Douglas Reigns, Latin Assassinates, Blanchard Keeps Gold As KSWA Returns To Bloomfield

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
September 14, 2009

It had been five years since the KSWA returned to Bloomfield, a Pittsburgh city neighborhood best known for its “Little Italy” atmosphere. But on Saturday, September 12, a King made his royal mark, the Latin Assassin dispatched a VIP, and Shawn Blanchard kept the KSWA gold around his waist, thanks to a little help from his friend.

Fatal Four-Way: Del Douglas, Blood Beast, Mike Malachi and La Lucha

The evening began with a Fatal Four-Way match to determine who the Number One contender for the KSWA Golden Triangle Championship would be. “King” Del Douglas, Blood Beast, Big Mike Malachi and La Lucha were introduced. The match shaped up to be an interesting one, as Douglas been perhaps on the hottest streak out of the quartet, while Malachi has been dealing with the implosion of the International Thugs and an attack on him last month by the Afghani Assault Weapon, Ali Kaida. Blood Beast has been derailed by the loss of the tag team championship last month, and La Lucha has been struggling inside the squared circle.

It's arguable that any one of the contenders “needed” the win and the momentum. Douglas actually held the Golden Triangle Championship earlier in the summer for a week and he's been eager to get it back. Meanwhile, the other combatants certainly would like the opportunity as well.

All four started quickly as Big Mike Malachi and La Lucha got early leads. Blood Beast rallied early and went after La Lucha, while Malachi went after Douglas. Malachi and Douglas went on the outside, with Blood Beast and La Lucha on the inside.

Malachi picked Douglas up on the outside, via wedgie, and tossed him back in. The action continued inside until Douglas attempted to pin La Lucha, who kicked out at two. Blood Beast staggered Malachi with a big sidekick; however, the 295-pounder was able to withstand the blast. Douglas kicks La Lucha in the gut. Blood Beast clotheslines Douglas. Blood Beast puts his boot across Douglas' neck as the King is on the mat.

La Lucha started to climb the ropes when the bottom rope snapped from one of the corner posts. That made part of the ring inoperable. La Lucha did land his patented splashes from the corner onto Malachi but he was able to kick up at two.

Blood Beast knocked down Douglas and tried to pin him but the King kicked up at two. Malachi laid out La Lucha with a double sledge move. Beast was knocked down and Douglas tried to pin him but that was broken up.

Malachi hits La Lucha with a massive side suplex but the Mayor of Mexico City was able to kick up at two.

The two big men found themselves on the outside, and Douglas grabbed a still-woozy La Lucha into a front face lock, which readies his move, “Drop It Like It's Hot.” He landed the move and secured the victory.

The Winner and New Number One Contender For the Golden Triangle Championship: Del Douglas!

Handicap Match: Bulldozer and Great Toyota v. Joey Quervo

Bulldozer, Great Toyota and their manager, Gentleman Joe Perri hit the ring. Joey Quervo, all 155 lbs of Drunken Luchadore, made his way to the ring before realizing that he was up against both men, and giving away more than 300 lbs. Quervo attempted a quick getaway but he was blocked by his opponents. Bulldozer and Great Toyota double team Quervo.

Great Toyota is still “working” for Gentleman Joe Perri, who secretly obtained Toyota's work visa. In recent weeks and months, Toyota has sometimes worked with Perri's stable with trepidation, while other times he worked with his new partners with more willingly.

Toyota nearly pinned Quervo after a splash in the corner, but the martial arts great kicked up.

For a second time, Quervo tried to get away. This time he crawled under the ring in an attempt to get away, but his plan was quashed. The double team continues.

A third time, Quervo tries to get away and Bulldozer and Toyota follow him toward the back. Soon, Bulldozer is screaming, “Whoa! Whoa!” and backing away from the curtain. Alex Arcadian, who just as explosively returned last month, burst through the curtain. He goes after Bulldozer and Toyota, with Quervo in hot pursuit.

Referee Justin Smith asks for the microphone and declares the first match over. He says that KSWA Owner Bobby O has empowered the refs to make select matches and he is doing just that. He restarts the match as a tag team contest with Bulldozer and Great Toyota v. Joey Quervo and Alex Arcadian!

