KSWA Provides Thrills & Chills At Fundraiser for St. John Neuman School

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
October 26, 2009

On the outset of the evening, KSWA Owner Bobby O came to the ring and announced that the KSWA will host a pizza party for the entire school at a later date. The crowd at the Teamsters Union Hall in Lawrenceville enjoy the declaration. The crowd is excited about the matchups and the evening begins.

La Lucha v. Lord Zoltan (w/Nasty Nick Crane)

La Lucha comes to the ring with great aplomb. Lord Zoltan comes to the ring accompanied by Nasty Nick Crane. The match begins with both men playing to the crowd. A remarkably loud crowd emerges for Zoltan, but very few Megastars beat La Lucha in popularity, especially in Lawrenceville.

The opponents lock up, with Zoltan forced into the corner, where the hold is broken. Zoltan cowers in the corner when La Lucha goes for him again. Lord Zoltan grabs La Lucha into an arm bar, but that is reversed by La Lucha. The crowd goes nuts as Lucha steps on Zoltan’s hand. La Lucha goes after Crane at ring side and that’s enough for Zoltan to attack the Mayor from behind. Crane goes to work on La Lucha as referee Jimmy James is distracted. Zoltan goes to the outside and drapes La Lucha’s neck over the top rope. Zoltan goes for a pin on La Lucha three times after he chokes the former multi-time champion over and over again. Zoltan distracts James. That gives Crane an opening to choke La Lucha over the middle rope.

Jimmy breaks it up but he’s distracted again. That allows Zoltan, then Crane, to continue their assault. Zoltan chokes La Lucha while holding the ropes, directly in front of the referee. Zoltan goes for a sleeper hold. Then he pinches La Lucha’s shoulders. La Lucha gets up, tosses Zoltan into the ropes the two meet for a double shoulder block. Zoltan extends a hand in friendship. La Lucha doesn’t buy it and kicks him. La Lucha now has momentum in the corner. Punches rain on Zoltan’s head. La Lucha is distracted by Crane. He goes outside to chase Crane, the Canadian leaps into the ring. Zoltan grabs Crane’s Canadian flag and rams it into La Lucha’s stomach. Zoltan gets the cheap win.

After the match, La Lucha still receives a champion’s accolades.

Biker Al Comes To The Ring

Not long after the ring is cleared, KSWA Owner Bobby's O's theme music mysteriously appears. Bobby isn't sure where the music originates from. It turns out that Biker Al comes to the ring, with a pillow under in his tee-shirt and a piece of pizza in his hand. He is mimicking Bobby O. Biker Al continues to lampoon Bobby until Ric Rumsky inexplicably hits the scene. Rumsky comes to the ring to defend Bobby O. The two Megastars verbally go at it. A match it set later in the evening.

Great Toyota v. Ali Kaida

Great Toyota enters the ring first. Ali Kaida second. Ali Kaida hits Toyota with a head butt. It’s all Ali Kaida for the first few moments. Toyota is able to get a few hits in, but that’s not long lived as Kaida hits Toyota with a huge power bomb. He tosses Toyota to the outsider where Gentleman Joe Perri tosses him back in. Ali Kaida puts Toyota into a Cobra Clutch, where he submits. After the match, Ali Kaida chases Perri to the back. Referee Justin Smith helps Toyota to the back.

Mitch Napier v. Joey Quervo

Mitch Napier comes out first and glad hands with fans. Joey Quervo comes out next. The two shake hands in the middle of the ring. Quervo gets the rookie into a arm bar then maneuvers him to the mat. Quervo goes to the apron and drapes Mitch’s arm over the top rope. Once back inside, Napier gains momentum. Joey then tosses Mitch into the corner. Joey goes back to work on Mitch’s left arm. Mitch reverses it then knocks Joey to the mat. Mitch goes for a reverse chin lock, all the while driving his knee into Joey’s back. Mitch body slams Joey then drops a head butt on Quervo’s shoulder. Then it’s back to the reverse chin hold. Mitch wraps Joey up for a near pin fall. He slams Joey onto the mat then hits a leg drop. Mitch goes to the top rope for a big splash. Joey kicks up at two. A standing drop kick then floors Quervo. Another near pin. Mitch stalks the fallen Quervo. Napier whips Quervo into the ropes for a clothesline. The a suplex. Quervo kicks up at two. Quervo somehow recovers and hits an inverted DDT. He nearly gets a three count on Napier. Napier gets back up. Quervo misses a clothesline. Mitch knocks Quervo down. Hits another splash. Another two count. Mitch goes for his Sioux Falls slam but Quervo breaks it. Quervo into the ropes. Napier gets him in it again and hits it. For the win.

