KSWA Krazy Tour Launches In Tidioute With Street Fight, World Championship Match

May 16, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

It’s been nearly six years since the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance ventured far north to Lake Latonka, 65 miles north of the Steel City. On May 16, the KSWA kicks it up a north further, as the Krazy Train drives 120 miles north of Pittsburgh to Tidioute, Tionesta, and the edge of the Allegheny National Forest.

Warren County, along the beautiful Allegheny River, will never be the same again as Bobby Badfingers takes on the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre in a fundraiser for the Taylor Diversion Program. Badfingers, and his tag team partner J-Ru (collectively known as “Deeds,”), have been battling Massacre and his tag team partner, Big Mike Malachi (collectively known as the KSWA World Tag Team Champions), for the past few months. This next chapter of the brawler’s tale takes place in a one-on-one Tidioute Street Fight. Badfingers has been promising for weeks that he’s “got this,” but the monolith known as Massacre has a different opinion. The wildcard in this Main Event will be the inclusion of Mayor Mystery, who always has ulterior motives for his clients.

KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard, who defeated not only Shane Starr, but Justin Sane as well at the May 2 event at the Teamster Temple, will face the former champion once again. Blanchard has balked at the KSWA Championship Committee for the rematch, as the 6-time champion argues that Starr should fall to the bottom of the pecking order. Nevertheless, Shane Starr will have another opportunity at KSWA Gold.

In a surprise of Mega proportions, former KSWA World Heavyweight Champion and former KSWA Tag Team Champion, La Lucha, has agreed to come out of retirement for this special fundraiser. La Lucha, who truly signified the KSWA as an international promotion, recently completed a Mexican Make-A-Wish visit with a young Merida nino who wanted to be a Bull Fighter for a Day. This was La Lucha’s 298th Make A Wish. La Lucha will take on old foe “The King” Del Douglas. Douglas, who brandished brand new ring gear provided by merchant works in Millvale at the last event, is ready for the returning hero. The KSWA Championship Committee has learned late in the week that Mayor Mystery was looked into this contest.

Justin Sane, who smartly cashed in his Battle Bowl contract for the KSWA World Title on May 2, was quickly put down by the adrenaline-fueled Shawn Blanchard. As always, Sane brushes off that obstacle and moves onto the next opponent. J-Ru is that Megastar. J-Ru, who continues to chase the KSWA tag team belts with Badfingers, may just have one eye on the main event as he locks up with Sane. The two ring veterans should put on a stellar match none-the-less. Again, with Mayor Mystery representing J-Ru, anything can happen.

As for veterans—and returning heroes—“The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo faces off against Super Ginger in a special attraction match. Quervo, who was once a tag team champion with La Lucha, is expected to board a plane with his childhood friend and make his way to Tidioute. Super Ginger, who seemingly appears out of nowhere, was spotted this week, fishing under the Tidioute Bridge. The two Megastars have no true beef with one another, but they both relish the chance to tie up in Tionesta.

The KSWA makes its way to Tidioute on Saturday, May 16 for the Taylor Diversion Program fundraiser at the Tidioute Community Charter School, 241 Main Street. Bell time is at 6:00 p.m. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. All tickets are $10. Card subject to change.

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