Bulldozer and Toyota stall on the outside. They ultimately come back in and find a rejuvenated Joey. Quervo goes after Toyota and superplexes his one-time partner. Arcadian is in and he too rings Toyota up with a suplex. He follows that with some slaps and chops. He tosses Toyota outside. Alex goes after Toyota but he is intercepted by Bulldozer who overpowers Arcadian. Bulldozer attempts to knock Arcadian over the top ropes, but Alex pulls the top rope down and Bulldozer goes over top. He holds onto the rope and lands on the apron. After several attempts, Bulldozer is knocked to the floor, along with Toyota. Arcadian hoists Joey into a gorilla press and tosses him onto the duo.

Arcadian then gets on the apron and launches himself onto the trio. Arcadian chases Joe Perri who threatens to get involved.

Everyone is on the outside. Arcadian fights Bulldozer, but the Dozer overpowers him again. They get back into the ring and Arcadian tries to knock down Bulldozer with a series of clotheslines. The third time, Bulldozer returns the favor and rocks Arcadian with a heinous clothesline. He follows that up with some very heavy shots.

Toyota is tagged back in. The duo double teams Arcadian. Soon Arcadian is seeing stars as a result of the onslaught. Bulldozer's back elbow crushes the already-foggy Arcadian. Alex does instinctively go for a sunset flip, but Bulldozer is simply too large and he plants himself on Arcadian's neck. Quervo can only look on as Perri's duo pounds Arcadian.

Bulldozer attempts a splash but misses. Arcadian tries to get to his corner. He makes it. A fresh Joey Quervo is on fire.

Joey lands a big elbow on Great Toyota but referee Justin Smith is distracted by Perri. The count could easily be 15 seconds, but Bulldozer makes the save and puts his boot into Quervo's head.

All four men are in the ring. Arcadian is dispatched. Bulldozer picks up Quervo and Great Toyota flies off the top rope and clotheslines Quervo. Bulldozer, the legal man, holds him down for the count.

Post match: Great Toyota and Bulldozer celebrate while Joey Quervo and Alex Arcadian regroup.

Tag Team Grudge Match: Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone take on Biker Al and Bobby Badfingers, w/Joe Perri

Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone start with a collar and elbow tie up. Vinnie gets Bobby in the corner. It's broken up. They go at it again in the center of the ring. Same result.

They go for a test of strength with Vinnie Starting. Bobby comes back and cheats. He gets Vinnie in a headlock. It's broken up. They go for it again. Vinnie converts it into an arm-bar. Bobby makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. Rumsky from the apron admonishes Badfingers with “You're such a girl.” Fans at ringside heard the chide and laugh.

Vinnie lands some European uppercuts on Badfingers. Bobby hits the mat for a pin attempt but he's up at two. Vinnie pushes Bobby near Rumsky in the corner and hyper Megastar tags himself in. Rumsky with an arm bar on Bobby. A kick knocks Badfingers to the mat. Biker Al is tagged in. Rumsky is hit below the belt and he falls to the mat, writhing in pain. Al hits Rumsky with a leg drop. Rumsky is up at 2 ½. Al bodyslams Rumsky with authority.

Bobby is back in. He hits a side slam on Rumsky. Ric is up at two. Rumsky's neck is draped over the top rope. Rumsky is hit with a boot. Al is back in. He hits Rumsky with a Bulldog. Two count again.

Rumsky gets back some momentum and hits Biker Al in the corner with a knees-first splash. Both are down in the middle of the ring.

Referee Jimmy James is distracted in the corner by Vinnie Stone. A double team on Rumsky continues. Badfingers hits Rumsky below the belt.

Biker Al works on Rumsky's ankle while Jimmy James is distracted. Out of nowhere, Rumsky hits Bobby Badfingers with a superkick. Vinnie Stone and Biker Al are tagged in together. It's a slugfest. Vinnie lands European uppercuts and chops. There's a massive double-clothesline in the center of the ring that falls both Badfingers and Stone. Stone, the fresher of the two, gets up and waits for a spear. He lands it. Bobby goes down for the one, two, three.

Winners: Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone.

