Demolition Stuns KSWA Arena, Wins Tag Team Championship, Latin Earns His Shot At Gold

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
October 11, 2009

It’s long been noted that the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Autumn Annihilation is about opportunity. The Latin Assassin, as well as former WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition are up to the challenge. In addition, the KSWA recognized a true wrestling Hall of Famer and ....Pittsburgh.... native.

Mitch Napier v. Shane Starr

Mitch Napier came out first, and then came his opponent, Shane Starr (with VIP advisor Frank Durso). They go to lock up but Shane gouges Mitch in the eyes. Shane grabs Mitch with a headlock and rakes his eyes over the top rope. Fellow VIP members Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin come to the ring to accompany Frank Durso. Durso refuses to get off the apron. Lou Martin slugs Mitch on the outside of the ring. Starr goes for the pin but Napier kicks out. Mitch blocks a punch and lands a series of his own. Mitch whips Starr into the ropes where Shane holds on. Napier misses with a drop kick. Starr slams Napier. From the outside, Blanchard tells him to land another. He does. Mitch is down. Starr goes after Napier’s knee. Mitch is whipped into the corner where Starr follows with a splash. He follows that up with a picture-perfect suplex. Mitch kicks up at two. Mitch gets thrown to the outside where he is immediately attacked by Blanchard. The fans are irate as referee Justin Smith is distracted by Durso. Starr goes after the fallen Napier. The fans start chanting for Mitch. Mitch, out of nowhere, lands a belly-to-back suplex. Then he hits another suplex. Mitch drives his head into Starr’s midsection. He goes for a pin but comes up short. Lou Martin sneaks in and hits Mitch with a DDT. Starr covers. Miraculously, Mitch kicks out at two. Mitch rallies with a suplex but he is hit in the eyes again. Starr posts Napier on the top rope for a suplex. Mitch blocks it. Mitch goes for a bodysplash. Starr catches him and lands the Shining Starr. He gets the win.

Post Match: The VIPs toss Starr out of the ring. They celebrate. Then, Bobby O’s music hits.

Bobby O hits the ring and confronts Frank Durso. Bobby tells Frank Durso that he has had lunch with a former multi-time WWWF tag team champion who wants a piece of Durso in the ring. Bobby announces that Frank will once again don the tights, at FanFest. Frank signs the contract and Bobby reveals that his opponent at FanFest will be Dominic DeNucci. The fans erupt. Durso says that he is so confident in his abilities that he asks Bobby to be the special guest referee.

Alex Arcadian v. Bulldozer (w/Gentleman Joe Perri)

Alex Arcadian enters the ring to face Bulldozer. A collar and elbow tie-leads to Arcadian being tossed across the ring. Bulldozer shouts at the crowd. The two Megastars continue to feel each other out. Bulldozer pushes Arcadian into the corner. Alex gets out and clobbers Bulldozer with chops. Alex continues with offense until Bulldozer catches him and dumps him onto the top rope. Bulldozer uses his power to slam Arcadian. He nearly gets a three count, but Alex regroups. Alex hits Bulldozer with a scissor kick. He almost pins Bulldozer. Bulldozer splashes Arcadian then slaps on the sleeper. He quickly lets go of that then sledge-hammers Arcadian. Alex tries to get up but Bulldozer just pushes him into the corner. Then Arcadian is hurled into the other corner. Bulldozer lands a belly to belly suplex then a two-and-a-half count. Dozer still is clearly in control. Bulldozer gets Arcadian in an abdominal stretch then whips him into the ropes. Alex is met with a knee to the gut. Alex misses a splash then gets some momentum with arm bars. Alex kicks Bulldozer in the head and knocks him down. Both men are down. Referee Jimmy James starts to count both men out. He gets to six before both men start punching each other. Arcadian lands a swinging leg scissors and catches Bulldozer in an arm bar. Perri distracts the referee. Bulldozer taps out but the ref doesn’t see it. Bulldozer gets up and attacks from behind and punches Arcadian in the nether region. He lands a big move and pins Arcadian. Post match, Bulldozer celebrates with Joe Perri as Alex Arcadian gets to his feet.

