Jester Holds On, Kaida Successfully Defends Golden Triangle Title During 15th Anniversary Event

February 22, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Despite weather-related traffic warnings and blustery conditions, another 200-plus crowd of Krazies attended the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s (KSWA) 15th Anniversary celebration on February 21. Those in attendance were in prime fashion to experience professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, only as the KSWA can provide.

It was also a grand night as the KSWA was honored with its own “Day” by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

Blood Beast v. Joey Quervo

The 293-lb, always hungry for competition Blood Beast waits as Joey Quervo dry-heaves in the corner. Beast meets Quervo in the corner with boots to the gut. He then tosses Quervo across the ring. Beast stands on Quervo’s neck while in the corner. Beast breaks the hold enough to bodyslam Quervo to the mat. There’s a big clothesline that floors the former tag team champion. Beast announces that Quervo is “nothing.” Beast choke slams Quervo to the mat and then Beast picks him up a second time. Referee Justin Smith makes the count and Blood Beast is your winner in less than two minutes. The win has a decisive one for Blood Beast, who has had tough breaks in the win column as of late.

5-Star Championship: Badfingers (w/Mayor Mystery) v. The Jester (champion)

This has been a match Bobby Badfingers and Mayor Mystery had harped on obtaining. The Jester won the 5-Star belt at FanFest last December in a Fatal Four way match. He did not pin Badfingers, but he did walk away with the championship. Badfingers and Mystery had raged a verbal war with the Championship Committee until they got this matchup. The bell rings at the order of referee Shawn Patrick. Bobby Badfingers forces The Jester into a corner. Badfingers misses with a clothesline, Jester misses with a kick. Badfingers bails to the waiting arms of Mayor Mystery. Once back inside, The Jester taunts Badfingers. There’s a hip toss that floors Badfingers. Then another and the Jester follows up with forearms. Jester kicks Badfingers in the head as Mystery prowls the outside. Then there are a couple of quick two counts laid down by Jester on Badfingers. The crowd is really behind The Jester. Badfingers whips Jester in the corner, distracts the referee. Mystery smashes Jester with his cane. Badfingers spears Jester and gets a two-and-three-quarters count. Patrick is distracted again. Mystery attacks The Jester again. Badfingers chokes Jester as Patrick is distracted by Mystery. Badfingers uses Mystery’s cane on Jester. Badfingers has Jester in a bad way in the ropes. Patrick is distracted again and Badfingers uses Mystery’s cane again. A near pinfall is recorded. Badfingers bodyslams Jester. The Jester has a fighting spirit! Badfingers boots Jester in the corner. Mystery again attacks Jester. Jester gets to his feet and floors Badfingers. Now Badfingers is in the corner. Badfingers is whacked and falls to the center of the ring. There’s a two count on Badfingers. Badfingers is up and drops a leg on Jester. Jester kicks up. There’s a big clothesline by Badfingers. Badfingers goes up top and misses with a huge leg drop. Jester screams and gets to his feet. Jester kicks Mystery, who made his way into the ring. Badfingers over to the announce table, grabs the 5-Star title blasts The Jester in the head with it. The Jester collapses in a heap. Shawn Patrick counts two and a half. Jester is whipped into the ropes. He kicks Badfingers in the head and drops the former champ. The Jester goes up to the top rope. Frog splash and a three count. The Jester retains the 5-Star championship!

Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and Hall of Fame Announcement

KSWA Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri makes his way to the ring and he thanks the fans for their 15 years of commitment to the organization. He also takes the opportunity to announce that the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Hall of Fame contingent has been decided. J.J. Dillon, who had previously been announced as being in Shawn Blanchard’s corner for the March 28th match against Shane Starr, has been announced as a Hall of Fame inductee. It was also announced that Nick “Big Bully” Busick will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame next month.

Handicap Match: Shawn Blanchard, Tommy Faime and Shane Starr v. Kris Kash and Bobby O

Before all of the combatants are in the ring, Bobby O announces that he has a trick up his sleeve. He says that his team will be evened with the addition of “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin into the mix. Blanchard takes the early offense from Kris Kash. Kash recovers and takes Blanchard down. Faime is tagged in and Kash gets offense on the former KSWA World Champion and Hall of Famer. Kash tags in Bobby O who plants a couple of rights onto Bobby. Kash is tagged back in and he puts more offense on Faime. O is tagged back in and he is quickly floored by a punch to the crotch and a two count. Blanchard is tagged back in and he levels Bobby O. The offense is fast and furious as Lou Martin and Blanchard pretend to go after each other and Shane Starr helps the other team on the outside. Blanchard tags in Starr and he immediately tags in Faime. Faime gets Bobby O on the mat. Lou Martin is tagged in. He pretends to go after Faime, but instead they hug. Starr tags himself in and he immediately floors Martin. Starr suplexes Martin and gets a two count. Starr presses Martin and drops him to the mat. Starr tags in Blanchard and Martin tags in Kash. Kash chops Blanchard like crazy before giving him the spine buster. Two count. Faime is tagged in. He and Blanchard double clothesline Kash. Kash survives a two count. Faime has him down. Two count on Kash again. Referee David Fedor asks if Kash is able to continue. Kash’s hand nearly drops three times from a sleeper but he’s able to hold on. Martin punches Kash in the gut on the outside. Martin gets in the ring and clotheslines Faime after missing Kash. Bobby O is tagged in and he rolls Faime over. Two count from Fedor. Bobby O tags in Martin, who climbs in and immediately slaps Kash on the shoulder. Kash goes to work on Faime and gives him a DDT in the center of the ring. Kash goes to the top rope. Blanchard blatantly pushes him off the top rope. Bobby O says that should be a DQ but Fedor has liberal latitude. And then, just like that, there’s bedlam. A quickly frustrated Fedor calls for the bell and all six men battle. Soon, the entire locker room empties as the place goes as one long-time Krazy called it, “That’s the most krazy things I’ve seen in a long time.” The entire KSWA locker room battles each other in the fray. It takes a while to clear and the crowd is stunned at what it just witnessed. The match is officially a no-contest.

