KSWA Returns To Bloomfield When Megastars Descend On Liedertafel

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
September 8, 2009

When the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance originated nine years ago, one of its primary stomping grounds was the Bloomfield neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. The “original home” of the KSWA, Bloomfield was a great venue for the KSWA and many in the promotion always wanted to return.

This Saturday, September 12, the KSWA returns to Bloomfield, to the Liedertafel at 410 S. Mathilda St., Pittsburgh, 15224.

After having his rematch spoiled by “King” Del Douglas last month at the Lawrenceville Moose, “The Prime Time Player” Anthony Alexander has asked, and received a rematch for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship currently held by “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard. Alexander had Blanchard on the ropes and seemed primed to recapture the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship when Douglas attacked from behind. Blanchard and Douglas hammered Alexander until rookie Mitch Napier raced to the ring to even up the odds. The rematch was thrown out and a Tag Team Match ensued. That was a match Napier and Alexander won.

Now, Alexander plans on getting his shot, free and clear of interference. Well, as much unencumbered activity as possible with VIP Advisor Frank Durso at ringside. Blanchard says not to worry, that he will continue to hold onto the KSWA Gold for as long as he wants.

In another interesting contest, VIP member “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin will face off against the Latin Assassin in singles competition. Last month the combatants were on separate sides of a match for the Tag Team Championship. Martin and his partner, VIP member “The Future” Shane Starr defeated Latin and Blood Beast for the titles. The VIPs have been trying to woo Latin back into the fold; however, the veteran has said repeatedly that he has no interest in rejoining the group. Will Martin, and Durso continue on their campaign for Latin's services?

After “tearing down the house” at the Moose last month, Justin Sane will once again face the mysterious Lord Zoltan. Zoltan inexplicably attacked Justin in an interview segment before the match, then used nefarious, illegal tactics during the matchup. Along with Mayor Mystery, Zoltan repeatedly choked Sane until rendered Justin unconscious. But then after the bell the assault continued and the referee reversed the decision. Now, Justin, a veteran, wants another shot at the long-time professional wrestling legend. This match could be the talk of the Liedertafel.

Meanwhile, competition has never been tougher for the Golden Triangle Championship. With champion Kris Kash taking on all comers, many Megastars feel this might be their opportunity to make a name for themselves in that division. That being said, KSWA Owner Bobby O has created a Fatal Four Way match to determine a Number One Contender for the Golden Triangle Championship. The match will include “King” Del Douglas, La Lucha, the Blood Beast and Big Mike Malachi.

All four men have added incentive to be a part of this match. Douglas held the Golden Triangle Championship for a week earlier this summer before losing it back to Kash. La Lucha should be back in action after being delayed by Gentleman Joe Perri last month. His Team La Lucha won a their contest even without the Mayor of Mexico City. Blood Beast is still reeling and angry since he and The Latin Assassin lost the tag team championship. Big Mike Malachi is eagerly awaiting his return to the KSWA ring because he hopes to see Ali Kaida once again. What better way for him to get his hands on Kaida than with the Golden Triangle Championship?

More matches are to be announced.

The KSWA Krazy Tour debuts at the Bloomfield Liedertafel this Saturday night, September 12 with a 7:30 bell time. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. For more information, go to www.kswa.net. Card subject to change.