Eight man tag team: Biker Al, Bobby Badfingers, the Blood Beast and Great ....Toyota.... (w/Joe Perri) vs. Ric Rumsky, Vinnie Stone, Joey Quervo and La Lucha.

La Lucha and Biker Al start out. The one-time former Tag Team champs hook up with Biker Al getting La Lucha down. Biker Al drapes La Lucha’s neck over the bottom rope then distracts referee Justin Smith as Bobby Badfingers attacks La Lucha. Now with La Lucha compromised, Blood Beast enters the ring and hits the Mayor with a clothesline and leg drop. La Lucha kicks up at two. Blood Beast slams La Lucha once, then again. A pin attempt stops at two. Biker Al distracts the ref as Blood Beast chokes La Lucha. Blood Beast continues to ground La Lucha. La Lucha hits Blood Beast with a chin breaker. Bobby Badfingers enters and puts the boots to La Lucha in the ring. Great ....Toyota.... enters and puts his foot in La Lucha’s throat. La Lucha, caught in his opponent’s corner, his punched and hammered. La Lucha, out of nowhere, hits ....Toyota.... with the La Cucaracha. La Lucha gets to his corner who tags in Rumsky. ....Toyota.... tags in Blood Beast. Beast goes for Rumsky left knee and leg. Blood Beast gets Rumsky in an ankle lock. Rumsky gets into the ropes but Blood Beast refuses to break the hold right away. Rumsky falls into the corner and tags in his tag team partner, Vinnie Stone. One after the other, seven Megastars get into the ring and lock onto each other. Rumsky is the lone competitor unhooked. He superkicks ....Toyota.... and the line falls in a gigantic heap. The crowd goes crazy. Stone and Badfingers go at it and before you know it, all 8 men are in and out of the ring, battling. Badfingers misses a splash in the corner. Stone meets him with a spear. Stone pins Badfingers for the win. La Lucha, Quervo, Rumsky and Stone then celebrate in the ring with the opponents griping all the way to the back.

Big Mike Malachi v. Ali Kaida

Big Mike Malachi and Ali Kaida hit the ring for a KSWA Grudge Match. The former Tag Team Champions have gone in vastly-different directions over the past year since losing the Tag Team straps. Ali Kaida mysteriously disappeared only to recently reappear. Malachi sold his estate in ....Belfast.., ..Northern Ireland.... and returned to the North Hills of ....Pittsburgh..... The two start the match in ham-fisted fashion with punches and chokes. Interestingly, these two behemoths find themselves on the mat on the outset of the match. Ali Kaida, slimmer and with longer hair than when he left, seems more savage than ever. He punches and chokes Malachi and goes for his eyes. Referee Jimmy James gets Kaida to break the hold. Malachi gets dumped to the outside. After a few seconds, Kaida follows and is met by a clubbing Malachi. Several minutes go by as Malachi punches and gouges Kaida. Kaida comes back with a rally on the outside. Kaida picks up a chair. The fans react. Malachi knocks it out of his hand. Malachi goes to drive Kaida into the corner post but at the last second, Kaida tosses Malachi into the corner post. Kaida attacks relentlessly. Jimmy James tries to keep an assemblance of order, to no avail. The two slug away as the go toward the locker room. The match is deemed a double count out.

During intermission, KSWA Owner Bobby O introduces WWWF superstar and Wrestling Hall of Famer Donna Christianello, who is in attendance. Bobby tells the crowd that Donna was a female wrestler before Divas populated the wrestling scene. The KSWA Krazies respond warmly and respectfully to Donna.

