Faime Puts Stamp On Sharpsburg, A New Ferraro Cup Champion Is Memorialized At VFD

November 9, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Some fans are already calling it the “Sharpsburg Screwjob.” It took a wolf pack of sorts to pry the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup away from incumbent Kris Kash. It was all a part of a phenomenal fundraising event that left a lot of people happy and more than a few scratching their heads.

Semi Finals of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament: Martin v. Blood Beast

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin comes to the ring, and then the Blood Beast for the start of the 2nd annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament. Referee David Fedor checks out both combatants. Martin says that Blood Beast is “not so tough” and they lock up. Martin goes for the Test of Strength but is immediately brought down. Beast tosses Martin into the corner and Fedor breaks up the count at four. Martin is tossed across the floor and he clutches to the bottom rope. Martin falls to the outside and the Count to 10 begins. Martin shadow-boxes with the crowd. The referee counts to seven before Martin climbs back in the ring. Beast chokes him while on the mat. Beast picks him back up and falls him with a clothesline. Beast has Fedor distracted for some abuse on Martin. Beast attacks with a rear chock hold. Martin gets some momentum and drops the Beast. Martin works on his leg. Martin pushes Beast into the corner, but he soon comes with fervor. Beast goes into the corner but Martin flushes him out and rolls him up for a quick pin. Martin advances in the tournament.

Tag Team Match: System Elite v. Johnson and Massacre

The Tag Team match with System Elite was to be for the KSWA World Tag Team Championship against Big Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre; however, Malachi suffered an unspecified injury (verified by the KSWA Championship Committee) and was replaced by Johnson for the non-title matchup. Johnson and Cross tie up and Cross is tossed to the mat. Johnson comes out with a flourish of European Upper Cuts and Jack Massacre is tagged in. Massacre does some damage before Johnson is tagged back in. Johnson keeps the offense on Cross, but Tyler is able to get enough offense to tag in Everhart, who goes to work on the first Junior Heavyweight Champion. Everhart keeps Johnson grounded. Johnson is able to rebound, but just momentarily. Cross keeps the offense on Johnson. Johnson rebounds and takes on both members of System Elite. However, the numbers game goes to their favor and they gain control and keep Johnson in their corner. Everhart snap mares Johnson and then keeps him down. Johnson battles back but cannot keep the momentum. Cross misses with a clothlesine, Johnson does a hand stand, flips off the ropes and kicks Cross in the head to great applause. Both Megastars are down before Massacre is tagged in. He goes to work on both opponents. Cross is dumped in the corner but Massacre can only get a two-count. All four men are soon in the ring. Johnson clubs Cross, super kicks him and Massacre smashes him with the Massacre chock slam. The winners are Johnson and Massacre!

Tommy Faime, Gentleman Joe, and Bobby O. come to the ring.

Verified Investment Partner and co-owner of the KSWA Tommy Faime calls Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri to the ring. He also calls out KSWA Owner Bobby O. All three argue about the conditions associated with the upcoming “Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard match. Faime says that he is the true “boss” of the KSWA and has assembled a championship-quality gauntlet match for Blanchard. He also makes Bobby O the “Special Guest Referee” for the match. Faime says that the match will feature a “World Champion.”

Shawn Blanchard Gauntlet Match

The first contestant called in Super Ginger. He dances to the ring and Shawn Blanchard dispatches him in :38 seconds. Next out is one-time KSWA Tag Team Champion “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo. Blanchard immediately kicks him in the stomach and jack knife power bombs him in the center of the ring for the duke. That new Sharpsburg record is a mere :14. Then Faime introduces the “World Champion,” former 12-time Mexican Champion El Skeletorious, slides into fire hall upon his introduction. It’s all Blanchard on offense. Blanchard pile drives El Skeletorious for the victory. That marathon of a match took 2:21. Faime and Blanchard embrace in the ring and bellow toward Bobby O. Blanchard then Prime Time RKO’s Bobby O out of nowhere. The crowd erupts in cascades of boos for “The Enforcer” and Faime as they leave. Fedor comes back, as does Perri and they check on Bobby O. The crowd cheers Bobby O as he gets to his feet and leaves the ring.

Semi Finals of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament: Douglas v. Kash

Del Douglas comes to the ring, and then does Kris Kash. Kash takes the early advantage. There’s a drop kick on the King that sends his majesty to the concrete floor. Kash dives over the top rope onto his victim. There are several hard chops onto Douglas’ chest that wobble The King and make the SRO crowd cheer. Douglas buries shoulders into Kash’s midsection and then follows through with a series of brutal knees to the midsection. Douglas shouts “Who’s The Man” and then grabs Kash’s nether region. He chops him down and gets a two-count, the third near-fall of the match. Kash flips onto Douglas and falls his frequent foe. The crowd explodes with that. Dave Fedor counts to five before both Megastars stagger up. A drop kick falls Douglas. Kash splashes Douglas from the top rope and earns the hard-fought 1-2-3 victory. The crowd explodes in a “Burger King” chant.

