Record-Breaking Crowd Watches KSWA Drop Kick Diabetes Fundraiser, Malachi Homecoming

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
September 29, 2009

More than 400 ticket stubs were counted for on Saturday, September 26 as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance assisted a North Hills man in his battle against diabetes. The event began with KSWA Megastar Big Mike Malachi in his triumphant return to Pittsburgh's North Hills. Malachi had left the region behind and relocated to Belfast, Northern Ireland when he became a member of the International Thugs. He recently returned and counted this appearance as his official “welcome home.”

As Malachi entered the ring was thanking everyone for coming out, the VIPs-and Tag Team Champions “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin-as well as Shane Starr and their advisor Frank Durso hit the scene. They quickly went to work on Big Mike, and ultimately put him through a table in the middle of the ring. As horrified fans looked on, an EMT rushed to the ring and checked on the Megastar. After a few moments, Malachi was gingerly taken away. His Main Event match with Dr. Devastation Lou Martin was now in serious jeopardy.

“King” Del Douglas v. La Lucha

After the ring was cleared on an injured Malachi, and remnants of a smashed wooden table, “King” Del Douglas strutted to the ring. Right behind him, “The Mayor of Mexico City” La Lucha.

Douglas has been on a war path as of late, despite the fact that he was upset in his bid to win the King of Millvale Battle Royal. La Lucha has been in a prolonged losing streak, but the one-time KSWA World Champion is always looking to rebound.

Del went at his opponent right away with boots and fists. He followed that up with a body slam. Douglas went for a quick pin but La Lucha kicked out. Douglas slapped on the sharpshooter, but La Lucha reversed it.

The Mayor got some offense of his own and got a two-count from the referee. La Lucha followed that up with his infamous three splashes from the corner, but only got another two count on Douglas.

But the resilient Douglas got out of that predicament and out-of-nowhere hit La Lucha with his infamous “Drop It Like It's Hot” and recorded the victory.

Justin Sane v. “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard

Veteran Justin Sane gets a shot at Shawn Blanchard's KSWA Championship. Justin takes an early advantage, but Blanchard uses some dirty tactics to get momentum on his side. Blanchard hits Sane with three suplexes and goes for a pin. Sane kicks out at two. Blanchard uses some more offense before going for the pin. He shouts, “I'm not done,” and pulls Justin up at two. Blanchard whips Sane into the ropes and meets him with a double karate chop to the shoulders. Justin gets tossed to the outside.

Once back inside, Blanchard gets Sane into the corner and lands a thunderous superplex. After a few moments where both men need to clear cobwebs, Justin rallies. He lands a clothesline and leg drop on his opponent. Blanchard is down. Sane goes for Shock Therapy frog splash but Blanchard's advisor Frank Durso interferes. Blanchard recovers enough hit a big time spinebuster. He follows that up with a DDT for the win.

Post match, Blanchard hits Sane with a piledriver. The same kind of piledriver Justin suffered at the hands of Lord Zoltan at the Liedertafel a few weeks ago. Justin is left nearly motionless in the ring as Blanchard and Durso celebrate.

Bulldozer v. The Latin Assassin

This match promised to be a monumental contest. After a few moments of introductions and preening from both combatants, they were ready to hook up. The men lock up and Bulldozer tosses The Latin Assassin across the ring. The show of strength surprises the sizable Assassin.

Bulldozer wants a test of strength. Latin at first is hesitant but then accepts, despite being outweighed by more than 125 lbs. Bulldozer gets the early advantage before Latin uses his own incredible strength to reverse that trend. Bulldozer lets got of the hold and clubs Latin in the back.

Dozer suplexes Latin and nearly gets a pin but the Assassin kicks up at two. Bulldozer distracts referee Jimmy James as manager Joe Perri punches Latin from the outside. Bulldozer attacks Latin and knocks him to the outside. The two fight on the outside. The two go back inside and Latin is leveled into the corner. Bulldozer flips into the corner after him and misses with that gigantic splash. The bottom corner post snaps from the impact. Latin gets up and lands the flying lariat and gets the win.

Post match: Latin celebrates as Bulldozer and Gentleman Joe Perri shout in protest of everything.

Great Toyota and Blood Beast v. Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone

The unusual and unpredictable team of Great Toyota and Blood Beast come to the ring first. A more cohesive unit or Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone follow.

Blood Beast and Vinnie Stone start out. Blood Beast uses his power to get an advantage over Vinnie. Beast uses a head lock but Vinnie gets out. Beast hits Vinnie with a shoulder block and clothesline. Vinnie lands European upper cuts.

Rumsky is in and he kicks Beast in the head. Beast rallies and tags in Toyota. Toyota employs his martial arts skills and falls Rumsky. Toyota slaps on a torturous move. Rumsky nearly submits but Toyota tags in Beast instead. Beast hammers Rumsky, lands a leg drop. Rumsky is in the corner and Blood Beast rolls across the ring then lands a back elbow. He goes for Rumsky's eyes, but is admonished by the ref.

Out of nowhere, Rumsky super kicks Beast. He goes after Beast again until Toyota breaks it up. Toyota is then tagged in. He lands some well-placed kicks. He uses leverage on Rumsky's knee. The referee is distracted and Blood Beast is tagged back in. Then Toyota again.

Rumsky flies, knees first, into Toyota who is in the corner. Toyota falls onto his face. Blood Beast and Vinnie Stone are tagged back in. Vinnie lands more European upper cuts. Blood Beast prepares to bodyslam Rumsky but Vinnie nails him with the spear.

