Latin To Get His Shot, Legends Lace Em Up At Pittsburgh Wrestling's Biggest Event Of The Year: FanFest!

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
November 11, 2009

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance's annual FanFest celebration has taken its place in the local sports scene as a place to be. The event gets bigger and bigger every year, thanks in large part to the Holiday Project Toy Drive. Over the past three years, the KSWA Krazies have donated more than 1,000 toys to needy children throughout Allegheny County. In addition, a gigantic Chinese Auction gets fans interested and energized for an entire night of fun and festivities.

That's not to mention the unparalleled action inside the KSWA ring. In the Main Event this year, the current and reigning 5-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard puts the gold on the line against The Latin Assassin. At one time, Blanchard and Latin were the best of friends. In the original VIP lineup, Latin and Blanchard were linchpins. Along with Lou Martin and Del Douglas, the group was nearly unstoppable. Since that time the original VIPs have gone their separate ways. When Martin regrouped with Blanchard, the “Enforcer” set his sights on bringing the Bronx, New York's biggest dawg back to the yard. Instead, after a back injury that nearly sidelined him forever, Latin has embraced the Krazies. And the feeling has been mutual.

Latin has worked his way up the ladder and even bested his friend Double-A Anthony Alexander in a match for this opportunity. Latin repeated the mantra “I need this” over and over again during that now-classic battle. Latin got what he needed and the Prime Time Player says he will watch his friend's back against the diabolical VIPs—Martin and Shane Starr (along with the evil Frank Durso).

Speaking of Durso, the KSWA Hall of Famer has his work cut out for him when he dusts off his boots and squares off against old rival Dominic DeNucci. KSWA Krazies realize that Durso is a choking, biting, clawing machine when he accompanies the VIPs to the ring. But before that, Durso was a trouble-maker during the Studio Wrestling days. That's where he got into a snit or two with the legendary Dominic DeNucci. Now, years later, KSWA Owner Bobby O was asked to lunch by DeNucci. The Italian-American Megastar who can speak four languages said he wanted a shot at Durso on the biggest stage in Pittsburgh wrestling.

Durso eagerly signed the contract, then became even more boastful when he found out that DeNucci would be his opponent. Durso subsequently asked KSWA Owner Bobby O to be the special guest referee for that match. He is that confident.

Golden Triangle Champion Kris Kash will defend his title against frequent foe “King” Del Douglas. This matchup has been one of the unsung highlights of the entire KSWA year. Kash first stunned the KSWA Arena by beating Ali Kaida for the strap in May. He lost the belt to Douglas in late June, only to regain possession of the gold during the Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration on July 3. “King” Douglas says he owes it to the KSWA to wear the GT belt around his waist come Christmas.

Meanwhile, Kash prides himself on taking all challengers, no matter how big and quick they are. In fact, the Kash/Douglas contests have “stolen” some of the events they've battled in over the past year.

KSWA Owner Bobby O always talks about how the organization is about “opportunity.” And now his acquisition of Lord Zoltan to the locker room has paid off. The legendary Pittsburgh professional wrestler has infused energy into the KSWA Arena and other venues with the Megastars. He immediately launched into a unique feud with KSWA veteran Justin Sane. Lord Zoltan has taken a disliking to Justin Sane and has showed that in the ring. Justin has battled the 30-year stalwart tooth and nail.

As an added stipulation to this FanFest match, the loser of the contest must wear a dress to the ring in 2010. Zoltan swears up and down that he will not wear the dress, all the while Justin remains a little intrigued by the whole concept.

The Great Toyota has asked KSWA Management, and Owner Bobby O in particular (through an interpreter) for his freedom from work visa issues. Toyota has implied that he'd love for his freedom to take place around the turn of the new year. Meanwhile, Gentleman Joe Perri, the man who obtained Toyota's work visa in an attempt to garner the masked megastar's martial arts skills, says he's not giving anything up without a fight. That being said, Toyota and the 373-lb Detroit, Michigan goon Bulldozer will tag against the Mexican Connection, Joey Quervo and La Lucha.

Toyota has been successful in putting some offense together in recent months, and Bulldozer continues to plow over anyone who gets in his way. Interestingly, Quervo and La Lucha defeated the International Thugs two years ago for the KSWA Tag Team Championship at FanFest. La Lucha has had a tough go of it lately in the ring, and Quervo has grown into a productive Megastar. This matchup could be a great crowd pleaser.

Former members of the International Thugs—Ali Kaida and Big Mike Malachi—go after each other at FanFest. At one time the Thugs were the most dominant tag team in KSWA history. They held the tag team belts for more than a year. Now they cannot stand each other's guts. The Afghani Assault Weapon, Kaida, spent most of the year training at an undisclosed locale after IT fell apart. Malachi has again embraced his western Pennsylvania (United States) roots and sold his palace in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Irish Bear no more, Big Mike Malachi looks forward to getting his fists on Kaida. Kaida couldn't be reached for comment.

And in a battle between shaved-bald KSWA strong men, The Blood Beast locks up with Alex Arcadian. The Blood Beast has spiraled out of control after losing the KSWA tag belts with The Latin Assassin. He's turned his back on the Krazies and reportedly doesn't speak much to the boys in the locker room. Standing nearby to add assistance of course was Gentleman Joe Perri. Now Perri adds Beast to an already sterling stable, which includes Bobby Badfingers and Biker Al.

Arcadian on the other hand is still getting his footing after a protracted absence from the KSWA. A truly talented wrestler, Arcadian is looking for the momentum that will thrust him into the title picture post-haste.

All of the KSWA Megastars, including “The Future” Shane Starr, Ric Rumsky, Vinnie Stone, Bobby Badfingers, Mitch Napier and others are expect to take part in FanFest 2009.

For this special event, fans pay only $5 a piece for their FanFest ticket. We ask that you bring a brand-new, unwrapped toy to FanFest so a needy child can have an unforgettable Christmas.

Card subject to change. For more information go to . KSWA FanFest and Holiday Toy Drive is held at the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh. Saturday, December 5, 2009 & bell time is at 7:30 p.m. Come early as seats fill up faster than usual.