Homestead Street Fight, Jester Gets His Shot, Crane Defends "Maple Leaf" Trophy, Massacre Faces Deeds

June 17, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) makes its debut under the historic Homestead Grays Bridge this Saturday Night. Some Megastars hope that scores will be settled, while others wish for a new beginning in “Brawl Under The Bridge.” Plus, the event is a fundraiser for local firefighters.

An “Under The Bridge” Street Fight will take place when brand new Golden Triangle Champion, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin defends against a former champion who made history with that belt: Shane Starr. Starr was one of the most successful Golden Triangle Champions of all time before surrendering the title after winning the most prestigious title in all of the Commonwealth: the KSWA World Title. Martin, himself a former KSWA Champion, hopes that his reign as the “Champion of Pittsburgh” is a long one.

Another of the KSWA’s most sought-after titles has become the 5-Star championship. Just last Saturday, “Nasty” Nick Crane, “Canada’s National Treasure” won the strap, which he now calls the “Five Maple Leaf” belt. Along with Mayor Mystery, Crane says the 5-Maple Leaf Championship will never fall from his possession. That opinion might fall on deaf ears as the former 5-Star Champion, Super Ginger, is posed to reclaim the gold. The silent 5-tool wrestler from Ginger Hill, PA, has excited about winning the title earlier this Krazy Tour season, and he’s eager to win it back.

In a match that might steal the show, KSWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Blanchard, will defend against The Jester. Jester, a former KSWA Tag Team and 5-Star Champion, scored a gigantic win against Jay Flash last week at the Sharpsburg VFD fundraiser. The KSWA Championship Committee has rewarded him with this unique opportunity. Blanchard is not happy with the contender, as Jester’s unconventional style simply doesn’t jive with the championship’s vast experience. Look for this contest to be unique, hard-hitting and a crowd pleaser.

A “Wild Card Elimination” Match sets the winner up with a shot at the KSWA 5-Star Championship. If nothing else, the KSWA Krazy Tour has done a lot to generation interest in what was designed as a belt for a “technical” division. Instead, it has become a hot target for brawlers, mat technicians and pure athletes alike. In this match, “The King” Del Douglas faces off against Sniper, Harley T. Morris, Joey Quervo and the current Mexican Champion, La Lucha. If Crane holds on against Super Ginger, some observers would like to see Sniper win this match and a shot at the 5-Star belt. Douglas has been on a role, as has Harley T. Morris. Quervo is a Megastar one can never count out for anything. He usually brings his best when no one is expecting it. Also, former KSWA World Champion La Lucha has always been a “big match” Megastar. The winner gets a shot at the most sought-after championship in the promotion.

In what is a terrifically unique match, the KSWA Championship Committee has inked “Deeds,” J-Ru and Bobby Badfingers (w/Mayor Mystery) to take on Jack Massacre in a handicap match. With “Big” Mike Malachi nowhere in sight, might this be the opportunity “Deeds” has been looking for? After coming off their most lopsided win last week, Deeds is jettisoning to the top of the KSWA Tag Team division. Might the two brutes derail or injure Massacre, or is the 7-footer nearly indestructible? Fans will find out this Saturday.

Justin Sane takes on Jay Flash in another match fans have not seen often. Flash remains arguably the Megastar with the most momentum and Justin Sane has had a resurgence of late. His feud with Harley T. Morris has really jumpstarted a wrestler who seemed to be losing steam. No longer. Justin Sane is ready for another young, talented challenger and Jay Flash is it.

Brawl Under The Bridge is this Saturday, June 20, under the Homestead Grays (Homestead High Level) Bridge, East 7th Avenue. All tickets for this fundraiser, benefitting the Homestead VFD, are $5. The event is sponsored by Blue Dust Craft Brew Bar & Gastropub, Troegs Independent Craft Brewery and Yuengling. All tickets are $5. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. Card is subject to change.

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