napier's chest. Blanchard goes for a pin but Napier is up at two. Blanchard uses an arm bar on Napier. Durso distracts the referee. With the ref distracted, Blanchard and Douglas double team Mitch before Blanchard starts focusing on Napier's leg.

Douglas is tagged in. He works on Mitch as well. Durso even climbs in and takes a turn assaulting Mitch's leg as the youthful Justin Smith is pulled away from the action.

Blanchard goes to pin Napier but he kicks up and tags in Anthony Alexander; however, Smith doesn't see it and he forces Alexander back to his corner. Blanchard and Douglas double clothesline Napier. The rookie is somehow able to get to his corner and tag in Alexander. The Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh was already loud with fan interaction, but when Alexander gets in the place goes crazy.

Alexander clotheslines both opponents. He hits Blanchard with the big boot. Alexander gets Douglas in the corner and he just pounds him in the forehead. Double-A hits Douglas with a side slam. Mitch is tagged back in. He drops a leg on Douglas. Mitch goes to the top rope for a splash. He hits it but the King is up at two. Mitch goes for another pin but Blanchard breaks it up. Blanchard is tagged in and he goes after Mitch's leg. He is able to slap on the Figure Four leg lock. The fans get behind Mitch.

Mitch turns the leg lock over and Blanchard is now in pain. King breaks up the move. Mitch is in the enemy's corner but he's able to get away. He tags Alexander who is a house-a-fire in the ring. Del is down. Del hits AA with a low blow. Douglas attempts to hit Alexander—who ducks—and Blanchard is punched. Double-A hits Douglas and knocks him out of the ring. Alexander connects with the Prime Time Cancellation on Blanchard and makes the pin. The winners: Alexander and Napier.

Post match, Alexander and Napier celebrate while Duro and Douglas help Blanchard to the locker room.

Ultimate Survivor Match: 8-Megastars/2-Teams. Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

Before this unique match—which has become an annual attraction—there was a video on the screen from earlier in the day in which Gentleman Joe Perri is gloating to his team—Bulldozer, Great Toyota, Bobby Badfingers and Biker Al—that he sabotaged La Lucha's travel plans from Mexico. Meanwhile, a member of Team La Lucha—Vinnie Stone—is taping his wrists in preparation for the the match. He overseas the conspiracy and reaches for his cell phone. Vinnie dials a number, puts the phone up to his ear and walks away.

The rules for the match are thus: a representative from each team enters the ring and wrestles for one minute. Every minute thereafter, another Megastar is sent in. Once all 8 men enter, an over-the-top-rope battle royal commences. The action continues until members of one team remain.

Out first are Joey Quervo (Team La Lucha) and Biker Al (Team Perri). The long-time KSWA veterans have gone at it before and When World's Collide is no exception. Al took the early advantage over Joey with serious offense. The onslaught continued until Ric Rumsky (La Lucha) joined the fray at the one-minute mark. Rumsky had momentum over Biker Al. One minute later, Bobby Badfingers (Perri) ran to the ring and started on Quervo. The four participants were raining blows on each other when Vinnie Stone (La Lucha) hit the ring and made a bee-line to “cousin” Biker Al. Great Toyota was next. Toyota represented Team Perri, even though at heart his compassion was with Team La Lucha. Bulldozer was the seventh entrant and he looked angry. There appeared to be a four-on-three advantage, as La Lucha was not expected!

The last entrant was to be La Lucha; however, he was stuck in Mexico City, Mexico. Gentleman Joe Perri and his crew were ecstatic as they would have an advantage.

Then a familiar theme music hits. Fans at ringside immediately recognize the music, followed by the hand peaking through the curtain. The clapping. The excitement.

A girl at ringside shouts: “It's Alex Arcadian!”

Arcadian quickly emerged from behind the curtain to ruckus applause. In the ring, Arcadian's hyper-kinetic one-time tag team partner, Ric Rumsky, was bouncing up and town like a Super Ball. Once inside the ring, Arcadian, who took a much needed break from the industry for a few months, was met by a leaping Rumsky. Vinnie Stone was ecstatic as well. Team Perri, their plot foiled, were beside themselves with confusion and anger.

As the energy settled, it soon became evident that there would be a 4-4 match after all.

The action picked up at a fast and furious pace. All eight men went at it for the bragging rights for their team.

