Blanchard Extends Record By Besting Starr, Busick And Dillon Are Joe Abby Night Honorees

March 29, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When Shawn Blanchard announced earlier this year that James J. Dillon was going to come to Pittsburgh once again and make an impact in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA), he wasn’t kidding. Dillon, who duped Shane Starr and Kris Kash at FanFest 2010, came prepared to mentor the five time, former KSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Ric Rumsky v. Tyler Cross

A packed crowd of well over 400 welcomed Tyler Cross and Ric Rumsky to the ring. The bell rings and the action begins with Ric Rumsky getting the crowd primed for action. Rumsky gets Cross into a wrist lock and proceeds to move him into some wacky dance moves. Rumsky clotheslines Cross down three times. Cross cowers in the corner. Cross dupes Rumsky but the Ohio Valley Pepper Pot gets out of the way of a splash. Rumsky kicks Cross to the floor. Cross is tied up in the ropes. Rumsky hits him with forearms but Cross gets out of it. Cross recovers for some of his own offense. There’s a two count and moments another on Rumsky. Then a third. Cross has Rumsky is a submission neck move. Rumsky is able to shout that “This Hurts!” but Cross holds on. Rumsky battles out but is met with a shoulder. There’s another two count. Cross keeps the offense on Rumsky. Cross lands an elbow. Rumsky is in pain. Another two count. Cross gets Rumsky in the corner but misses with a move. Rumsky uses his patented double knee on Cross, who falls to the other side of the ring. Rumsky blocks a punch and connects with a few of his own. There’s a kick and a suplex. Cross is up at two. Rumsky goes for a kick. It’s blocked. Cross drops him down. Cross hip tosses Rumsky down. Cross drives Rumsky over his knee. Two and three quarter count. Cross says it’s over but Rumsky kicks him out of nowhere. Two and tree quarter count on Rumsky. Cross is driven down on the mat for a three count. Ric Rumsky is your winner.

Triple Threat Match: Harley T. Morris, J-Ru and Justin Sane

Harley T. Morris comes to the ring with “Super Genius” David Marbell. J-Ru follows and then Justin Sane is your third competitor. The Pride of West Virginia’s foot hills, Morris, Sane and J-Ru lock up. In the early moments, the veteran Sane has the upper hand until Morris “Pearl Harbors” Sane from behind. Justin soon dispatches of Morris and is alone in the ring. Outside the ring, J-Ru and Morris are at odds, blaming themselves. Sane dives on Morris and J-Ru. They start to battle while Sane paces inside the ring like a bald panther. Morris and J-Ru get back inside the ring and run the ropes. They collide and start to argue again. They then hug. That confuses Marbell at ringside but the plan was to double team Sane. They do. Two count on Sane by J-Ru. Morris breaks it up. Morris rolls J-Ru up for a two count. Sane is slow to one knee. J-Ru nearly pins Morris again but holds his tights. Justin nearly pins both as they continue to argue. Morris throws J-Ru into Sane, who is prone in the corner. They both whip Sane into the corner. J-Ru misses with a splash. Sane cracks J-Ru down. Two count as Morris breaks it up. A neck breaker from Morris is applied on Sane. Morris slowly picks Justin up. He drops Sane. One count on Sane. Marbell encourages Morris from the outside. Sane is tied up in the corner. J-Ru is slow to get up. Morris slowly climbs to the top. Justin recovers and goes for a superplex. J-Ru comes to the corner, hits Sane in the crotch and superplexes both in an incredible move. Morris drop kicks J-Ru. Sane clotheslines Morris. Marbell rushes the apron, pulls something out of his suit jacket pocket and tosses powder in Sane’s eyes. That’s enough for Morris to drop Sane and get the win!

5-Star Championship: Edric Everhart v. Jester (champion)

The welcome for The Jester is explosive. Tyler Cross accompanies his “System Elite” tag team partner to the ring. Referee Fedor calls for the bell. Everhart bails to the apron. Jester does a cart wheel and may or may not have exposed his bum to the challenger. Everhart screams, “This is a wrestling match!” as the Jester continues to frolic and spook the South Side resident. Everhart whips Jester into the corner but his springs out and clubs Everhart down. There’s a series of knees to Everhart’s back, then a leg drop. There’s a two-count on Everhart. The New Ugly crawls to the corner. Everhart recovers and drop kicks The Jester down. Everhart pulls Jester’s arms back. He drops Jester to the mat for a one count. Jester is in pain as Everhart rakes at his opponent. Everhart, who use to be a part of a villainous “Canada” contingent (and the Krazies vividly remember it), is heckled with “USA, USA” chants. This angers the New Ugly. Two count on Jester, who was planted by Everhart. Cross attacks Jester while the ref is distracted by Everhart…and a kid at ringside. Jester battles back, then does Everhart. Everhart drops Jester down and Jester lands a big butt on Everhart’s mush. Jester battles with punches. Everhart is down. There’s a nice side slam on Everhart. There’s a big body drop and two count on Everhart. Jester is ready. Jester misses with a kick. Everhart hits him with an RKO out of nowhere and almost gets a three count. Cross tries to get involved. Jester foils him and drops Everhart with a massive kick to the head. Jester hits the frog splash and holds onto the 5-Star Championship. Cross can only consul his partner in the ring.