The winners of the match: Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone. The winners try to talk with Blood Beast, who was seemingly their friend just a week or two ago. Blood Beast instead leaves with Great Toyota and Joe Perri.

Golden Triangle Championship: Kris Kash v. Shane Starr

Newer fans may not realize that these two Megastars started out as a tag team called the Lost Boys. Since that time, Shane Starr has planted himself in Camden, New Jersey, while Kris Kash calls Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home. They have met several times over the years but their matchups remain highlights of any card.

Kash started out with an arm bar on Starr. Kash went “old school” and walked on the top ropes and flung his opponent across the ring. Kash hit an impressive drop kick and before he knew it, Shane Starr was reeling.

Kash missed with a clothesline but Starr landed his. Starr landed two impressive standing suplexes on the Golden Triangle Champion. Kash was up at one.

Shawn Blanchard, who came out to ringside along with VIP advisor Frank Durso, shouted instructions from ringside. Starr followed the guidance and worked on Kash's leg. Starr raked his opponent's eyes and hit a body slam.

Frank Durso attacked Kash as the ref was distracted. Starr hits Kash with a monumental superplex from the top rope. Kash kicks up again. Durso and Blanchard attack Kash as the ref is distracted again.

On the outside, Blanchard rams Kash's head into the corner post. Kash is thrown back into the ring, where-somehow-he rallies. Starr is soon knocked into the corner where Kash meets him with his patented tilt-a-whirl dropkick. Starr is nearly pinned but he gets one hand on the bottom rope.

Starr goes to the outside where he meets Blanchard. Kash dives off of the top rope onto both of the Megastars.

The fans go ballistic for the moves.

Once back inside Kash hits two incredible flying leg scissors. Kash goes to the top rope and hits the Kash Drop for the win.

Post match: Kash celebrates while Blanchard enters the ring and gets into an altercation with Starr. The soon fight then think better of it and embrace.

Double-A Anthony Alexander v. Mitch Napier

Double-A Anthony Alexander, impressed with the rookie Mitch Napier, personally went to the Championship Committee and asked for this special attraction match between two friends.

After two great entrances, the combatants shake hands and the match begins. A collar and elbow tie up leads to an Alexander head lock and smashing shoulder block. Napier rallies and hits three hip tosses in rat-a-tat-tat fashion. Mitch gets Anthony into an arm bar before he breaks it in fairness.

The two go collar and elbow again. Alexander uses his incredible size difference to hammer blows on Mitch's back. He follows that up with two big body slams. Anthony picks up Mitch and threatens to throw him over the top rope, instead goes for his familiar fall-away slam that launches Napier across the mat. He follows that up with a series of boots.

He misses with a splash in the corner and that opens things up for Mitch. He gets some offense in and knocks Alexander to the mat. He kicks up at two. Mitch surprisingly bodyslams the 264-lb Alexander and leverages with an arm bar before focusing on the leg.

Some at ringside believe that Alexander has been grounded like never before. But he still gets in a boot to the gut.

He slams Mitch twice. Mitch kicks up at two. There's a side suplex but Mitch puts his leg on the bottom rope. Once up he hits Alexander with a flying body press. The two go at it tooth-and-nail for a few minutes before Alexander attempts the PTC. He misses the first attempt but hits the second Prime Time Cancellation for the win.

Post match, the Megastars celebrate together.

Main Event: Lou Martin v. Big Mike Malachi

The VIPs make their way to the ring. KSWA Owner Bobby O follows to say that the doctor has not cleared Big Mike Malachi to wrestling because of two cracked ribs from the attack earlier in the evening. Malachi, however, says that he is ignoring the doctor's orders.

Since that was the case, Bobby O decided to make the match a No Disqualification Match, and a Table Match. One man wins the match by putting his opponent throw a wooden table. Lou attacks Mike from the outset. Martin goes after Malachi's ribs with a baseball bat and with his head via a head butt. Martin continues the assault with punches and kicks. Malachi falls to the outside. Lou grabs a chair and hits Malachi in the ribs. It's all legal in a No Disqualification Match.

Lou punches Mike directly in front of the guest of honor, Bill Stipetich. Fans chant loudly for Malachi.

Lout gets the table and stands in up in the corner. Malachi reverses the whip and clotheslines Martin. Malachi steps on the fallen Martin. The fans roar in approval.

Martin blocks a suplex attempt before landing one of his own. Malachi's head is rammed into the table put does not break it. Malachi falls and Martin tosses the table on top of him. Martin picks up Malachi for a bodyslam attempt. Malachi breaks in and lands a belly-to-back suplex. They fall to the outside again. Punches are traded.

Martin suplexes Malachi on the pavement outside the ring as Malachi fans shouts in horror. Frank Durso attacks Malachi as Martin distracts both referees who are out for the No DQ match.

Both combatants are back in. Martin misses with a double leg drop from the corner. Malachi kicks Martin in the nether region. He hits the Malachi Crunch.

The VIPs, who had been banished by Bobby O, return to attack Malachi. He fends them off. Malachi picks up Martin and puts him through the table for the victory.

The VIPs start beating on Malachi. Kris Kash and Justin Sane rush the ring to help Malachi. They get beat down as Great Toyota, Blood Beast and Bulldozer hit the ring.

After a few moments, Mitch Napier, Vinnie Stone, The Latin Assassin, Double-A and Ric Rumsky hit the ring. A big melee erupts before Malachi and his friends are victorious.

Malachi, Sane and gang celebrate Bill Stipetich and the 400-plus in attendance at the Ross Township Municipal Building.