"Baddest Man" Tops List Of Five Top Brawlers In KSWA History

February 28, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

There are different types of styles and techniques in the world of professional wrestling. The most enduring and longest-held skill is mat grappler. In fact, professional wrestling wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this most-basic, yet most-expert talent. At the height of his too-short career, La Lucha was a mat wrangler and pro in the form of his Mexican brethren. In another discussion of KSWA mat greats, lists would begin and end with another short-term former World Champion: Mitch Napier.

Then there are the high-flyers. For nearly 15 years, Justin Sane has been near the top of this list, only second to the sky-high flyer Kris Kash.

Most other wrestlers fall into a mix of styles. Then there are the pure brawlers. For every sophisticated hold, these Megastars will punch someone right in the teeth. For some, that means only using a fist; while others allow outside items to do all the heavy lifting.

Few KSWA Megastars were as tough as “Vicious” Vinnie Stone. The Vicious One came into the KSWA angry. On February 23, 2008, Biker Al (who nearly made the cut himself) brought his “cousin” into the fold. The duo had their first contest end in a no-decision against The Latin Assassin and The Blood Beast. On May 3, 2008 Stone and Al nearly won the KSWA Tag Team Championship in a 3-team match. Latin and Blood Beast won the straps that night. Stone would wrestle in tag team matchups before getting into a feud with Alex Arcadian and Ric Rumsky. Stone would earn a shot at then-KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander’s belt on January 17, 2009. Double A retained in a hard-fought battle that only continued Stone’s profile in the company. When Al announced that the two were not “cousins,” the Biker betrayed his personal henchman. Stone teamed with Rumsky and won the KSWA tag belts on September 18, 2009. The two had a pretty decent run as Champions before losing the belts. Stone would later turn on Rumsky and seriously injure his friend. Through much of 2010 and 2011, Stone was one of the heaviest hitters on the roster. Rumsky came back in explosive fashion and defeated Stone in a “Loser Leave KSWA” match on July 9, 2011. Stone publicly apologized to his friend and left as peacefully as he came in forcefully.

"Big" Mike Malachi was the KSWA’s first “Big Man.” At 6’5,” and 300 pounds, Malachi was only slightly larger than another former KSWA World Champion: Tommy Faime. Years before Bulldozer or Jack Massacre would put their significant paw prints on the KSWA landscape; Malachi was flattening foes with a big ham hock. His first recognized KSWA event took place on January 26, 2001 in a Heavyweight Title clash against Champion Shawn Blanchard. On January 19, 2002, at the time, the two biggest KSWA Megastars—Malachi and Faime—met in a slugfest for Tommy’s Heavyweight title. On November 2, 2009, Malachi would use his power to win the KSWA World Championship. Malachi would go on to win the KSWA Tag Team Championships as part of a then-defiant “Gentleman” Joe Perri’s “International Thugs.” The team, which later included Baracus, and Zero, was easily one of the most devastating stables in Pittsburgh professional wrestling history. Upon his return to being a fan favorite, Malachi battled Bulldozer in a series of hard-hitting matches. Malachi would do the unthinkable and actually bodyslam the then 411-pound behemoth. He would later lose a retirement match to Anthony Alexander and disappear from the KSWA for five years. With last year’s return, Malachi immediately put himself back into championship contention. Now KSWA Tag Team Champions with Jack Massacre, it looks as if the “Wall Street Cover Boys,” “Big and Bigger,” or whatever Krazies like to call them, it appears as if the guys could have those belts for as long as they desire to hold them.

How can any discussion about brawlers in professional wrestling take place without Lord Zoltan? To be honest, a majority of his wrench-wielding has taken place in the years since he disposed of a spooky entrance and Mayor Mystery. Perhaps no one in Pennsylvania professional wrestling history has possessed a more lethal left fist. Upon his debut with the KSWA in July, 2009, Lord Zoltan has battered and bruised opponents with a tactician’s expertise. Whether having a referee distracted as he may-or-may-not use wrist tape to choke an opponent, or just plastering a guy in the noodle with the authority standing right there, Lord Zoltan knows how to make an impact. For 75 weeks, he and Justin Sane—collectively known as Party Gras—had held onto the Commonwealth’s premier tag team championships. Most of their successful defenses occurred as a result of Lord Zoltan clobbering someone in the corner with a series of forceful pokes to the face. Justin’s Sane “Shock Therapy” frogsplash oftentimes simply punctuated a Lord Zoltan beat down. Some of Lord Zoltan’s most fierce matches came when battling “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin with a Chicken Suit on the line. No one knows how to sneak a left jab better than Lord Zoltan. No one.

