Despite Disadvantage, Kash Prevails At First Ferraro Memorial Tournament In Sharpsburg

November 17, 2013
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Before one of the most eager and enthusiastic crowds in recent times, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) honored the memory of a well-known businessman, family man, wrestling fan and all-around beloved member of the community. Family—friends all—of Mario Ferraro, Sr., packed the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department in record numbers. With that kind of atmosphere, all of the participants in the Memorial Tournament looked forward to bringing home the coveted prize. In addition, Sharpsburg’s favorite “Future” also picked a familiar “partner” to take on the KSWA World Champion.

Mario Ferraro, Sr., Memorial Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Justin Sane v. Shawn Blanchard

Justin Sane enters the ring and is met by “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard. The bell rings and Sane gets the crowd involved by clapping. Blanchard gets Sane down and then shows off his muscles. Sane is up and ready to meet his frequent foe. Referee Justin Smith circles the ring as Sane grabs Blanchard by the wrist. Sane gets Blanchard down and works on his left arm. Blanchard makes his way back to his feet as Sane climbs to the top rope. Justin drops an elbow on Blanchard’s arm and gets him down. The crowd claps in appreciation. Sane holds onto Blanchard’s arm and wraps it over the top rope. Blanchard pokes Sane in the eye and that’s enough to distract him. Blanchard climbs to the top corner post but Sane catches him and vaults him over. Blanchard, the wily veteran, gets control of the match and keeps Sane down. Blanchard digs at Sane’s eyes and drops him to the mat. A knee to the midsection—or lower—continues to keep Sane grounded. Blanchard punches Sane in the midsection. Blanchard gets Sane into the sleeper hold and says “Night, Night, Justin.” Smith checks Sane’s arm. At two, Sane recovers. Blanchard keeps Sane down for a two-and-a-half count. Blanchard rams Justin’s head into the turnbuckle by the Crazy Man rebounds and posts Blanchard to all four corners. Sane climbs to the top corner post for the Frog Splash. Blanchard gets his knees up and plants them into Sane’s midsection. A DDT follows and Blanchard advances to the Semi Finals.

Mario Ferraro, Sr., Memorial Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Kaida v. The Blood Beast

The two behemoths connect with shoulder blocks in the center of the ring a number of times. Kaida attempts to bodyslam the Beast but it’s blocked. Beast slams Kaida instead. Blood Beast distracts the ref and buries his boot into Kaida’s head. Beast punches Kaida in the corner. Beast goes to splash Kaida but misses. Kaida grabs Beast and suplexes him over his head. The fans chant, “One More Time” and before he could do it, Beast rolls to the outside. Beast pushes Kaida into the ropes and gives him a big boot. Two count is registered. Beast continues the assault on Kaida before the Afghani pulls the top rope and Beast spills over to the outside. Beast clocks Kaida with a right hand and drops him. Kaida falls to the outside. They brawl on the outside. A double count out is recorded and neither Megastar advances to the Semi Finals.

Mario Ferraro, Sr., Memorial Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Del Douglas v. Kris Kash

King Douglas tries to get a chant of his name going. That doesn’t work. Kash and Douglas trade chops. Out of nowhere, Kash suddenly drops Douglas with Whisper in the Wind and wins, surprisingly, at the one-minute mark.

Mario Ferraro, Sr., Memorial Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Jester v. Nick Crane

This is the last of the quarterfinal matches. Referee Justin Smith checks both men. The bell rings and Jester does a Cart Wheel. That astounds “Canada’s National Treasure.” They lock up and Nick pushes the green-face-painted Jester into the corner. They get out of that move and Jester gets Crane into the corner. Jester prances around and then tries to knock Crane down with a shoulder block. Jester chases Nick around and gains advantage, largely due to his unorthodox behavior. Crane gets advantage with chops and flips Jester over. Crane gets Jester into a rear chin lock. Crane continues to have advantage over Jester and keeps on the mat. Then they trade chops, and then punches. Crane is down and Jester is ready for him. Jester kicks Crane in the mush. Jester climbs to the top and lands a perfect splash on Crane. Jester gets the win and advances to the Semi Finals. Jester Cart Wheels his way to the locker room.

Lord Zoltan v. Sniper

Lord Zoltan dances with everyone in the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department. Once in the ring, Zoltan gets a “USA” chant started. Referee Justin Smith calls for the bell and the long-time opponents check each other out. Zoltan gets a “Sniper Sucks” chant started from the ring apron. Zoltan climbs back into the ring and the two Megastars circle the ring. They lock up and Zoltan forces Sniper into a corner. He breaks the hold and the two once again lock up. They break it again and circle one another. Zoltan grabs Sniper’s left wrist and works the arm. Zoltan hammers away on the appendage. Zoltan asks the crowd whether he should continue the move and answers it himself with “Yes.” Zoltan forces Sniper down and continues to work the arm. Zoltan gets Sniper into the corner and Sniper uses dirty tactics to get out of the hold. Sniper gets Zoltan down into the ropes and bounces his throat up and down. Referee Smith forces Sniper to break the hold. Zoltan is on the apron as Sniper continues the assault. He breaks the offense and then resumes it. Sniper rakes Zoltan’s eyes and Smith tells him about it. Sniper buries his shoulder into Zoltan’s midsection. Zoltan is whipped into the corner and Sniper misses a splash. Zoltan tries to roll him up but only gets a two-count. Zoltan knocks Sniper down and gets a three count. The winner of the special attraction match is Lord Zoltan!

