“Deeds” Never Looked Better, Crane Wins “5-Maple Leaf” Belt, Blanchard, Martin & Faime Conspire At Sharpsburg VFD Fundraiser

June 14, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The returning Mayor Mystery had one of his most fruitful nights as part of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA), as his wards—the tag team known as “Deeds” as well as “Nasty” Nick Crane—won important, if not historic matches in Sharpsburg on Saturday Night. In addition, a unique “Fire Hall Brawl” ended in vicious violence as KSWA Owner Tommy Faime, KSWA World Champion Shawn Blanchard and Golden Triangle Champion Lou Martin collude for more dominance.

Jester v. Jay Flash

Referee Justin Smith enters the ring before Jester and Jay Flash. The longtime rivals lock up. Jester hip tosses Flash and he goes into an arm bar on Jester. He knocks Jester down with a shoulder block. They bound off of the ropes, run into each other and Jester puts Flash across his knee for a spanking. Jay races to the outside. Once back in, Jay Flash gets the advantage. Jester is in the ropes and then Flash pulls him up and down by the hair. There’s a snap mare in front of the announce table and a double stomp from the middle, yellow rope. This leads to only a two count. The offense continues as Jay Flash kicks Jester in the head. Jay dives over the apron and onto Jester. Two count. Flash continues the onslaught on Jester. Jester is on the mat, Flash has him in a leg scissors. Flash corners Jester and hits him with a series of kicks, including a nice drop kick. Jester is down. Flash gets the hammer at ring side. The ref stops him. Jester recovers from an attempt at a piledriver. Jester smashes Flash down and bodyslams him. He misses with a kick. Flash spring boards off the middle ropes. Jester is down. Flash goes for the Cannon ball but misses. Jester kicks him down. Jester climbs to the top rope. Flash meets him there. Jester rubs Flash’s face into his cleavage. Flash goes down. Jester frog splash for the win!

Dirty Deeds (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Joey Quervo and El Skeletorious

Referee David Fedor has his hands full with a returning Mayor Mystery, Deeds, Quervo and El Skeletorious. “Deeds” have been on a rampage and they have no interest in derailing their charge for the KSWA Tag Team Championship. Mayor Mystery, who has done a lot to bring fire, focus and consistency to all of his clients, has done wonders for this burgeoning team. In fact, the team is jelling more than most in the organization. Quervo is in the ring and starts out with Badfingers. Badfingers hip tosses Quervo half way across the ring. J-Ru goes after fans at ringside. They lock up again and Badfingers drops Quervo with a bodyslam. Quervo is in the corner. Badfingers meets Quervo and an inspired Joey suplexes the much-larger Badfingers. There are three suplexes in all and Badfingers falls to the outside. Quervo does the same to J-Ru. Badfingers and J-Ru go to the outside and argue about getting time outs. J-Ru wants three time outs, just like in a half of football. He doesn’t get them. Fedor starts the double count out. Badfingers crawls in at six. Badfingers tags J-Ru in. Quervo tags in Skelly, who pop and locks J-Ru down and plants him with a clothesline. El Skeletorious shakes and rattles, and then gets punched low. J-Ru tags in Badfingers and Skelly gets to Quervo. They assail Quervo with leg and elbow drops. Remarkably, Quervo kicks up at two. Quervo is in J-Ru’s corner. Mayor Mystery climbs to the apron and attacks Quervo from behind. Fedor catches him. Deeds climbs to the top and hits a double suplex on Quervo. There’s a huge super plex but only a two count. J-Ru drives Quervo into the corner. J-Ru rakes Quervo’s face over the middle rope. J-Ru pops Skelly to the outside. They double team Quervo with the five count. Badfingers lays Quervo down. Leg drop from J-Ru. There’s a three count and J-Ru pins Quervo. They attack El Skeletorious on the outside after the bell. “Deeds” is stronger than ever and Mayor Mystery is just getting started.

Del Douglas v. Ric Rumsky

“The King,” from nearby Millvale, is in after referee Justin Smith. Ric Rumsky and his high-energy entrance, is next. Rumsky runs the ropes and rolls around as the King conserves his energy in the corner. The bell rings and the two circle the squared circle. Douglas gets Rumsky down onto one knee. Rumsky recovers and gets a wrist lock on The King. Rumsky kicks Del in the head. Rumsky slowly picks Douglas up. Then Rumsky applies a headlock. Rumsky hits a clothesline and back elbow. Douglas is down for a two count. Douglas wants a time out. Rumsky hits his “Buck shot” double knee to the sternum. There’s a two count by Smith. Douglas whipped into the corner again. He goes for Buck shot again and Douglas dives out of the way. Douglas bodyslams Rumsky. Then there’s a kick or two to the gut. Elbow drop. Two count. Douglas is furious with the count. Douglas pick up Rumsky and hits the headlock. Douglas grabs Rumsky by the jewels and drops him with a chop. Rumsky is in the ropes and Douglas uses them against him. He whips Rumsky into the ropes and follows with knees. Rumsky is down for a two count. Douglas digs his boots into Rumsky’s throat. Douglas pounds Rumsky on the back. There’s a Royal Sharpshooter. Rumsky won’t give up. Rumsky powers out and drives Douglas into the ropes. Rumsky is writhing in pain as his right knee is hurt. Douglas rains blows on Rumsky. Rummy is whipped into the corner. Douglas races in but is met with a double knee from the corner. Both men are down. Both are up at seven. Douglas hits Rumsky with his patented “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and scores the victory!

