KSWA Top 35 Megastars Of All Time Returns To Get A “Big” Charge At #2

September 4, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Number 2 Top KSWA Megastar of All Time could have easily drifted off into oblivion. For more than a decade he had been one of the biggest, sometimes baddest wrestlers on the card.

He won the KSWA Golden Triangle Championship just after Justin Sane was victorious in a Battle Royal for the prize on August 26, 2000. Sane won the Battle Royal and this Megastar upset him for the belt. He would lose it back to Sane in less than a month.

He would unsuccessfully challenge Shawn Blanchard for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship title defenses on January 26, 2001. He would also unsuccessfully challenge Tommy Faime for the same belt on January 22, 2002. On November 9, 2002 the third time was the charm as he won the KSWA championship off of Blanchard.

Throughout 2003 he would tag with Faime more than defend the championship. In fact, he and Faime won the KSWA tag team championship from JT Rogers and “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas, who was subbing for an absent Eric Extasy. They would immediately—the same day—lose the belts to The Tri-Chi's QB Blitzz & Sam "The Hammer" Slej.

He successfully defended the KSWA World title against Faime on October 4, 2003. On January 24, 2004 he would lose the strap to Lou Martin. Also in 2004 he would suffer a knee injury that would sideline him for nearly a year. It wasn’t until February 19, 2005 this Megastar would return to face Faime in a Gauntlet match. While he didn’t win, the appearance signified his return. He would run the table and win every match he was in for the rest of 2005, including a $10,000 Battle Royal win at FanFest 2005. Later that same evening he would win the Tri-State Championship from The Latin Assassin.

He would successfully defend once and participate in a no-contest finish before losing the belt back to The Latin Assassin on April 1, 2006. Around this time, manager “Gentleman” Joe Perri was tiring of an interview segment called “The Gentlemen’s Club.” He started making vague references to “IT.” Soon, “IT” was unveiled to be the International Thugs, a group of largely-disenfranchised Americans who instead take the mantle of angered and put-upon immigrants. Along with Ali Kaida and Bosco Baracus, this Megastar turned the KSWA tag team division on its ear. The trio soon became the most biggest, and physically most intimidating in the promotion’s history. This Megastar was 6’4” and 293, while Kaida stood 6” and 278, and Baracus was 6’ 245.

On September 15, 2006, the International Thugs defeated fan favorites La Lucha and Justin Sane in Millvale for the tag team championship. “IT” never really had an opportunity to dominate, as they were constantly booked in single’s, six-man and other gimmick matches. They would successfully defend nine times (some without this Megastar on the team). They would lose the straps to The Mexican Connection—La Lucha and Joey Quervo—at FanFest on December 1, 2007.

In 2008 he would return to his Single’s roots and defeat Lou Martin for the Golden Triangle Championship on February 23. He would successfully defend that title six times before La Lucha would defeat him at FanFest on December 6. (Editor’s note: This would be the 3rd FanFest in a row La Lucha would win some KSWA Gold.)

On September 26, 2009, this Megastar would help a man in his North Hills of Pittsburgh neighborhood who was fighting diabetes. The friend lost both legs to the disease. As a way of helping, the neighborhood united and a fundraiser was held. A world class Chinese Auction was assembled, and a then-record 409 fans bought tickets to a KSWA wrestling event. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were raised for the man, and in KSWA action, this Megastar put Lou Martin through a table in the Main Event. Thus would cement his return to being a fan favorite, instead of an Ireland-inhabiting villain. (There was a previous Clash against Cancer event in 2006 that also would assist his grandmother before her death a few years later.)

He would battle Ali Kaida in Strap and traditional matches. Throughout 2010, he would hear the taunts of a young Megastar that was bigger than he: the 411 lb. Bulldozer. They would battle in various ways, but on May 1, 2010, this wrestler would win in a Body Slam Match over Bulldozer. The KSWA Krazies, who had come back to his side in expected fashion, went wild over the move.

Next he would battle “Double-A” Anthony Alexander, who was now a member of the VIPs. Their feud would culminate at FanFest, December 4, 2010 in a Golden Triangle Title v. Career match. Alexander was so confident that would prevail, he put the strap on the line. This Megastar was also confident enough that he put the remainder of his career on the line. Alexander won, this Megastar left for good.

Not so fast.

Fifty three KSWA wrestling events came and went, as did three years, one month and seven days. At Battle Bowl on January 11, 2014, the 12th entrant was to make his arrival. Unfamiliar theme music confused the packed KSWA Arena. But once he strode through the curtain, one of the biggest, best moments in KSWA history occurred. Fans hopped up and down, others ran full-force at their hero. Then he would win Battle Bowl VI.

By his own admission, he was in better shape, healed from injuries and ready for action.

On May 31, 2014 the KSWA Tag Team Champions—Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross—made an open challenge to the locker room. They didn’t expect Big and Bigger. The 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre and this man. The match made the cover of the Wall Street Journal on June 20, 2014. It would also make the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Local Section on Independence Day, 2014. They would win the KSWA Tag Team Championship. This Megastar would be proudly displayed in pictures with both publications. He is “Big” Mike Malachi.

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