Justin Sane v. Lord Zoltan

This Return Match from When World's Collide was ordered by KSWA Owner Bobby O because Zoltan won the match, certainly by suspect means; however, the ruling in the ring was reversed by Jimmy James when Zoltan wouldn't stop beating Justin after the match.

This time, with Mayor Mystery away, Zoltan opened up his check book and hired VIP Advisor Frank Durso to accompany him to the ring.

Lord Zoltan goes after fans at ringside verbally. There's a slow start to the match as both veterans feel each other out. Lord Zoltan grabs Justin in an arm bar. Justin, a cagey veteran in his own right, reverse the move. Zoltan gets control of the move back and he rains blows on Justin and knocks him down. Justin gets back up.

Zoltan gets Justin in a headlock, but he gets out of it. In a rare and unexpected move, Justin Sane climbs to the outside and sits with fans. Zoltan runs the ropes like a man possessed.

Durso sneaks up on Justin and attacks him. Referee Justin Smith, who can be distracted by the interior light in a refrigerator, is pulled away from the action Durso gouges, punches and at one point bites Justin Sane.

Justin is thrown back inside where he is met with a Zoltan clothesline. Zoltan gets on top of Justin and proceeds to choke him with wrist tape he pulls off. Zoltan bites and gouges the eyes of Justin. Durso distracts the ref as more choking commences. Lord Zoltan misses with a clothesline and Justin lands a splash. Justin goes for a sunset flip and tosses Zoltan over.

Durso attacks Justin from the outside while Zoltan regroups. Justin is rolled back in. Justin goes for a splash but he is met by Zoltan's knees to the ribs. Zoltan goes to unfamiliar territory—the top rope—where Justin meets him there. He tosses Zoltan to the mat. Justin goes for his move—Shock Therapy—but he misses it at the last moment. Zoltan picks up the pieces and connects on a Piledriver and gets the win in the center of the ring.

Post Match: Durso and Zoltan celebrate.

During intermission, KSWA Owner Bobby O and Big Mike Malachi are seen conversing away from the action. When approached about what the unlikely confab might be about, both men refused comment. Malachi, who was surprised by an attacking Ali Kaida at When World's Collide, has been seen talking with Megastars who have been in the “other” locker room.

Lou Martin v. Latin Assassin

Before this match gets started, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin gets into a verbal altercation with Andy, an official with the Liedertafel, where the event was taking place. Before you knew it, Martin hauled the slight gentleman over the bar. Patrons and staffers alike were in shock.

Martin tosses Andy into the ring where he could do more damage. Before long, the Latin Assassin arrived on the scene to make the save. Soon, Latin was guiding Andy into two double-clothelines on Martin. Martin regroups and smashes Andy and tosses him to the outside where two friends help him to the back.

Latin lies in wait and takes early advantage of Martin. Latin gets him in an arm bar and swings him into a pinning predicament but Martin escapes.

Latin asks the fans if they want him to rip Martin's arm off. They shout “yes!” But Martin gets some momentum instead. Latin is tossed out into the waiting clutches of Durso. Justin Smith is distracted by Lou Martin as the infraction continues. Martin goes outside and puts some hurting on Latin of his own. He pushes the Assassin back in for a two-count. Martin puts a knee in Latin's back. Latin powers out. He maneuvers Martin around into the position for a face plant. He lands it. Both men are slow in getting up.

The combatants get up and trade punches in the center of the ring. Martin goes down. Latin goes for a pin, and Lou is up at two.

Latin gets the fans clapping. Durso grabs Martin's trusty baseball bat. Latin goes to the top and hits an elbow off the top rope. There's a two-count. Martin takes the opportunity to poke Latin in the eye. Latin falls into the ropes where Durso cranks him in the forehead with the wooden bat. Justin Smith is of course, distracted.

Martin attacks and chokes Latin. Lou Martin goes for an elbow of his own off the top rope. A two count.

Both men are up slowly. They trade punches. Latin blocks a punch. He hits Martin with a series of rights. Both men fall down. Martin gets up first and attempts a Death Certificate. Latin flips Martin over his back. Latin tosses Martin into the ropes and hits his Flying Lariat for the one, two, three.

The Winner: The Latin Assassin. Both are slow in getting up. Latin tosses Lou through the middle ropes and celebrates.

