Brawl Under The Bridge Gets Feisty, Dirty And Gingerly In Homestead

June 21, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The rain that swept through Western Pennsylvania and almost damped a Zip Code Tour, didn’t deter an icon Rock n’ Roll band, nor did it wipe out the fun for hundreds for the “Brawl Under The Bridge.”

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted in historic Homestead, just south east of the Pittsburgh city limits, for a delightful and hard-hitting evening of professional wrestling action, brought to town by the Blue Dust Craft Brew Bar and Gastropub, Troeggs Independent Craft Brewery, Yuengling and Zero Fossil.

KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri started the event by coming to the ring and thanking the sponsors. Suddenly, the newly-reformed “VIPs,” lead by Owner Tommy Faime, came to the ring to dull the mood. Accompanied by KSWA World Champion Shawn Blanchard and Golden Triangle Champion Lou Martin, Faime ran down the fans, which included Homestead Mayor Betty Esper. The VIPs soured the festivities before returning to the locker room. [It should be noted that the "Homestead Grays Bridge," formerly known as the “Homestead High Level” Bridge, was renamed for the Negro League baseball dynasty, thanks in large part to Esper in 2002.]

5-Star Championship: Super Ginger (w/Mayor Mystery) v. “Nasty” Nick Crane

Super Ginger arrives and dances. Mayor Mystery chastises the crowd. The bell rings and “Nasty Nick” immediately dives to the outside, along with Sniper (who came out without proper managerial credentials) and Mayor Mystery. Crane gets back in and the two Megastars exchange technical moves. A hip toss sends Crane back outside. Super Ginger almost dives over referee Justin Smith to get after his opponents. Ginger chases after Mystery. Crane had already snuck back in to the ring. As soon as Ginger gets in, he is attacked by Crane. There’s a pin attempt but Ginger has his leg on the rope at one. Crane chokes Ginger. Two count. Ginger is on his hands and knees but goes for a power up against Crane. Sniper gets to the apron and Mystery sneaks in. He hits Ginger in the jewels. The ref doesn’t see it. Sniper is on the apron again. Mystery tries the same shenanigans and Mystery is kicked in the face. He goes right into Crane and that breaks up the hold. Ginger whips Crane into a corner and hits a splash. He stops short when he does it again. Crane is knocked down and there’s a two count. Crane continues the onslaught. Mayor Mystery pump handles Ginger from the apron. Nick goes for the arm bar again. Now Sniper pump handles Ginger’s arm, with Mayor Mystery’s assist. Crane goes for it again but Ginger feeds Crane’s arm instead. There’s a series of pump handles before Mystery finds out he is pump handling Crane. That breaks it up. There’s a hip toss and a two count. Crane bounces into Sniper, who inexplicably was interfering and on the apron. Belly to belly suplex and Super Ginger is once again the 5-Star Champion!

Wild Card Match Elimination Match: Winner gets a shot at the 5-Star Championship

This is a rare opportunity in which Mayor Mystery and “The Mad Genius,” David Marbell (who donned a red, leather Michael Jackson ensemble and signature mortarboard in stifling heat) are ringside together. Sniper, Harley T. Morris and Del Douglas attack Joey Quervo and La Lucha. The three-on-two offense proves advantageous. Sniper attempts to pin La Lucha first. There’s only a two count. Sniper bodyslams La Lucha. Another two count. Douglas goes for a pin attempt but his is delayed. La Lucha is up at two. Quervo sends Morris over the top rope and gets a near pinfall on Douglas. La Lucha goes after Sniper. La Lucha drops the two body splashes from the top rope. He goes for a third and lands it from the top. Sniper narrowly kicks out at two. La Lucha has Sniper in the corner, while Douglas has Quervo in another corner. Mayor Mystery hits La Lucha from the apron. Mystery attacks La Lucha on the apron again. Douglas has Quervo tied in the ropes. Fedor breaks up the illegal action. La Lucha pounds on Sniper and then Douglas. And then he splashes Sniper in the corner. La Lucha taunts Mayor Mystery and Morris attacks out of nowhere on the outside. Quervo tries to pin La Lucha but he kicks up. Douglas and Sniper are at odds. Marbell attends to Morris on the outside, who probably isn’t hurt. Douglas pounds La Lucha in the corner. Morris attacks from the apron. Morris is driven down by La Lucha. La Lucha goes up to the top rope and lands and incredible cannon ball on Douglas. Two count, incredibly, Douglas kicks out. An outbreak of fast action is next. Sniper is drilled by La Lucha and is pinned. Douglas seizes an opening and pins La Lucha. Quervo does the same, opportunity-wise, and gets Douglas down for a quick pin. Morris jumps in, attacks Quervo and gets the duke and title shot! He and Marbell dance around the ring in celebration.