After the match, Mitch celebrates then raises Quervo’s hand and they leave friends.

Vinnie Stone v. Blood Beast.

Ric Rumsky accompanies Stone. Blood Beast comes to the ring with Gentleman Joe Perri, his new manager.

The two big men get each other in arm bars and other technical moves for several minutes. Blood Beast encourages the test of strength. Vinnie goes for it. Blood Beast gets the advantage then gets Stone into a head lock. Blood Beast gains momentum. Beast applies the reverse double arm bar. Vinnie powers out. Blood Beast floors Vinnie with a shoulder block. Beast nearly gets a pin fall. Vinnie floors Beast with a belly-to-belly suplex. Vinnie goes for a pin but Blood Beast gets his foot on the bottom rope. Beast gets up and punches Vinnie. Vinnie misses a clothesline but Blood Beast nails one. Blood Beast is floored. Vinnie attempts a spear but that’s broken up by Perri on the outside. Beast floors Vinnie with an inverted DDT. Rick Rumsky breaks up the count from the outside. Beast gets up and Vinnie hits the spear for the win.

Post match, Rumsky and Stone celebrate while Gentleman Joe Perri complains about a pulled tights that never happened.

Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

“King” Del Douglas comes out to the usual chants of “Burger King.” Justin comes to the ring wearing the somewhat creepy Burger King mask from TV commercial fame. The fans chant “Burger King” loudly at Douglas on the outset. It takes several minutes before the combatants lock up.

Once they do, the King goes right after Justin with punches and kicks. Douglas whips him into the ropes then hits a knee to the stomach. Then a second boot is landed. Justin is down. The King preens to the crowd.

The King hits a fist from the second rope. Sane is nearly pinned. King suplexes Sane. Then lands a elbow. He hits a second one and gets a two-and-a-half count. King kicks Justin’s left wrist which is protected with a brace. The King ties his opponent to the Tree of Woe and lands a drop kick. Douglas pulls him to the middle of the ring and applies the Kingshooter. Justin struggles to get to the ropes. The King falls and breaks the hold. Douglas continues the onslaught with kicks and drapes Justin’s neck over the bottom rope. He’s forced to break the hold.

Douglas grabs Sane by the crotch and strikes a chop. Then a drop kick to the prone Sane. Justin falls to the outside. The King boasts to the crowd before going out after his opponent. The hits a double sledge from the apron and saunters back into the ring. Justin rolls back in and is met with boots. Justin whips Douglas into the corner and lands a splash. Then a chop. Then a suplex. Justin goes to the top rope and lands a flying elbow. Justin hits a standing leg drop. Douglas kicks up at two. Justin applies the reverse chin lock. He tosses Douglas down. Then Douglas is picked up and hit with a clothesline. Justin goes to the middle rope and lands a leg drop. Douglas kicks up at two. Sane hits the leg scissors then hits Shock Therapy; however, Douglas is too close to the ropes and he gets his boot up. Justin goes for the same sequence again. Douglas gets his knees up and stops Justin cold. Douglas follows that up with a boot to the stomach and his patented “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Post match, the King celebrates while Justin rolls around in the pain in the middle of the ring. Sane is distraught by the loss and is slow getting out of the ring.

Biker Al v. Ric Rumsky

This match was arraigned earlier in the evening after Biker Al attempted to humiliate KSWA Owner Bobby O. Al comes out with his manager, Gentleman Joe Perri. Rumsky is seconded by Vinnie Stone.

Both men try to get the crowd’s attention, with Rumsky winning. Al gets Rumsky in an arm bar, but Rumsky reverses it by rolling out. Rumsky kicks Al then breaks the hold. Biker Al claims that Rumsky pulled his hair.

Rumsky gets the fans cheering. Biker Al applies a headlock. Rumsky tries to break out but cannot. Rumsky whips Biker Al into the ropes and follows that up with a flying clothesline. Biker Al bails to the outside. Once inside, Biker Al gets the momentum. He gets a near pin. Al lands a leg drop. A two-count follows. Biker Al hits Rumsky with a punch to the head. A two count follows.

Al applies a reverse chin hold, then an elbow to the top of Rumsky’s head. He then goes to work on Rumsky’s leg, with Gentleman Joe adding leverage outside of the view of referee Justin Smith. Biker gets Rumsky into the corner and rams his leg into the corner post. Al drapes Rumsky’s ankle over the bottom rope and hits a leg drop. Al distracts the ref enough for Perri to attack Rumsky. Vinnie Stone chase Perri around the outside. Rumsky hits Al in the corner with a splash. He gets a two count. Both men are slow to get up. Biker Al hits Rumsky in the private region. He hits a suplex and follows with a two-and-a-half count. Rumsky is draped over the middle rope. Perri attacks. Stone attacks Perri. Biker Al goes in. Rumsky hits the super kick and pins Al in the middle of the ring.

