KSWA Top 35 Megastars Of All Time Gives A “Death Certificate” At #1

September 4, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Top KSWA Megastar of All Time is a former two-time Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion. He is also a four-time former KSWA World Tag Team Champion and a one-time Golden Triangle Champion.

His time as Golden Triangle Champion was in the organization’s early days, from November 18, 2000 to January 26, 2001.

He has held the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship longer than any other Megastar, at 1,533 days. In his five stints, Shawn Blanchard has held the most prestigious Single’s title in the Commonwealth a combined 1,174 days. This Megastar’s first reign—798 days—remains a record.

He would successfully defend the title nine times before losing it to Blanchard in a Triple Threat Match that also included Double-A Anthony Alexander on February 25, 2006.

His tag team legacy is also one of the most revered in the organization. He and Shawn Blanchard won the tag team tournament finals on May 20, 2000, thusly beating Justin Sane and The Great Toyota. They would lose in their first defense against Skippy Hawke and Bob Thomas. It would be about nine years before this Megastar and his new VIP co-hort, Shane Starr, would win tag team gold against The Latin Assassin and Blood Beast. They would almost immediately lose the belts to Vinnie Stone and Ric Rumsky, on September 18, 2009. The next day the original VIPs would suit up and win the KSWA Tag Team Championship. Less than one month later, in one of the most historical moments in the promotion’s history, Demolition Smash delivered a sidewalk slam to this Megastar and the WWF legends were your KSWA Tag Team Champions. That occurred on October 10, 2009.

He won the 2009 Joe Abby Memorial Tournament by defeating Alex Arcadian in the finals.

More than a year after losing the tag belts, on December 4, 2010, the VIPs would win the championship one more time. The next month, this Megastar would win Battle Bowl III. His use of the “opportunity” for KSWA Heavyweight gold would be of monumental importance.

On May 7, 2011, the VIPs would arrange for their “Advisor” Frank Durso to win the KSWA Golden Triangle Championship. KSWA Owner Bobby O would have none of the shenanigans and the match re-started. Bobby Badfingers would walk away with the win, despite the VIPs best intentions.

On July 2, 2011, the VIPs lost the tag team championship to Party Gras. He would continue to have strong matches against any and all comers from the locker room. Some of his better matches would come against Lord Zoltan. Those matchups would be a pre-cursor to this multi-time champion’s Heavyweight title run.On December 3, 2011 the KSWA welcomed more than 530 Krazies to FanFest. As was usually the case, the attendance record grew every FanFest. More than 250 fans were turned away from the sold-out show. In an early match, this wrestler took on and defeated Joey Quervo, all the while taunting a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Later in the evening, seconds after Mitch Napier scored the win the Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight title, this holder of the Battle Bowl opportunity swooped in and connected with a Death Certificate on Napier. He was the winner and new KSWA World Heavyweight Champion. The move was brilliant strategy and was detailed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

He would successfully defend the belt nine times and have riotously entertaining matches with Jack Massacre that would end in disqualification before losing a VIP tag team match against Kris Kash and Shane Starr before an enthusiastic PA Connecting Communities crowd.

His 10th title defense would be against Ric Rumky in a FanFest 2012 Main Event Strap match. Studio Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino and Dominic DeNucci were on hand for the festivities. This wrestler would defend three more times and have a disqualification end with Jack Massacre and a no-contest against Blanchard. On August 24, 2013 at the annual PA Connecting Communities fundraiser, he nearly lost to Lord Zoltan. The match was highly publicized as a chance for Zoltan to earn the most important Single’s belt in the Commonwealth. Zoltan would not win the gold.

Fortunes would change for the Megastar on September 13, 2013 when he lost a “Loser Wears A Chicken Suit Match” to Lord Zoltan at Millvale Days. The next day he worse the fowl attire with Blanchard against Party Gras.

It was at this moment many observers realized that the KSWA World Heavyweight Champion, albeit angry about wearing he suit, was versatile and flexible enough to make the situation work. The match was an instant classic.

On December 7, 2013, in a hotly-contested “Champion Against Champion” matchup, Battle Bowl winner and Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr put his cards on the table and challenged the KSWA World Heavyweight Champion. In front of another stellar FanFest crowd, Starr won the belt and sent this champion reeling, after 735 days.

At the 7th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament on March 29, 2014, he nearly defeated Lord Zoltan in the Main Event. He didn’t advance in the Golden Triangle Championship tournament (after Starr relinquished the belt) and he lost another “Loser Wears A Chicken Suit” match to Lord Zoltan. In true KSWA fashion, Owner Bobby O has forced this wrestler to wear the suit and take pictures with fans for charity.

He was featured in a Wall Street Journal story and video that was available to 2.6 million subscribers.

The Top KSWA Megastar of All Time is not the fastest, the strongest, the biggest or the baddest. His versatility has no peer anywhere in the professional wrestling industry. In his first Heavyweight Championship run, he was largely a fan favorite, loved by the Krazies. His second run was full-tilt VIP. Despite that, he makes personal appearances on behalf of the organization, whether he possess a championship title or not. He is “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin.

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