Mr. Munz Comes To Bobby O and Kris Kash, Drama Over Golden Triangle Belt At St. Raphaelís Fundraiser

September 28, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance made a successful stop at St. Raphaelís Catholic School in Morningside, with more than 200 in attendance. An Owner v. Owner match highlighted the event and the future of the cityís most important belt is on the line as the current champion refused to attend the fundraiser.

Quervo and Ginger v. The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries immediately jump to the outside of the ring after the bell rings. They donít want to face Super Ginger and Joey Quervo. They threaten to leave but ultimately decide to enter the fray. Nick Crane and Super Ginger meet for a test of strength. Quervo rushes in and goes low to help drop Crane. He hustles back to get out of trouble. Sniper tries to do the same thing but Ginger is waiting with a boot and that makes Sniper go up into Craneís midsection (or lower). That leads to a near pin for Ginger. Referee David Fedor gets things back under control and the Mercenaries are able to gain offensive advantage. Sniper uses the middle rope to choke Ginger. Nick double teams as well. Nick regains control and teases a tag with Quervo. Sniperís back in and he goes after Ginger. Sniper puts the boots to Ginger. Sniper gets Ginger in an abdominal stretch. The packed house starts to rally around Ginger. Sniper wonít allow Ginger to get to Quervo. Ginger kicks out of the move and nearly gets to Quervo before Nick enters and breaks it up. The fans chant ďUSAĒ again. The Mercenaries continue to work on Ginger, specifically his leg. The ram his lower quadrant against the ring post. The ref can only count as Sniper wraps Gingerís leg around the pole. Ginger is held at bay by Sniper. A tag is made to Quervo, but with the ref across the ring, he doesnít see it. Nick is tagged in and he holds Ginger back. Again, Ginger makes it to Quervo but is foiled because Fedor doesnít see it. Sniper slaps Ginger down. Nick is back in and he elbows Ginger in the head. Fedor counts to two. A second time Fedor catches Nick with his boots on the ropes. They continue the offense on Ginger until he is able to catch momentum and punch, the clothesline Sniper down. The fans clap as Ginger rolls to Quervo. The tag is made to both Quervo and Sniper. Quervo is a house a fire. They get the Mercenaries in opposing corners. They ram the two together and Ginger pins Sniper for the win!

Del Douglas v. Bob Atlas

Douglas, who couldnít wait for Atlasí arrival, shoulder blocks the Megastar from every girlís dream and then races around the ring as Atlas bails to the outside. That only angers the always persnickety King. Douglas chastises Atlas as they lock up in a test of strength that quickly reduces Douglas to a rule breaker. Douglas pounds Atlasí head into two turnbuckles. Douglas grabs a hold of Atlasí under carriage and chops him down. Thereís a two-count. Atlas rebounds and drops Douglas. Atlas pretends to pee on Douglas like a dog. Thereís a two-count. Atlas, who is on all fours, headbutts Douglas and then allows him up for a clothesline. Douglas is thrown into the corner and Atlas reverse-worms into the corner and plants a stink face on the King. The King gets out of that and suplexes Atlas and registers a two count. Thereís a bodyslam. Thereís a fist thatís banned in 49 out of 50 states into Atlas. Douglas chokes Atlas and then drops him like itís hot for the win.

Tony Johnson v. J-Ru

J-Ru, who is accompanied to the ring by Mayor Mystery, faces Tony Johnson. The match was supposed to be between Johnson and Bulldozer for the Golden Triangle Championship, but Bulldozer no showed the match, fearful of Johnsonís athleticism. J-Ru chops Johnson down. Johnson chases J-Ru and Mayor Mystery around the outside of the ring. Johnson clotheslines J-Ru down and then proceeds to keep him off his feet with technical and brawling moves. J-Ru is in a corner as Johnson pummels him with European uppercuts and other moves. Johnson buries a knee in J-Ruís forehead. Johnson has J-Ru down in the center of the ring for a sleeper hold. J-Ru powers out. Johnson collapses in a corner as J-Ru is slow in getting up. Mayor Mystery uses his cane on Johnson as referee Fedor is distracted by J-Ru. J-Ru uses the bottom rope on Johnsonís neck. As the ref is distracted by J-Ru, Mystery chokes Johnson some more. Fedor counts in the corner as J-Ru continues his assault on Johnson in the corner. Johnson is whipped into the corner. J-Ru gets to his feet and Johnson pummels him with punches, a kick and an elbow. The crowd cheers enthusiastically, J-Ru somehow rolls Johnson up and gets a near pin. J-Ru kicks Johnson low, and rolls him up for the win. Tony Johnson, who was supposed to challenge for the Golden Triangle Championship, and was featured in the New Pittsburgh Courier over the opportunity, was not able to wrestle for the prize, as Bulldozer continued a disturbing trend of refusing to defend Pittsburgh most important championship.