Bobby Badfingers (w/Mayor Mystery) v. “Big” Mike Malachi

The two behemoths collide. Referee Justin Smith breaks them up in the ropes. Badfingers hides on the apron and Malachi mocks him. There’s a huge shoulder block that drives Badfingers down into the corner and into Mayor Mystery’s outstretched arms. The two big men roll around in the ropes. Badfingers whips Malachi into the corner, where the tag team champion meets him with a boot. Malachi chases Badfingers to the outside and goes after Mystery, who high tails it at ringside. Badfingers goes low on Malachi and the former KSWA champion gasps for air. Mystery follows up with some shenanigans on the outside. Mystery keeps Malachi grounded. Badfingers follows up with a pin attempt and then bodyslams the 300-pound Malachi. Two count on Malachi. Malachi is whipped into the corner and comes out with a huge clothesline on Badfingers. Both Megastars are down. There’s a 6-count by Smith before the both start punching away. Malachi suplexes Badfingers. There’s a series of elbows on Badfingers. Two and a half count. Side suplex on Badfingers that shakes the ring. There’s a rear chin lock on Badfingers. Mayor Mystery shouts at ringside fans. Badfingers goes low with a shot to the crotch. Malachi is whipped into the corner. Badfingers jaws with referee Smith. Badfingers DDT’s Malachi. Two count on Malachi. Malachi catches Badfingers with a fall-away slam. Both men are slow getting up. Malachi gets him into the sleeper. Badfingers will not succumb to the sleeper. Malachi flattens him and gets the win. Mayor Mystery is in and gets the Crunch, to the fans’ excitement. J-Ru runs in and hits Malachi with the tag team belt. The two wrestlers and Mystery all attack Malachi and leave him planted and out in the middle of the ring. Mayor Mystery says Malachi shouldn’t mess with Badfingers and J-Ru. Malachi’s “Big and Bigger” tag team championship partner—Jack Massacre—was unable to make the Abby show.

Hall of Fame Presentations: “Big Bully” Nick Busick and in a surprise—James J. Dillon. Both men are gracious as they are in the ring with Dominic DeNucci for their honors. A banner is unfurled, exposing their names as the Class of 2015.

Joe Abby Memorial Elimination Match: Team Faime v. Team Bobby O

Team Faime—Tommy Faime, Lou Martin, Del Douglas and Jay Flash—make their way to the ring. Faime says that his team ambushed Bobby O earlier in the day and “the owner’s” team will now be a man short. Faime calls out Kris Kash, Tony Johnson and Kaida, who oblige to the offer. The ring empties with bodies scattered everywhere. The fans are crazed by the early action. Kash crashes onto Team Faime. Kash lays out Faime in the corner and gives him the tilt a whirl kick. Kash eliminates Faime. Lou Martin immediately eliminates Kash. Kaida suplexes Martin. He catches Jay Flash, who dove from the top rope. Kaida slams him into the mat. Kaida gets ready to suplex Martin again but the Doctor blocks it. Leg drop from Martin onto Kaida. Martin, Douglas and Flash all attack Kaida as Fedor is distracted by Johnson. Johnson runs in but it blocked by Fedor. Martin elbow drops Kaida. Martin digs his foot into Kaida. The crowd erupts into a “Garbage Pants” chant. Fedor is distracted again. Martin drops onto Kaida. Douglas is in and he drops Kaida after grabbing his crotch. Douglas goes after Johnson. Flash is in and he goes after a prone Kaida. Flash is all over Kaida. There’s a pin attempt and he only gets two. Flash goes after Johnson. Flash phantom tags Martin, who is immediately bodyslammed by Kaida. Kaida suplexes Martin. Fedor into position. Two count. Martin is suplexed to the outside and into Jay Flash’s arms. Douglas wants Fedor to back Kaida up. He does. The teammates get Martin close enough for Kaida to pull him in the hard way. Two count on Martin. Kaida swings at Douglas. Death Certificate on Kaida. It’s now Douglas, Martin and Flash against Johnson. Johnson immediately attacks The King. There are kicks to the ribs and an onslaught of offense. A European Uppercut falls Douglas. Two and a half count on Douglas. Douglas battles. Johnson chops back. Johnson gets an arm bar on Douglas. Johnson kicks Douglas in the gut. All three members of Team Faime attack Johnson. Johnson fights back. He eliminates Douglas and then in quick succession, Martin. Now it’s just Flash and Johnson! They battle. Johnson gets Flash down for a two-and-three-quarter count! Flash races to the outside and is chased by Johnson. Powerbomb by Flash and Johnson furiously kicks out of a pin attempt. Flash goes back after Johnson. Flash German Suplexes Johnson. Two count on Johnson. Referee Fedor is spent. Flash suplexes Johnson. Flash jumps over the top rope and onto Johnson’s midsection. Two count. Flash gets Johnson into a submission scissor move. Johnson fights for the ropes. Flash continues to hold onto the scissor hold. Johnson powers out of the move with incredible force. Both Megastars are down. Flash gets Johnson into a sleeper. Johnson fights out of it. He will not submit. Johnson climbs to his feet. Flash gets it in again. There’s a fall-away slam on Johnson. Two and three quarter’s count. Flash goes to the apron. Johnson suddenly hops up and suplexes Flash from the top turnbuckle. Flash is up at the nine count. Johnson hits him with a series of clotheslines and a huge spinning move that has Flash land on his knee. Johnson sets up for the super kick. Faime comes out of nowhere. That distracts everyone but Flash. Flash is up. Flash superkicks Johnson and TEAM FAIME is victorious!