KSWA World Title Shot: The Jester v. Shawn Blanchard (w/Tommy Faime)

The Krazies are 100% behind and boisterous for The Jester in this showdown. Tommy Faime says that The Jester has “no chance” in this contest. The Jester cart wheels around the ring and that only excites the crowd. Jester believes that Blanchard has something hidden. Referee Justin Smith tries but can’t find a thing. Smith pats Blanchard down and he can’t find anything. The match starts with a headlock and a shoulder block that knocks the Jester down. The Jester pounds the canvas in impatience. Faime does the same thing. Blanchard drops The Jester again. Jester follows with a hip toss and then another. Blanchard recoils into the corner. Faime believes that Jester “pulled the tights.” The ref doesn’t believe it. Jester gets a wrist lock on Blanchard. Jester delivers from offense and knocks Blanchard down. Two count. There’s another two count on Blanchard. Jester pushes Blanchard in the corner but the Champion simply pushes him aside. Blanchard has Jester in the ropes. Faime attacks from the outside as the ref attends to Blanchard smacks Jester in the privates. Blanchard bodyslams Jester and pulls him up by his hair. A back elbow drops The Jester. Faime applauds Blanchard from the outside. Blanchard digs and gouges at The Jester. Referee Smith keeps a keen eye on the offense. Jester powers up from the seated position and buries some elbows into Blanchard. Blanchard hits an impressive Spinebuster on Jester. There’s a pin attempt but only two. Referee Smith counts as both Megastars are slow in getting to their feet. Blanchard chops Jester a bunch of times. Jester fires out and lightens up the Champ’s chest with his own chops. Blanchard whips Jester but the challenger reverses it and Blanchard goes over the top rope. Jester brings Blanchard in the hard way. A pin attempt is followed by Blanchard getting his foot on the bottom rope. Jester picks Blanchard up but the 6-time champ goes low on Jester. Jester is down and Blanchard is very slow getting up. Jester kicks Blanchard in the head and goes for a pin. There’s only a one count. Blanchard is moving around on the canvas. Faime gets to the apron. That’s enough to disrupt things. Blanchard attacks The Jester and muscles him up for a pile driver. The winner and still KSWA World Champion is Shawn Blanchard!

Jay Flash v. Justin Sane

The action is under way. The two Megastars are fairly-evenly matched in the size department. Flash is probably stronger, but the veteran experience certainly goes to Sane. The match starts in technical fashion with Sane getting Flash down with a head lock. Flash breaks out of the hold and races to the ropes. They lock up again. Flash is slightly taller than Sane and he is able to use that advantage. Flash pops Sane on the top of the head with a fist. Sane snap suplexes Flash and gets a quick one count. Sane goes to work on Flash’s wrist. Sane climbs to the top rope and comes down hard on Flash’s arm. Sane threatens to break Flash’s arm by cranking it over the top rope. Smartly, Sane keeps the acrobatic Flash down. Sane goes for a splash in the corner but is met with Flash’s boots. Sane goes down. Flash climbs to the top rope and lands both feet on Sane’s midsection. He follows that up with a two count. Flash keeps the action up; Sane’s boots are on the ropes. Flash posts Sane in the ropes and climbs to the apron. Flash attacks from there. He suplexes Sane in an awkward fashion. There’s a two count as Flash uses his boots on the ropes. Flash continues the offense. He puts Sane on the top rope for a super plex. Flash wrenches Sane’s arm for good measure. Sane tosses Flash off. Sane hits an incredible dive move on Flash and scores a two count on Flash. There’s a big time suplex by Sane. Sane threatens to kick Flash in the gut, or lower. He distracts Fedor enough to do just that. Sane and Flash lock up in a double head lock. Flash chops Sane and kicks him to the brick floor under the Homestead Bridge. Fedor starts the count out on Sane. He gets to five before anyone can even see Sane. At seven, you see Justin’s head. Sane climbs in at nine. Flash taunts from above. Flash flips Sane off. Sane kicks him in the belly and hits a stunner. Flash is in the ropes. Sane goes for it again but Flash kicks out. Sane has Flash in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Flash tosses Sane in the corner. He lands a power bomb. Two count on Sane as he powers out in incredible fashion. Flash kicks Sane to the other end of the ring for a super kick. Sane is slow in getting up. Flash measures the move. He slaps Sane in the head. Sane is on one knee. Flash misses with the kick and Sane uses the opening to roll Flash up for the win!