KSWA World Title: Devastation v. Starr

Special referee for this match is ďGentlemanĒ Joe Perri, the KSWA Kommissioner. The bell rings and Martin dashes to the outside. Once inside, he attacks Starr, who was on the ropes, celebrating with the fans. Itís all Martin as he stomps Starr and continues a merciless assault. Martin drops a leg over Starr from the apron. Referee Perri checks on Starr as Martin prowls the outside. Once inside he goes for a pin and gets a one-count. Starr rallies and gets two-count roll up on Martin. Martin retaliates with a huge clothesline that leaves Starr flying across the ring. Both Megastars are down momentarily, before Martin gets to his feet for more offense. Martin suplexes Starr for a two-count. Martin flies with a leg drop from the top rope, but Starr moves. Starr gets some offense and keeps Martin down. Starr tosses Martin across the ring like a flying chicken. The two roll to the outside where Martin hits Starr with a box of popcorn. Once inside again, itís all Martin. They trade punches. Thereís a flying dropkick on Martin, who kicks up at two after the kick. Starr gets Martin in a standing suplex. Two count on Martin. Martin is slow in getting to his feet. Thereís a sunset flip. Starr gets Martin in the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter and after a few moments, and a wrenching of the move, Martin taps out and Starr retains the belt.

KSWA Tag Team titles: Massacre and Malachi v. Everhart and Cross

Tyler Cross starts out with Jack Massacre. Cross, who is not a small Megastar at about 235 pounds, quickly dashes away from Massacre. He goes for an ill-conceived test of strength, is quickly dismissed by Massacre. Cross is tossed into a corner, where Everhart is tagged in. Itís all Massacre, who bodyslams and then leg drops onto Everhart. Malachi is tagged in and he goes to work on Everhart. Thereís an impressive standing suplex that drops Everhart onto the mat. Malachi gets Everhart with pressure moves from behind. Malachi buries his knee into Everhart but he wonít submit. Malachi bodyslams Everhart and drops an elbow. Massacre is in next. Massacre picks up Everhart by only his left leg. Everhart screams in pain. Cross breaks it up and is then chased around the ring by Malachi. Massacre picks up Everhart as Malachi and Cross get to their respective corners. Massacre steps on Everhart. Cross races by the scorekeeperís table and snatches one of the tag team belts. Malachi has Everhart down when Cross comes in and just stomps away on the tag champ. Thatís enough to get Referee David Fedor to break up the action and chase Cross away. Everhart tags Cross, who's able to go to work on Malachi. He keeps Malachi down long enough to allow Everhart to get a breather. Everhart enters the ring and really goes to work on Malachi. The Big Man is down as Everhart crows. He tries to lift Malachi, who punches him in the ribs. That doesnít deter Everhart, who pounds on Malachi enough to leave him on the mat. Cross is in for a kick and a knee thatís leveraged by a pull on the top rope. Fedor breaks it up. Cross is able to keep Malachi away from Massacre. Everhart uses the ropes to drop Malachi. Malachi is thrown into the corner and when Cross tries to splash him, heís met with an elbow. Everhart is tagged in and is distracted enough to allow Malachi to his feet. He pushes Everhart into the corner, where he bounces off and is his with a suplex. Massacre and Cross are tagged in and Jack goes after both of his foes. They are both on the outside. Cross tosses in a tag belt. He plasters Massacre with it. Jack kicks out of a two count. Big time. Both Cross and Everhart try to suplex Massacre. That doesnít work. Massacre pushes them into the corner and the top ring rope breaks!! Massacre gets Everhart down for the pin and the win.

