KSWA Krazies Immediately Call Shenanigans, Cry Foul, Call Kash A Victim In "Sharpsburg Screw Job"

November 11, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The action was fast and fervent as the final for the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Cup traveled along. The standing-room-only crowd inside the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department was excitedly engrossed in the matchup. The two main event combatants had already cut through preliminary obstacles to get to the final.

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin, still in a chicken suit he has been mandated to don for the rest of 2014, skillfully avoided the much larger and stronger Blood Beast to get to the finals. Martin was to face Bob Atlas in the first round, but “Mr. Puniverse” isn’t considered a full-time Megastar any more, and backed out of the tournament. The KSWA Championship Committee quickly had to juggle matches and fill holes in the evening. The Blood Beast was in last year’s tournament but was disqualified when he and Kaida couldn’t keep the action inside the squared circle.

Kris Kash survived a hard-fought match against frequent foe and fellow former Golden Triangle Champion “The King” Del Douglas. The two Megastars had an identical situation last year when Kash defeated Douglas in the first round of the inaugural Ferraro Tournament. Whereas Martin rolled The Blood Beast up in a small package for the win, Kash dove off the top rope onto a prone Douglas for his clear-cut 1,2,3 win.

Thus the final for the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup was set. Kash, who wrestled three times during the event in 2013, had a smoother path this year. Martin, then KSWA World Champion, teamed with Tyler Cross last year and defeated Atlas and then-Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr. That was the last time Martin’s hand was held high as the holder of the Commonwealth’s most sought-after Single’s title.

Earlier in the evening, KSWA’s Verified Investment Partner and Co-Owner Tommy Faime came to the ring and called out Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri and Co-Owner Bobby O. Bobby O was then forced to be the special guest referee as Faime set “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard up for what initially appeared to be a daunting Gauntlet Match.

Blanchard had publicly called out Faime on Social Media and for the longest time the KSWA Hall of Famer wasn’t answering. And when he did answer, Faime’s answers weren’t always what Blanchard wanted to read. The two long-time friends, KSWA Originals, and former World Champions each, appeared to be at odds. On November 3, Blanchard was publicly wondering why Faime was missing in action. When the Gauntlet was set, Blanchard was furious. On November 4, he was boasting of his honesty and leadership in the KSWA. By November 7—less than 24 hours before the Sharpsburg wrestling event—Blanchard wondered aloud whether Faime could be trusted at all. It was his belief that Faime and Bobby O were on the same philosophical page.

When Faime called Blanchard to the ring, the two went nose-to-nose. Faime warned Blanchard that he didn’t scheduled just anyone for the match. He said he has a “former World Champion” waiting in the wings. It was then clear that Faime had somehow thrown a monkey wrench into Bobby O’s Gauntlet surprise.

Faime called for the first opponent—Super Ginger. While Ginger has not always been top-notch, he was served as a suitable grappler. He and Joey Quervo beat the Mercenaries in September in what can only be described as an upset. Besides that match, Ginger has only wrestled once in a KSWA ring since Millvale Days in 2013. Ginger dances his way to the ring and stumbles into Shawn Blanchard’s clutches a mere :38 seconds after the bell rings. Faime celebrates just a tad at ringside.

Faime then informs the crowd that the next opponent is one-time KSWA Tag Team Champion “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo. The long-time Megastar loses his footing in the ring and Blanchard immediately kicks him in the stomach. Blanchard follows up with a Jack Knife Power Bomb in the center of the ring. Shoulders are flat on the mat and Bobby O slaps his hand on the mat three times for the duke. It’s recognized that Blanchard’s win is a new Sharpsburg record at :14.

Then Faime introduces the much-anticipated “World Champion”: former 12-time Mexican Champion El Skeletorious. “Welcome Back to Cali” blares from the ring side speakers and El Skeletorious slides into fire hall upon his introduction. The charismatic and charming import jives his way to the ring. Blanchard now fully embraces the folly. Not surprisingly, it’s all Blanchard on offense. In what could be described as foretelling, Blanchard pile drives El Skeletorious for the victory. That marathon of a match took 2:21.

Faime and Blanchard hug like men in the ring and bellow toward Bobby O. Blanchard then Prime Time RKO’s Bobby O out of nowhere. The crowd erupts in cascades of boos for “The Enforcer” and Faime as they chuckle at their handwork and leave. Referee Fedor comes back, as does Perri and they check on Bobby O. The crowd cheers Bobby O as he gets to his feet and leaves the ring.

It could be believed that Blanchard and Faime were done with their covert plans for KSWA domination. When Blanchard lost ownership of Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization earlier this year, he was also forced to disband the VIP’s, the most decorated and dominate faction the KSWA has ever produced. Blanchard had retired the stable without as much as a complaint. Then he secretly handed over half of the company’s shares to Faime, a long-time VIP and supporter of Blanchard and Martin.

The rest of the night’s action went without even a hitch. Bobby O, stunned and shaken by Blanchard’s attack, never truly returned for the rest of the evening. Perri, the sometimes tie-breaker between Faime and Bobby O, refereed a match during the second half.

Referee Fedor returned for the Main Event. The crowd was still buzzing for Kash’s return to the ring. Dozens of Mario Ferraro Sr.’s “Mario’s Italian Army” sat in identical blue t-shirts with white lettering. One family member held the Tournament Cup, which Kash had proudly taken with him to any public appearance. The Internet is littered with pictures of Kash with Mayor Bill Peduto, ECW Star Shane Douglas (at Horror Realm) and any number of youngsters who simply wanted to handle the trophy. Kash was an ideal representative for that marker, and he eagerly defended it any way he could.