The first to be eliminated was Joey Quervo. Soon after that, the Great Toyota was sent over the top rope and then the locker room.

Just like old times, Ric Rumsky and Alex Arcadian (who actually held the KSWA Tag Team Championship for a few hours on September 13, 2008) teamed up to go after Biker Al. They soon dumped the former Kommissioner over the top rope as well.

Bulldozer followed that up with a forearm to Arcadian's chin and rocked the Megastar to one knee. Disoriented and perhaps a little excited about being back in the ring, Arcadian attempted to bodyslam the 373 wrecking ball from Detroit, Michigan. That wasn't going to work.

Bulldozer was in control of the situation for several minutes. He devastated Vinnie Stone in the corner and applied a crushing choke hold. With Stone down, Bulldozer once again leveled Arcadian. Dozer chops Rumsky with great force. Arcadian recovers, grabs Bulldozer and sets him up for Rumsky's super kick. Rumsky swings his foot, Bulldozer ducks, and plants it squarely in Arcadian's mush. Arcadian goes over the top rope and is eliminated.

Bulldozer is slow and methodical in the ring. He knocks Rumsky into the corner then does a backward flip into the fallen Rumsky. Vinnie Stone is still out in the corner. Gentleman Joe does his best to paint brush Stone. However that just gets him to stir.

The three battle inside the ring. Bulldozer goes to give a double clothesline to the opponents, but they pull the top rope down and he goes over, but does not hit the floor. Rumsky follows onto the apron. Vinnie Stone is up in the middle of the ring and he spears the big man onto the floor. The winners, Team La Lucha!

Arcadian comes back out to join the victorious Stone and Rumsky. Arcadian is not happy with being kicked out by Rumsky and Vinnie Stone tries to cool everyone down. Vinnie raises his partners' hands. Arcadian is still unfazed but then relents. He raises Rumsky's hand and everything is forgiven.

Justin Sane versus...

Before Justin Sane goes into the ring, a backstage video is shown. Ring Announcer/Backstage Interviewer Trapper Tom is asking Justin a couple of questions, when Sane is attacked from behind. The shadowy, robed figure is not identified.

Justin Sane comes to the ring, coddling a baby doll last seen earlier this year when he was feuding with Shane Starr. He calls the baby doll Luna Tic. Justin hits the ring and wants to know who he opponent is.

With that, the mysterious Mayor Mystery appears from the locker room along with Pittsburgh professional wrestling legend Lord Zoltan!

Zoltan, hailing from Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, slowly makes his way to the ring. Usually unflappable inside the squared circle, Justin Sane is immediately taken off of his game by Zoltan.

Zoltan leads Justin Sane into the corner. Justin recovers, flips Zoltan to the mat. He bails to the outside. Lord Zoltan gets back inside and slaps an arm bar on Justin Sane. Justin reverses it and puts the move on Zoltan.

Mayor Mystery distracts the referee and Lord Zoltan gets tape from his wrist and wraps it around Justin's neck. Once Justin is down, Zoltan gets up and distracts the referee. That allows Mayor Mystery to wrap Justin with his walking cane. The two—Zoltan and Mystery—take turns pummeling Justin with the tap and the cane. The abuse is relentless but Zoltan doesn't go for the pin. He's out to injure Justin.

Lord Zoltan bites Sane's forehead. Before that, Mystery tenderized Justin's ribs with the cane. Zoltan steps on Justin's neck. Justin is not able to get much in the way of offense in because the duo of Zoltan and Mystery choke, jab and prod Justin with uncommon regularity, despite the vocal objections of the fans. The fans scream for their hero, Justin Sane. The crowd reaction is incredible as Zoltan continues to keep Justin at bay.

Zoltan chokes Justin with the tape over and over again. Somehow Justin gets out of that predicament and lands a cross body block that has the crowd energized. The fans shout “Justin, Justin.”

Unfortunately, Lord Zoltan once again attacks Justin by largely dastardly means and chokes him. The referee doesn't see the choke and raises Justin's hand one, two, three times and the Megastar cannot respond. The winner of the match is Lord Zoltan. Zoltan won't let go of the choke hold. Mayor Mystery enters the ring and pulls his charge off of Sane. But Zoltan goes right back to the move. The referee has had enough and calls for a reversal. The winner of the match is Justin Sane!