Current Golden Triangle Champion Kaida has been blistering opponents with superior power moves longer than anyone in KSWA history. In his first match on February 1, 2003, then “Ali” Kaida lost to Big Mike Malachi in a contest for the Irishman’s KSWA World Championship. Even though Kaida lost, the KSWA Championship Committee knew it had a special athlete. On August 14, 2004, Kaida defeated La Lucha in a Mexican Hardcore Match. For the next decade, Kaida has made a crushing impact. At 6’3” and 273 pounds, Kaida has only gotten stronger and more devastating as his career continues to apex. As the anchor of the International Thugs, Kaida used pure brute force to his advantage. On July 9, 2011, Kaida shocked the KSWA Krazies by defeating The Latin Assassin for the KSWA World Championship. In more recent times, Kaida has taken to using over-the-top suplexes that shatter opponents and wow the crowds. Kaida’s most shocking turn came when he came to Owner Bobby O’s aid in a feud with the VIP’s. When Bobby O won ownership back after a one-year Shawn Blanchard captaining, it was Kaida who carried the corporate flag. In a FanFest 2014 match for the KSWA’s Golden Triangle Championship, Kaida stupefied some by defeating beat Bulldozer. At the time, Bulldozer appeared unstoppable; however, Kaida had something up his sleeve…a winning, powerful game plan. It’s possible that the Championship Committee is keen on Kaida because his Golden Triangle title match against J-Ru headlined the recent 15th Anniversary show card.

The Top Brawler in KSWA history is the self-proclaimed “Baddest Man in the KSWA,” Bobby Badfingers. In fact, it’s possible that declaration may not too much hyperbole. Bobby Badfingers, the Windy City Warrior, has forced two Megastars into retirement without laying a right hook on them. Along with the ever-present Mayor Mystery, Badfingers has taken on virtually everyone in the KSWA and he keeps moving forward. On June 27, 2009 a debuting Badfingers flattened Joey Quervo. At the height of his career, another mayhem-inducing Megastar—the Blood Beast—lost to Badfingers on September 18, 2009. About a year later, on July 31, 2010, Badfingers defeated Shawn Blanchard during the Monongahela Football and Cheerleading fundraiser. The fans there loved Badfingers and that started a short time in which he was a fan favorite. On September 4, 2010, Badfingers defeated the competition and won the Paul J. Scuillo Memorial Battle Royal, which was complete with Pittsburgh City Police officers serving as Lumberjacks. On May 7, 2011, through power and opportunity, Badfingers won the Golden Triangle Championship. He would enter into a feud with Jay Flash and would develop both Megasters to the top-of-the-card performers they are today. Badfingers would serve as a lynch pin for the Mayor Mystery’s “Legion of the Apocalypse.” The four-man stable had the prospect of being a catalyst for change for years to come, but egos clashed and not even Mayor Mystery could keep the lid on that pot. Badfingers remained unfazed and only got better with Mayor Mystery at his side. On December 7, 2013 Badfingers won the 5-Star Championship. For nearly a year he boasted and preened about being the “Baddest Man.” He lost that championship to The Jester without ever being pinned; however, the current 5-Star champion retained in a one-on-one contest at the 15th Anniversary event. Now lighter and quicker than he’s ever been in the KSWA, the 6’1,” 237-pound Bobby Badfingers quickly strikes harder and faster than anyone in the organization. Wrestlers have walked away from the ring forever in fear of the “Baddest Man in the Company.” They have cowered instead of taking their opportunity at immortality. That’s why Bobby Badfingers is the Top Brawler in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s glorious, historic 15-years.

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