5-Star Championship: Nasty Nick Crane (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Super Ginger (champion)

At the onset of the match, Mayor Mystery gets into referee David Fedor’s face, and taps him in the chest with his cane. Fedor is fed up with Mystery’s shenanigans and expels the walking stick. Mystery and Crane are beside themselves. The bell rings and Super Ginger backs Crane into a corner. Ginger extends his hand in friendship, Crane arrogantly slaps it aside. Ginger is tossed into the corner and he knees Nick. Crane goes down. Ginger goes to work with punches and kicks. There’s a two count early on Crane. Mayor Mystery, without a cane, holds Crane’s Canadian flag at ringside instead. Ginger goes for another count and Crane gets his foot on the ropes. Ginger continues his offense. Ginger gets Crane in the corner. He attempts a splash but misses. Crane falls into Mystery. Mystery pokes the ref with the flag. Fedor goes down. Crane hits Ginger with a DDT from the ropes. Fedor recovers as Nick makes the pin and Mystery holds a pant leg down, stopping Ginger from kicking up. The winner and NEW 5-Star Champion is Nasty Nick Crane! The Krazies are in disbelief. Nick immediately starting to refer to the championship as the "5 Maple Leaf" belt.

Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Justin Sane

The bell is called for and after Morris initially goes after Sane, Justin goes full-throttle on Morris. Sane’s offense is interfered when Marbell climbs to the apron and distracts everyone. That allows Morris to take Sane down. There’s a two count on Sane. Morris gets to his feet and then lifts Justin to his. Sane is in the middle rope. Morris spins Sane to the mat. There’s a two-count as the vet kicks up at two. Marbell goes to work on Sane on the apron. There’s a leg drop from Morris on Sane, as he’s draped on the apron. Morris pulls him in for a two count. Morris gets Sane from behind and applies a headlock. Morris hip tosses Justin down. There’s a two count. Morris kicks Sane in the head. Marbell climbs onto the announce table and apron to attack Justin. Sane recovers and hits a flying body press. He gets a two count on Morris. Both Megastars are slow to get up. Marbell hits a flying clothesline. He follows that up by peppering Sane in the forehead. A clothesline follows and suplex by Sane. Two count. Both men are spent. Justin kicks him in the head and misses with a follow up. There’s an F 5 and two count on Sane. Morris gets an inanimate carbon rod out from Marbell. Smith won’t allow him to use it. That’s enough of a distraction to allow Morris to pound on Sane. Ref grabs the rod out of Marbell’s hand and drops it from the ring. Justin is forced into the ropes. Morris distracts the ref. Marbell goes to hit Sane in the face with powder but Sane ducks and it explodes in Morris’ mug instead. Morris is stunned. Justin drops him with the leg drop. A Frog splash follows and then Justin Sane gets the win!

Blanchard and Martin (w/Faime) v. Kash and Starr (w/Bobby O)

This no disqualification “Fire Hall Brawl” includes interesting stipulations. If Kash or Starr pin Blanchard or Martin, a championship change is made. If Blanchard and Martin win, a video stipulation was to follow. Introductions are made for Blanchard and Martin and Faime, but then their opponents race to the ring. Kash and Starr bring Martin and Blanchard in the hard way. They double drop kick Blanchard and get a one count. Blanchard gets the start on Kash. Blanchard rakes Kash’s eyes over the top rope. Martin pounds on Starr on the outside. The offense goes to the outside. The match is a no-disqualification match. Blanchard finds a coal shovel and hits Kash with it. Martin uses a wooden chair on Starr. Blanchard punches Bobby O in the face as Faime meanders at ringside. Kash and Blanchard share incredible chops. One of Kash’s over hand chops drops Blanchard to the VFD floor. Bobby O favors his rotator cuff. Starr and Kash go to work on Martin in the corner of the VFD hall. Starr goes head-first into an industrial dryer that’s on hand for cleaning fire house equipment. Martin gets nacho cheese on his face and in his ears, thanks to his opponents. Kash dumps a trash can onto a fallen Martin. Kash later almost hits Martin in the head with a steel chair but hits the ring post instead. Martin chokes Kash with a rope. He then goes to work on Bobby O at ringside. Blanchard bodyslams Starr and Faime chokes on Starr in the corner. Martin grabs the microphone and plants it in Martin’s head. Starr is broken open. Blanchard uses the microphone to make his chops on Kash louder. Kash retaliates later in fine fashion. He tilt-a-whirl drop kicks Martin in the corner. Martin and Blanchard are tossed into the corner. Martin falls and Blanchard falls into Martin’s crotch. There’s a big leg drop on Martin by Kash in the corner. There’s a two count. Blanchard is down in the ring. Martin hits Kash in the back and head with a plastic lid. Starr goes for a dive from the top and Faime grabs his leg. Starr’s right knee is damaged. Kash and Martin brawl on the side of the ring. Kash is down hard. Blanchard picks up Starr. Blanchard goes to hit Starr but Starr locks him up with the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Martin races in, kicks Starr and hits the Death Certificate for the win! Winners and still champions, Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard. The crowd is near riotous.

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