Handicap Match: “Deeds” (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Jack Massacre

Mayor Mystery wants Mayor Betty Esper thrown out. His request has been denied. Jack Massacre brings both members of Deeds in the hard way. J-Ru is the unlucky soul to be attacked by the 7-foot-tall Massacre. Mayor Mystery offers assistance but it’s not enough. Massacre continues to attack J-Ru until he goes low with a forearm to the crotch. J-Ru rolls over and tags in Badfingers, who goes to work on the now-prone Massacre. Badfingers has Massacre down. Badfingers is able to power Massacre into his corner. J-Ru DDT’s Massacre, but the giant powers him off at one. J-Ru kicks Massacre in the ribs. Massacre crawls to a corner, where J-Ru goes to work. There’s a splash and then another. The third attempt finds a boot. Massacre pushes J-Ru down and then into a corner for a humongous splash. Massacre misses another splash. J-Ru drop kicks Massacre and then tags in Badfingers. “Deeds” suplexes Massacre. There’s a leg drop and then another attempted. Massacre rolls out. Massacre is the first one up. There’s a big European upper cut on Badfingers. J-Ru drops an elbow to break up the pin attempt. Massacre is rocked. Badfingers tags in J-Ru. J-Ru kicks Massacre in the hamstring. The duo get Massacre up for a suplex but it doesn’t work. They try again but Massacre is able to block it and land a gigantic double suplex on Deeds. All three are down. Badfingers is the first one into a seated position. Deeds gets Massacre up, Sniper races to the apron. Mystery goes to toss powder into Massacre’s face but he misses and hits Deeds. They go down. Mystery grabs his can and tries to go after Massacre while his back is turned. Massacre turns around. Mystery fears Massacre and jumps on his team. Massacre sits on the trio and scores the victory! The overflow crowd is ecstatic.

Golden Triangle Championship: Brawl Under The Bridge Street Fight: Starr v. Martin

The Owners of the KSWA, Bobby O and Tommy Faime, accompany Starr and Martin respectively. Mayor Betty Esper starts the requisite “Garbage Pants” chant on Martin. Martin gets the attack on Starr. He posts Starr into the bottom rope and into the clutches of Faime. Martin suplexes Starr and drops a leg. There’s only a one-count. Referee David Fedor surveys the situation. Martin coaxes Starr into the ropes. Martin pumps Starr’s arm over the top rope. Martin drops a splash on Starr in the ropes. Bobby O says that Starr is still able to continue. Martin stands on Starr’s expansive locks and pulls his arms up. Martin keeps Starr in the ropes and drops a leg. The two go to the outside where Martin wallops Starr with a steel chair. It’s all legal in the Street Fight. Faime picks up another chair. Martin chops away at Starr. Starr recovers with a flurry of his own chops. Starr picks up a steel chair and clangs it over Martin’s back. The crowd is really into the match. No fewer than four photographers have been snapping professional photos all night and their flash bulbs light up the Homestead sky. Martin tosses Starr into the ring post. Martin lays in a peppering to Bobby O at ringside. Martin finds a steel chain he apparently hid underneath the ring earlier in the day. Starr meets him with a board first. Starr picks up the chain. He plants it on Martin. Starr leads Martin by the head across the bridge and into a stop sign. Martin nearly falls out onto East 7th Avenue, but he does crumble into a puddle of rain water and onto a bicycle someone had parked there. Starr hits Martin several times on the stop sign. Martin is tossed into a chain linked fence. The action comes back to the ring Starr goes for a sit down leg drop from the top rope on a chair but the previously-prone Martin slides out of the way. The force in which Starr hits is incredible. Martin uses the advantage to use the chain and choke Starr. Martin picks Starr up and tosses him over the top rope and onto the brick floor below. A massive crowd follows the action down to the other end of the opening between East 7th and East 6th. Martin is tossed into a porta potty. He emerges with a roll of toilet paper streaming from his arm. Starr spears him into a chain linked fence in that area of the festival area. There’s a chant of “Garbage Pants.” At one point, Mayor Betty Esper shadow boxes Lou Martin. Reports indicate there may have been a moment of fancy footwork, ala Muhammad Ali, from the 80-year-old Esper. Martin later hits Starr with a plastic tote. Starr gets Martin up for a super plex. There’s a thud that sends both Megastars six inches above the canvas. Starr tries to get Martin into a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Martin kicks out. Starr grabs a chair and posts it in between the middle and top ropes. Martin tosses Starr into the chair. Martin traps Starr in the Death Certificate and plasters him with it for the pin. After the pin, Martin goes for his bat. Bobby O breaks it up. Starr drop kicks Martin into Faime, who had stepped to the ring and knocked Bobby O from the apron. Starr slaps on the Sharpshooter and Martin taps but the match was already over.

Thus concludes the KSWA’s Debut with the “Brawl Under The Bridge.”

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