Sniper v. Nick Crane

The Mercenaries are unsure why they are facing each other. Referee Justin Smith tells them that they have to battle it out, as an edict from KSWA Owner Bobby O. KSWA Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri comes to ringside. He comes out and tells the Mercenaries they must battle or be fired. The bell rings a second time and Nick attacks Sniper from behind. Sniper is down in the corner and Nick comes to work. Sniper pokes him in the eye. Sniper gets up and goes on the offensive. Crane follows up with some peppering shots of his own on Sniper. Sniper misses with a splash. Crane falls onto Sniper and tries to pin him. After three attempts…all with Crane blatantly using his feet on the ropes, gets the win. Mayor Mystery comes out and gets in between the Mercenaries. He urges the Mercenaries to join his stable. He promises to get gold around their waists. The crowd chants, “USA, USA.”

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Shawn Blanchard (w/James J. Dillon) v. Shane Starr (w/”Big Bully” Busick)

Months ago, Shawn Blanchard announced to the wrestling world that James J. Dillon was going to accompany him to the ring for the Abby Night. Shane Starr later countered by saying he had someone in his corner as well. He brought a bully. “Big Bully” Busick was in the Teamster Temple. At 10:11 p.m. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Shane Starr and Shawn Blanchard lock up. Starr forces Blanchard into the ropes and a clean break follows. Blanchard forces Starr into the corner where there appears to be a clean break, before Blanchard slaps Starr’s face. Starr chases Blanchard to the outside. Blanchard is understandably hesitant to climb back in the ring. Blanchard hooks Starr in a headlock. Starr hip tosses and bodyslams Blanchard. Blanchard falls to the outside. Dillon calls for a time out that won’t come. Starr brings Blanchard in the hard way. Starr goes to work on Blanchard with punches to the head. Starr gets Blanchard down on the mat. “Ask him,” is Starr’s request. The 5-time former champion will not budge. Referee Fedor looks on. Blanchard rolls Starr over onto his shoulders once, and then a second time; however, he only gets a two count. Dillon chides Fedor for being slow on the count. Blanchard gets Starr in the corner. He uses questionable tactics on Starr. Busick grabs Blanchard’s feet as he runs into the ropes. That falls Blanchard for a quick pin attempt on Starr. Blanchard gets Starr in the corner. The veteran Blanchard gets Fedor’s attention away from the match, and he uses low tactics to gain an upper hand on Starr. Blanchard lands a knee on Starr. Two count. Dillon is doing his best at ring side, mentoring Blanchard and chastising the ref. Starr gets Blanchard down for a two count. Starr gets up and starts working on Blanchard’s thigh. Starr goes back to work on Blanchard. Starr has Blanchard’s leg in a complex position. Blanchard tries to get to the ropes but Starr gets him into the center of the ring. Starr eventually has to let go of the hold. Starr goes to work on the knee and Dillon is affected at ringside. Both men are spent. Blanchard heaves Starr up and lands an Attitude Adjustment on Starr. Starr gets his foot on the ropes. Blanchard is able to get up and get a sleeper on Starr. Fedor checks for Starr’s vitals. Starr fights up and out of it. There’s a huge spinebuster on Starr. The damage has been done on Blanchard’s knee. Dillon plays close head to his charge. Both men are slow in getting up. There’s a four count before Blanchard gets to his feet. Dillon yells for Blanchard to get the circulation flowing in his leg. Starr is in the ropes. Blanchard is in charge. Starr stops, kicks Blanchard in the gut and gets ready for the Figure Four, in front of JJ Dillon. Dillon grabs the ring bell. Fedor tries to stop him. Busick gets involved. Dillon gets away with the ring bell and tosses it to Blanchard, who whacks Starr right in the forehead with it. Starr falls to the matt. Fedor, who never even got a whiff of the infraction, counts to three. Dillon brings the ring bell back and clangs it himself. The winner and new KSWA World Heavyweight Champion—for a 6th time—is Shawn Blanchard!

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