KSWA 5-Star Champion: Bobby Badfingers (with Mayor Mystery) v. The Jester

Jester does a cartwheel to start the match. Jester is in control at the beginning of the match and gets Badfingers down for a two count. He reverse splashes onto a prone Badfingers. Badfingers is able to rally and at one point, distract referee Fedor enough that Mayor Mystery could work over The Jester on the bottom rope. Badfingers keeps distracting the ref and Mayor Mystery continues to assault Jester. Thereís a two count on Jester. Badfingers keeps him grounded. Badfingers has Jester prone, he distracts the ref, and drops a leg onto Jesterís crotch. This keeps Jester down for a bit before he is able to get up and drop Badfingers with a side suplex. Jester clotheslines Badfingers down. Thereís a suplex. Jester prepares for a kick. He blasts Badfingers with it. Mystery gets into the ring and Jester knocks him down. Fedor checks on Mystery, who had conveniently tossed in his cane. Badfingers picks it up, blasts Jester in the head with it and the Windy City Bad Man gets the duke, and retains the 5-Star Championship.

Blood Beast v. Justin Sane

The bell rings and the Blood Beast immediately kicks Justin to the outside. Referee Fedor starts he count. Justin gets back in and tosses Justin into the corner. He bodyslams one half of Party Gras and then grabs him by the neck for rakes and twists. He lifts Justin Sane up and drives him into a corner. Blood Beast smashes Justin in the back of the head and then puts his shin across Justinís neck. Beast lifts Justin up and Sane kicks him in the mush. Sane starts pounding on the now-floored Beast. Beast gets up and drives him down. Two and a half count on Sane. Fedor counts as Beast wonít break an illegal hold. Beast punches Sane in the head. Then again with tremendous force. Thereís a pin attempt. Justin is up at two. The Beast uses the ropes for leverage. Fedor sees it. A second time it happens and the big man steps away from the ropes. Beast keeps him down. Beast continually flaunts the four count. Justin somehow gets up and drives him into the corner where Justin delivers a kick to the knee. Beast is down. Justin goes for the Frog Splash and nails it for the win.

Main Event: Owners Faime with Blanchard v. Bobby O and Kris Kash

Mr. Munz accompanies Bobby O and Kris Kash to the ring. Kash uses the ropes as a weapon as he drapes Shawn Blanchardís arm over it several times. Blanchard is in a corner as he awaits Kris Kash. Kash chops Blanchard in the chest. Blanchard reverses it and does the same. The two trade chops. Kash clotheslines Blanchard down. Blanchard bails to the outside with Faime. Gentleman Joe Perri counts. It doesnít take long for Blanchard to come back in. Faime is tagged in against Kash. Faime wants Bobby O, who was recently polled as the 35th Top KSWA Megastar in the promotionís history. Faime was Number 6. The owners lock up. Faime has to use a knee to the midsection to fall Bobby O. Faime uses his knee on the back of a prone Bobby O. With Principal Munz looking on, Blanchard is tagged back in. He goes after Bobby O. Perri is distracted enough for Blanchard to bury a knee in Oís lower region. Faime punches O in the chin, and that drops the Owner to mat, while also in the corner. Blanchard attacks with a bite to Bobbyís head as Gentleman Joe is distracted. Bobby O is lifted off the mat by Faime after a one count. After a subsequent two-count, Faime does the same thing. Faime has his way with Bobby O as Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard kicks away on O as Faime is still in the ring, taunting Kash. Perri checks on O as Faime steps to the apron. Blanchard keeps O on the mat. The fans clap in support of Bobby O and Blanchard dances to the melody. Blanchard goes low on Bobby O he taunts Kash. Faime is tagged back in and he goes to work on the laid-out Owner. The Verified Investment Partner drops a leg on Bobby. Perri checks on O as both Faime and Blanchard take turns dishing out punishment. Faime picks him up. Blanchard goes for a big clothesline. Bobby ducks and Blanchard hits Faime. Kash is tagged in and he goes to work on both wrestlers with kicks and clotheslines. Kash gets Blanchard in the corner with the tilt-a-whirl kick. Thereís a flying bodysplash attempt. Blanchard catches him and drives him into the mat. Two count. Faime uses the ropes on Kash from the outside. Blanchard picks up Kash and puts him in the sleeper. Kash is fighting it. Kash is down. Perri checks on Kash. Kash barely lifts his arm on the third attempt to see if heís ready to give up. Kash is able to drive his head into Blanchardís chin. A tag is made to Bobby O. Bobby peppers Blanchard in the corner. Faime goes to the outside. Kash dives on Faime. Blanchard smashes Kash into Perri. Blanchard picks up a chair. Mr. Munz grabs it from him. Blanchard falls over Bobby O who pins Blanchard for the win! The fans celebrate terrifically as the night comes to a smashing end!

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