Harley T. Morris (w/”Mad Genius” David Marbell) v. Justin Sane

As soon as he is introduced and makes his way to the ring, Harley T. Morris is cocksure and ready to go against the Kraziest Megastar of all time, Justin Sane. Justin gets an arm bar on the debuting “Foot Hills of West Virginia” import. Justin has him on the mat and then picks him up so Justin could wrap his arm over the top rope. Harley gets some offense and spins Justin’s head into the mat. On the outside, the “Mad Genius” David Marbell punches Justin in the skull, with referee Justin Smith distracted by Morris. Justin is face down on the mat and battles back with fists, but Morris clotheslines him down. With Justin rattled, Morris preens to the crowd. He lifts Justin up onto his shoulders, but the Krazy man battles out of it. Morris drops Sane down. Morris has Justin face down on the mat. Morris buries a boot into Sane’s neck as the Mad Genius pretends to not be involved. Morris flattens Justin with a body press. There’s a leg drop on Justin. Sane crawls to one knee as Morris takes in the Krazies. Morris returns with a forearm. Morris plants Justin on the top rope for a superplex but Justin powerbombs him instead. Justin clotheslines Morris. The Mad Genius grabs the time bell and tosses it to Morris but he misses with it. Justin plants Morris and gets the duke and the Krazies go insane. It was without question the largest ovation Justin Sane has got from an appreciative KSWA crowd in some time.

8-Man Tag Team Match: Mercenaries, Jay Flash & Del Douglas v. Malachi, Massacre, Zoltan & Johnson

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Ice Man and Jay Flash are to start off. However, Flash tags in Nasty Nick Crane and he calls for his old nemesis Lord Zoltan. Zoltan and Crane lock up and Crane pushes Zoltan into the corner. Zoltan does the same with Crane. Zoltan gets Crane down with an arm bar and tags in Johnson. Quick tags follow and Zoltan is in once again with Crane. Crane tags in Sniper and Zoltan works on the Cape Town, South African’s arm. Jack Massacre is tagged in and he splashes Sniper in the corner. Sniper holds onto the ropes with Massacre tries to pull him out. Malachi is tagged in and he pulls on Sniper’s arms. Sniper gets to the King Del Douglas. Johnson is tagged in and he floors Douglas with a knee to the gut. Douglas tags in Flash, the winner of Battle Bowl. Flash quickly darts around the ring and tags in Crane. Johnson and Crane lock up. Crane gets Johnson down and in his corner. Douglas is tagged in and he goes to work on Johnson. Douglas goes for his patented crotch grab but Johnson battles out of it. Douglas gets Johnson into the Boston Crab but Malachi races in and breaks that up. Flash is tagged in and he goes to work on his former friend and tag team partner. Flash gets a one count on Johnson and then tags in Crane. Flash suplexes Johnson and Shawn Patrick counts to two. Johnson battles out and kicks Flash. Flash holds on to Johnson’s wrist and uses some leverage moves to keep him down. Sniper is tagged in by Crane. Johnson is leveled by the Mercenaries’ double clothesline. Sniper posts Johnson in the corner and slaps him. Sniper drops Johnson to the middle of the ring and then only gets a two count. Massacre gets in and soon everyone is in the ring. Malachi suplexes Johnson. Flash kicks Malachi and Massacre. Malachi falls to the mat and Massacre receives a rolling DDT. Flash and Sniper talk together about what’s next. Johnson waits, misses Flash with the boot and kicks Sniper right into the mush. He goes down and the team of Lord Zoltan, Massacre, Malachi and Johnson get the win.

Golden Triangle Championship: J-Ru v. Kaida (champion)

The Megastars meet in the center of the ring. J-Ru grabs Kaida’s beard. J-Ru gets Kaida in a neck lock. He scraps Kaida’s forehead over the top rope. J-Ru goes for a shoulder block but Kaida isn’t fazed. The two rock each other with big shoulder blocks. Kaida chases J-Ru to the outside. J-Ru prowls on the outside as David Fedor counts to five. J-Ru rakes Kaida’s back and the two trade huge chops on the outside. J-Ru kicks the middle rope as Kaida tries to get inside. That fells the Afghani Assault weapon. J-Ru drops a leg on Kaida and gets a one-count. J-Ru drives Kaida down to the mat with a DDT. J-Ru blisters Kaida with shots to the head and then J-Ru drops Kaida from the middle rope. J-Ru misses with a reverse splash as Kaida rolls out of the way. J-Ru is up at seven. He splashes Kaida in the corner. J-Ru may have gone low with a shot on Kaida. J-Ru misses with a splash. Kaida drops him from that corner. Kaida goes for the cover but only gets two. Kaida goes for the over-the-top suplex but J-Ru is able to break out of it. J-Ru hits Kaida with forearms. Kaida slaps J-Ru and then goes to the middle rope for a suplex from the middle rope and scores the victory! Kaida remains the Golden Triangle Champion.

Thus concludes the KSWA 15th Anniversary Extravaganza.

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