Golden Triangle Championship: Kris Kash defends against Big Mike Malachi

Kris Kash goes straight for Malachi's oft-injured knees. Malachi shrugs off those advances and clobbers Kash with his ham fists. Kash goes down. Kash is back up and he's met with a double sledge shot. Kash is literally down nearly 150 lbs to Malachi, the rampaging Irish Bear. Malachi follows u with a chop. A boot and a belly-to-belly suplex. Malachi chokes and stomps Kash.

Malachi is attacking unabated. He slaps on the Master Lock then slams the Golden Triangle Champion to the ground. Kash kicks up at two. Malachi rests a boot over Kash's neck.

Malachi goes to ram Kash into the corner, but Kash somehow flips out of the corner and onto Malachi. The fans go crazy.

Kash, with reserves apparently from this feet, drop kicks Malachi. Malachi is down and Kash goes for a pin. Malachi tosses the much-smaller Kash nearly across the mat when he kicks out. Kash gets Malachi down in the corner and follows up with that swinging guillotine kick that lands right in Malachi's solarplexes. Malachi bails to the outside.

Kash leaps over the top rope onto Malachi. Referee Justin Smith starts to count both men out. Malachi is tossed in. Kash climbs to the middle ropes and lands a cross body block on Malachi. There's a two count.

Malachi is whipped into the corner. The force floors Malachi. Kash lands a leg drop. Kash then misses with a flip. The ref initiates another count-out. Both men are up. Malachi punches Kash and then grabs him for a side suplex. Then the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Ali Kaida, the Afghani Assault Weapon, is in the ring. He attacks both men. The match is declared a win for Kash, by disqualification.

Ali Kaida chases Kash into the back. Malachi, who is slow getting out of the ring, said that “It's on” between he and Kaida.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Blood Beast and Latin Assassin defend against VIPs

The VIPs—“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and “The Future” Shane Starr—are out first. Lou Martin grabs the microphone and takes a dig at a woman in the audience who wore and eye patch. The crowd is not on the VIP's side.

The Champions—Blood Beast and The Latin Assassin—come to the ring as the crowd builds in anticipation. Referee Justin Smith tries to get Frank Durso out of the ring. He does and the bell rings.

Latin starts with Starr and he latches onto the youngster with a headlock. Starr is able to get Latin into the corner. Latin counters with some wicked elbows. Latin pins Starr but he's up when Martin makes the save. Latin is still in control of Starr. KSWA Championship Shawn Blanchard arrives at ringside and stands next to Frank Durso, the advisor to the VIPs.

Latin tags Blood Beast and rakes Starr's eyes. Blood Beast slams Starr twice with thunderous power. Beast goes for the pin and Martin again breaks it up. Starr counters by raking Beast's eyes. Starr chops the Blood Beast. Beast surprises most in attendance when he drop kicks Starr out of his wrestling boots.

Martin sees that Starr is having trouble so he interferes. Martin punches Latin and puts a boot to his neck in the corner. Durso joins in on the attack from the apron. Referee Justin Smith is distracted as Durso chokes Latin in the center of the ring. Starr is in legally and he suplexes Latin. He follows that with a leg drop. He goes for a pin but the Blood Beast breaks it up.

Martin is tagged in. He clotheslines Latin and goes for a pin. Latin is up at two.

Martin pulls Latin into the corner where he slams his knees up against the corner posts.

Starr is tagged in and he tries to pin Latin. He's up at two.

At this time, Blanchard screams at Latin, reminding him that he was a member of the former VIP group. Latin said that that's not his life today. Martin attacks Blood Beast. At times it is four on two with the entire VIP entourage against Latin and Blood Beast.

Latin is tagged back in and the beating continues. There's a pin attempt but Latin is up at two. Starr chokes Latin.

Latin battles back and tags in the Blood Beast. His power levels both members of the VIPs. Beast goes to work on Starr's leg. Starr karate chops Beast below the belt for a quick advantage. Latin comes in and there is a thumpin' with all four men in the ring. Durso distracts the referee as Shawn Blanchard climbs into the ring and blasts Latin with a Spinebuster. Martin rolls over Latin and the referee turns around to see the pin. One, two, three and the VIPs are the new KSWA Tag Team Champions.

Afterward, Blood Beast and Latin Assassin exchange complex looks. Blood Beast goes to the locker room first, without Latin. The VIPs stand triumphant in the ring as they are pelted with balled up paper from the fans.