Tag Team Match: Justin Sane & Kris Kash v. Del Douglas & Lord Zoltan

After intermission, Justin Sane and Golden Triangle Champion Kris Kash enter the ring to face “King” Del Douglas and Lord Zoltan in tag team competition. The fans erupt for all four competitors. Zoltan receives a ruckus ovation, despite the fact he’s a blatant rule breaker. The crowd is that incredibly hot. The King and Golden Triangle Champion Kris Kash hook up in the center of the ring, with ..Douglas.. getting the early advantage. King chops Kash then drives his knee into the abdominal region. ..Douglas.. slams Kash. ..Douglas.. continues his assault. Fans start their familiar “Dairy Queen” chant toward ..Douglas... The King tags in the Lord. Zoltan gets a wrist lock on Kash, who is able to reach Justin Sane for the tag. Zoltan hits Justin and gets him into a wrist lock. Justin reverses it. Zoltan sinks it in again and advances it into an arm bar. Zoltan continues the leverage move on Sane. Justin is whipped into the ropes. Zoltan levels him with a clothesline. Sane is trapped in his opponents’ corner. Referee Justin Smith is distracted as Zoltan uses the ropes as a weapon on Justin’s throat. ..Douglas.. chops Sane then grabs his most private of areas. Zoltan uses his wrist tape on Justin’s throat. Justin is able to tag Kash, but the ref doesn’t see it. While he argues to get Kash back into the corner, the twosome goes to work on Justin. ..Douglas.. gets Sane into the Royal Crab. Justin gets to the ropes. ..Douglas.. is forced to release the hold. The crowd screams “Have It Your Way.” Zoltan is tagged in. He twists Justin’s head, then clamps onto his deltoid muscles. Despite that, Justin gets to the corner and tags in Kash. Again, the ref doesn’t see it and Kash is forced into an onlooker role. Justin is placed into the Tree of Woe in the corner and ..Douglas.. drop kicks him in the solar plexes. Zoltan is in. He goes for the sunset flip, Zoltan roles out of a flip. Kash breaks up a pin attempt on Justin. Zoltan punches Sane in the abs. Justin tries to get some momentum but Zoltan meets him with knees. Justin flips Zoltan from the top rope. Justin goes for Shock Therapy but misses. Both men are down. They slowly go for their corners. Both Douglas and Kash are tagged in. All four men are in. Sane drop kicks Zoltan to the outside. Kash slams ..Douglas... Sane hits Shock Therapy. Kash follows that up with the swon-ton splash for the win.

Post match: Douglas and Zoltan split, while Sane and Kash embrace before heading for the back.

For A Shot At The KSWA Championship At FanFest: Latin Assassin v. Anthony Alexander