After the match, Rumsky and Stone celebrate in the middle of the ring while Biker Al and Joe Perri moan and groan on the outside. The fans in attendance love Rumsky and Stone.

Main Event: VIPs v Kash, Latin and Alexander

The VIPs, along with their Advisor, Frank Durso, make their way to the ring. Then Kris Kash, The Latin Assassin and Double-A Anthony Alexander hit the ring. It takes several minutes to get through the introductions as all six men have their ways. Latin, Alexander and Kash enter the ring together and toss the VIPs to the outside. The VIPs bail and confab on the outside. The six men take their time getting assembled. Durso is slow getting off the apron.

Alexander starts out against Martin. Martin compares biceps with Alexander, who easily wins more fan support. Martin wants to go for the test of strength. Blanchard gets in and Alexander grabs them both, quickly lowers them to the mat and steps on each of their hands. Then he clotheslines them to the outside. Alexander gets the fans clapping while the VIPs try to gain composure. Starr is tagged in. James gets into Durso’s face. The KSWA Hall of Famer will not get off of the apron.

Once he does leave the apron, Alexander hooks up with Starr. Alexander punches and kicks Starr then whips him into the ropes. He lands a back elbow. Alexander slaps on an arm bar and drops elbows on it. Then a knee. Alexander tags in Kash, Starr’s one-time tag team partner. Kash works the arm then goes to the top rope, flips Starr across the ring and then tags in The Latin Assassin. Latin hits the fireman’s carry and goes after Starr’s left arm.

Starr tags in Blanchard who goes after Latin’s eyes. Blanchard hits Latin with a standing suplex. He can only get a two count. Martin is tagged in. He goes after Latin. He falls the Number One Contender with a clothesline. Blanchard is back in, the legality of the tag is questioned, but referee Jimmy James lets it stand. Blanchard goes after Latin and blind-tags Martin back in. Martin punches and hammers Latin. Referee Jimmy James lets the phantom tag go.

Starr is tagged in. Latin is double teamed. Starr is whipped into Latin for a splash. Starr stretches out Latin’s arm. Blanchard grabs Starr for leverage. Latin reverses the leverage and the hold is broken. Blanchard is tagged in and Latin is tossed to the outside. Blanchard prods Alexander, then Kash and the VIPs go after Latin on the outside. Once back in, Latin gains some momentum. Starr is tagged in and he goes after Latin’s neck with a front face lock. Latin tags in Alexander but the ref doesn’t see it. The VIPs double team Latin. Martin hits Latin with a leg drop from the top rope. Martin chokes Latin with his shin. Blanchard is tagged back in. The duo whips Latin into the ropes, they miss a double clothesline. Latin hits a clothesline of his own.

Alexander is tagged in. He is a house of fire against Blanchard. He hits a boot then a fall away slam. He body slams Blanchard and tags in Kash. Kash hits his swon ton from the top rope but Martin breaks up the tag.

The VIPs gain control over Kash in their own corner. Starr goes for the superplex and lands it in the center of the ring. Alexander breaks the count. Martin goes after Kash. He clotheslines the Golden Triangle Champion in the corner and chokes him. Durso, who earlier picked up Latin’s do rag, uses it to choke Kash. Blanchard slingshot suplexes Kash but that pin is broken up by The Latin Assassin.

Blanchard misses a splash. Latin is back in and gains quick control over Blanchard. But Blanchard regroups and applies the dreaded claw onto Latin's forehead. After several minutes, Latin nearly loses consciousness before getting his hand up before the third drop. Latin is still on the mat before he powers up and connects a bodyslam on Blanchard. Martin successfully breaks up the pin attempt.

Latin chops Blanchard in the corner, then whips him into the other corner, where he flips over the top turnbuckle, staggers along the apron and is met with Alexander's boot on the outside.

Alexander is tagged in, he floors Martin, tosses Starr to the outside, then splashes Martin in the corner. Latin is tagged in and hits Blanchard with the Flying Lariat.

In a lightning-quick flurry of activity, Kash hits Martin with the Whisper in the Wind, Starr comes out of nowhere and hammers Kash with the Shining Starr slam. A lurking Alexander clobbers Starr with the Prime Time Cancellation. Blanchard enters the scene and plants Alexander with a spinebuster. Latin Assassin hits Blanchard with a Flying Lariat and records the pin. The fans go berserk.

Post match, the winning team celebrates while Blanchard taunts Latin with the championship belt. That leaves the two men in anticipation of FanFest on Saturday, December 5 at the Lawrenceville Moose.