Top 35 Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Megastars Of All Time: 35-31

August 6, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In more than 14 years, Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has featured more than 100 wrestlers in more than 170 events. Since its debut on February 18, 2000 the KSWA has provided countless opportunities for all its wrestlers—nicknamed Megastars—and a large majority of them have blossomed with the chance.

This is the first is a series of articles focusing on the Top 35 KSWA Megastars Of All Time. The number was paired down from an initial list of 54. Some decorated champions were omitted from subsequent drafts. The final list takes into consideration overall success (championship and otherwise), recent success, longevity, impact on the organization—and in some cases—historical and/or cultural significance.

The 35th Top KSWA Megastar of All Time to step into the squared circle has never held a title. In fact, he’s only accumulated a 3-2 record in various matchups; however, most of his matches have been memorable or have some degree of promotional importance. His first match was a tag team showdown in 2005 that he and partner “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin came out on top. In 2007 he helmed a team that won the first round competition and the finals of the only “Captain’s Series.” Long feuding with the VIPs, he was part of a four-man team (along with Shane Starr, Kris Kash and Justin Smith) that was bested by Martin, Shawn Blanchard, Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross. And on July 13, 2013, the native Pittsburgher took part in what was arguably the most important wrestling match in KSWA history up to that time. He lost control of Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization that day but earned his stripes for heart and valor. He is the owner of the KSWA, Bobby O.

The 34th Top KSWA Megastar of All Time debuted in 2002 with a tag team loss, as he and one-time Megastar Jake Garrett lost out to Sexual Harassment. Interestingly, his first win was a in a “Hair/Slave” match with “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo in 2003. He won a Tag Team Battle Royal during the very first match at the KSWA Arena on August 14, 2004. With the win he was able to pick a World Tag Team Championship partner of his choice. He chose wisely: La Lucha. The unlikely duo would hold onto the straps for about 9 months. The Sturgis, South Dakota resident would later team with his “Cousin” Vinnie Stone during another World Tag Team title run in 2008. Of course that ended up being a rouse, as he would later turn on Stone. His most prominent run was as a power-hungry Kommissioner for the KSWA. He would be a prominent Megastar for many of the organization’s years. There was also a legendary story that when the KSWA Megastars had poster, it was believed that this Megastar’s likeness was posted in an Iraq troop barracks. His last match was a Handicap Match loss to The Blood Beast in 2011. He is Biker Al.

The 33rd Top KSWA Megastar of All Time is a real and true crowd-pleaser. He was in a Triple Threat Match for what was then the Pittsburgh Title on January 19, 2002. He and The Great Toyota lost to Shane O’Shea at the Bloomfield VFW. He would later go on to defeat the Great Toyota and become the last Pittsburgh Champion. He was also the last KSWA International Champion in 2003. Those two belts were to become the Tri-State Championship and he would be first to hold that belt. On August 14, 2004 he would defeat “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard for the Tri-State Championship and would hold onto that title until he entered into his first retirement in 2006. Injuries would pile up, and the 369 lb. wrestler "from every girl's dream" would experience long stretches on the shelf. Had he had a halted career, he would assuredly be higher on the list. But he returned in 2013 and continues to dance his way into the Krazies’ collective heart. He is “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas.

The 32nd Top KSWA Megastar of All Time could have been a contender. Not many Megastars have made their debut at FanFest, but this Megastar did, in the first match of the evening. His first win would come in a one-on-one contest with Ric Rumsky, a wrestler he would become adroitly familiar, in February 2008. Blessed with a muscular physique and technical prowess, he would quickly rise up the ranks of the Championship Committee. On May 3, 2008 he had a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship but lost to “Big” Mike Malachi. On September 13, 2008, at “A Night For Kody” fundraiser, this Megastar and Rumsky won the vaunted KSWA World Tag Team Championship, only to have Kommissioner Biker Al pull some shenanigans and get a quick win with Vinnie Stone. In the biggest Single’s victory of his career, the Yuma, Arizona native would best The Latin Assassin in a one-on-one contest in October, 2008. He nearly beat Lou Martin in the finals of the 2009 Joe Abby Memorial Tournament. Injuries hampered his ascent and his last match was in November, 2011. Most observers say he could have been a KSWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is Alex Arcadian.

The 31st Top KSWA Megastar of All Time has had a long and illustrious career as an independent professional wrestler, but he is relatively new to the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. He began his association with the KSWA in that first year in a feud with Kingdom James. He would defeat James on August 4, 2000 and then not lace up his boots in Pittsburgh’s promotion again until the Paul Scuillo Memorial Wrestling Event on September 4, 2010. There he joined longtime comrade Lord Zoltan against Doink the Clown and Dominic DeNucci. Since that time, he has been a consistent performer, wrestling in singles matches, tag team contests, 6-man matchups, whatever. When he hasn’t been trying to rid the wrestling world of Party Gras, “Canada’s National Treasure” and his Mercenary partner-in-crime, Sniper, have been knocking on the door step of the KSWA World Tag Team Championships for months, and so far the prize has eluded them. He also gave KSWA World Champion Shane Starr a run for his money earlier this year. Had he been in the KSWA most of these past 14 years, he certainly would rank higher on the list. He is “Nasty” Nick Crane.

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