The next match is for a shot at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship at FanFest. The Latin Assassin comes out to a riotous ovation, and that is equaled by the Prime Time Player, Double-A Anthony Alexander. Without warning, the Advisor to the VIPs, Frank Durso, appears to on the scene, holding Shawn Blanchard’s KSWA Championship. This rattles both combatants before the match starts. Perhaps that’s what why he’s done it. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell, but both men start out preening to the crowd. The crowd goes insane for both men. Durso shouts that all Latin wants to do is “dance.” It takes a while before both men lock up. Alexander gets into a collar-and-elbow tie up and tosses Latin across the ring. Latin gets up. Dances and the two lock up again. Alexander gets Latin into a headlock. He continues with the move for quite a while. Latin hits him with a side suplex but Alexander gets right back up. Alexander aggressively punches and kicks Latin. Latin goes head-first into the corner post. He follows that up with a foot to Latin’s throat. Alexander breaks the assault to gain the crowd’s approval. He flips Latin into a headlock. Twice he goes for a pin but the Assassin gets his shoulder up. Alexander goes for a submission, then more pin attempts. Latin gets up and whips him into the ropes. Latin is met with a shoulder block that sends him to the outside. Latin steams and regroups while Alexander waits inside the ring. Latin is nearly counted out before he comes back in. Once inside, Latin gets an advantage. He nearly pins Alexander before getting him into a reverse chin lock. Latin drapes Alexander over the middle ropes then whips him into the ropes and connects with a fall-away slam. Alexander is up at two. Latin marches toward Alexander and hits him with a snap mare. He returns to the reverse chin lock. Latin hits him with three knees to the back. Latin chops Alexander in the neck and gets a two count. Then another two count. Latin wraps Alexander into another reverse chin lock. Alexander falls onto his side. Jimmy James looks for a submission. Alexander’s arm falls twice in an attempt to submit. He raises his hand at the third. He rises up, whips Latin into the rope and catches his flying body press. Alexander tosses Latin over his shoulders and across the ring. Latin is draped over the apron and Alexander pounds him. Alexander smashes Latin into the apron then rolls him back in. Alexander attacks Latin’s once-injured back. Alexander works on the back. The fans chant for Double A. Latin gets up and kicks him in the abs. Alexander falls and Latin gets a two-count. Latin goes to the middle rope. Alexander is prone. Latin lands the flying elbow. Latin goes for a small package. Two count. Alexander DDT’s Latin in the center of the ring. Two and ¾ count. Latin spills to the outside. Alexander slams Latin into the ring steps. Alexander rolls Latin back in. Alexander applies the chin lock again. He goes for a submission. This time, it’s Latin who raises his hand right before the dreaded three-count. Alexander hits the big boot. Latin kicks up at two. Alexander tries to rally the troops. Latin struggles to get to his feet. The two vets rise to their feet, run the ropes and land monstrous double clotheslines. Latin nearly gets a two count. Twice. Both men are up. Latin hits his Flying Lariat. Alexander is down. Latin crawls over. Alexander kicks up at two. Alexander lands the Prime Time Cancellation. Repeatedly, Latin is overheard saying, “I need this.” Obviously, he wants it. A second PTC is hit. Latin is laid out. Alexander, pained, cannot immediately roll over. Jimmy James starts the double count out. Both men stir. They get to their knees. They stand. Alexander hits punches. Then run the ropes and Latin crashes into Alexander. He rolls over for the pin. Latin Assassin gets the win and the chance at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Blanchard at FanFest. Post Match, Latin celebrates. Alexander wonders what happens. Friends, they face off. As friends, they embrace. A few moments later, Double-A grabs the microphone and gives props to Latin. Latin grabs the microphone and gives props to Double-A before saying he is ready for his place as KSWA Heavyweight Champion.

Main Event: VIPs Defend KSWA Tag Belts Against Demolition, Ax & Smash

The KSWA Tag Team Championships are on the line as the VIPs defend against Ax and Smash, Demolition. Ax starts out with a headlock on Shawn Blanchard. A shoulder block sends Martin to the outside. The VIPs embrace. Martin is tagged in. Smash says he wants Martin. He’s tagged in. Martin teases Smash with a test of strength. They lock one hand then Martin punches Smash. Smash hits Martin with a shoulder block. That sends him to the outside. The VIPs embrace once again as the crowd goes berserk. Martin says that Smash is “done now.” Smash meets him with a boot to the midsection. Ax is tagged back in. He hits Martin with a clothesline. Referee Jimmy James forces Durso off of the apron. Ax smashes Martin into Smash’s boot. Smash hits double sledges on Martin. He picks Martin up and tags Ax back in. Ax applies the front face lock then follows that up with chops to the shoulders. Smash is tagged back in and punches Martin. Smash misses with a spear in the corner. Durso chokes Smash. Blanchard is tagged back. Smash is double teamed in the corner as Jimmy James is distracted. Smash tries to battle out, to no avail. Ax comes into the ring and mixes it up. The VIPs are met in the middle of the ring. Ax goes after Durso and slams him into the wall on the outside. Martin holds Smash up for a clothesline, but he ducks. Blanchard clotheslines Martin. Smash hits Martin with the belly to belly suplex. Smash pins Martin and they become the NEW KSWA Tag Team Champions.

Demolition leaves with the VIPs wondering how it all went wrong. Blanchard picked up his belt, saying he was still the KSWA Heavyweight Champion.