The Top 35 KSWA Megastars Of All Time Shoots For The Starr At #8

August 29, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The 8th Top KSWA Megastar of All Time is Keystone State Wrestling Alliance through-and-through. He began his KSWA career by losing his first match to Kris Kash on January 14, 2006. It was a dream-come-through for the upstart. He and his long-time friend trained together with the sole purpose of being impact players in their hometown wrestling federation. All they had to do was wait until they turned 18 to get into the ring.

This Megastar-in-the-making won some and lost some that first year (as almost all rookies do). In his first of many matches of note, at WrestleRock on July 22, 2006 he defeated Zero in the first round of the Kruiserweight Cup Tournament. He would lose to Joey Quervo in the second round the following month.

In early 2007, he would turn his back on his “Lost Boys” tag team partner Kash and in a fleet of fancy, join the VIPs, as Shawn Blanchard’s first understudy. Throughout the year he’d feud with Kash and a fan-friendly Lou Martin. On December 1, 2007 he would defeat Martin in a strap match during FanFest. The next FanFest, he would lose to Justin Sane in a famed “Hair versus Hair” match that watched a glorious head of black hair get shaved and fall to the mat. A standing-room-only crowd was stunned as his hair was cut.

He would battle for the KSWA World Title and Golden Triangle belt before winning the Tag Team belts with now-fan-berating Lou Martin by beating The Latin Assassin and Blood Beast on August 29, 2009. They would lose the straps in their very first defeat. This Megastar was later and unceremoniously kicked out of the VIPs in January 2010. He was later saved in a beat down by none-other-than Kris Kash. They would win the tag team belts in June, 2010, only to lose them to the VIPs. He would win the Jr. Heavyweight Belt on December 3, 2011 and lose it before winning the coveted Golden Triangle Championship on September 14, 2012.

He would never lose the Golden Triangle title, but would—like a champion—relinquish it so someone else may live their dream, after winning the KSWA World Heavyweight Title from Martin on December 7, 2013. He has continually performed as a winner, successfully defending the state’s top wrestling prize against a litany of the KSWA’s top Megastars. In a time in which the KSWA has needed a “face” of the “new era,” the Championship Committee has looked his way.

Over the years he has been advocate for raising money for community fundraisers like Guyasuta Youth Football, the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department and PA Connecting Communities. He has epitomized the heroic beacon of opportunity that has always set the KSWA apart. He is Shane Starr.

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