Golden Triangle Championship: Thunder v. Bulldozer (w/Mayor Mystery)

After Intermission, Bulldozer and Mayor Mystery come to the ring. Bulldozer runs down the Sharpsburg fan base and Mayor Mystery calls all of them ugly. Thunder makes his way to the ring, a last-minute replacement. Here comes the newcomer, off the street, with a shot at the Second Most Prestigious title in the Commonwealth. It’s all Bulldozer. The big man from Detroit, Michigan reverse-splashes his opponent and then distracts the ref as Mayor Mystery does his dirty work. Bulldozer picks the masked Thunder up and suplexes him with much ferocity. Mystery prowls at ringside. There’s a two count by Fedor as Thunder gets his shoulder up. Bulldozer tosses Thunder down. Bulldozer lands big fists and a boot onto Thunder. Bulldozer goes for a two count but allows his opponent up at two. The crowd shouts “Thunder” in encouragement. He obliges with a side-suplex. Bulldozer telegraphs, and then misses, a splash. Two count. Thunder gets up and thrusts shots at Bulldozer. That offense is short-lived. Dozer drops Thunder and records the victory. Bulldozer remains the KSWA Golden Triangle Champion.

8-Man Tag Action: Starr, Kaida & Party Gras v. J-Ru, Badfingers & Mercenaries

The 8-Man tag match is next. Shane Starr, Kaida and Party Gras make it to the ring with Special Referee Joe Perri. It takes nearly two minutes for Perri to take control of the action inside the ring. Party Gras pulls the old “we haven’t decided on which corner we want yet” gag. The crowd chants “J-Ru sucks” over and over. The action falls to the outside with the Starr and J-Ru. Badfingers pulls Kaida. Zoltan has Nasty Nick in the ring. Sniper tries to break it up but he is foiled. Soon, Party Gras is “rowing the boat” with the Mercenaries’ legs. It takes a while to iron out, but Starr and J-Ru are the legal men. Kaida is tagged in with J-Ru in the heroes’ corner. Kaida suplexes Badfingers over his head. Justin Sane is in and he tries to pin Badfingers, but the 5-Star champion goes low on his opponent. Sniper is in and he delivers a leg drop on Sane. Nasty Nick, Canada’s National Treasure, is soon tagged in. Crane rams Justin’s head into the ring post. J-Ru is tagged back in and he lazily tries to pin his opponent. Badfingers is tagged back in and he goes to work on Sane. Starr comes in and tries to settle the score, but Perri is there to break up him and Kaida, who also tried to go in. Perri has his hands full as Sniper is tagged back in and he suplexes Justin. Zoltan tries to make the save by ramming his forearms into Sniper’s back. He sneaks back out and Perri can almost say something about it. Crane is back in for a rear chin lock. J-Ru is back in and goes to work on Sane. Sane is able to come back after Badfingers is tagged back in. Soon the ring fills with all four hot-headed Megastars. Zoltan on Crane, Sane on Sniper, Kaida on Badfingers and J-Ru on Starr. Starr and J-Ru battle to the outside and up the stairs to the locker room. Justin Sane splashes Sniper and gets the win.

Finals of the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament: Martin v. Kash

Kash takes immediate control over Martin in the opening moments of the final. Martin, who still wears the Chicken Suit until the end of 2014, is down on his knees as Kash controls him to the mat. Kash drives Martin to the outside. Kash double ax-handles Martin on the outside. Martin is tossed around the floor. Kash dumps a cash can onto the former KSWA Champion and the capacity crowd explodes with excitement. Kash clotheslines the still-seated Martin. Referee Fedor is allowing the wrestlers all the room they need. Kash goes outside and finds a regulation bale of hay and hits Martin with it. Kash goes outside again and finds two small pumpkins. He hits him in the chest with those. The cagy veteran Martin doesn’t stay down long and clubs Kash twice with a wooden a chair and then a broom that injured KSWA referee Justin Smith was using to tidy up the garbage spill. Martin smacks Kash repeatedly with ring ropes and a cane he stole off of a patron. Kash, adrenaline flowing, rebounds. Kash hits Martin with three really big chops and a clothesline. Kash goes to the apron and dives onto Martin, right in front of Mario’s Italian Army at ringside. Martin hits Kash with a Tupperware tub lid and then rains fists on the incumbent Mario Ferraro Sr. cup winner. Martin drops a leg on Kash, who was lying prone on the apron. There’s a kick to Kash’s head. Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime appear in the crowd. Martin wrenches back on Kash’s back. Blanchard tosses Kash into the corner and the youngster spins through it and splashes Martin and referee Fedor. Blanchard and Faime take this opportunity to rush in. Faime takes off his shirt, exposing a ref’s shirt. Blanchard pile drives Kash and drapes Martin’s arm over the fallen victim. Faime counts to three and Martin is your winner! After the win, Martin calls Grace Ferraro and a few family members into the ring. The family begrudgingly raises Martin’s hand in victory. He insults them then tells them to leave the ring.

Thus concludes the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser for 2014.

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