Top 10 KSWA Highlights of 2014: #2—Biggest FanFest/Toy Drive Ever

December 31, 2014
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

[As the calendar year comes to a close, now is a great time to look at the top moments and highlights of the wrestling year in Pittsburgh. With a historic 2015 right around the corner, let’s look back at a remarkable 2014!]

Number 2: “Spontaneous National Anthem”

Anticipation for FanFest/Toy Drive 2014 began immediately upon the final bell of FanFest/Toy Drive 2013. When it was announced during the summer that The Honky Tonk Man was going to be a featured attraction, the Krazies were excited. Later when “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was announced, interest spiked even higher and further.

Eight matches were scheduled, including a “Legend vs. Legend” match between Honky Tonk and Lord Zoltan. For the night, Mayor Mystery once again piloted Lord Zoltan to the ring. Old foes Zoltan and Honky Tonk entertained the crowd with their special brand of “old school” wrestling. Honky Tonk won the match, and Lord Zoltan tossed Mayor Mystery to the outside. Honky Tonk Man sang and danced, all to the delight of his fans in attendance.

Meanwhile, the Canadian consulate decided to steal “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s thunder and officially proclaim “Nasty” Nick Crane as Canada’s National hero. Duggan interrupted the gold-plated ceremony and the ovation he received was deafening.

KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Shane Starr held off J-Ru’s Battle Bowl charge, “Big” Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre successfully defended the KSWA Tag Team championships against a trio of teams, The Jester became the new 5-Star champion without ever pinning Bobby Badfingers and Kaida became the Golden Triangle Champion for the second time in a win over Bulldozer.

Sniper scored his first-ever singles win in the KSWA and “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard continued to once again make noise in the hunt for championship gold.

But the real winners on December 6 was the sold-out crowd that cheered favorites and booed antagonists. The scored wins with an always-spectacular 50/50 raffle and had an opportunity to meet with friends Dominic DeNucci, “Big Bully” Nick Busick, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and of course, Duggan and HTM.

One of the most sensational moments from the ninth-annual FanFest/Toy Drive came during the Crane/Duggan match. Hundreds of Krazies spontaneously, loudly and clearly sang the National Anthem of these United States as action took place in the ring. Duggan responded with a salute to the thrilled throng, whipped Crane into a corner and clobbered him down with a left-handed clothesline out of a three-point stance. As Referee Dave Fedor slapped the canvas three times for Duggan’s win, the vocal crowd was singing, “As the rocket’s red glare…” at the top of their collective lungs. When the winning bell rang, frenzied fans jumped to their feet, threw their arms into the Lawrenceville sky and smiled from ear-to-ear. Duggan, who clearly enjoyed himself in and out of the squared circled that night, smiled broadly and celebrated. The Krazies shouted “Hacksaw! Hacksaw!” to unbelievable volumes. Duggan handed his two-by-four to a young man at ringside (he later autograph it for the fan) and took the microphone to thank the troops in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Planning has already begun for FanFest/Toy Drive 2015 in the KSWA’s historic new campaign.

This list will soon conclude with the #1 Highlight of 2014!

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