The match began sometime after 10:00 p.m. Kash took immediate control over Martin in the opening moments of the match. Martin, who now donned a “Dr. Devastation” t-shirt over the chicken suit, was grounded in the early going. As the intensity picks up, Kash drives Martin to the outside. Kash double ax-handles Martin on the outside. The expansive crowd is loving it. This is where the action gets really unique. Martin is tossed around the floor. Kash dumps a cash can onto the former KSWA Champion and the capacity crowd explodes with excitement. Kash clotheslines the still-seated-in soda cans and hot dog wrappers Martin.

In a move far more experienced than his rookie status might dictate, Referee Fedor allows the wrestlers all the room and leeway they need. Kash goes outside of the VFD and finds a regulation bale of hay, raises it over his head and plants Martin with it. Kash goes outside again and finds two small, “Sugar Baby” pumpkins. He clobbers Martin in the chest with those. The cagy veteran Martin doesn’t stay down long and clubs Kash twice with a wooden a chair and then a broom that injured KSWA referee Justin Smith was using to tidy up the garbage spill. Martin smacks Kash repeatedly with ring ropes and a cane he stole off of a “Italian Army” patron. Kash, adrenaline flowing, rebounds. Kash hits Martin with three really big chops and a clothesline. Kash goes to the apron and dives onto Martin, right in front of ringside fans. Martin hits Kash with a Tupperware tub lid and then rains fists on the incumbent Mario Ferraro Sr. cup winner. Martin drops a leg on Kash, who was by that time lying prone on the apron. There’s a kick to Kash’s head.

This is when Shawn Blanchard and Tommy Faime appear like specters in the crowd. Martin wrenches Kash’s back. This is where the tide turns. Martin tosses Kash into the corner and the youngster spins through it and lands an impressive and familiar flying body splash on his opponent Martin and, unfortunately, referee Fedor. Not enough can be said of Fedor’s meteoric rise in ranks of referees. He has clearly and quickly become the second-best referee in the KSWA, only behind 20-year veteran and part-timer Shawn Patrick. Fedor is already in the conversation as one of the premier referees in KSWA history, but at this moment, however, Fedor embarked on a historic miscue. There is no indication that referee Fedor had anything to do with what was to happen next.

Perhaps sensing an opening, Blanchard and Faime take this opportunity to rush in. Faime takes off his polo shirt, exposing a referee’s shirt underneath. Blanchard picks up the prone Kash and hits him with one of the most spectacular pile-drivers on record. Video tape reveals Kash ricocheting off of the mat and his head bounced more than 12-inches. Kash flops to Blanchard’s left and he slithers over to grab Martin. Blanchard drapes Martin’s arm over the unconscious Kash. Faime, now on his knees, counts to three and Martin is your winner!

The video tape is inconclusive as to what now-referee Faime saw in the way of a Blanchard attack. Much like Fedor allowed extra-curricular activity on the outside earlier in the match, Faime allowed Blanchard to roll a dazed Martin onto the comatose Kash and the boilerplate three count was recorded. The fans’ boos were deafening. Their howls covered up much of the winner’s announcement.

Following the win, Faime retreated to the floor, as did a preening Blanchard. The meet at the southwest corner of the squared circle and high five one-another. It bears witness that neither Megastar took liberal, defenseless shots on the fallen Kash after the bell rang.

Immediately fans and observers cry foul. Martin shouts at the Ferraro family and proudly crows about his victory. He would later post photos with the Memorial Cup and a bottle of champagne. It’s believed in one of the shots, Martin is drinking champagne from the trophy.

In the days since, Kash has been relatively quiet on the matter. Some of his fans have called the outcome a tragedy. They’ve also called for a Championship Committee investigation that most likely will never come.

Blanchard on the other hand has been very vocal. He says, “Sharpsburg Screw Job! Did I help Lou Martin win the 2014 Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup? The answer to that is NO! Martin was just at the right place at the right time! My issue is with Kris Kash and I pick my spots for attacks. Now Kash was at the right place at the wrong time. I think that piledriver shows that! Now to the issues of Tommy Faime wearing the referee shirt! I don't want to speak for Mr. Faime but I am guessing that he always wants what is best for the KSWA! He saw a referee down and jumped into action. I am sure if he saw me hit that piledriver on Kash he would have awarded the match and trophy to Kash. One thing about Mr. Faime is he is about fair play! I am sure Bob Orkwis would have done the same thing. But something happen to his neck and head earlier in the night and couldn't be there to step in once again as a referee! So please be fair to Faime! He is the owner who will lead the KSWA into the 15th anniversary of this great company!”

“I am in total agreement & will be reviewing this So-called pile driver!,” said Tommy Faime is retort. “I saw a ref down and made a 3-count. If there was a pile driver by Shawn Blanchard, it was most likely after the pinfall. as everyone knows, once a winner is declared, any outside interference is just a post- match altercation! I will review all video.”

Blanchard continued, “how about we not only save the KSWA, but we save the whole wrestling world! I think it is time we spread our wings and take over all together. If people are going to hate us let's give them a reason to! We already have our plans set for December!”

“I'm in! Time to broaden our horizons!,” responded Faime. “Time to gather our followers & screw the rest of the Kuckoos! It's not like people won't know where to find us, if they have exception. We are right where we say we're going to be! We do what we say we're gonna do!' And we don't hide from the honest truths!!! #ImTheBoss #ItJustGotReal.”

The KSWA Championship Committee said in a statement that it begrudgingly stands by the “referee’s decision” in the end of the Lou Martin/Kris Kash match. Fact is, Faime is a co-owner and his referee credentials are in order. Technically, Faime had the ability to count the pinfall.

Thus details what KSWA Krazies immediately called the “Sharpsburg Screw Job.”

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