Golden Triangle Championship: Mitch Napier vs. Kris Kash

It's announced that the KSWA is about opportunity and Mitch Napier is getting this shot as a rookie.

The two are introduced, both to rousing ovations. They shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Mitch surprises Kash with a series of amateur moves. A collegiate star in the Midwest, Mitch came to the KSWA from Sioux Falls, Iowa because of opportunity.

There's fast action throughout this match because these wrestlers are clearly the quickest in the Megastar locker room. After some of that high-flying, Mitch goes to the ground game.

Kash goes for a leg. Mitch ties Kash up. Mitch proceeds to tie Kash up unlike any Megastar has before; however, Kash is able to get some moves of his own.

Mitch hits Kash with a suplex and gets him into a submission move, but after a few moments, Kris is able to roll Napier over. Another suplex on Kash follows. Kash regroups and drop kicks Mitch. Kash lands some punches. He gets Mitch down and lands his signature swinging drop kick in the corner. Mitch is down for two.

Kash goes for a suplex but Napier blocks it. Mitch slingshot suplexes Kash into the top rope, but leaves him hanging on the apron. Both go over onto the floor. Kash tosses himself ontop of Napier. He rains blows on his opponent.

Back inside, Mitch flips Kash. He's up at two. Mitch gets Kash in the corner and lands a splash. Kash rolls Napier into a school boy but can't hold on. Kash flips out of the corner. Mitch is up at two.

Kash gets Napier down, and he lands his move—the Kash Drop—and gets the clean win.

Post Match: both men celebrate together.

KSWA Heavyweight Title Match: Anthony Alexander v. Shawn Blanchard

This match has been sanctioned No Disqualification. No Count Out. Falls Count Anywhere. Both men make their way to the ring, KSWA Champion Blanchard with VIP Advisor and KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso. Blanchard mouths off to the crowd, Alexander scares him by stomping on the mat.

The opponents clinch into a collar and elbow tie up. Blanchard is pushed into the corner. He protests. Blanchard tries to lure Alexander with a test of strength. Double-A goes for the challenge but gets kicked in the abs for his trouble. Their fingers are still locked. Alexander powers up. He gets Shawn's hands down on the mat, Alexander promptly stomps them. Blanchard bails to the outside.

Blanchard gets Alexander into the corner. More knees to the midsection. Alexander reverses the momentum and puts his foot in Blanchard's throat. Alexander whips Blanchard into the corner and he bounces out and onto the mat. Alexander nearly gets a pinfall but Blanchard is up at two.

Blanchard is tossed pillar-to-post. Blanchard's head is rammed into the turnbuckle ten times. Blanchard falls. Alexander goes for the pin. Blanchard is up at two.

Blanchard, a 5-time Champion with a wealth of experience, gets up and clotheslines Alexander.

Frank Durso clobbers Double-A in the belly. Blanchard suplexes Alexander. He goes for a cover but Alexander powers out with authority at two.

Blanchard keeps momentum on his side with a back elbow. Blanchard drops his knee on Alexander's forehead. Double-A is up at two. Blanchard starts working on the knee, perhaps setting him up for the figure four leg lock. After a few more minutes of focusing on the knee and leg, Blanchard applies the figure four. Alexander screams in pain. He tries to rally the fans on his behalf.

Alexander falls onto the mat and he is nearly counted out. Alexander pumps up his intestinal fortitude and he grabs Blanchard by the throat. That breaks the hold. Alexander hits Blanchard with a choke slam.

Blanchard kicks up at 2 ¾.

Blanchard slaps on the sleeper hold. He nearly puts Anthony out. The ref goes for the three count with Alexander's right hand, but on three, he responds. Alexander starts to rally. Out of nowhere he hits a neck breaker on Blanchard. Both men are down.

They get up. Blanchard punches Double-A who powers up. He stops the onslaught and hits Blanchard with a big boot and a leg drop. Blanchard is up at two. Alexander readies for his Prime Time Cancellation and hits it! Blanchard is down! Lou Martin races on the scene and blasts Alexander with a baseball bat. He rolls Blanchard over onto Alexander and the ref counts 1, 2, 3. The winner and still KSWA Champion: Shawn Blanchard.

Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and Frank Durso celebrate. Alexander wakes up and staggers to the back.