Mario Ferraro Sr. Semi Finals: The Jester v. Kris Kash

Kash whips Jester over from a wrist lock and then wraps it over the top rope. Kash drop kicks The Jester down and out onto the floor. Once back inside, Jester gains control. Jester drapes Kash’s throat over the top rope. Jester has Kash on the mat and there’s a two count. Kash battles up by punching Jester in the stomach. Jester regroups, knocks Kash to the mat and drapes his throat over the bottom rope. Jester tosses Kash into the corner then splashes him, back-first. Jester throws Kash into the corner; he climbs the second rope and splashes onto him. Both Megastars are down. Referee Justin Smith counts to eight before they get up. Kash tosses Jester into the corner then tilt-a-whirl kicks him. Jester recovers and T-Bone suplexes Kash but only gets a two-count. Jester goes to power bomb Kash but he kicks out. Kash drops Jester and gets the win. Kash advances to face Blanchard in the finals.

“Pick Your Partner” Tag Team Match

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin picks fellow member of the VIPs and one-half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions—Tyler Cross—and Shane Starr picks Mr. Puniverse Bob Atlas (along with their manager for the evening Bobby O) for this tag team match up. Martin challenges Bobby O to cross the belt for a whoppin’. O repeatedly crosses it to only anger Martin. He eventually bails. As Special Guest Referee Gentleman Joe Perri counts Lou out, the Champ rolls into the ring, then back out. It takes more than a full minute before the VIPs get situated on the apron. Shane Starr almost immediately locks in the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter on Martin before he bails and tags in Cross. He tries to level Starr but Starr’s power overwhelms the tag team champion. Starr is in full control and keeps Cross in his corner until Mr. Puniverse is tagged in. Puniverse has offense before tagging Starr back in. Starr suplexes Cross then tags in Puniverse. Atlas, who has returned after the KSWA after a lengthy injury, is rusty and attacked immediately by both members of the VIPs. Martin is tagged back in and he suplexes Atlas near his corner but not close enough. The fans chant for Puniverse. Martin continues to dig at Atlas. Martin throws a hay maker at Starr and that’s enough to anger the Golden Triangle Champion. The VIPs double team Atlas before Cross is officially tagged in. Cross tags in Martin, who goes to work on Atlas in his corner. Starr calls for Atlas but Martin clotheslines and leg-drops Atlas. Martin tags Cross back in. There’s a right hand onto Atlas as Starr shouts encouragement. Martin distracts Perri as Cross attacks Atlas on the apron. Martin bents Atlas over his shoulder. Starr is tagged in and he goes to work on both opponents. He pounds Martin in the head 10 times before Cross breaks it up. Cross gets Starr down. A battered Atlas gets into the ring and kicks Cross all four Megastars are in the ring. Martin tosses Atlas to the outside. Starr tosses Cross. The FanFest opponents are left alone. Martin kicks Starr in the gut, delivers the Death Certificate and scores a victory for his team. The Sharpsburg fans are stunned.

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Finals

Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard

Kash makes his way to the ring, followed by Blanchard. Kash makes his way to the ring holding his ribs after hard-fought matches with The King Del Douglas and The Jester. Blanchard had a significantly easier row to hoe, after Kaida and Blood Beast had a Double Count Out. Blanchard defeated Justin Sane and received a bye. Blanchard appears to have a foreign object of some sort in his right hand from the outset. Blanchard is in full control of the early match. Kash is down and Blanchard digs at the challenger’s face. Blanchard pulls Kash up and smashes him in the throat and forehead with the object. Blanchard administers a series of lefts into Kash’s already-smarting ribs. Blanchard tosses Kash to the outside. Blanchard he beats him about then tosses him back in. Blanchard rips Kash’s shirt off and blasts him with chops. Kash lowers Blanchard’s straps and lights him up with chops. Kash sunset flips Blanchard and pulls down his tights, exposing a pretty pale posterior. The crowd laughs uproariously. Blanchard gives Kash a spinebuster all with an exposed buttocks. The crowd is beside itself. Blanchard pulls his tights up and continues the assault. Blanchard pulls Kash out to Mario Ferraro Jr. at ringside and mocks Kash. The offense continues on the outside. Referee Justin Smith allows a lot of leeway. Kash recovers and smashes Blanchard’s head into the apron repeatedly. Kash slams Blanchard’s head into the ring post. Kash climbs back in and to the top turnbuckle. Kash dives onto Blanchard. The referee allows all the extracurricular activity, knowing that the late Mario Ferraro Sr. enjoyed a good brawl. Kash tries to suplex Blanchard on the outside but The Enforcer blocks it. Blanchard then bodyslams Kash on the hard concrete floor. They get back in the ring and Blanchard continues the offense, this time working on Kash’s leg. Kash writhes on the mat in pain. Blanchard rams Kash’s leg around the ring post from the outside. Then Blanchard rams Kash—crotch first—into the ring post. Blanchard works on Kash’s legs as the referee looks on. Blanchard kicks Kash in the hamstring. Kash rolls Blanchard up and out of nowhere, gets the win. The standing room only crowd goes berserk.

Referee Justin Smith, now finished with Blanchard for the night, has two of Sharpsburg’s finest police officers escort Blanchard to the locker room. Mario Ferraro Sr.’s wife of 53 years, Grace, presents the Memorial Tournament award to Kris Kash in the center of the ring.

Thus concludes the Sharpsburg VFD fundraiser and Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament.