Historic Heavyweight Championship Match Ends In Controversy At St. Ray’s Fundraiser

May 31, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In more than 15 years, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Championship has been defended well over 100 times by 11 different wrestlers. There have only been 17 title changes for the longest-running professional wrestling organization in Pittsburgh. None of the hundreds of title matches have been decided in two-out-of three fashion, until Saturday, May 30, 2015. The KSWA Championship Committee allowed for Kris Kash to challenge 6-time Champion Shawn Blanchard in this most-unique of contests. And, of course, the final ended in controversy.

Sniper v. Lord Zoltan

Sniper is in the ring as Lord Zoltan dances his way from the locker room. Referee David Fedor calls for the bell and Lord Zoltan calls for the “USA” chant from the packed house. Sniper is enraged and goes after Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri at ringside. The duo locks up and Sniper pushes the Legendary KSWA Hall of Famer into the corner. Referee Fedor has his hand full immediately. They lock up again and Zoltan pushes Sniper into the corner. Zoltan breaks it freely. The two old foes pace around the ring in an attempt to feel each other out. Sniper complains to Fedor about the goings on. They lock up again and Zoltan goes for the wrist lock. He cranks the wrist a number of times, bringing Sniper to one knee. Fedor asks if Sniper has had enough and he says no. Zoltan continues to work on the arm. Sniper backs him into a corner. Sniper misses with a right hand and Zoltan goes after the wrist again. Zoltan raps Sniper’s arm 10 times. Sniper is down on the mat. Zoltan threatens to kick him in the nether regions. Fedor is distracted and Zoltan may have done just that. The same concept occurs again. Zoltan knees Sniper in the hamstrings. Zoltan lifts Sniper up and Sniper hits Zoltan with the back drop. Sniper puts the boots to Zoltan. Zoltan is in the ropes as Sniper appears to loosen his wrist tape. He goes to work on Zoltan with the wrist tape. Zoltan falls to the hardwood gymnasium floor. Fedor starts the count and Zoltan gets in at four. Sniper once again uses the tape on Zoltan, who is also tied up in the ropes. Fedor breaks Sniper’s shenanigans in the ropes at four. Sniper pulls Zoltan out. He threatens to kick Zoltan in the jewels but Fedor isn’t buying it. Sniper misses with an elbow drop. Zoltan peppers Sniper with rights, and rattles the veteran. Zoltan hits more offense, Sniper falls to the mat and Zoltan makes a clean pin for the win! Sniper is incensed as Zoltan celebrates with the crowd.

5-Star Championship: Jay Flash, Tony Johnson, Super Ginger v. The Jester (champion)

Flash enters the ring and runs out when Johnson approaches the squared circle. Super Ginger dances with kids at ringside and the Jester enters with his normal, frantic energy. The bell rings and the four look at each other. They are weary to lock up. Surprisingly, both Flash and Johnson keep their cool despite having acrimonious feelings toward each other. The crowd chants, surprisingly, for “Super Ginger.” Ginger calls for a four-way test of strength. They all lock hands. Flash breaks the hold to crow his own praises. Jester breaks that up by hip tossing everyone. Johnson then follows by toe holding everyone to the mat. Flash goes to hip toss Ginger but he misses. Flash tries to hip toss Jester but he can’t. He tries to drop toe hold Johnson, but he simply hops over the attempt. The three then suplex Jay Flash out of the ring. Johnson follows and the two former friends go toe to toe with blows. Jester jumps through the middle rope and onto both Megastars. That leaves Super Ginger who stops short of doing the same. Flash pulls him out for a punch for the head. Jester and Johnson are in the ring together. They trade chops, European upper cuts and other offense. Johnson falls to the outside. All four enter the ring and go to work on one another. They all soon fall to the outside, leaving only Johnson. He goes after Flash, naturally and hits him in the head with shots to the forehead. They do the same thing in another corner before Flash carries him the distance of the ring for a shot into the corner. Ginger and Jester go after Flash. They get Flash in the corner. Jester splashes and then kicks Ginger and Flash, who are in the corner. Ginger goes down. There’s a two count before Flash breaks up the pin. Flash chucks Jester into the corner. Jester is down. Flash covers but Jester kicks out. The same for Johnson’s attempt and then Ginger’s. Johnson goes after Jester and Ginger. Flash then hits Johnson. Flash propels himself off the top rope for an impressive double clothesline. Soon, it’s just Jester and Ginger. Jester hits him with a jawbreaker. Ginger recovers and does the same. Ginger goes for a dive from the top but Jester hits him with the RKO instead. Johnson hits Jester with European upper cuts. Jester is positioned on the top rope. Johnson turns around and is hit with a spinebuster from Flash. Jester and Ginger position Flash into a superplex. Johnson quickly climbs to the top rope and hits Flash with a spectacular flying body press. The impact affects everyone. Jester hits Johnson with shots. Johnson is in the corner. Johnson hits Jester with a side suplex with great impact. Johnson prepares for a super kick. Flash gets to his feet. Ginger is still climbing. Flash intercepts the kick attempt and tosses Johnson to the floor. Flash readies for the super kick. Johnson attacks from behind. Ginger is up. He hits the ring post as Jester is out of the way. Flash is back in and hits Jester with a super kick. Flash picks up Ginger and the Ginger Hill, PA export tosses him out of the ring. There’s a big elbow from the top rope by Ginger and the shock of the year…the NEW 5-Star Champion is Super Ginger! In a grand gesture of good will, both Johnson and Jester shake hands with Ginger. The Jester then raises Ginger’s hand in victory.

King Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

The King is in fine vocal favor this night and Justin Sane is ready for action. David Fedor calls for the bell and Justin immediately goes for The King’s wrist. Justin climbs to the apron where he promptly drops to the floor. He doesn’t let Douglas’s arm go so that smarts. Once back inside, Sane continues to work on Douglas’ appendage. Justin gets Del into a headlock. Del breaks out of it and drops Sane for a two count. Douglas distracts the ref and grabs Justin by the privates. Del chops him down and goes for a pin. He gets a one count. Douglas follows Justin into the ropes with knees to the midsection. Sane is down for another two count. Douglas gets Sane ready for the Royal Sharpshooter. Justin is prone in the middle of the ring. Douglas loses his step and drops the hold. Two count. Douglas pulls Sane up for a couple of prompt punches to the top of the head. Justin recovers and clotheslines Douglas down. Justin gets Del down for a two count. Sane misses the clothesline. He drops Douglas with a boot to the gut. Sane climbs to the top for the Frog Splash. He misses it. Douglas jumps up and hits Sane with his signature “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and gets the win!

Ice Cream Social Match: Lou Martin (w/Tommy Faime) v. Shane Starr (w/Bobby O)

The stipulation is simple: if Shane Starr wins, Lou Martin has to wear the infamous “Chicken Suit” at St. Ray’s Ice Cream Social. If Martin wins, Bobby O has to wear the suit. The bell rings and both Megastars are posturing to the crowd. Martin takes that opportunity to drive Starr to the middle of the mat. He continues the offense and pulls Starr into the ropes. Martin distracts referee Smith and Faime works over Starr in the corner. It’s all Martin as he drops Starr’s throat over the top rope. Bobby O is arguing with the ref that Martin is pulling Starr’s hair. That’s enough for more underhanded tactics by Martin. Martin gets Starr in the corner. There are shoulders to Starr’s midsection. Martin bodyslams Starr in the center of the canvas. Martin grinds his elbow into Starr’s forehead. Starr is in the ropes and Smith does next to nothing about the onslaught from Faime on the outside. Martin hoists Starr up. They crisscross while running the ropes before hitting each other with a clothesline. Starr gets Martin down but gets only a one-count from the ref. Starr hits Martin with a drop kick. One count. Starr gets Martin in the corner. There’s a shot to the belly. Starr gets Martin up for a superplex. Both Megastars hit the mat and bounce a foot off the canvas. Remarkably, there’s only a two count on Martin. Martin, the veteran, gets up and gets Starr down. There’s a forehead to the midsection (or lower) on Starr. Martin hits some elbow drops. There’s only a one count. Martin climbs to the top rope. Starr scampers to his feet and drops Martin from the top turnbuckle onto the rope and the canvas. There’s a two count from Smith. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter but Martin kicks him off. Martin goes to three out of the four corners to hit Starr. Starr recovers on the fourth attempt, grabs Martin and hits him on all four. There’s a two count. Martin digs at Starr’s eyes. Martin goes for his bat. Bobby O intercepts him. Faime foils Bobby O’s plan. Faime wallops Bobby O with it on the outside. On the inside, Martin prepares for the Death Certificate. Starr breaks it up. Starr flips Martin into Faime, who has been on the apron. Starr picks up Martin, hits him with the Shining Wizard and gets the win! Martin has to wear the Chicken Suit at the Ice Cream Social on Wednesday afternoon. The Krazies are crazy with that news.

Golden Triangle Championship: Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Kaida (champion)

Harley T. Morris is accompanied to the ring by “The Evil Genius” David Marbell. Kaida comes out and hands the most prestigious title in the City of Pittsburgh to Referee David Fedor. A “Let’s Go Pitt” chant takes over the St. Ray’s gym. The bell rings and the action begins. Morris immediately backpedals from the Golden Triangle Champion. Marbell distracts Kaida on the ropes and that’s enough for Morris to jump in and go after Kaida’s leg. There’s a two count. Morris, who has fared well against Justin Sane in recent months, takes control of Kaida in the early moments. Morris focuses on that leg. He goes for another pin with Fedor, but Kaida kicks out. Kaida is up and Morris keeps a headlock. Kaida breaks out of it and splashes Morris in the corner. He misses with a second attempt and Morris goes right back after the knee. Fedor has to check and see if Kaida is giving up with the leg hold. Kaida does not submit. The fans continue to cheer the praises of the University of Pittsburgh football team. Kaida gets to the ropes and Morris breaks the hold. He goes right back after it. Morris has a huge smile on his face as he dishes out punishment to the Golden Triangle Champion. Marbell goes after Kaida’s leg as Fedor is distracted. Morris front face locks Kaida, but he punches his way out of the hold. Morris hits Kaida with a drop kick but that does not fall the one-time KSWA Champion. Kaida catches Morris in a cross-body block attempt. Kaida tosses him over his head. Kaida locks in an over-the-top suplex and gets a two count. Kaida picks up Morris and sends him into the corner. Morris claws his way out of the predicament. Kaida is in the ropes again and in the clutches of the Evil Genius. Morris throws a cross-body block on the prone Kaida. He goes for it a second time and Kaida moves away. Morris clobbers Marbell down. Kaida hits Morris with an impressive Sidewinder Suplex and retains the Golden Triangle Championship.

Tag Team Championship: Deeds v. Jack Massacre and Big Mike Malachi

J-Ru and Bobby Badfingers come to the ring, ready for this latest challenge. The battle between team has been nothing short of epic in recent months. Referee Justin Smith calls for the bell after J-Ru and Badfingers attack Massacre and Malachi from behind. Soon, the Wall Street Cover Boys recover and gain control of the situation. Both Malachi and Massacre splash Badfingers and J-Ru out of the ring. Once inside, Badfingers successfully attacks Massacre. Badfingers quickly tags J-Ru and “Deeds” do a fantastic job of keeping the Giant down. Massacre does get momentum and knocks them together. Jack then tags in Malachi and the Big Man goes to town on both opponents. Malachi’s attack is quickly squashed by J-Ru and a shot to the privates. Badfingers distracts the ref and drops a leg on Malachi’s most sensitive of areas. With Malachi propped in their corner, J-Ru attacks as Smith is sent away. Badfingers attacks Malachi from behind and keeps him in a corner. Massacre waits impatiently on the apron. Badfingers and J-Ru hold court in their corner. J-Ru goes to splash Malachi but is met with a boot. J-Ru mistakenly tags in Massacre. That leads to a big-handed series of punches to J-Ru’s noggin. Jack holds J-Ru up by one leg. That’s a move that has sapped J-Ru in the past. Massacre picks up J-Ru and has him in a lock hold. Malachi is tagged back in and he peppers J-Ru in the gut. A suplex that moves the ring follows. Malachi picks up J-Ru and hammers him with the Malachi Crunch. On the second count, Badfingers makes the save. Malachi picks up J-Ru and Ru hits him enough to send him into Badfingers. Massacre is tagged back in and he follows both Megastars to the outside. Massacre suplexes Badfingers on the hardwood floor. J-Ru tries to follow. A battered Malachi follows. Soon it’s Malachi and Badfingers battling on the outside and Massacre is back in. There’s a two and three quarters count as Badfingers finds the rope. Badfingers tags J-Ru back in and Malachi tries to interfere. J-Ru tries to pin Massacre while his legs are on the middle rope. Massacre tosses him off. Massacre is clipped from behind but he’s able to tag Malachi. There’s a side suplex on Badfingers by Malachi. Malachi hits the double forearm and J-Ru and Badfingers are both on the outside. Massacre and Malachi follow. All four men battle all the while the count goes on. J-Ru is punched and he falls over the bottom rope and into the ring, just as the 10 count is called. The winners by count out are Bobby Badfingers and J-Ru. However, Malachi and Massacre are still the KSWA Tag Team Champions.

Two out of 3 falls, the KSWA World Championship: Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard (champion)

Referee David Fedor finds an illegal object in Shawn Blanchard’s boot. He discards of the objective object. Blanchard somehow has another inanimate object in his left boot. Blanchard skillfully hides the object as dozens of kids ringside shout in hysterics. The two lock up and Blanchard tosses Kash across the ring and into a corner. Kash retaliates by going after Blanchard’s wrist. Kash whips it over and over. Kash then drops Blanchard’s arm over the top rope. Kash grabs it a second time and whips Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard is in the ropes as Kash goes for the initial pin. Blanchard gets Kash in the corner and chops him. Kash, who has always had a penchant for mastering chop battles, goes after Blanchard with several of his own. Blanchard recovers and hits Kash with a back elbow. Blanchard pulls Kash up instead of going for the pin. Blanchard drapes Kash over the bottom rope and that infuriates the kids at ringside. Blanchard misses with a clothesline but drops Kash with a knee to the midsection. Blanchard’s kick to Kash may have gone low. Blanchard rolls Kash up and scores the first victory. There’s supposed to be a respite but Blanchard disregards that edict and goes right after Kash with violence. Blanchard goes after Kash immediately. Fedor tries to get in to the fray but he is repeatedly tossed away. Fedor is fed up with the nonsense and Blanchard is quickly disqualified. The winner of Round Two is Kris Kash. Blanchard is beside himself. The wins are logged at two apiece. Kash immediately rolls up Blanchard and nearly gets a pinfall. Blanchard falls outside and Kash dives on him. On the outside, the two rage a war of chops. Kash rolls Blanchard in. Kash climbs to the top rope and misses with a huge leg drop. Blanchard is slow in getting up with Kash even slower. Blanchard attacks from behind and drops Kash with a chop block. Blanchard goes for the hamstrings. Blanchard goes outside and pulls Kash into the ring post. Fedor counts until Blanchard is back in. The Champ goes for a Figure Four and Kash repeatedly has his shoulders down for pin attempts. Kash fights back and holds on. He is able to flip the move on Blanchard. That makes Blanchard break the hold. Blanchard goes after Kash’s leg. Kash sees an opportunity and rolls him and wins the third pinfall! Kash wins the Best of Three but not the KSWA World Title. Unless duly noted, a title cannot change hands on a disqualification.

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